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  1. First suggestion is to report the make and model of your equipment
  2. Recently got a Dixie Marco soda machine and press n held the blue reset button for 45 Dec to factory reset the machine but now it won't respond to anything stop vending and everything,  do u have any advice?

  3. We are in the process of moving to the US Connect program utilizing the USAT telemeter/readers and the Seed VMS. We were sold on all the good things we would be able to do: i.e. - phone apps, buy 4 get 5th free, advertising revenue, etc. As we now getr closer to the implimentation it seemsit is very hard getting hard answers from USAT or US Connect. Some of those items are not yet available. We were told that they would be able to export all of our data from ParLevel into the SWeed program. Now being told they do not do that, we need to re-enter all our data. ParLevel also had a catalogue of products to help you set up your plan-o-gram. USAT now says they don't have one. Becoming very skeptical about this move. Anyone else been in this situation with USAT or US Connect? Very poor communications from both
  4. The 99.95 display tells you that the machinne has lost its programming.Y ou say the compressor and lights are working. Does the machine accept money? If so, you have either a bad display or a bad connection to the display. Try unplugging the display and then plugging it back in. Power up and see it it returns
  5. I have seen that happen when the evap coil under the chute freezes over. When that block of ice gets large enough to touch the bottom of the chute it will transfer ice to the chute. Are you sure your compressor is shutting off? Could be a bad cold control. Can you check the temp inside machine? Should be around 40 defrees
  6. Yes, that was Hormel. Don’t think Sams has them but your local grocery store should. Mine does. Cost about 1.45/ea. We sell for $3 for the 10 oz tray meals. MW bowls cost around $1.15 and we get $2.25 ea
  7. Try the Hornet MW Tray meals and tubs. Turkey & Gravy, Meatloaf. Etc
  8. I am talking to a guy who wants to sell 2 locations he has. Both have the USI 3589 combo machines. If I go ahead with thte purchase of accounts we will be replacing them immediately. I am just wondering what I might get for selling these units. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Press and hold buttons 1&2 at the same time. That will take you to HD. Press and hold 1&2 again until you get to DIAG. Press button 1 and then 1&2 until MT-1. That is the Motor Test for column 1. Press and hold button 1 until you get to the column you want to test. Then press button 2 and it will simulate a vend every time you press #2. To change columns press button one again and it will count up and roll over after 10 and go back to 1.
  10. When you first press the service button the display will shown you the errors in the machine. JC-6 means column 6 is jammed. SS-6 means there is an issue with selection switch 6. Try testing the selection through the motor test function. You should be able to rotate the motor through full cycles that way.
  11. We install our readers where the instruction plate is above the keypad. Just slip out the plexiglass plate and the CC reader will mount in its place
  12. You would be better off replacing you validated with an MEI VN series. Should be able to find a good one got around $125
  13. Sounds like your repairman did not repair the machine but only fixed the current problem.
  14. MD. Mechs are all interchangeable. Some are listed 24 V some 27-34 V.
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