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  1. cvending

    Dn 501r siid

    la is right. Your escrow setting sounds like it is set to no cancel or force bend.
  2. cvending

    Rowe 5900

    Sounds simple but check to see your pricing is set correctly
  3. cvending

    Displaying USAT fee info ??

    We currently use Nayax and ParLevel CC Readers. We also charge a 1o cent convenience fee for cashless transactions. Nayax and ParLevel do provide labeling to put on machines to inform the customer prior to sales. However, we chose to make our own labels to make it a bit more clear to the customers. Our labels say " All cashless transactions will incur a 10 cent convenience fee per transaction." Factory ones say "Cash purchases are discounted 10 cents per item." So if you want to buy a candy bar that is labeled as 1.00, would you only need .90 cash? Can you see how there could be confusion? I like our notice as it spells out that there will be an additional cost for cashless. We really have not had any pushback from our customers. It is their choice.
  4. cvending

    FSI 3039 Control Board

    Let's not get ahead of yourself. Why do you think you may need a board? Does the machine work properly and just won't display anything? Are you getting power to the machine, board, coin mech or validator? Have you checked the circuit breakers or fuses?
  5. I agree with lacanteen. Must be wiring harness
  6. Check where the harness plugs onto tray board. Common to have a wire pull out of connection. If so, remove cap from connector, replace wire into open slot and replace cap tightly.
  7. cvending

    ba30 not giving credit

    Had it been working up til now? Check all connections and see that they are aecure
  8. cvending

    AP Snack Shop 7600 D510

    You are correct arkhusker. The inOne lets you keep you existing mech & validator. There is a connection on the board for the MDB harness of the CC Reader. Of course the MDB upgrade of the mech/validsator is a much better choice. If you choose to do that, the Revision Door from Vendors Exchange will give you all you need, plus a new door for around $1100
  9. cvending

    dixie narco 72w-10

    It sounds as though your vend sensor is not working. The Flex-Pak machine was a very short lived model. Make sure nothing has blocked to sensor and that they are clean. hopefully the sensors just aren't seeing each other. It will be tough to find parts for this. There isw no way to operate this machine without the vend sensors working properly. You may need to find a machine headed to the scap yard and hopefully the sensor is good on it.
  10. cvending


    If the coin mech itself is bad, then it will not accept bills. I would start with the coin mech, then look at the validator. What model coin mech is it?
  11. cvending

    Not homing

    Take cover off the control board. Fuses are in upper right hand corner
  12. cvending

    Not homing

    Pull over of the control board and check the center fuse. It is a 6AMP glass tube. Controls the bend motors. Also check all connections to board and motors good luck
  13. We have about 40% of our devices with NAYAX. They are reporting thru the ParLevel VMS. No real issue doing that except you can’t look into the VM S to see the signal strength like the Parlevel
  14. I would pull all shelves as mice will hide behind the back wall of a shelf. This will give you a clear look as to the inside of the machine. Check all channels where they might hide. If all clear, wipe with a bleach solution, re-install all parts and place a couple Glade air fresheners in the bottom of machine. Close up and let stand for a day or two. Recheck for odors. Also check to see where they may have gained access. No sense ridding it of the odor and not stop them from getting in again. Check where cord comes through the floor.