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  1. Did the issue stay with the same shelf after swapping them?
  2. Try switching the top 2 shelves and see if the problem follows the shelf or remains on the top shelf. That will help with indentifying where to look. Sounds like either a bad harness or tray board.
  3. That machine is a single price 110V unit. You cannot use MDB in it. Your coin me h should be a model 9360-S series not a 9300
  4. They fit fine. Just a different o-ring
  5. It seems to be working fine now. Checked my grounds as AZ suggested. Only issue was that someone apparently replaced a water valve with one from a National machine. There was no ground terminal on the valve itself. Maybe that was it?
  6. AZ, thanks for your insight. When the problem first occurred we did get a full bucket. Of course that turned off the heater and inlet valve. When the water cooled and contracted it did not leak around heater or valves. I will check out the ground today. Wheel, it is a fresh motor control board rebuilt by VE. Of course that could still be a possibility.
  7. The machine is working except for one of the cappuccino water valves fried today. I don't know what else to look at next
  8. This is how I am finding my water valves. Can’t figure out why this happens. Not filling the bucket as is the solenoid was held open for a long time
  9. First time it was the coffee valve. Last 2 times it was there’s valve after motor control board was changed. I should find out in the next few days
  10. Well it happened after changing the motor control board too. I am hoping the logic board and motor board together will eliminate that issue
  11. I changed the logic board this AM. Will have to wait and see as the last time I thought I had it fixed it lasted a couple days before going down again. Another issue that I forgot to report that each time it goes Out of Service, one of the water valve solenoids swell up and looks as though the red acrylic melts. I have had it happen each time. Once to the coffee valve, twice to the tea valve. As of tonight all is well.
  12. Edit last post. I changed the motor control board not the logic board. I gess I will try the logic board this morning.
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