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  1. cvending

    501e and PayRange

    We have older eprom than that and ours works without a problem. Does your vend? Just does not display?
  2. cvending


    We have all snack one key, all drink one key, all coffee one key, everything else one key. Simplifies things greatly. You can buy these several places. Google vending locks
  3. cvending

    Cleaning Condenser fins

    D&S Vending has a coil cleaner that you spray on the fins, let it soak for a couple minutes and it will dissolve the dirt/dust. Turn the compressor back on and it does the rest. It’s about $8/can. Good for multiple machines per can. No clean up needed
  4. cvending

    Royal 650 issue

    Power down machine. Check all connections from validation, coin mechanic board. Unplug and then plug back together to make sure you have a good tight connection.
  5. cvending

    disposing of machines

    Selling these to someone on Craigslist is selling to your competition. They get them cheap and then try to place them.
  6. cvending

    disposing of machines

    Scrap them after you be sure to scavenge out any common parts(motors, boards, spirals, harnesses). I hate when I scrap old machines then have a need for apart and have to buy new. You can probably get a Ryder or U-Haul with a gate for about 75 bucks and would most likely get a couple hundred bucks for a truckload
  7. cvending

    dixie 501 live front

    That looks like it may have an aftermarket upgrade. The second display was not a part of the factory setup I don’t believe. Also the small delivery port suggests it is not a 501 E
  8. cvending


    What type of reader are you attempting to install? Do you have it as the first connection in the MDB line from the board? Does it power up? What does it do?
  9. Does any part of the machine work? Does the light come on? Does the bill validator cycle when you power up the machine? Will it payout any coins? If all of those answers are "NO" you have a power issue. Check the lower left corner of machine for the fuse/breaker. Make sure it is good. I am assumingt that you have already checked your power supply to see if you are getting power to the machine.
  10. cvending

    Ams 39-640 value

    AMS machine will display Sensit version on display as soon as you power up. Like others have said, 2 line display leads me to believe it is Sensit 3 along with smaller labels for items and prices
  11. cvending

    Dixie Narco 276E lost fob

    It looks as though it was a Pepsi asset at one time. Pepsi should have a battery powered device to open it. Call your local Pepsi distributor and ask for the vending dept. may cost you a few bucks but cheaper than repairs you might need if you try to force your way in
  12. cvending

    AMS 39 VCB vending extra column

    Told me the same. I put a new board in and still have that issue.
  13. I have an AMS 39-VCB that was originally selling all bottles. We needed to add snack/candy to it. The machine is a Sensit 1 that was upgraded to a Sensit 3 board. I swapped out shelf A for a snack shelf and dhelf B for a candy shelf. Added a Parlevel card reader. When I went to set up the machine for delivery I found that shelves B-E vended the 3rd column along with the selection you select. After talking to AMS service I replaced the cabinet tray harness as well as the harness from the board to the cabinet. No difference. They told me that the only other way that would happen is with a bad board. Put in a new board from D&S Vending. Powered up and seemed to work fine. Left on a service call. When I returned I began setting up for delivery and the same thing happened again. Called AMS and they think maybe there is a bad motor in the machine and it has now damaged the new board. I can't just keep putting new boards in. Unfortunately, I can't do any more testing until I now replace the replacement board. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  14. cvending

    National 474 combo issue

    Will it test vend or free vend those items?
  15. cvending

    InOne "reader" port

    I assume that is to connect a card reader, duh but it is only for a reader. No dex or telemetry would be available