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  1. cvending

    USAT software ehlp

    They provided us with contacts info. Once we received the reader we were to contact them for further info. Just not getting any response
  2. cvending

    USAT software ehlp

    thanks, we will try her
  3. Good morning to everyone. We have purchased our first USAT readers. We have received them and 3want to install them ASAP. Our poroblem is getting any response from USAT. We have tried several times to several contacts and are getting no responses. Is anyone else having issues with customer service at USAT. We need to know how to set up accounts, prekits, review sales, etc. We have not been able to get any help from USAT. Very dissappointing so far. May be returning our devices. ePort Interteractives
  4. cvending

    Mounting cc reader

    My bad. I used seal to text. Does the spacer come with the reader or are they available separately? Sorry
  5. cvending

    Mounting cc reader

    Does the Dover come with the reader or can you purchase separately?
  6. 16/3 and you can determine the length. But I suggest at least a 10!ft cord
  7. cvending

    Double vending DN276E

    check the settings on the motor cam. there are two different settings for a double depth setup.
  8. i buy an extension cord at Home Depot, cut off the female end and splice it in
  9. cvending

    Mounting cc reader

    Can the card swipe through the reader without hitting the trim at the bottom of the reader?
  10. cvending

    Narco Dixie can Machines

    not sure what model machine you have. If it erased the credit but does not deliver product I would think either your vend motor linkage has disconnected or the shear pin on the motor has broken.
  11. cvending

    Machine ID

    Those look like Witern(USI) machines. Drink is model CB 500 and snack is a 3504. Both decent machine. Good deal at that price if they are working
  12. cvending

    Bevmax 5591 “correct change only”

    When you filled the coin mech did you use the tube fill option? The machine’s memory may say it is out of change even though it is not if not programmed correctly. You can also make a few bends using coins only with the tubes full so the coins will be sent to cash box. Then it knows that the tubes are full
  13. cvending

    Dn 501r siid

    la is right. Your escrow setting sounds like it is set to no cancel or force bend.
  14. cvending

    Rowe 5900

    Sounds simple but check to see your pricing is set correctly
  15. cvending

    Displaying USAT fee info ??

    We currently use Nayax and ParLevel CC Readers. We also charge a 1o cent convenience fee for cashless transactions. Nayax and ParLevel do provide labeling to put on machines to inform the customer prior to sales. However, we chose to make our own labels to make it a bit more clear to the customers. Our labels say " All cashless transactions will incur a 10 cent convenience fee per transaction." Factory ones say "Cash purchases are discounted 10 cents per item." So if you want to buy a candy bar that is labeled as 1.00, would you only need .90 cash? Can you see how there could be confusion? I like our notice as it spells out that there will be an additional cost for cashless. We really have not had any pushback from our customers. It is their choice.