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  1. AP Snack Shop wont give credit

    You can use any MDB validator.
  2. AP Snack Shop wont give credit

    we need as much info as you can provide to help you. Manufacturer and model of machine. Make and model of your validator and coin mech. Is it factory specs or has there been any upgrades to te board?
  3. Ap studio 3 error OC error

    Check to see if those selections are set for the correct pricing
  4. Your best locations

    Manufacturing plants are best. Nursing homes all do well
  5. Cloverhill Bakery

    VSO requires a 10-13 day lead on ordering. We need to order by 10AM Monday for delivery on the Thursday of the following week. Vistar has a huge freezer and keeps much on hand.
  6. Cloverhill Bakery

    We got our regu;lar order from VSO today but were shorted all danish items. This will be a mess for a while. When the INS bus got filled at the bakery, they left and said they would be back. Bus filled to capacity. Those remaining behind left on their own and are afriad to return for fear of being gathered up on the next raid. On a side note, I hear that the Mrs Freshley Honey Buns and Texas Cin Rolls are available. We don't use them so I can say if that is true.
  7. Cloverhill Bakery

    We got shorted our Mrs. Freshley Cheese Claws and Cinamon danish today from Vistar. Cloverhill bakes all the danish type pastries for different brands. That is why Mrs. Freshley will also be in short supply everywhere.
  8. Cloverhill Bakery

    The Cloverhill Bakery was raided by immigration officials. Apparently a large portion of employees were illegal immigrants. Production has taken a big hit. Not only affects Cloverhill products but they also baked famished for other brands(Mrs. Freshley) and they are also affected. Not sure how long it will take to recover.
  9. Dril gave out before me

    Stop. Before you cause more damage than needed. Firstly, what type of handle is it? 1/4 turn or does it thread in? You don't want to drill all the way through. Rather than drill through the middle of the lock, you need to drill out the tab on the lock that moves in & out with the key. Lock at either the 6 o'clock or 12 o'clock position in the handle. Try to pick it using a pick tool. Once you retract it into the cylinder the handle should pop open.
  10. DN501e vending issue

    It sounds like the selection switch is stuck or bad. When you press the service button, is there a error message on the display? If switch is stuck it would say "PB-4". Does your machine have switches or a membrane for selections?
  11. bevmax 4 issue

    Check the manual. You may need to recalibrate the sensors. I don't remember how to do it, but it is in the manual.
  12. Vendo 721 not reporting cash sales

    I would call Vendo tech support first. It may be a software setting if you are using a cashless device? 800-765-9066
  13. Just ask yourself... when's was the last time you put money in one of those? That should be your answer
  14. Newbie tax question

    a proud Penguin are you???
  15. Newbie tax question

    Youngstown, Warren, Salem, Boardman and East Liverpool are known cities. Counties all border PA state line