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  1. You can also test the compressor unit by plugging it in to an external power source. The compressor will be plugged in just below the cabinet shelf on the left side. Unplug it and plug into a power line(extension chord) and it should kick on immediately. Do not leave it plugged in that way as there is no shut off then. Just to test
  2. If the temp is satisfied the compressor will not kick on until it gets above the cut in temp. If you want to test it, grab hold of the end of the cold control. Your body heat should warm it quickly and you shopuld hear the compressor kick on.
  3. When you first claimed the machine was a 276 (not 276E) those motors must all be in the home position to clear the vend credit relay. Since it is a 276E, that is not the case.
  4. If it is a Dixie Narco 276 you may just have a stalled motor. If it’s 276E then it could be something different check the model of the machine and make sure which model you have
  5. Try either D&S Vending or Vendors Exchange
  6. If you have 2 switches..... left one will return machine to operational mode. The right one will activate the electric lock if present
  7. Press mode switch twice for service Press F for diagnostics- press * Press 1 for position test-press * Pull out left door switch Press 0 to cycle plunger
  8. it sounds like the linkage from the motor to the ejectors are broken. When it does not see the can dispense the sure vend then returns the customers money.
  9. There is also a piece that clips over the front of the picker cup. This prevents the bottle from tipping before it gets fully into the picker cup. D&S Vending and Vendors Supply both carry them. As the others have stated you need to keep the rails wiped clean so the bottles slide freely into the cup.
  10. Sounds like a bad cold control. Does not shut off when down to set temp. Unfortunately, you will need to completely empty machine and thoroughly clean up any mess from burst cans. Then either test the control or replace it. They are not that expensive. Let it run and see if the unit shuts off
  11. Set depth to 2 units, use a can rod in the middle position
  12. if they are vend bottles they will work. If they are reatil bottles they will jam up in the vend cycle
  13. Did this just start happening or has it. Even like this for a while
  14. I would call USAT TECH SUPPORT and see if they can see why. Sounds like something in the setup
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