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  1. Check to see if the motors are set to stop by sensor of by home position.
  2. We cannot help you if you don’t tell us the make and model of the machine
  3. When you are in front of machine call Dixie Narco. (800) 688-9090. They will walk you through adjusting the offsets and then testing. I think it should be simple
  4. Did you insert enough money to make a bend? Does the machine accept coin & bills?
  5. did they get a manual with the machine? You may need to go into the service menu and clear any errors stored in memory then power down/up and test
  6. Wittern uses 1/2 turn motors for Gum & Mint selections. They do not have a seperate shelf for those. Unfortunately they are not programmable. Need to replace with regular motors
  7. is this the first that this happened? Has it been OK up til now? I have not seen that error before.
  8. Well if the flap is extended and it covers the base of the bottle there is no way for those bottles to come out
  9. That flap needs to be one he outside of the bottom of the bottle. If it is not then the bottles will walk their way back out of the column. With that flap opened over the bottom of the bottle they are stopped from walking out
  10. I found it.. Thanks BVending. Could they make it any harder to find? Geez!!
  11. OK, so I have a guy in the field installing this board. Got it hooked up but can't find the service buttonn to press to get into programming. He sent me a snapshot of the board and I don't see one either. Anyone know where it might be? Thanks
  12. The retainers are either broken or they are locked in the closed position. They lock in closed for unloading. they clamp tight and pull open.
  13. If you press the “0” button it should show you the temp inside the machine. Watch that is does not go below 36 degrees. If goes below freezing and it shows you are below freezing then the sensor is good. My bet would. E the relay.
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