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  1. Hey buddy long time, no hear. First time I have been on here since the pandemic hit, but I am still in business. L:ike you it's been a struggle, but still plugging away. I dropped all the way to 269 locations, but have slowly been building it back up again. I am now 290, and am getting more locations every week. I hope everything gets better there in Michigan.
  2. I'm sorry, it took so long to get back to you. I haven't been on here in a while, but yes, I am still doing honor boxes. I am holding steady right now at 315 locations, not doing too bad
  3. Yes, sir, i am leaving my boxes in the locations for the same reason. I don't want to take a chance on losing the locations
  4. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I won't be posting any more weekly updates until everything gets back to some sort of normalcy. Obviously my numbers are dropping as more and more businesses are closing in my area. I wouldn't someone new on here to see the numbers i am putting up right now and start thinking is not such a good business lol. However, I do have a question to throw out there. I know Flint Flash has quite a few employees but this question is more anyone who is running a one man full time show. Are there any loans out there to help us out???? I see the loans
  5. Weekly update: 334 locations. Grossed $1,923.00 Avg. $20.50 per box. Theft ran 18% serviced 94 boxes. (ran 4 days)
  6. Wow, Tony, I am so sorry to hear that you guys had to close down. What are you doing about your honor boxes? I have been truly blessed to be able to continue to work (at least for now). Luckily most of my stops are "essential" businesses so they are able to remain open. And the ones that are open seem to be eating more snacks since they can't really go anywhere.
  7. Weekly update: 335 locations. Grossed $1,945.00 Avg. $20.00 Theft ran 17% Serviced 97 boxes. (Ran 4 days)
  8. Weekly update: 335 locations. Grossed $2,046.00 Avg. $18.50 per box. Theft ran 17% serviced 111 boxes. (ran 4 days)
  9. Yes, sir, that's correct. I run routes Tues-Fri and on Mondays I go out and try to get 5 new locations.
  10. Weekly update: 334 locations. Grossed $2,255.00 Avg. $22.50 Theft ran 13% Serviced 109 boxes (ran 4 days)
  11. Weekly update: 334 locations. Groosed $2,090.00 Avg. $19.00 per box. Theft ran 18% Serviced 110 boxes (ran 4 days)
  12. Yes, sir, they are starting to climb again lol
  13. Yeah it does that the second time i try to get in to it. It's getting really frustrating
  14. No, sir, it's still not letting me get in to my individual routes. Is that what it's doing on yours?
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