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  1. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 255 locations. Grossed $1,443.00 Avg $19.50 per box. Theft ran 7% serviced 74 boxes.
  2. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 257 locations; Grossed $1,878.50 Avg $22.10 per box. Theft ran 7% Serviced 85 boxes
  3. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 257 locations; Grossed $1,863.00 Avg. $19.60 per box. Theft ran 14%, serviced 95 boxes.
  4. honor box pricing

    My "spiel" goes like this (first thing I do is ask for the decision maker.) Once I get them in front of me, here's what I say: "Hello, my name is Bryan Humphrey and I am with Gator snacks, but we also represent women's breast cancer, and what we do is we go around placing theses snack boxes in small businesses like this one, and the way it works is a portion of the money we collect goes to women's breast cancer. It is set up on the honor system and the price is already marked on the box. What we like to stress to you is that you have no responsibility to the box, if it comes up short if someone was to take something without paying for it, that is never your problem. All we as from you is somewhere to put it and we put it in on a trial basis just to see how it does and I was wondering if we could give it a shot and see how it does." And that's I let them talk. I average getting into about 1 out 4 businesses right now sometimes more than that, just depends on the area I am. I don't like giving percentages because I have had days where my first 5 businesses said yes and I have had days where the first 5 businesses have said no, but I can say I have never had more than 7 "no's" before placing a box. It is really simple and successful. One thing I don't do, and some people agree and some people disagree, but I don't go in there trying to be all professional, like a salesman, because I'm not selling them anything and it gets them to let their guard down if I just act in a casual conversation because you are right when they first see me with my box, they automatically think I am selling them something because as business decision they are constantly getting bombarded with "sales" people. Another thing I do as I am walking in is I am already looking for a spot to place the box so if they say "well, we don't have room for it", I already know how to overcome that objection because I have found a place to put it. The biggest objection, (or excuse) used to be "well, I can't make that decision and the decision maker won't be in until tomorrow, do you have a card you can I leave and I will be sure and give it to them and they will give you a call". So that's what I would leave a card, and in the 2 years I have been doing this, I had 2 people call me back wanting a box. So obviously that wasn't working. So what I started doing is I no longer carry a card in with me. I have always had cards taped to my boxes, so now when they say this, here is what I say: "Okay, well what we like to do in cases where the decision maker isn't available is we like to leave the box here because my card is on the box. Now they are not committing to the box in any way, but at least they see what it looks like instead of you having to try and explain it. And if they don't want it, just call me and I will come pick up the box" . I can tell you, that at least 85% of the time, they let me leave and I don't get a call back. When I leave the business, I automatically go ahead and make up a card for them and if they call back I just tear up the card, but if I don't get a call back, I already their card made up and just add them to my schedule. Sorry this was so long winded, hope it helps.
  5. Snack box update

    Thanks buddy, I'm so glad I took your advice, it 's a lot easier being able to work on just a certain route that needs tweaking instead of just guessing at each location. It's coming together, and yes I have also noticed a decline in sales when it's hot especially Texas hot lol
  6. honor box pricing

    Congrats! Off to a great start. My advice is to keep placing them yourself. You will have a lot more success doing it yourself than having a locator do it. It's harder for them to say "no" when you are there in person with box in hand. If you need any help with what to say on certain objections you do get, just let me know.
  7. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 262 locations. Grossed $1,532.00 Avg $20.25 per box. Theft ran 13% serviced 75 boxes.
  8. Snack box update

    Still tweaking the routes, but much more organized. Thanks for helping through that by the way.
  9. honor box pricing

    LSS stands for Large Single Serve chip. They are between 1.5 oz and 1 3/8 oz. Sam's or Costco's usually sell them in 30 count variety boxes.
  10. honor box pricing

    Jaimes, I don't guess it really matters about your price point since it sounds more or less like this pretty much like a hobby for you since you have your other business going well. However, if at some point you plan to do this full time or you decide to add more than 40 snack boxes at some point, I really believe you will regret not starting off at $1.25. I know I did. My thinking at the time was the same as yours. I didn't want to have to deal with coins, so instead of listening to the advice of people on here and starting out at $1.25 I did the $1.00 but soon found out that chocolate is the most popular item I sell and also the most expensive, I had no choice but to go up to the $1.25. I was really afraid to do that thinking no one would pay the difference or actually kick me out of the location for raising the price. I did lose 6 accounts out of 133 that I upgraded to. I would not have even lost those 6 accounts had I just started out at $1.25 and like flint said earlier, at some point you are going to have to go up to $1.25 so why not just start there and save yourself the headache of having to change all your boxes over at some point. Lesson learned on my part. Also, I found that people actually do pay the $1.25. Yes, I have to deal with a lot more coins, but it's well worth it. I actually bought a cheap coin counter for $100.00 at Sam's and it works great for sorting my coins. And with your lollipop boxes I can guarantee you will be dealing with coins anyway. As with everyone that posts on here, not trying to tell you how to run your business, just putting in my 2 cents. Have a blessed day Bryan
  11. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 256 locations. Grossed $1,625.00 Avg; $22.25 per box. Theft ran 12% serviced 73 boxes.
  12. honor box pricing

    This is just me personally. I do not use the dividers in my boxes, because with the dividers it would be hard for me to get 20 items in the boxes. As far as the pricing goes, I would definitely go with everything for $1.25. I band my crackers together so they get two packages of crackers for that price. Just my opinion. Good luck on your new business. I don't know a lot about the lollipop side, but if you have any questions about the snack box side, I will be glad to try and answer them. I give my weekly updates in another thread on here if you are interested.
  13. Snack box update

    Okay, while I am still working out the "bugs", I am almost done with my "hard" routes, so I will start posting my weekly updates again. This past week: 253 locations: Grossed $1,505.00 Avg $17.90 per box Theft ran 9% serviced 84 boxes.
  14. honor box pricing

    I get them from vending-business-information.com
  15. Mint Box Locator Warning!

    I was contacted, but I knew when he mentioned it was $8.00 per lead it was scam so I started questioning him and asked him if he had a website I could go to so I could read some reviews and he said he had no need for a website so I asked him where he was located and he said he wasn't allowed to tell me that information so I told him straight up I didn't trust him and that I would be warning other people about him also. Our only contact was through emails.