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  1. Weekly update: 345 locations. Grossed $2,284.25 Avg. $20.75 Theft ran 13% serviced 109 locatons. (ran 4 days)
  2. Weekly update: 349 locations. Grossed $2,188.00 Avg. $21.45 per box. Theft ran 17% serviced 102 locations, (ran 4 days)
  3. I have several places that have mice problems. My solution to that is buying containers from Walmart and the problem is solved without changing from the cardboard boxes.
  4. Weekly update: 343 locations. Grossed $2,164.75 Avg. $18.75 per box. Theft ran 16% serviced 111 locations (ran 4 days)
  5. Well I appreciate the kind words, sir.
  6. No, sir, but then it does take about another hour and a half to count the money and input it into the computer
  7. Depending on how far I have to drive, I am usually out on the actual route about 3 to 4 hours
  8. I do between 25 and 30 locations per day. I have someone that stocks my boxes for the next day route, so I go in, load them up and take off. When I get back from running the route, I count the money and figure out shortages, then head to the bank to make deposit. Hope this helps
  9. I have only been doing this 4 years, but in the 4 years, I have never once has someone tell me they would rather have something better than a cardboard box. The question I have been asked is if I had the full line vending machines. As long as your card board boxes are in good shape and nicely designed, I don't see businesses wanting anything more. They like to keep it simple as do most of the honor snack box people I talk to on here, which is the exact reason most of us got into this business in the first place.
  10. Weekly update: 341 locations. Grossed $1,875.50 Avg $17.50 per box. Theft ran 21% serviced 107 locations (ran 4 days)
  11. Well I did have an extra route but I moved it over to a regular route, still trying to get 30 locations tues-fri. It's getting there lol
  12. Weekly update: 341 locations. Grossed $2,341.75 Avg. $20.00 per box. Theft ran 19% Serviced 117 locations, (ran 5 days)
  13. Yeah I'm still working on improving my route numbers and adding locations without pulling as many as I was before
  14. Weekly update: 347 locations. Grossed $2,142.25 Avg. $21.40 theft ran 7% serviced 100 locations. (ran 4 days)
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