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  1. Weekly update: 337 locations. Grossed $1,820.00 Avg. $18.00 per location. Theft ran 14%. Serviced 101 locations (ran 4 days)
  2. Two Rivers, That was really good information right there. I would just throw a caution out there to the new people starting out that getting a "yes" from 2/3 businesses is not the norm. The only reason I say this is not to be negative, but because it would be easy for someone to read this, then go out and 5 or 6 "no's" in a row and get frustrated and think they are doing something wrong. The key to getting locations is persistence. I have gone out and got 5 or 6 "yes's" in a row and I have also gone out and gotten 7 or 8 "no's" in a row. It You also hit the nail on the head with your spiel. Keep it short and simple. We are not salesman. Let the boxes place themselves. A lot of people try and overthink the process. Just give your spiel and let them answer. You can hit a lot of businesses in short time if you do it this way. While I do the honor snack trays, it still works exactly the same and while my spiel is a little different than yours, it's about the same length of time. Keep up the great work, and if there is anything i can help with, please let me know. Have a blessed day, Bryan
  3. Weekly update: 329 locations. Grossed $1,955.25 Avg. $20.25 per location. Theft ran 17%. Serviced 97 locations. (ran 4 days)
  4. Weekly update: 332 locations. Grossed $1,829.75 Avg. $18.50 per box. Theft ran 18% Serviced 99 locations. (ran 4 days)
  5. Weekly update: 331 locations. Grossed $1,779.75 Avg. $17.75 per box. Theft ran 13% serviced 100 locations (ran 4 days)
  6. Thanks Tony, hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving also. As far as the guy from Shreveport, he hasn't been any problem. I don't run into his locations as often as I used to. I know he's still in the area though, but there are plenty of businesses to go around. I am setting my goal to have 500 locations by the end of 2020.
  7. Weekly update: 332 locations: Grossed $1,924.00 Avg. $19.00 per box Theft ran 13% serviced 100 locations. (ran 4 days)
  8. Yes, ma'am I am from the Longview area. And I really appreciate you inquiring. There is also a guy that's out of Shreveport that has locations in the Longview area.
  9. Weekly update: 335 locations. Grossed $1,923.00 Avg. $18.50 per box. Shortage ran 18%. Serviced 104 locations (ran 4 days). (I read your post about shortages and "theft", and realized that you are right, "theft" is strong word. And while I know theft does happen on my routes and even that doesn't bother me just because i know it's going to happen, but for the most part, people are honest and do forget to pay. All this to say I will be using the word shortage in my updates lol.
  10. Weekly update: 335 locations. Grossed $1,626.00 Avg. $18.75 per box. Theft ran 13% serviced 100 locations (ran 4 days)
  11. Yes, sir, depending on how big you are wanting to build your business, you will definitely have to expand beyond 5-6 miles. Right now the longest distant i travel is 52 miles. However, I will eventually expand to 90 miles and I believe that will be the longest i will ever have to travel. You just have to make sure you have enough boxes in that area to make it worth your while to travel that far.
  12. You are doing a great job. The key to this "honor" business is realizing there are not so honest people out there. Our business exposes those people. However, if you are persistent and have thick skin, you will have a very successful business. It's really easy to get frustrated, upset, and angry in this business. All kinds of stuff happens. While do snack boxes, and not the candy boxes, I have had boxes thrown away, I have my coin boxes stolen, I have even had 2 locations tell me that someone from my company came in and removed the box, even though I am a one man show. However, over 4 years I realize, the good stuff that happens outweighs the bad. Just remember this. It's a never ending battle. When I first started I thought I would find locations that were good and were bad, but that eventually I would have all my routes in place with little theft. What i have learned is that you will never be able to stop placing and pulling locations. It's challenging, but very rewarding also. It's a simple business, but not an easy one. If was easy everyone would be doing it. Just hang in there and don't let the negative stuff that happens bring you down. Just shake the dust of your feet and move on to the next. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  13. Weekly update: 338 locations. Grossed $2,035.00 avg. $20.00 per box. Theft ran 14% serviced 102 locations (ran 4 days)
  14. Let me Know if you need any help at all. And congrats on starting your buisiness
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