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  1. Well i have called 3 times, left two voice mails, and emailed once. No answers
  2. The bad part about all this is somebody will buy those
  3. I say you get a 50c mech off of me and let them blast up you profits.
  4. Saw this today at my mall. I was just wondering how much would one of these set you back.
  5. I would also like to add something. I do not know if it has been covered yet. Make sure to set your wheels right so they are not vending to much per vend.
  6. well the 12mm takes a flat key so im gonna guess your using the 13mm how much did they cost and how did i do on my buy
  7. i got three of them So i take it your using the 13mm cam lock on yours
  8. Yeah i picked up a few of them for 200 bucks so i think i did good. They have 27mm in them now but only vend for .25c. So why do you not vend gumballs out of them? Where do you get your lock for them from? Thanks
  9. there about 3-5 bucks on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/MINI-CAM-LOCK-KEYED-ALIKE-For-CABINETS-MAILBOXES-DESKS-BOXES-DRAWERS-/151023334160?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2329b13310 That one looks like it should fit thoughts
  10. any idea what locks i need for this and where i can get them And a place to get graphics for machines like this i want to add some stuff to the outside Thanks
  11. Well yes 55 for a rack is great. I just have had very good luck with those 35 $ locations.
  12. 55 for a rack is a good price. 50 for a stand alone machine though is not. Have to keep up with your competitors prices.
  13. Your price for a bulk machine is 55 a locations. That is higher than Kick Start and much higher than Locators R Us. Now that i think about it i do not know anybody that is over 50 a location. Do you plan to offer any deals to this site. I know i get good results only paying 35 bucks a location. Just asking
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