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  1. Look at our website , under Redemption , to see the latest in redemption novelties for machines and arcade counters. Email your contact information to me, and I'll send out a catalog electronically.
  2. ajdistro, The self vend mix is in bags of 100 for $7.20 each. Most 1.1 " capsule toys for a $.25 vend range from $13.00- $18.50 per bag. Call 1-800-638-600 and ask for me.
  3. Our booth is #421. Who's planning to stop by ? There will be new kits and lots of new products, some that we haven't released.
  4. While Supplies last in both warehouses------------------- Balls 27mm Bowling Balls- $10.00 per bag of 250 Plush Jumbo Christmas plush - $112.50 / box Goolies - $98.00 / box Gray 50 Bears - $125.00 / box Germies - $238.00 / box Plushees - $96.00 / box Redemption Lil Team Mates ( call in for available teams )- $2.00 each Hanging Iphone Accessory Kit - $210.00 2" Capsules Family Guy figures _ $45.00 In One ear And Out The Other - $ 25.00 Mobile Phone Stands - $23.00 Wrap Pack organizers _ 425.00
  5. The regular 27mm mix bag of 250 is $11.25. If you wish to buy a case of 2,000 ( 8 bags ), it's $82.00. Shipping charges are additional.
  6. If you want to think of these as excuses, it's your choice. Other operators ask for an explanation and we give it, because after all, we are trying to provide a service to you. And if we can rectify the situation, every rep knows it is good business to do so. Bad customer service would be " take it or leave it, pal". However, you just said that you like your sales rep, so I assume you have trust there.
  7. It is does give us all more information to serve you guys better. Bottom line, if we don't do that, we aren't doing our job at A&A.
  8. True. That actually works in a great many places. Talk to Caserri.
  9. Mjacks, Way to go. It sounds like you studied your locations first before making that decision. It won't work exactly the same way in all demographic/ economic areas, but you can't be afraid to test the market some times. I've known people who have had to back down because of push back from their customers, but they learned to substitute other products to appease them and still increase revenue. That's one reason Self Vend Mix has become so popular this year. It's always good to hear how you guys come up with new ideas. I actually relay that information to new operators when they call in to ask questions.
  10. Bouncy Balls, Why would we do that ? To lose money ? That would not be good business sense. Two of the top 2" items we have : Yoyo Balls and Birthstone Bears have a base price of $37.00 per box. We always run out of them, because the demand is extremely high. That means you operator buy more due to your customers increased buying frequency. And not all of you are selling them at a $.50 vend. I have customers who vend these at $.75 or $1.00. By the way, I can give you a list of items at $30.00 or less that do quite well, starting with Punch and Rocket Balloons. If you switch that to 1.1" capsules, you can use the same scenario with CA Gold and Ninja Fighters. Our Plastic Diamonds are $14.25 ( and out of stock, with growing back orders ). How low do we have to go ? But if you want to practice what you preach with your customers, call me. I can sell you mechanisms at $.10 and $.15 vends to blow out your gumballs.
  11. However, I still try to get my customers to put one higher vend item on their rack, if possible. Ideally, a seven way would have ( on the bottom ) candy, gum and a toy machine at $.25, then a toy machine at $.50. The top would have two $.50 toy and either a $.75 or a $1.00 toy machine. Depending on the item in the higher vends, it would sell well or drive business to the lower vend machines.
  12. Regular gumballs and candy will probably stay at $.25 for a while. Unless they are specialty items like Nerds gumballs; where customers will pay extra for those. But I applaud you if you are successful at vending higher price points, especially if you're on the east coast.
  13. Lol. The only data I have is the number of calls and emails I get stating that.
  14. I can't agree. Not long ago, we were just criticized here for having higher prices, even though we haven't had a systematic price hike in years. And we always try to have lower vend priced items available because we always have a demand for it. We're selling more and more $.25 vend mechanisms opposed to $.50. Also, I can't tell you how many operators have told me that they tried to raise prices to $.50 and $1.00 in their machines and the next collection was a bust.
  15. But would your customers, once you raise your vend prices ? Unfortunately, one of the major concerns is getting good products at lower prices. How often has that been a huge topic on this forum ? A great deal of things have to change before we could even think of sourcing American companies to produce novelties.
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