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  1. Any price above $5K would be a stretch. Ask to ride along with him on his next collection month and see for yourself on average how much he is profiting. At his price, I bet he will be reluctant to agree on such notion. If that's the case, wish him luck and walk away.
  2. Yes, money can be made in any business you just have to work at it. I am seeing upsides every collection month meaning our hard work is paying off.
  3. Bad Locations: After tracking profits or lack thereof for first few months, I realized that moving machines to other locations during collections/servicing months is the way to go ANTS: These tiny suckers love M&Ms and Skittles mostly and thanks to advice from fellow members I think I have resolved this problem by vaseline under heads and on bases with an added measure of ant sprayed paper towels stuffed in stem Product: Simply changing product can make a difference at so-so locations but I ultimately came to realize that a bad location is a bad location. TIP: Auto body shops and truck accessory stores are bad locations. I also recently removed from a small auto parts store and barber shop. Product by location: My recent location is at a Taekwondo training center where my son recently started that has no heat/ac in entrance vestibule area so my son and I decided on Gum balls and Mentos because too much direct sunlight would not go well with other candy products. Due to many poor locations on a neglected route that was sold to me 1 year ago on April Fool's Day, I was beginning to think I was the Fool but for 30 out of 35 double-head working candy machines for $600 I thought it would be worth the risk. However, after the first 6 months we began seeing profits but beforehand all collected monies was just enough (breaking even) to purchase product. In other words, by continuing to move bad locations to hopefully better locations each month until all are averaging at least $10+ monthly....then, we'll be happy. Yes, we do have a few locations bringing in $15-$30. We'll just keep on keepin' on .
  4. OK, so most of you know that my minor son & I acquired a bulk vending route of 35 machines around the 1st of April. Again, as most of you know, this was a very neglected route that we have been working hard to turn around these past few months. We have done about everything but remove poor performing machines from businesses. We have temporarily taken out machines to clean them and make "ant proof", changed up products and replaced from gum ball heads to bulk vending heads, and removed from a couple of businesses for newer and better (we hope) locations. I'd say out of the 21 machines that were located at the time of our purchase, only 4 locations brought in $9-$10+ each month. We have subscribed to vend-trak software program to keep track of everything and reports are showing no light at the end of the tunnel. We are finding some new profitable locations from time to time and have discovered that our best products are plain M&M's, dry roasted peanuts & cashews, and most recently pastel hospitality butter mints at our 2 bar/restaurant locations (no chain restaurants). We are doing our best to "weeding out" chewing gum and gum balls because they do not sell here except for gum balls at my eye doctor friend's office located in a Wal-Mart (gum balls & peanut M&M here). I am asking for guidance from seasoned bulk vendors as to what steps we'll need to take. I think my answer is to start fresh in search for better locations and, once obtained, move machines out of poor performing locations to new location because $2-$4 a month is a waste of our time. Our reasonable goal would be $10+ per machine (all double-head) per location. Products: Reese's Pieces (do OK but not great) M&M (Great) Peanut M&M (OK) Dry Roasted Peanuts (Great...may need to clean machine quarterly but worth the risk) Cashews (Weeding out to peanuts because only 30% ROI) Skittles (OK but not great) Chewing Gum tabs (only do well at bar locations) Gum Balls (not good except for one location mentioned above) Trail Mix (tried once at a healthy conscious doctor's office & failed so they have peanut M&M) Pastel Butter Mints (verdict is still out but seems to do well at restaurant/bar locations) Thanks for listening and we welcome all advice. By the way, our machines are 35 double-head V-Line, 1 single-head; 1 triple-head Amerivend (trying to find just the right location for this one).
  5. AND ANOTHER HERE....WELCOME. Frankfort bulk vendor....37 machines with 30 located
  6. MrKentuckian


    I just ordered some paster hospitality buttermints for my bar locations where owners are permitting me to place another machine. I am thinking of adding these buttermints and planters roasted peanuts to these additional machines thinking these products may be more favorable if dining at these locations. I only have a few locations with peanuts or cashews and these products are fairing alot better than the candies. I am also aware that salt can cause rust but the profit is worth the risk and I plan to swap out tgese machines and clean them from time to time as a preventive measure. Has anyone else tried buttermints? Pastel not "paster"...oops misspelling
  7. MrKentuckian


    Is anyone else experiencing ant problems with placed machines? I have received calls from business owners (close friend & family so far) who have seen ants in candy. I tell the business owners that I applied vaseline to base but that it is only a detterent and that the ants came from their business not the machine and that the anys find candy as their food source and that they need to spray for ants. In the meantime, I tell business owners to please place out of order stickers on heads until we can come out and spray Raid Ant & Roach killer around baseboards when their are no customers around and clean or replace machine with another clean machine. I had only been applying vaseline around the bases; however, I discovered a large tubular hole in stem stand leading up to the heads under the base that should be sealed with some kind of cap plug, duct tape, etc. where I will also apply vaseline. This would be difficult to do without breaking down a whole machine that is placed with product in it. Any suggestions?
  8. We have 37 with 27 located of which 6 new locations (5 machines need repair and 5 available to be located). According to previous owner, I shouldn't fill too full and just above 25 cent sticker on globe (basically 1 full bag of product) so that's how it was divided and what I did except for maybe more on double bubble chewing gum and double bubble gum balls. Yes, I dumped old product and started fresh. Business owners see an immediate difference when we replace, in certain businesses, their dirty machines with clean and sanitary ones. We hope this effort will make a difference.
  9. 1st pull resulted $175 and I spent $364 on product with not much product left over for next month's service/pull. So to say the least, I am a little discouraged. I had one really bad location with Reese's pieces covered with tiny ants and I immediately removed the machine outdoors. I informed the business that I would return with a clean ant-free machine within 1-2 days and I returned the next day. Of course, I made sure to get rid of all the ants by tearing apart machine and sealing candy from machine in zip loc bags before servicing any more businesses. Luckily, I only had 1 more business for the day so I could unload machine in my garage and take a shower because I felt as if ants were on me. Yes, I put vaseline on the base of all candy machines when servicing for the first time and at new locations. However, it may be obvious that the previous neglectful owner did not take this preventative measure.
  10. Treadmill those are the ones I purchased and good to know. I guess I just need to service it in my garage and work out the kinks before locating
  11. When u service once a month, do you always dump product and put in fresh or just simply pour on top?
  12. I have one (1) triple head Amerivend machine but having problems with the gum balls sticking (2 trying to come out same hole) and not dispensing. When I got a case of double bubble gum balls from Sam's club, the box did not specify size so they may not be the required 1" inches in diameter?
  13. From your experiences, what is the shelf life of Chicle Tabs, peanut & plain M&M, Reese's pieces, Skittles, cashews, runts, etc? Of course, gum balls too
  14. My son and I had visited and made our introductions at 15 of the 21 already placed businesses and I guess we will see the conditions of the other 6 when we do our first pull this week. we had already swapped out the nasty machines with candy machines cleaned inside & out top to bottom....and yes, son took apart the heads and washed the pedestal stand for me. We added 8 more locations to the 21 and 2 we had previous to purchasing route for a total of 31 by this week. I discovered that 4 candy machines need work (rust, parts, etc. and knowing this) probably why previous owner only sold me 30 and throwing in 5 additional machines for parts but regardless we got a steal. Yeah, when swapping out machines we found $2+ change here & there. I am very apprehensive about how this week is going to turn out. Each machine that we cleaned and placed we would stick 2 quarters to masking taped business label. We are somewhat hopeful that you all are right and that all of this hard work will see positive results in the coming months. We may have to pull out some machines (if filthy) and promise business owners that it will be returned clean inside & out with fresh product within 2 business days.
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