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  1. WhiteRoom

    5591 cooling question

    I replaced the condenser fan motor that was not working, but it is still not spinning. I ran out of time to keep working on it, I suppose the new motor could be bad or I didn't get the wiring tight enough, which I will go back and check. Just wondering if there are any other relays or fuses that would keep that one fan off? Thanks for any further help!
  2. I was doing to some work on one of my 5591s and noticed a bit of water under it. I've had this happen with another 5591 and it was just the air intakes under the delivery bin being clogged with lint/dust/junk. After cleaning that up, I checked behind the machine and saw that only one of the two fans was running. I've never checked before, so I don't know if that is normal or if both fans always run together?
  3. WhiteRoom


    I have State Farm, about $350/year, they do not charge for adding an additional insured.
  4. WhiteRoom

    Vending Spirals

    Cup of Noodles will vend using a 6 count auger, alternate the wide/narrow ends. If you are talking about another noodle bowl product...I can't help. 🙂
  5. WhiteRoom

    Bev Max issue driving me crazy

    I had a similar issue, but it sounds like yours is more extensive. The display cable sometimes gets loosened by repeated opening and closing of the door over time. The display goes off, but the machine is still working fine. You get all sorts of weird reports of whats going wrong from people because of the missing display.
  6. They probably have it coded as being a product sold in a 10 cent CRV state like Oregon or something.
  7. WhiteRoom

    DN 5591

    I have the same problem, no shims but bottle gets stuck in the gate sometimes. I have taken to not filling it more than 5-6 deep as I believe that the more weight behind the stack, the more likely they are to get stuck. That gatorade bottle is not round, there are ridges and depending on how those ridges hit the gate, with enough momentum the bottle wedges partway thru. This jams the gate for the next customer. I still get these jams even with not filling the column up, but not as many. I would think that shims would cause a mis-vend, where the bottle that your customer is trying to vend is too tight in the gate to slide out in time. That's different than the problem I have with no shims, but the result looks the same - a bottle stuck halfway thru the gate. An observant customer might be able to tell you what's happening, but those are pretty rare.
  8. I appreciate this sentiment and agree that they need to be upgraded. I'm certainly not investing any cash in a Rowe machine, but they function well and don't generate much at all in refund requests at this time. They will be replaced if they break or as I find machines that can take abuse. My guess was that $5 acceptance was simply too much to ask of the 9340L setup. Thanks. By the way, Coke did go cashless at this hotel following a spurt of vandalism. It hasn't been received all that well, particularly by the employees who appreciate that the snack machines still take cash.
  9. Given its tank like nature, I have a Rowe 4900 at a hotel account. It has survived a few vandalism efforts without giving up the goods - that's why I have this beast. Anyway, it is set up currently with a Coinco 9340L and a Coinco bill validator. I recently swapped out the bill validator and left the $5 acceptance switch on in the new validator by mistake. I was surprised to see some $5s in the box, but it seemed to be working fine - the display shows $5 in credit and you can vend your item. However, when I double checked the change, I realized it is giving out exactly $1.90 in change every time. Strangely enough, 4 quarters, 7 dimes and 4 nickels...every time. Just for fun I changed a price to $4 and it did give the correct change for that purchase. So, it seems that for any price under $3.10, it won't give correct change. It acts the same no matter if the $5 acceptance switch on the board is set on or off. Any ideas why this would be? I ran across some info on tube fill mode, but that was for a 5900 and I don't find that option for a 4900. Is $5 acceptance simply too much for this machine? It is a single board 4900, by the way. Thanks in advance.
  10. WhiteRoom

    Ramdom issues with AP 7600

    I recently had a Rowe 4900 doing all of these things. Replaced the bulb and starter and all is good. It is very strange that both your Rowe and your AP are doing essentially the same thing...either a big coincidence (both have bad bulbs/starters) or maybe a bad flourescent light in the room near the machines?
  11. WhiteRoom

    5591 bottles tipping over

    I can't imagine they care too much about how their cool new bottle shapes vend in 15 year old machines. I haven't tried, but I assume these bottles would vend fine from stacker machines. I don't have new model glass fronts so I can't say if the gates have changed enough to accomodate this bottle.
  12. WhiteRoom

    5591 bottles tipping over

    After fighting this for a long time, I finally gave up on that shape bottle. It is too top heavy and the bottom is far from flat. It just cannot be reliably vended from a 5591. Everytime you think you have the right answer with shims or pushers or whatever else you can come up with, you will show up to that picture. I would switch to Crush in the 16.9oz bottle. Sometimes you can even find Sunkist in a 16.9oz bottle. Even if you have to source product somewhere different, it is worth it to not be constantly dealing with mis-vends and service calls. Sorry, wish I had something more positive to say - but I spent about 6 months fighting this battle before giving up.
  13. WhiteRoom

    Fruit Flies driving me batty

    Not that I have had fruit fly problems in my machines (fortunately), but you have to kill each generation. While you may have removed all of them the first time, eggs hatch! I personally drown mine in a little bit of red wine left in the glass overnight, but use whatever you can to get them trapped on an ongoing basis and eventually you will get them all.
  14. WhiteRoom

    Bevmax display goes out

    It sounds like others have had more experience with true board problems, but in my experience this was caused by the connection to the display panel being loosened over time as the door was opened and closed. Make sure your connections are good - mine reached a point where the machine display would go off and come back on randomly.
  15. This is what I was going to suggest. These machines can be found for a reasonable price fairly often, and the chiller often just needs a recharge as they tend to sit around unused for long periods. I recently picked one up fairly cheap, recharged the chiller and repaired a few switches and it was good. Worked for an account with very specific needs. This is the best answer for what you say you are looking for. However, I have to agree with Moondog. Given the size of the customer base and the prospect of problems with stale product on the snack side, I don't think you are looking at a significant profit. What is the motivation to have a snack and soda machine? Is it just to provide some snacks and drinks to the students and faculty without much thought to profit? Or are you trying to make some cash for the school? Vending is NOT your core competency, do you really want to be dealing with vending issues? An outside vendor will take care of problems, keep stale product out of the machine and generally let you focus on your job. I'm willing to let others make more educated guesses on the potential profit you would be giving up (I don't have an account similar to this), but I'd bet it would be under $1,000 a year, maybe well under.