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  1. Well, at least check all the cable connections for the keypad. I have had keypad problems develop a few times and it seems due to the effect of the pulling at the cable every time you open and close the door. Over time, the cable can work loose, completely or partially disabling the keypad. A couple weeks ago, I lost the C key, but re-installing the cables solved the problem. To confirm this is actually a keypad problem, does the * key work on any of the other menu options? Or does it work when you run the keypad test?
  2. You could structure the deal to pay him machine value, with the remainder being paid after a certain period where revenues come in at, or within a certain percentage of, historical figures. Obviously he won't agree if the numbers are BS. If numbers are accurate, he still may not want to do it, but it could convince him to give you proof in another way. This is pretty ridiculous when you think about it. He's gotta be buying between $4k and $5k of product a month. Even if he is paying cash, there would be purchase orders and other evidence - and none of that would put him in trouble with the "other accounts" on his CC readers or the IRS (at least not anymore than advertising the business for sale).
  3. I have a Brother P-touch label maker and just make my own. Really easy and you can get both black print on white or white print on black tapes to put in it depending on what is already in the machines. I print a reasonably long run of each $ amount I need and cut them myself to save on tape - you'll see what I mean when you start printing them out.
  4. I'm certain that others have more experience than me, but this seems right at the very edge of credibility to me. I have two nursing homes that are my best accounts, they each do $200-$300/week out of a 4 wide snack and a DN5591. After seven days the drinks are pretty decimated and the snacks at least half empty. All the locations you are talking about would appear to just have two machines. My point is, depending on the equipment, to get to most of those numbers, he would have to be servicing them twice a week. Is that what he is telling you? I've never seen a vending business for sale in my area with such a collection of great accounts and no duds - even the office locations are doing good business which rarely happens. And all for sale for 6 months gross? If its accurate, its a tremendous deal and will be sold quickly. He's gotta have some sort of documentation he can show you. Deposit slips, receipts for inventory purchases, etc. That's a lot of cash, there must be some records of it being deposited or spent somewhere.
  5. Diving boards help, but products on the edge do that occasionally. I have more trouble with it happening to bottles rather than cans, so I adjust products so cans are on the edges sometimes. Part number might be 80190364, there are at least two different sizes - longer ones for the top rows and shorter ones for the lower rows. Link to an ebay listing (not mine)... https://www.ebay.com/itm/DIXIE-NARCO-BEV-MAX-2145-3561-5591-9-PRODUCT-STABILIZERS-Free-Ship/130939201170?hash=item1e7c95a692:g:0OwAAOxy4fVTEpZ7&frcectupt=true
  6. In addition to chips of course, my hotels go thru a lot of red vines, donuts and kid friendly, non nut stuff like skittles, starburst, goldfish and fruity snacks.
  7. I read the relevant info and determined that my commission payments are all to corporations. Generally, 1099s are sent to individuals or partnerships, LLCs, etc. I'm no accountant, so I suggest you do your own research...
  8. You mean you have cups, but they have a hole in the bottom so that coins go to the bag? And instead you want the coins to stay in the cup? Mine was like that too, I use bags for nickels, dimes and quarters. I've plugged the holes for the others and that works fine. Closed cell foam cut to fit and glued in. I can post a pic if you need.
  9. why do you need more cups and how many? I have one spare for my Mach 5, plus I don't really care about the penny or half dollar cup - well I guess until I try to sell it.
  10. I have two 4900s that have suffered the unfixable error 90. Used to be able to reset the price and they were fine. For me, it is just one selection on each machine so it isn't a big deal and I just leave it empty. I am assuming it is the board that is failing or the wiring. Very little is worth fixing on these things - but for me, they are tanks that have withstood a decent amount of vandalism at a lower end hotel and keep working and generating lots of cash without much trouble. They will get replaced as soon as something big goes wrong.
  11. I replaced the condenser fan motor that was not working, but it is still not spinning. I ran out of time to keep working on it, I suppose the new motor could be bad or I didn't get the wiring tight enough, which I will go back and check. Just wondering if there are any other relays or fuses that would keep that one fan off? Thanks for any further help!
  12. I was doing to some work on one of my 5591s and noticed a bit of water under it. I've had this happen with another 5591 and it was just the air intakes under the delivery bin being clogged with lint/dust/junk. After cleaning that up, I checked behind the machine and saw that only one of the two fans was running. I've never checked before, so I don't know if that is normal or if both fans always run together?
  13. I have State Farm, about $350/year, they do not charge for adding an additional insured.
  14. Cup of Noodles will vend using a 6 count auger, alternate the wide/narrow ends. If you are talking about another noodle bowl product...I can't help. 🙂
  15. I had a similar issue, but it sounds like yours is more extensive. The display cable sometimes gets loosened by repeated opening and closing of the door over time. The display goes off, but the machine is still working fine. You get all sorts of weird reports of whats going wrong from people because of the missing display.
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