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  1. I have a location that wants one but I believe it would be cheaper to lose the location than pay $11000usd for one of these. I think roi for pinballs is bad enough can’t imagine I’d get my money back in seven years on a big Pacman......
  2. Anyone running these in bars? Wondering if they are worth purchasing?
  3. Hi i installed a couple basketballs in a restaurant/bar they seem to get a lot of play. Problem I’m having is location is asking if there is anyway to make the machine quieter? Is there anything people have done to make them a little quieter?
  4. Anytime someone’s trying to force you to buy a package of machines be very careful. A person selling something worth having multiples of will gladly sell you one to test.
  5. I sure like the machine and products they sell. I just can’t imagine with even buying machines at a fair price and with having to purchase items from them there is much money left?
  6. ussb1


    Hi is there other web sites out there that are more active for bulk and amusements? Feel like I’m stuck on MySpace! thanks
  7. Hi the star cube looks like it’s a nice size machine to move and looks like it stands out nicely how has the star cube been doing? Where did you purchase it from? thanks
  8. Ronsidney like you I try to stay with one crane company. How many of the toy soldiers and hot stuff do you have for sale and price? please pm me thanks! oops didn’t see that this post 2014.
  9. Hi all about to do a order and was wondering what is selling well? fidget spinners worth buying? thanks
  10. Sounded like musser was helping? Toss only a couple hundred in the dump......I wish!!! between 45 zymeta video jukeboxes and countless merit counter tops $200 may have paid dump fees. I'd consider my self lucky if I only made a $200 mistake.
  11. Of course it's going to spread it out.
  12. It's easy to install a bill acceptor on any machine that has coin switches.
  13. Are Sammy sports still worth buying used to operate? Ive never seen them in my area. im looking for some about the size of sammys to replace bulk vending as I've pretty much had enough of it.
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