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  1. Repairman

    Trouble with ap 6000 vending machine

    The machines were at 3 different facilities. I looked at the button pad assembly on this particular machine and checked to see if there where good clean connections. Seemed to be a good connections and all the buttons worked when pushed. Am going to check main power cord for damage and also check for bad ground. Some body told me that the ballast on this machine still sends out power and even though the bulb and starter are removed it will still interfere and cause surges. It must be unplugged at power source. Will try that also.
  2. I have a AP 6000 snack machine that is going nuts. It will let you price selection button some times. You shut the door and the machine digital display starts running prices up buy itself or some columns will "stutter" ' Then the machine will beep a long beep that last until you shut off the machine or it decides to stop the beep by itself. You then may lose the pricing or when you shut door it will vend some columns by itself. It goes nuts. It will take $1 bill and vend product or just steal the money. I have unplugged the display light on the door. I have unplugged the validator. I replaced the main original board with 2 more boards that were repaired by a well known repair station I have used for 25 years. I replaced the changer. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Would the little power board have anything to do with it? Button assembly? The power box with the on off switch on it not putting out wrong step down voltage for some reason. This has happened with other 2 other AP 6000/7000 machines in the past year and I had to pull them . Do not have another machine to replace this one.
  3. Repairman

    Equipment for sale.

    I need shake some machines I bought for resale and need advice as to what they might really be worth. I have 2 GPL Crane snack machines Model 159 and 3 AP 6000 Snack machines. All are in decent condition and are equipped with dollar validators. I do not really have a lot of money tied up in them. Would like to sell as a package deal. Make nice back up machines or even primary location machines. They will be cleaned up and checked out before I sell them. Any advice as to value.
  4. There was a company out there that supplied fittings, OTIKER crimpers, fLare fittings etc. All sorts of supplies to connect coffee/beverage machines up. BPS is stuck in my head . Anybody know who I am talking about. Thanks
  5. Repairman

    Roto cup

    Yes but it is a older 276 and is shorter than a newer model. It is ,13 And ¹/4 . Inches long. Later models are ,. ,14 and a half inch I long . L N MN USA
  6. Repairman

    Roto cup

    I need a roto cup for an older Dixie 276. It is13,and quarter inches long. Fits older 2 deep machine. The big boys do not stock it. ( Ve ., Ds,) . Any body Know where I caN get one Thanks
  7. Repairman

    ap 6600 going nuits

    Well about the only thing that I did not do was replace the wiring harness from the touch pad to the main board. I replaced it and pulled a board off of an old machine I knew to be good, Went right to working. Do not really know what got it going. I had the original board plus 2 more that I just got back from my repair company. I will not mention their name but they are a well known reputable repair shop and I have no reason to believe that they sent me 2 bad boards backs . So all I know is that it is now working. and it started working after I put a used board and a touch pad wiring harness on the machine. I retested the last board i took off of the messed up machine and it caused the test machine to go nuts. SO I really do not know why those boards where bad . Oh I also replaced the powerpack and transformer in case we had a problem with possible low voltage.
  8. Repairman

    ap 6600 going nuits

    Checked out gun tray. tried machine with tray and tray out. Checked for loose or shorting connections. on tray. Installed a brand new wiring harness as well as a brand new touch pad. Still does the same thing. I am going to replace the power pack . Maybe be a low voltage problem not letting machine operate properly. Sorry Canteen.
  9. Repairman

    ap 6600 going nuits

    Thanks Canteen. I already tried going from A tray down. I will now go from F tray up and see what that does.
  10. Repairman

    ap 6600 going nuits

    Think exorcism would do the trick???
  11. Repairman

    ap 6600 going nuits

    Need a little help. I am stumped on an AP 6600 snack machine. I t is going berserk. It vends multiple products , loses pricing, you hit A1 it vends fine you Hit A2 then A1 and A2 run. You then hit A3 and A1and A3 run so on so forth on all selections on the machine.. Then it will lose all pricing and will not let you price the machine until you power down the machine and power it back up. I have had main 3 boards on it. The original and 2 repaired ones right out of the bag, new power board, changer, validator, validator harness. Have checked the touchpad at the 2 blue plug in connections to try and determine if the touch pad was causing a problem. Have moved trays up and down in the machine to see if I could find a bad motor. Have pulled all the trays looking for loose connections, pinched wires, etc. Have checked the plug in terminal located on the back of the machine to see if they where ok. I did not change out the touch pad. I pulled the light bulb. Main harness problem?????. I am at a loss.
  12. Repairman

    5800 DN problems

    Have a DN 5800 that’s been upgraded with a Bev Max 4 board to help try and solve a product delivery problem. Here is a synopsis of the problem. We are using the test vend feature. The delivery Cup travels left to right and on some selections It travels too far to where (Standing in front of machine) the left backside of the cup interferes with the bottle when it is vended. It does not go in the cup. The cup assembly then tries to deliver the product in the port but it is not there because the bottle fell when the cup assembly moved beyond the selection and is now lying in the lower path. The port door opens even though there in no bottle in the delivery port. The cup then tries to return home and runs in to the bottle lying in the path below. We have made sure our shelfs where set to the right configuration which is “D" setting. We also put a new top motor on vertical side on top f the rail. . We had to set our shelf offset at 1400 because the plunger was continuously striking to low from the middle of the lower shelves (D, E) to the end of the shelves. Does the Blue board on top of the vertical rail arm have anything to do with this problem? It seems that I can wiggle the wires on this board and push the connections and the machine will straighten up for a little while. This strikes me funny because this sounds like it ought to be a horizontal motor problem, the one located in the lower right hand corner. I installed a new motor to try and solve part of the problem and the cup rail assembly would continuously stop short of making the top switch when it proceeded to home. This is driving us nuts. I put the old motor back on and that problem basically went away even though on some occasions it to would not let the rail cup assembly return all the way home just stopping the assembly from making the top switch. If anybody has any ideas please let me know. We have been talking to a top Tech on this and he seems to think that part of the problem could be caused by either the vertical rail cups rail itself could be warped as well as possibly the cabinet itself also being warped. Has anybody here ever replaced the vertical rail cup assembly and how big of a job is it. I am looking forward to your advice. And yes we do have some Royal GF’s and I am not a fan of theirs either. You could give me a D/N 5591 any day over the new style GF’s. They may not be able to hold a variety of products like new models do but they are a lot less trouble.
  13. AZ I know how to adjust and aim the sensors. I just got tired of having to get up at all times of the night when those sensors mess up. It drives the customer nuts. Been doing this almost as long as you and IN the past 15 years I have not had One Problem or complaint from a customer because the sensors are gone around and as I said the refurb center for Pepsi now goes around them when re furbing a machine.
  14. Good buy. I just sold one for $1100.00. Had the tall pushers. MDB validator and Mech. I personally go around the drop sensors. The main reason they where there is for safey reasons when using glass . The sensors are easy to get out of adjustment. The reflector would get dirty or even condensation would collect on it causing bad reflectivity and cause the machine to beep incessently. Drives the customer nuts. Been doing it for years Never had a problem. Not one. In fact when we got refurbed units from Pepsi there refurb people in Colorado automatically go around the drop sensor.
  15. Repairman

    Compass / Aramark Food Services

    Colleges do not want to mess around with vending problems. A lot of times you will fnd that Aramark/Compass supply so much under one roof that it is hard to comprte with them, They offer Uniform services, house keeping, take care of the Food Service aspect including College dineing, the sports concession business and vending. I work for one of those concerns and for example the local college here has over a hundred drink and snack machines. Yes it is a major college. We also have the food service and consession rights through a sister company. It would be a very hard nut to crack. Only small colleges use Independant vendors.