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  1. I am starting my own Snack and Soda vending machine business.Since times and technology has changed and money is being carried and used less and less.Would anybody recommend newer machines with built in card readers? I am looking to purchase machines that are all the same if possible and are easy to maintain.Any suggestions and/or tips would be great and appreciated. I am looking to start off with 5 to 10 machines so keep that in mind.
  2. I am starting a Snack/ soda vending machine company by myself.I will be doing everything by myself. This means picking up ,moving and locating machines by myself. What kinds of dollys or tools and /or machines would anybody recommend to help and simplify if possible,this part of the business.This is truly for me my only obstacle.Nothing else bothers me about the business. Thanks in advance for all who take the time to read and comment.I need to get over this hump to help me move forward.
  3. Has anyone used or know of anyone who has used this machine.I understand that combo vending machines are discouraged,however, A&M is a reputable company.I also understand the pricing of this machine is high to me,but if I were to get this machine in good working cond. for $2500 per machine would this be a good idea.If no please explain. Thanks to all who take the time to comment
  4. I am requesting reviews and input on potential 1st purchase of these machines: DN2145--$1000 , DN276E/S11-7--$900 , RVCDE552-8--$800 , --$700 (couldnt find model #)
  5. 2 coke machines 9 selection $900 for both.Model # RVCC660-9
  6. How easy are they and do they work on multiple surfaces.What are ways you guys are using to manuver soda and snack machines around. Thoughts on Ez move tandem dolly system.
  7. Are there any guides, videos or manuals to help us newbies become familiar with our machines.A list of basic tools needed would also be helpful.I know I am asking alot of the veterans in here,but this is to help side step and overcome obstacles before they appear.Thanks again these questions as well as your answers are helping to instill a solid foundation for growth.
  8. I want to be totally self sufficiant and thought about purchasing one of these hand trucks.I have watched videos on this and dosent seem like a bad idea.Anybody have any experience with them or comments.
  9. I have been reading the forums and talking with vendors.I am getting conflicting suggestions on what machines to buy.So for all the newbies in business or in these forums please lets make a list of machines. My tarket market is 30-100pp. Soda and Snack machines Name brand(which do u prefer and why) Model #'s (or age of machine)(how old should a new person buy) Capacity(Min. & Max the machine should hold.) Cost(please estimate for specified model#'s)(used,refurbished) Ease of use and installation(which machines would be suggested for specifically a new guy and why) Again I am thankful for all the help and advice as this will allow me to make smart sound machine purchases which I am ready to do.Please add anything to my list you see fit to add.I will cont. to post and ask many questions as I am excited and anxious,but a little intimidated by these BIG and HEAVY machines.
  10. Thanks for the responses I have done the search still not finding mover yet but have gotten several potential leads
  11. Please share your experiences around getting full size soda and snack machines to there locations.What have all of you done.I live in Windham, Connecticut .I am not finding any moving companies to even ask.Suggestions,tips and costs involved would be greatly appreciated.This is my last and most important obstacle to overcome so I may start my new business B & T Vending. Thanks for your input, and recommendations.
  12. I live in Connecticut if anyone knows of distributors,vending product companies or some ideas where to start hunting for my machines and product.Thanks
  13. Where are u finding deals like that on those machines
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