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  1. do you guys have issues with water bottles being too 'squishy'?
  2. dapoopta

    dapoopta's pics

    Things I need to share with you all :-)
  3. spydy, I think that guy is only in florida.. Or at least to get him to me in ohio would cost a good amount of $
  4. I think I've seen them at hotels in the machine. For some reason I remember it being a 2 pack for $5. What a markup on these! Need to get to Costco
  5. do you guys sell these for $3 a piece? Seems like a fair price, I was just at the gas station and saw them for $2.99 What are good locations for them? I would think a machine shop would be a great choice.
  6. wow, this is great! Very helpful information for someone just starting off. OP, Do you find it very accurate after using it for a while? anyone else try it?
  7. I was thinking about selling these also. Sams has them for about $1.50 a shot. do you guys sell single or doubles? I have a VC730 from seaga and was going to try one of the candy rows with one of these, haven't got around to it yet. I'm very new to vending, so hopefully most of that terminology was right :-)
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