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  1. AZVendor

    Drink machine outside business

    You'll need 2 to 3 hockey puck locks on it and it will still probably get broken into or vandalized. A cage would be better but your sales will likely be poor and non-sustainable.
  2. AZVendor

    Crane National GPL 173 DEX issue?

    Get the version off of your EPROM and check with your card reader supplier as to what version is required then get one from D&S or VE or Crane.
  3. AZVendor

    Crane National GPL 173 DEX issue?

    Needs an updated EPROM.
  4. AZVendor

    Need Help: Best Snack & Soda Machines?

    It depends on what you want to spend but DN 501Es are readily available used as are Vendo V-Max machines and Royal G-III machines. All are good workhorses but the DNs are easier to use. For snacks you should look for late model AP machines such as 113s and 120s/130s. They are out of business but parts are mostly still available. Even the older AP7600 is a dependable tank that looks great when upgraded. Other snacks would be any National model 167 and later, AMS Sensit3 and later or USI SM6 and later.
  5. AZVendor

    R134 already added

    Find a local refrigeration tech and just have him repair it for you. If it needs to be replaced then yours will be the core return.
  6. AZVendor

    R134 already added

    All refrigerants last for years with no leaks. If there's a leak then none will last. Refrigerant is refrigerant. This is further proof that you have no concept of refrigeration operation or repairs.
  7. AZVendor

    R134 already added

    It takes a freon sniffer or an injection of UV dye that's put in when its recharged so that if it leaks again later a black light might show the leak. Regardless, it takes a trained tech and specialized equipment to do the dye and to repair a leak so it's not a do it yourself repair.
  8. AZVendor

    Royal 300 soda machine

    Virtually nothing. Maybe $100 to $200 if you are desperate for it. The motor cams aren't available now and they do break.
  9. AZVendor

    R134 already added

    You need refrigeration equipment to legally and safely vacuum the entire system down to several microns for an hour or so. You now need a pro to fix this for you. DO NOT vent the gas into the atmosphere. It has to be recovered in an empty cylinder and then recycled legally.
  10. AZVendor

    Replacing Vendo face panel

    You have to remove the delivery port and the top trim panel (if curved). It pops out forcibly after the screws are removed and trim is loosened. Remove the top 1/3 of screws in the hinge side trim. Then remove the vertical trim from the lock side. The sign then lifts off after the top panel is popped out. The hard part is putting it back together. Vendo trim all snaps around the metal door frame making it harder to work with than Dixie trim.
  11. AZVendor

    Royal 300 soda machine

    If it's a single price machine with no credit display then the price is set inside the coin mech behind the acceptor.
  12. Not true. You just need the correct harnesses. It sounds like your friend is a vending dummy.
  13. AZVendor

    R134 already added

    You can't add R134 to an R12 compressor because the oil in the compressors is different. Adding 134a to R12 will contaminate the system and cause failure of the compressor. If it's still a sealed system or you know that R12 is in it then you need to recharge it using R12 or R401a which is a drop-in hybrid that can be used to top off R12 or R134a systems. The only other thing to do is put a 134a compressor on it, evacuate it and then charge with 134a.
  14. And they are ridiculously expensive. You will always pay too much for a soda and snack locator no matter who they are. Do it yourself. If you can't sell then you are in the wrong business.
  15. AZVendor

    Polyvend 6640 upgrade

    You will wish you never attempted this upgrade. It's truly a golpher to install a Mars validator in a Polyvend. Cut your losses and upgrade the machine. You will thank me later.