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  1. Either a 6510, a 6512 or a Coinco 9302GX.
  2. Replace your harness between the bill validator and the coin mech. Use PN 250070013 for the MEI harness - you can get it at dsvendinginc.com. Your validator needs to be set for Short Pulse. You notice the broken wire on your harness?
  3. This conversation is getting really dumb now. Regardless of how anyone thinks they can move a vending machine there is only the professional way and the unprofessional way. All of them include the danger of being injured or the machine being damaged but those dangers are exponentially higher if machines are moved unprofessionally. Having the right equipment and the correct tools for the job are what minimize the dangers. If someone prefers to use muscles over machines then that is their risk, and hopefully not a risk to anyone else. This conversation should be ended as it has really gone off the deep end into pointless rhetoric.
  4. The 6512 is a great mech. Since you say the machine had been working on bills-only most recently and if that is still the case AND if you can vend all columns with bills then it's a bad coin mech. However, since it's an MDB machine and the coin mech and validator are daisy chained together, unplug the validator and plug just the coin mech into the mach by itself (turn power off first). If it then works the validator is the culprit.
  5. I was only going by the results of the search I did on their site for the part number. They usually take the part image and pricing down when the part is not avaialble so shame on them, again, for not maintaining their website and for not supporting legacy equipment. So what if it's 15 years old, people still run these machines and will for years to come. The vending manufacturers are abysmal at supporting legacy equipment and it's embarrasing to be an American vendor now. The vendors get dumped on time and time again by the high and mighty manufacturers. Vendnet used to be the best at supporting legacy machines up until about 5-8 years ago when something changed. It was about the time that they dumped their senior tech support people and left the industry with a bunch of numbskulls who didn't know anything about the equipment they were giving support to. Since the CB700 is one of the most commonly and easily vandalized machines you should be able to find a display on Amazon or Ebay or a cheap machine for parts on Craigslist.
  6. That display won't work. You should try to get a CB700 display but the Royal like it should work too. Vendnet still lists the display p/n 4210660 at $152.37. Don't be cheap and just get the correct part. When you order you can ask tech support if your issue is a bad display.
  7. Put them in a 10 count snack selection. If it's a single spiral then one end sits angled to the side. They are vended like donuts.
  8. Corrupted display board most likely. What the hell do you have it hooked up to? Is the harness long enough to set it on a table? The display is very similar to a Royal since both logic boards are made by Coinco. In fact, if you swap eproms you can interchange the logic boards between the CB700 and a GIII Royal I believe.
  9. Email the photo to rbepic4gatgmaildotcom
  10. Send me a photo. The colors sound off probably due to age. No one goes by the numbers on the motors so posting that is useless.
  11. It makes perfect sense because you still have the drop sensor enabled in the programming.
  12. Now you know why no machine from Seaga is ever recommended here. They have no good tech support, the manuals are a joke with no parts listed and you will never get a wiring diagram from Seaga.
  13. What color cams are on the motor. And what the heck are the numbers you referenced in your title?
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