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  1. Here in Phoenix I used to charge $65 per machine and there are others that do it between $50 and $70 per. But this is a large area with several movers.
  2. That depends on how bad you need a 6 select machine. It has a serpentine rack so if cans freeze they are a golpher to get out. The cooling deck comes out the back after you release screws in the front, back and also on the back of the evaporator. When the unit goes back in all air leaks around the rear plate have to be sealed with putty. You do have to know that the thermostat on this and other USI soda machines must be set at 2 and not the normal 3 1/2 of other machines, otherwise you will freeze cans - and you need a USI thermostat not a generic DN thermostat.
  3. Banks don't report unless your cash deposit is over 10K unless there is something I don't know. I never got a 1099 from a bank when I had credit card receipts.
  4. Paint it or wrap it and then you're set for cash sales only. Anything else and you will be wasting money on them.
  5. Umm, yeah, thats right. It may actually have been a 7UP door but few were built that way. NBS does know their stuff so they were probably correct on their first guess.
  6. Here is the programming manual for the 3155 if you don't already have it: https://vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4211417e.pdf Try changing the Can/Bottle mode and try changing prices for those selections. If you can do all of that and/or it shows sold out for all soda selections then look at the drop sensor cable all the way back to the board. As a last resort you can go into Configuration and set it to factory default. After that you have to set everything up from scratch, but the machine is new to you anyway. The 2145 never came with MDB but the 5591 always did. If DN did a factory r
  7. The 2145 is not worth a new compressor and logic board and the 3155 was crap when they built it (the list of deficiencies is long plus you have never tried to move one) so they are only worth scrap money unless you can flip one if it works. If I had to move the 3155 it would only be one way to the scrap yard. It is hefty. Let me amend this in that if the 2145 has been updated to tall gates and pushers and has at least one working drop sensor then you need to decide of your need for one is worth the cost of the compressor and logic board which will also require a new coin mech, validator
  8. Yeah, this guy is a crack up that he thinks he can make money with these dinosaurs. He may never make his investment back.
  9. Your pic shows that it is a T-model and that it is an old Coke door. Tell them that. And what is all the trash around that machine? Don't tell me the wind did that.
  10. If InOne still has a kit for it, then it's probably the only one. Go to them directly.
  11. I AM being helpful and not being condescending or snarky at all. You bought a machine with limitations which you wouldn't know about unless someone told you. So I told you. How are plain facts being snarky? You can not run anything other than cans in that machine - plain and simple. That is a fact whether you like it or not. From now on you have a forum where you can ask questions before buying a machine so you can avoid buying one that will not work for your needs or is a substandard machine in some way. You're welcome.
  12. Dr Pepper and 7UP both used angled signs which is what it sounds like you have.
  13. The coin mech will have a white MDB 6 pin connector as will any bill acceptor harness. If you are running a bill acceptor then it plugs into the machine first and the coin mech plugs into the acceptor. If you install a card reader it must plug into the machine first, then the bill acceptor plugs into it and the coin mech plugs into the bill acceptor. The bill acceptor harness has two MDB connectors for this reason as does the card reader harness.
  14. Geez Flibbert, are you looking for all the whiz bang gizzmos that you can find? Regular vendors stick to what works and to what machines work. You seem drawn to the most flamboyant stuff while ignoring the tried and true stuff that all the successful vendors use. Just my observation of your posts.
  15. If the card reader of your choice doesn't work then cut your losses and just unload the machines. These are so old that you will be fighting an uphill battle against technology.
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