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  1. AZVendor

    Vendo 480

    The 5.1 and 5.2 boards won't give cash sales but will run cards. There is no eprom that gives cash though the latest one was supposed to but doesn't.
  2. AZVendor

    Vendo and Red Bull

    Make sure you have a metal can shim in the column. If you ran 12 oz cans then you do. Set your motor cam to 2 notches for two deep vending and then set the rear spacer to keep the front of the cans within 1/2" of the depressed sold out paddle.
  3. He's a doofus, and only 27v is needed since that's all you get from the machine itself to power the lock anyway.
  4. AZVendor

    Hai all

    ICT is garbage. Use MEI or newer Coinco.
  5. AZVendor

    Rv660 “sold out”

    The door switch must work in order to reset your sold outs. If the machine works properly you will sell every last product from a column before it detects an empty vend and triggers the sold out message. If the drop sensor is out of adjustment and too sensitive then it will signal to the board that a product impacted the delivery chute when it didn't.
  6. It needs a bill acceptor but it's definitely worth that money.
  7. AZVendor

    AMS Sensit 3 leaking water

    Yes, if the pan evap pan is leaking you'll need to pull the unit and the pan to silicone the corners. I don't think there's enough room with the evaporator sittting in it to do that. You might get lucky and lift the evaporator enough to get to the corners but the pan has to be dry. All edges are super sharp and those units aren't fun to remove or install. You'll find out just by removing the cover that the freon lines have to go back into a notch in the cover with permagum around it. The cover is a #%^^& to remove as is the cooling unit. Reinstallation is worse.
  8. AZVendor


    The larger the footprint of the machine the more stable it will be on wheels. You can build a metal frame to set the machine onto with the smallest heavy duty wheels you can find to keep it low to the ground. Get a million dollar liability policy and have the account sign a waiver that they take all responsibility for injury if the machine falls on someone or runs their foot over.
  9. AZVendor

    AMS Sensit 3 leaking water

    If your AMS pan is rusted then it's probably leaking. Otherwise you have a clogged drain hose or a leak in the pan under the evaporator. Southeast, you might have a leak around your drain itself or the tank is deformed from water getting to the insulation under it and deforming it.
  10. You can make your own with 3 - 9v batteries in series and a phono plug.
  11. AZVendor

    Water under machine

    Make sure you have a delivery port door that closes, a drain hose and that the door closes snug (but don't overtighten it.
  12. AZVendor

    CF 7000 dispenser assembly

    Send it to a certified MEI repair depot. There is more to replacing that part than you think. The accoustic module will need to be returned.
  13. The problem you're having is that you have a Genesis machine. Enough said.
  14. AZVendor

    DN501E help

    No. The sold out paddle will always leave at least 2 products when sold out so you yave cold products to sell when you restock it.
  15. AZVendor

    AP 6600, MDB conversion

    An aftermarket logic board conversion kit, mech and validator.