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  1. While some USIs machines recommend that AMS doesn't so this vendor must think USI knows best.
  2. Since it's an E model with a credit display then it runs an SIID logic board and it does have a battery slot on the board. If your slot is empty then that's why you lose the pricing. You can order the rear spacers from Vendors Exchange.
  3. Take it off the surge protector. That will cause you issues with supplying enough current to the compressor when it starts. Losing prices when losing power is caused by a bad battery on the logic board. Unplug the machine and remove the logic board cover. You'll see a small disk battery, pn 2032, in a slot that needs to be replaced. If there is hot glue holding it in then cut it free from that. What backers are you mentioning? The rear spacers? Those are readily available if they are actually missing. Yours might be there and just need to be adjusted unless you see nothing but the back wall of the cabinet.
  4. Those openings were still designed for the first generation of card readers like Danyl and Debitek and they never changed the openings as new card readers took over the market with bill validator footprints. It was one of Royals more tone deaf moves over the years, which were few until the recent plant closing.
  5. Make sure you aren't using any shims with Gatorade and can shims only for 12 oz and 16 oz cans as well as 16-16.9 oz bottles. Gatorade will also gets stuck in outboard selections even with no shims so don't put them there. Then you need the diving boards as mentioned on all but the bottom 2 shelves. A light spray of food grade silicone on each slide will also help.
  6. That is a Lektovend VS99. 30 plus years out of production and very few parts, if any, available.
  7. A pointless post as no one here uses any AVT machines, hence why they are out of business.
  8. What is the point of the machine and what is the purpose of the remote control? Is this just a toy now?
  9. I get mine from Wiczer but VE and D&S carry them.
  10. They are a bit time consuming but once you do the first one you'll pick up speed. 2 to 3 hours per machine.
  11. The canoe clips are just nylon "bushings" that give the door a nylon spacer to rub on the inside of the delivery bin so it's not metal on metal. If they are tough to get out just order a pair. To remove the rear door you need to remove the screw in the linkage on the side of the bin. I think you also need to take some of the bin assembly screws out too to spread the bin apart to get the door out. If your door is dragging but also bent then order the side linkage too. The dragging door could be due to a worn out square drive hole in the linkage. These parts are pretty cheap so be smart and order anything you think might be needed. There's usually more to a dragging or bent door than just the door itself.
  12. Hard to say since you may have various issues with each. Most likely bad or gummed up motor switches or gummed up motor brakes that allow motors to coast and then immediately start running when the next credit is put in. A bad motor switch can cause credits to erase with no vend or to not cancel a credit and allow continued vends from that selection. Not properly troubleshooting them on location is silly since it forced you to replace both machines. Why didn't you call a repairman to fix them when you couldn't figure them out? Afraid to spend money on that and yet you put two more machines out in their place?
  13. Get an AP LCM combo or ST or SL combo or a National combo. You'll be much happier with American made machines than any import that has no meaningful support.
  14. Okay dufus, the reset of the machine includes the pricing to $99.95. From there you have to reprice your selections.
  15. It's a dumb idea because only a maximum of 4" spirals will be holding a 13" box of cereal. And why devote 25% of a machine to 3 selections of cereal. Just dumb.
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