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  1. It's probably a RV552 if it's 3 cans deep. If it's 2 cans deep then it's a RV376. Its in the Merlin 2000 manual. If it has no credit display then its an earlier single price machine. That would be the Electro-mechanical manual.
  2. Hey dummy, the 3130 is a snack machine. If the soda has stack columns then yes, the kit will fit.
  3. The machine is too old for any newer package testing to be done. Use the 12 oz can setting for width and 16oz setting for depth and adjust the depth from there. It's really easy. You basically want to set up a 12 oz can for 2 deep vending and adjust the depth properly for your products. Otherwise use a DN501E that will have some newer package tests.
  4. I'm sure its a single price machine so the pricing is done in the coin mech.
  5. None to directly plug the 5800 into as it will damage the compressor when it trips from the current draw. You can use any of your choice with a high joules rating for the 7600 and, if you must, on only the transformer input on the 5800. Are you having power problems at a location? If they are having brownouts this won't help.
  6. Craigslist = ripoff get rich scheme
  7. Your Google machine is broken? Www.Dsvendinginc.com/images/PDF-manuals/r3.pdf
  8. Don't do a pin because you won't know how to fix it.
  9. You can only do 12 oz cans or 16 oz bottles in it. There are no shims for red bull. To do anything other than 12 oz cans the machine needs to be multi-price which means it would have a credit display on the door.
  10. It went SM3, SM4, SM6, F80, GVC1 and GVC2. The F80 didn't solve anything. It was just a cheap Coinco board with MDB.
  11. I think you are all missing the boat on this one. He probably has a motor that is not at home or a bad motor cluster switch.
  12. But it won't be worth the money I'll bet.
  13. You can only do that with the harness unless the manual shows how to ohm out the keypad.
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