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  1. If you choose to buy whatever this seller has on location do not pay for the Coke owned machine because he doesn't own it.
  2. Yup. It pulls close to 20 when starting.
  3. The second guy to do something rash before realizing they just shot themself in the foot. First the guy who throws his junky Genesis coin mech away before he puts the new one in the machine and now this guy. People! Think first!
  4. DOH! Read manuals much? https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/v5.pdf Go to page 35 (the one marked page 4 because everything before it is generic information) and understand how to read your error messages. You can't proceed in the programming until you do that.
  5. Probably just due to the power outage while the machine was being moved. You might have a bad battery on the logic board but only if you lost the prices during the move. Erase all the errors and see if they return. If they all return then you didn't erase them properly.
  6. Call Seaga for parts but they are expensive and poorly made. Seagas are junk machines made of all imported parts. There is no source for help with them other than Seaga and they don't rebuild any of their logic boards nor does anyone else. Boards are always sold for 4 bills or more as are their cooling units (which are also crap.) Seaga has never and never will supply any operator or distributor with any wiring diagrams for the machines either.
  7. Way too old to fix and definitely not worth putting one thin dime into. As I've said before, this manufacturer has been out of business for over 25 years and you are wasting your time. Tell them they need to get a real machine that is more current and still has parts support. Besides those points and your waste of money so far, you may find that pressing two of the buttons will result in some activity. But I think more than likely the two dip switches next to the red switches will turn on functions that the larger buttons will then change. The large buttons may only be coin payout switches when the dip switches aren't turned on (one at a time, of course). Trial and errror only here. There was a Polyvend logic board the functioned in the same way so that is likely what this one does.
  8. You need to remove the Dixie unit and put an older Vendo unit in it so the freon lines and evaporator fit properly. Your frankensteined machine will not work correctly with the wrong unit in it. DOH! You need a Vendo unit with a tall evaporator so start looking.
  9. No. You can't simulate a condenser fan so that is a dumb idea. You can get a motor at Grainger - just take your old one in to match up the CW or CCW rotation. You need a 9W motor.
  10. The only way to bypass the TriTeq lock will destroy it and require you to replace it. Are you sure you want to spend that kind of money on this? If so I can tell you how to get it open.
  11. Then read the manual and learn how to set the space_to_sales.
  12. Put the same flavors in the columns that vend sequentially and then you won't have to mess with changing space-to-sales. That will give you more capacity for your best sellers and will sell them down evenly between the columns.
  13. No. You can get them from Vendors Exchange or D&S Vending. I sold off my parts warehouse 3 years ago.
  14. Yup. You will need a new keypad. Order new buttons at the same time as the old ones will be scuffed from use and will be more noticeable against the new keypad.
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