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  1. Dixie Narco for the win. DN501E for versatility down the road.
  2. So let me get this straight. You are not in vending but you buy machines in hopes of selling them and you expect help from us for free?
  3. Probably a bent rotor from being loaded incorrectly with wrong shims. If you take the motor off and the rotor turns easily then it's a bad motor that needs to be replaced.
  4. If you're new to the business then don't buy anything other than can vendors until you get some experience. Anything else will lead to slim to none profits as you learn to the point of having a clue.
  5. They are no longer made. You can try Vendtronics or Lightning Vending Repair in Phoenix to see if they have any old ones around. I sold my parts warehouse off to Lightning and he might still have some.
  6. Or an air leak from a bad door seal, worn out T-handle or a problem with the delivery door.
  7. Do you have clean power at the outlet with no leakage to ground? Do you have dark or flickering lights anywhere nearby?
  8. That is a bad coin mech. Replace it with a Coino 9340 or 9360S or a Mars TRC6200 or 6800H.
  9. What machine models and what problems?
  10. While we like you Mike, orsd is right, Vendo does have that reputation. Amusements is way to far out of your league.
  11. I've got to admit I never saw that. My early stupid was a liftgate with a standard platform - no flip out. I would put full size Vendo Snackmart machines on it with 2x6s sticking out past the edge of the gate for the legs to sit on. It scares me now to think I ever did that. All my gates after that had the largest platforms and remote controls just to make sure I was safe.
  12. As heavy as a BC12, a serpentine Rockola and a DN600T. Ball breakers one and all. I used to move machines for a guy who claimed to never know what model machine he needed me to move and swore they were always empty. Lies every time. I actually had to leverage one with my feet up on a wall to break one over once.
  13. Then you will regret it. You are in a no-mans land of vending. But hey, you can use a US based call center to cold call Indian locations. Wouldn't that be a switch!
  14. A CD7/6 ECam. Ran some of those myself way back in the day.
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