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  1. An office/warehouse is due when you are up to around 60-100 machines. It gives you space for product most importantly, but also for parts and some space for equipment. If you are that size then you have to get past the cheap faze and become professional. Even at $1000 per month it's worth it. If you instead continue to worry about every expense and sweat the small stuff then you're not ready to go big or go home. I would be surprised if you could find anything of quality for your low ball price of $500 but maybe your area pricing is depressed enough that you could find one. Older places will be cheaper of course. I never considered anything other than continuing to grow and put out more machines. I was more than ready for the warehouse at 60 machines and growing. As I worked up to 300 machines I went from a garage to an older 900' office/warehouse in a mini storage, then to a 1200' office/warehouse in a newer building with a real lease, then up to 1500' in yet a newer building before finally up to a 5000' place with room for everything including a refrigerated candy room, a parts room, the trucks inside for security and protection from graffiti, and it had a loading dock for the truckloads of Coke and Pepsi and Vistar that I got. That was back in the day when Dolly Madison, Hostess and the dairy would deliver to me as well. All orders got called in and delivered and I never set foot in a grocery store or Costco again. Growth my friend, it does the body good.
  2. Clean your chute immediately or you will have more jams than ever, not to mention that WD40 is not food grade. Doh! Use aerosol food grade silicone only if you must because it accelerates the cans. You can get it at Grainger. Only soap and water is really needed on the chute. Open the delivery door from the front with the door closed - it's difficult. Check the chute alignment from there. If the door isn't lined up with the chute in the center then your inner door hinge might be bent. Raise the front of the chute if it's not just above the door opening.
  3. Yup. Blocked out days. Time to reprogram. NY again with a non-starter answer.
  4. Disabling a motor won't prevent access to the programming. If button 1 and 2 show prices correctly and you can buy them then the switches are working fine. Since HD is what you see simply by pressing mode button but you can't go further then you have a door switch problem. That would also prevent you from erasing errors or testimg columns, etc so your motors are probably good. If the door switch won't go into the service mode when you open the door then it's stuck or damaged. Pull the switch plunger out and see if you can go into the svc mode. If not make sure the two wires are intact and follow them to the logic board. Something is amiss in that circuit.
  5. Ths usual failure of a switch membrane is that at some position the numbers all advance one column. This then consistently gives you the next column item for what you are pressing. The description of how yours was vending though is a space to sales problem. If this comes and goes then you have a bad logic board. If this is in a Coke machine it sounds like STS is flipping back and forth between preset STS options that are preprogrammed in Coke boards.
  6. Probably a 24 inch. There is no parts book but the closest parts book shows a 5 wide would be 24" F18T8/K24, a 4 wide would be 18" F15T8 and a 3 wide would be a 15" F14T8.
  7. The R134 will eventually react with the oil in the compressor and cause it to fail, IF the compressor is truly an R12 compressor. You need the numbers off the bell housing to find out what model compressor it really is. If there is evidence that it was changed out, new filter drier, a brazed on Shrader valve, etc, then you might have an R134 bell housing on it. Otherwise it will die a slow death. If you want gas that can be used with either type of oil then use MP39 which is R401a. It's a drop in on both types of freon and is the only gas I used at all for soda machines and old food machines.
  8. Bad compressor. Check the parts manuals for interchangeability.
  9. Vendos have what is called a Quicker Lock which is a slam nut like a Chinese Finger puzzle. It's supposed to grab the stud threads and then only require a turn or two to make it tight. If you instead have a fixed nut for the stud to screw into then someone took the Quicker Lock off. You might also have a door seal that is wrapping around the cabinet edge holding the door open or maybe a bent hinge on the inner door or even a delivery door stuck open that catches the inner door as you close the machine. Also, maybe the motor cover is not secured properly which would hold the door open a bit.
  10. It's obvious that the MDB connector is there on the coin mech but your board doesn't have a connector for it and you must have the other Executive harness plugged into the machine.
  11. I don't see an MDB cable there. That circuit board provides 4 prices across all your selections, but I do not even see an MDB connection on the board.
  12. Slightly flex the front cam away from the rear cam where the adjustment hole is and move the front cam until you can set it on the desired settimg
  13. Remove your gauge bars and make sure they are not bent. Older Vendos end up with bent gauge bars quite often.
  14. If the machine is only a single price machine, pricing is done through the coin mech and the credit display is connected only to the coin mech then it can not be MDB and you can't connect a card reader to it. You might be able to connect a modem device to report sales to you but without MDB you can't use a card reader. At least that is how it works in the US. Other than that, if your sold out lights remain on after you load the columns then your columns are either: 1. Not adjusted properly for the depth of the products so that the front one presses the sold out paddle down, or 2. Your sold out switch is activated some other way other than a sold out paddle and it isn't satisfied. I think you need to find a vending repair man to look at it.
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