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  1. BevMax Capri Sun

    I have only seen Capri Sun in foil pouches, so no they won't vend. In the spiral of a chilled snack, yes, but not in anything else.
  2. DN168 Coins Returning

    If you don't have power to the coin payout switches then your mech might be dead from a coin that shorted out the logic board - if one got to the board. What model coin mech do you have? Email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom if you need a replacement.
  3. Az do you have access to new Dixie relays?

  4. Dump the Purco, the Genesis and the Savamco machines. They are all imported junk and not worth fixing even if you could find parts. The Witterns (USI) are definitely worth keeping.
  5. DN276E icing compressors

    There is no seal for the door flap, your machine is just too cold and moisture is condensing on it. Email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom and I can send a new thermostat for it.
  6. dixie narco ssid error

    It has lost it's programming and the board has to be configured to work with the type of display you have in the machine. There are 7 segment and 14 segment displays. I'll see if I can upload the setup instructions for that setting. You may also need to replace the battery on the logic board (CR2032).
  7. DN 368 coin changer

    What are you asking? What do you mean "what button should I set it on?" Are you sure you should be in vending?
  8. Slow Vending time

    More information is needed. Model of the machine, which logic board, if any, is installed in it, models of coin mech and bill validator. This kind of sounds like you might have a conversion kit in it like one that changes the machine to MDB. Some of those can cause the vend sequence to move very slowly. Otherwise you might have a bad coin mech if it's a single price machine, or low power to the machine. You say this is happening on two machines so are they at the same location? If so then look at the power. If they are at different places then look at the possible issues mentioned first. You might also just be thinking things should move quicker but they don't move quick enough for you and they are normal for the machine.
  9. dixie narco 368R

    You need a new coin mech for it due to the issue you're having. The lights will be F64T12 lamps and you'll want them in the Daylight version. Email me if you want an exchange coin mech at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom.
  10. ROYAL 650 merlin IV motors

    You have to buy the entire motor assembly with the gear box. The motor is permanently attached. Why would you not want the entire assembly? I can ship you one or some if you need them. rbepic4gatgmaildotcom
  11. dixie narco 368R

    The switch is what tells the logic board that the door is closed and to put the board into the vend mode. When you close the door this happens. You can also simulate the door being closed by pulling the switch plunger out so that you can test the machine in the vend mode with the door open. I should add that when the door is opened the spring-loaded switch plunger will relax to a neutral position which puts the logic board in the service mode, allowing programming to occur.
  12. dixie narco 368R

    No pic needed. We all know what a BA30 looks light with no LED lit. Find the white door interlock switch and pull it out to simulate the door being closed. Then hold a sold out paddle down. Does the machine accept any coins when a sold out paddle is pressed and does the display change to show any price or .00? The display should be on regardless and it's display should change as the condition of the machine changes.
  13. DN276E icing compressors

    No, it's not shot doofus. It won't ice over if it's shot. It could be low on freon, an air leak from the door or delivery port, a loose door because the T-handle is worn out, water standing in the cabinet because the drain is clogged or, least likely, bad valves in the compressor. To defrost them you can turn the thermostat off and let the heat from the evaporator motor defrost it over several hours. If you want to waste some time you can use a heat gun or blow dryer to defrost them, but why waste the time when the fan motor heat will do it?
  14. dixie narco 368R

    You have to also have at least one sold out paddle depressed for the coin mech and bill acceptor to work. Otherwise you should see a "sold out" message or light lit.