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  1. You can't do that on such an old machine. Besides, it's not worth any investment into it. Your post hints that you might be a vending tech. If so you should already know this.
  2. The standard, most valuable reply is junk the machine. Do the world a favor and make it go away.
  3. If you have several of them it's past time to retire them. Sell off any good parts and scrap them.
  4. Like I said, if it doesn't leak down in less than 6 months the leak can be difficult to impossible to find. Most (95%) of the recharges I did resulted in 1 or more years of use, especially in units that were still sealed.
  5. Call NBS (National Beverage Screenprinters). You can't get Coke signs but you can get generic ones. Coke doesn't license anyone to duplicate their signs.
  6. I assume the carpet you removed was frost? If your evaporator isn't icing up again then it's probably not low on freon. Have you checked your cut-out temp?
  7. I disagree. In all my years of repairs I found that most machines that are low on freon, and especially the ones that are untapped, do not have leaks that are worthwhile to find. This even applied to many that were already tapped when it was obvious that the tap was an old one. My advice to every customer was to tap it and recharge it and then wait to see if the problem reoccurs. My rule of thumb was if it leaked out in less than 6 months then the leak could probably be found. The longer it takes beyond 6 months the smaller the leak and harder to find. I rarely had one leak down again in less than a year.
  8. Good luck with that dinosaur. There will be no parts to speak of for it. The smallest DN machines built since the 70s are DN 180s. This is NOT a machine to put on location anywhere so when you say it's your first and you plan on being in the vending business it is your first wasted money.
  9. Sorry, I couldn't see that on my phone but I see it now. I've never seen a model from the factory like that. In that case you will need to plug a 4 price coin mech in to see if it really works. The pricing is in the coin mech. In the US I've only seen that done as aftermarket with a couple of jumpers similar to yours and then a 24v 4-price coin mech. The vend relays in the coin mech do all of the credit work. You price the machine inside the coin mech as well. Maybe the jumpers are DN installed - they do look like DN put them in. That would be kind of odd as nothing prevents someone from pulling them out and not knowing how to put them back.
  10. There is absolutely nothing passive about vending though that is why most people get into it. Your evaporator is probably frozen and if you see only frost where the fins of the evaporator are then the machine needs to be unplugged to defrost it. Do this immediately as a compressor that runs forever will fail. Then if there are no air gaps that caused the frozen evaporator you will need a refrigeration-certified technician to recharge it.
  11. The diagram is for the single price wiring. You do have some odd wiring next to the relay socket. All of the selection switches look like they have original wires on them. Is there a numbered wire loose from the top switch? I doubt that there is. Do the wires with the pink connectors next to the relay socket go to a switch on the outside of the door? If so then that is the free vend switch. If you remove that and the jumpers in the socket then you can put the relay in and it will be a normal single price machine again.
  12. Most 501Ts were single price but some were multi-price with MPC, SII or SIID boards depending on vintage.
  13. Now that I think about it again, get us a photo of the inside of your selection panel showing all of the wiring. I think what you might have is a machine wired for a 4 price mech. In that case you will have extra wiring in your selection panel.
  14. Well, there you go. Someone wired it for free vend. Pull those wires out and slap a relay in it. Make sure you get a DN relay as the Vendo relay is different.
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