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  1. Probably a bad keypad if it doesn't recognize pressing the 5 button. Those keypads are horrible to replace, if you can even get one now. Test the keypad first and see if the 5 works for anything else. If it does then you have a logic board problem because it won't work when programming the prices.
  2. If you have a Mars 6010 mech it does have a switch to disable Canadian coin acceptance. It is switch 1 which needs to be set to OFF for US coins only. If your current coin mech is a 9302LF then you need a Mars 6010XV.
  3. You could try getting it tuned to exclude Canadian coinage but I can't remember if that can be done. You'll have to call a service center and ask but its not something you can do yourself. On the other hand it would be easier to tune it to credit the Canadian coins which you can do.
  4. I don't know what you are tightening as there is nothing to tighten. Get a rebuilt coin mech for it.
  5. The ones made for any vending machine has a hard top surface so it can be wiped clean. A plain piece of foam won't be sanitary in any way.
  6. S.Thomas and Associates can send you an advance exchange board.
  7. I think that's a Univendor2 machine. The Vmax has grey motor cams while the Univendor2 has blue and/or green cams. The Univendor has black cams. Anything older is far different than these 3 generations.
  8. Gainger carries aerosol cans of food grade silicone.
  9. If you can't do MDB then you can't do a card reader. DEX came out before the current generation of card readers. The first gen could only work generally with pre-loaded debit cards (Debitek). This model of machine will not run MDB so an aftermarket board is required.
  10. There are black plastic slides that help avoid this included with every USI machine, which I can see this one is. Royal has anti-friction sheets that get affixed to the lower parts of the chutes to help avoid this. You can also get from USI the white sheet that you see in the photo and place is under the one that is there.
  11. Duh, just ignore the calls so they go to your voicemail. What's so hard about that? You do have a recording that says it's the vending company answering, right? Do you have this number on your machines? If not then you need a number so users of the machine can report a problem. You're being foolish if you don't think the users, your customers, have a right to call and report a problem. Regardless of how trivial some calls might be you need to have the ability for them to call for the important things. I always told my customers (my company number was on every machine and it would ring to my cell phone) that I preferred to get 10 calls to ensure I got at least one to tell me there was a problem. This is called customer service. PS: Tell your wife to get over it. This is a service business and it belongs to YOU and HER, whether she likes it or not. This goes with the territory and you can always put your phone on vibrate - or just get rid of the business and these problems. How do you think other service companies, or vending companies, handle this? They take the calls.
  12. The card reader is probably disabled due to an ownership transfer. You can't use a card reader without getting your own merchant account and linking it to your bank account. If you already did that did you reconfigure the card reader and update the firmware? If so then run an RSSI test for signal strength, yours may be too weak in that location.
  13. No, you can't plug them into the wall. There is a bench testing harness made for them that allowed them to be worked on outside of the machine. The part number is 16800098 and it's still shown here: https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-6975-d16800098-ap-320-test-harness.aspx. It's well worth it for anyone who needs to troubleshoot this cooling unit. I'll look and see if I uploaded the trouble shooting guide to the downloads section here. It is used in conjunction with this harness. Bingo! Here is the troubleshooting guide to use with the 16800098 test harness. You will need a meter with an amp probe on it to test the compressor current draw. Again, it's also worth the investment.
  14. Have you bothered to blow out your condenser and made sure the machine is 4 - 6 inches from the wall?
  15. Sounds like a junk import machine with no US support. Get your money back.
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