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  1. AZVendor

    Giii compressor... 3 in 1 starter

    Yes, you can try that and see if it then starts the compressor. Use the RCO210 which is for up to 1/2 HP compressors. You may get more life out of the unit but plan on replacing it soon.
  2. AZVendor

    Dixie-Narco 501E Manufacture Date

    It doesn't really matter what year your E model was built unless you want to ensure you don't get one of the first ones that used a wierd tank edge filler at the front of the cabinet. Even if you had an original logic board you could easily replace it with a newer version and then reprogram your display to work with it. These issues don't generally exist anymore so you really have no concerns regarding manufacturing dates.
  3. Error 8 is a card reader error, not an I-vend error. You probably need to turn on your I-vend feature in the programming. Page 12 of this manual will show you the programming matrix: http://vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4211415c.pdf. This manual will also tell you how to program this machine since both manuals are for SM6 machines: http://vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4211051b.pdf. You may find one easier to understand than the other. You will need an Eprom chip from Vendnet to upgrade your firmware.
  4. AZVendor

    Frozen food in chilled machine

    Hot Pockets, burritos, mini pizzas and White Castles will last 7 days after they are thawed into a refrigerated temperature. Otis Spunkmeyer muffins are 30 days, some frozen vending sandwiches are 21 days though most are 7 days but it depends on the manufacturer. Any fresh foods are 7 days though salads are only 3 days. The target temperature on a cold food machine should be 35-36 degrees with the compressor restarting at 40-42 degrees. If this machine doesn't go below 40 deg at all then it's not a cold food rated machine but rather only suited for cold drinks.
  5. Rental = dumb. In a year you would probably pay for the machines if the location is good.
  6. This sounds stupid. What's wrong with good old American currency, coin and credit cards? Crypto currency will be hard to get adoption for. If you don't have any vending experience then you're in for a rude awakening to how long it takes for this industry to adopt anything new, especially something as volatile and vague as virtual money. You should also improve your mastery of the english language if you want to be taken seriously here in the states, whether you're in San Francisco or not. I personally never do business with anyone that doesn't speak fluent English.
  7. AZVendor

    Best managing software?

    Stop being so friggin cheap. This business takes money to make money.
  8. AZVendor

    USI 2099

    Upgradeable to what? MDB, no. A newer validator, maybe. This machine is from 1988 and there are barely any parts available for it now. If it has an L-handle instead of a T-handle then it's totally obsolete now and really not worth putting money into.
  9. AZVendor

    Help finding this part

    D & S Vending, Betson, Vendors Exchange, etc.
  10. AZVendor

    Polyvend 453 configuration problem

    A simple google machine search found this: http://www.univendingmexico.com/archivos-clientes/Manual-GPL.pdf Here is the parts manual, though you probably can't get any parts for it: https://na.suzohapp.com/pdf/vending-manuals/gpl/SnackVendorModels452-453PartsManual.pdf It seems that this was maybe an export machine only so you may not find anyone on these boards that has used one. You'll notice that the parts manual is from an source in England and the operating manual is from Mexico.
  11. AZVendor

    Vendo 511 Misvends

    No clips on 511 gage bars. You only need to set its position correctly.
  12. Just get a used AP LCM4 combo machine that will have 10 sel of 12oz cans, 10 candy sel and 10 snack selections. But make sure you have a supervised place or you will get broken into.
  13. AZVendor

    Difference on a 5591 & 5592

    The boards are the same. The 5592 is the Baby Bevmax and I high is 2 selections narrow.
  14. AZVendor

    Narco Dixie can Machines

    Yup. Broken motor if the motor turns but the rotor doesn't.