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  1. AZVendor

    Vistar Distribution

    Exactly like what has happened on the machine side with Crane deciding to monopolize the manufacturing end of vending Vistar has done to the product distribution side. They are single handedly destroying the ability of small vendors to profitably subsist in the world today. Every single distributor they have bought out used to service their own local and regional customers in a very efficient and responsive way. This was much like the APs and Rowes of the world did before AP bought Rowe and Crane then desimated AP and decided that Dixie Narco and National (Crane) would just ignore legacy vendors and their legacy machines. So NAMA just continues to stand idly by while it all happens and Automatic Merchandiser magazine and Vending Times magazine remain shills for their advertisers instead of editorily demanding accountability from Crane and Vistar to support all vendors, large or small with equipment and products. The ads in those magazines are pretty hilarious because if you aren't a major regional player in vending you'll never get your hands on the advertised products because you'll never see them in a Sam's Club or Costco Business Center.
  2. AZVendor

    Custom Graphics

    If you used no liquid under it as you applied it then it becomes almost impossible to install without flaws. You can't squeegee it without liquid under it.
  3. AZVendor

    Custom Graphics

    Lots of glass cleaner behind the decal, a clean surface with no leftover adhesive, working slowly a foot or so at a time in a warm environment. If you end up with a few bubbles you can prick them with a pin and squeegee them out.
  4. AZVendor

    Dixie Narco DNCB 522 conversion to bottle

    Remove the bottle cap support. The support was to enable to do 20 oz bottles 2-deep in a T model machine that isn't made for that. By the way, the wood on your rear spacer must mean that DN didn't put enough holes forward to make the machine 1 bottle deep. I don't recall that but it wouldn't suprise me. If you do have more side holes for the rear spacer that are forward of where you have it now then remove the wood and just adjust your rear spacer forward. If you continue to have one bottle not fall then and this happens in all the columns then you need to replace the blue base cams with either green or grey cams. Probably green since this is a T model and the grey rear cams are for E models.
  5. Yes, that sounds pretty good, especially if he doesn't know what your sales are and you know that the $24 is less than what 5% would be.
  6. You need a flasher bezel on a MEI VN2500 validator and then a 200 bill box. The flasher bezel is for soda machines or any machine where the body of the validator must be flush against the inside front wall of the door.
  7. Then it's a bad power supply. Let me know if you need one and I'll see if I have one to send you.
  8. Probably. Check the manual and see what circuit it controls. Better yet, unplug the mech (with power off) and see if that restores the led. Then you'll know the mech is bad.
  9. AZVendor

    Credit card reader compatible

    Nope. Upgrade to newer machines.
  10. AZVendor

    vmax 720??

    You need to replace all the gate links. When one jams a column they are all worn out.
  11. AZVendor

    Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Vending101 has further proven to have failed in English, Spelling and in bad forum etiquette with their all-caps postings.
  12. Probably a bad coin mech. If the breaker tripped then it is bad.
  13. AZVendor

    Help me value the business

    I calclulate a gross profit of 142K based on last year's sales. To get a net profit of 25K there must be massive equipment payments, vehicle purchases or repairs, sales taxes (income tax doesn't count), rent, etc. that you are leaving out. As you spelled it out I wouldn't value it above 200k and that's just a high valuation of the machines, nothing else (you made no mention of cages around the machines, also assets). Even at 200k it will take 8 years of profit to pay it off. The major flaw I see here is in how many people it takes to service 105 machines. Unless a majority of them are slammed every day by students requiring daily fills or the machines are spread out too far, I don't see why 3 people can't handle this if managed correctly. And your salary doesn't count. You get paid from net profit. As to the concept of schools, are they already stocked with school-dictated healthy snacks and drinks? if not then that is soon coming and you will have a HUGE learning curve. The plus to this, if bought right, is that you get instant cash flow. There are two ways to get into vending and this is one of them. Done correctly you can set yourself up pretty good to expand away from schools which is more profitable with no down time like schools have.
  14. AZVendor

    vmax 720??

    If you don't have a jammed can in the "bad" column then you have a worn out gate link behind the motor. You bought the wrong first machine. This one is very complicated for a newbie and you should have stuck with a simple, single price Dixie Narco. This V-Max machine (there, I gave you a clue what you have) can present you with all kinds of problems like bent gage bars, missing clips, wrong column shims, wrong column setup, warped chute liner and on and on. This will especially happen when you get the bright idea to add bottled water or bottled soda. Not to mention that you WILL have no clue how to program it. Pay a tech to come fix it for you and get it set up properly or sell it and get a simpler machine.
  15. AZVendor

    Royal 660 not making change

    You changed something in the programming by mistake such as turning on multi-vend. Unless the coin mech tries to pay change, but doesn't, you have a programming issue. Especially if the .15 remains on the display.