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  1. Add on interest (rule of 78s) means you will never pay less than full interest. If you choose to pay the note off early you will still pay all the interest. To compound that the interest is front-loaded so while your last payment is virtually principal only, even if you pay the note off for the on day 2 you will still pay all the interest. It is not amortized.
  2. AZVendor

    Dixie Narco Bev Max "Suicide Drop"

    You can use an AMS VCF or a USI Alpine as combo machines. The AMS is superior.
  3. AZVendor


    Plumbed brewers are the best and most professional. Doubling your coats (keystoning) is where to start. Remember to include the filters for free inside each case of coffee. You have to provide clean decanters with every service or give them airpots to use.
  4. AZVendor

    Dixie Narco Bev Max "Suicide Drop"

    Buy direct from Crane, if they still make the parts. You will not like the prices though because you need the shelves with brackets, harnesses, new logic board EPROM, a required new segmented delivery bin and its sensor connecting harnessing,
  5. AZVendor

    Average monthly sales expectations

    Send the Seagas back for a refund. They are junk.
  6. AZVendor

    Usi 3182 frozen

    Once again NY doesn't know what he's talking about. The USI uses temp sensors only. There are two sensors, one that measures the evaporator temp and one that measures the cabinet temp. The lower temp is the evap if the compressor is running and the machine is not in a defrost cycle. The default menu to set the 3187 to frozen is in the snack programming sub-menus. Download the manual for your snack machine, and the programming supplement if you have a SM6 logic board, and then find the programming you need. I used to be able to program one by heart but I haven't done one in several years now as there are few in service.
  7. AZVendor

    Usi 3182 frozen

    Minus 37 is frozen. If you mean +37 then your default setting is for refrigerated and you have to reset the default setting in the snack machine back to frozen. If it is already set to frozen then you have a refrigeration problem.
  8. AZVendor

    Refurbed drink vendor

    Yup. They are good if you are diligent in shimming your products properly. If you dont want to hassle with shims then you need to get the Bev 4.
  9. AZVendor

    Machine info

    The 930 has no plastic delivery doors available (the weakest part that breaks often) and no cabinet harnesses as I recall.
  10. AZVendor

    Refurbed drink vendor

    Don't touch a 2145 (not worth upgrading) but the 5591s are good if you like older bottle drops. They have tall gates and dual drop sensors and also MDB boards.
  11. AZVendor

    Dixie Narco 276 issues

    Sounds like a bad motor cluster switch. The problem is you don't know which one is bad because all columns do this. Get a new cluster switch and put it on one motor, far left or right. If it doesn't fix it then take the old switch from that motor and put it on the next motor. Repeat until you replace a switch that solves the problem. That or keep vending each column in order until you suddenly don't get a free vend. Then that last motor that free vended has the bad cluster switch. If all switches are replaced with no change then replace the vend relay. You can always try that first but the relays don't fail often. You might also have a loose wire coming from the bottom of the relay.
  12. AZVendor

    Snackshop II

    Scrap yard money. Get a more current machine and eliminate those AC motor problems.
  13. Turn off $20 acceptance. Problem solved. Why does your machine need to be an ATM?
  14. You should give me the $15 since I told you the exact same thing. But I won't come to your house for a mere $15.
  15. AZVendor

    AP Snackshop 112 gremlins

    Try pulling the 1/2 wiring harnesses behind the coin chute apart and putting them back together to clean the contacts. Do the same at the logic board. If that doesn't fix it then replace the keypad.