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  1. They are closed for the time being but Vendors Exchange doesn't show that evan though they are both in Ohio.
  2. They are closed for the time being but Vendors Exchange doesn't show that evan though they are both in Ohio.
  3. If you are building up ice on the evaporator starting from the top right corner and spreading to the left then it is low freon. If you are getting ice on the accumulator (copper bulb in front of the right side of evaporator) then you have bad valves in the compressor. I did not say to set the thermostat halfway. I said to set it to 3 1/2. Have you even tested a drink yet to see if its as cold as it should be? You might have a bad thermometer. If its truly not cold enough then the compressor should be running non-stop. If the compressor AND fan motor turn off before its cold then it could be a bad thermostat or the capillary tube isn't installed properly. If the compressor turns off and the fan keeps running then its a bad compressor or the overload is bad.
  4. Here you go. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/S2D-Program.pdf
  5. I don't think I've seen you post anything anti-Trump before. Kudos to you.
  6. Coinco 3 tube mechs are good, Mars 3 tubes or the 5 tube CF7512 are good.
  7. The thermostat should be set no higher than 3 1/2 on it's dial determined by where the zero (off) position is. Don't go higher than that or you will freeze products. Put a thermometer on your motor cover and let the machine run for a few hours. It should cycle on and off periodically and then the temperature should be about what you stated. The Royal temps are measured by a temp sensor at the evaporator so they will be lower.
  8. Read manuals or instructions on your inner door much? Was that really 1-772 HD in your first post or maybe 1-SS2 HD? SS is a selection switch error. HD is historical data. I doubt you saw them all together at once. HD is where the programming starts when you first enter the service mode if no errors are shown. Perhaps you had a SS error on switch 1 which then changed to the beginning of the service mode. A static price means that all columns are programmed to that price. If you change just one selection to a different price the display will show .00. Your validator probably needs to be rebuilt.
  9. Use the manual which you apparently haven't bothered to read. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/gpl159.pdf Page 35 talks about loading the coin mech and starting on Page 46 talks about the Use Correct Change settings.
  10. Probably because it's using a basic F80 board. I doubt that you can even replace an eprom on it.
  11. Peanut butter was always my slowest seller, tied with molasses. I stuck primarily with Chocolate Chip, Apple and the Dark Chocolate.
  12. If the coin mech has a small white 6 pin plug with 5 wires in it connected to the machine. What model number of coin mech do you have?
  13. Sure they do, just not on vending machines. Even though they are simpler to work on than a refrigerator they are still foreign to them. Call vending machine operators (your competition) and ask who they use. When you find one ask what freons they use. R134a and/or R401a, known as MP39, are correct answers. Your compressor is 134a but MP39 works fine in it. If they use Hotshot or R12 those are wrong answers and they should also not put your old freon back in the new rebuild. They have to recycle it. Ask what the low side pressure should be on a properly installed and functioning soda machine. Correct answer is 18-20lbs. They should not even talk about the high side pressure because it isn't measured. Do they weigh-in their freon or do they use a pressure gauge when building a system. Either way is fine but they must not add freon only until "it sounds right" or "until they get a frost line." What other parts are replaced? A new filter/drier is required and a condenser fan is recommended though yours is a special order so it probably won't be replaced. When you go to pull your unit out of the machine (from the front) be aware that there is a green ground wire screwed to the back of the compressor base that has to come off first.
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