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  1. Go find them yourself. Every locator is a ripoff.
  2. Do you have multi-vend turned on or door pairing of some kind? Maybe it's set up on those two bottom doors so the machine thinks you are selling them together and so the machine is reporting a price value of $5.50. Some snack machines had the feature to run two spirals together so that the customer gets a complimentary item to the one they wanted. Like a cereal bowl behind one door and a carton of milk behind the other. They can be opened at the same time. Maybe I'm totally off base here since I haven't looked in a manual for that feature.
  3. If the fan is still on behind the condenser under the machine but the compressor isn't running or trying to start then it's bad so don't waste money on a hard start kit.
  4. Wow, you really don't know what you are doing yet. Yes, that is the correct hard start kit which you can get at any Grainger. The cooling deck repair will be in the range of 400-600 depending on who does it and what they charge. Anything more is a ripoff. Make sure you get a new compressor, new filter/drier, new condensing fan motor and of course, evacuate, hold a vacuum and recharge with new R134a or MP39. The cooling deck comes out with the evaporator attached as one piece. You have to remove the delivery chute and it's drop sensor first.
  5. The hard start is easy to wire in. It will come with instructions. Just get one for a 1/3 HP compressor. If you have to rebuild the deck then it can be removed for someone to put on a new compressor, filter dryer, condenser fan motor and to properly rebuild it.
  6. If the compressor is bad then you can't make it any worse. However, you can try to wire in a hard start kit to see if you can resurrect the compressor, just don't count on it working.
  7. What you're probably describing then is that the compressor clicks on and quickly kicks off because it can't start. Doing this over and over will cause the dome to be hot. The underlying cause is a locked up compressor (toast) or you have the machine on an extension cord and you are killing the compressor by strangling the current to the machine. I just re-read your post and the shaking of the compressor is when it's trying to start. If you moved it yourself and didn't do it with proper equipment you have probably broken the compressor by knocking the rotor off of one of the three springs that support it, thus the shaking as it tries to start. You may have already killed it. Congratulations! The constant running condenser fan is another clue that the compressor is bad.
  8. Since you admit you know very little about vending machines you are already in over your head. Call a repair tech. It's either the driver board or the transformer.
  9. What does the manual say that error 3 is? I don't have it memorized.
  10. Compressors are normally hot to the touch and the ticking noise could be your condensor fan barely touching the fan shroud as it spins. Nothing unusual.
  11. Are those high priced doors? You might have excluded that pricing from what you are willing to accept a card for? Maybe a setting in the card reader software? There really isn't any way to exclude the doors from card reader purchases physically or machine-wise.
  12. What kind of school can stay open with only 20 students and how can you make money there? Sounds like a scam is being played on so that they are still being paid for 200 students. That kind of chit goes on here in the charter schools.
  13. That is the only way to install a card reader on an Automatic Products 110 series machine. Contact Nayax for an extension harness.
  14. It looks like there are two jumper wires in the relay socket so I would suspect we have another single price machine converted to use a 4 price coin mech. Again though, it's a single price machine so no MDB and no card reader.
  15. That indicates that the displays have consider joints on one or more of your wires into the bottom of the display boards. You can reflow the solder on all the wires to correct that.
  16. You have a DN SII machine. Don't confuse it with an SIID. Here is the manual for your machine. The programming starts on page 18. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/dn15.pdf
  17. This all contributes to why there is so much consolidation in vending now. There is consolidation in many industries due to this reason. A local 90 year old grocery chain here just sold to a regional California chain because neither had the buying power alone to get the groceries they needed to sell.
  18. You can thank Crane for this after they bought AP and dissolved their parts department. What Crane did to AP and Dixie Narco is a crime and a disservice to all of vending.
  19. You buy that much in product each week and they ignore you? You can try Vistar unless that is one of your suppliers. For soda, try to sit it out until you need a truckload of soda, if you have room for 20 pallets of soda.
  20. Vendors Exchange or D&S Vending.
  21. Same drink package in the same column of both machines? Probably a drop sensor adjustment.
  22. And the logic boards are troublesome and the programming is not intuitive.
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