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  1. Look for 16.0 oz water from one of these Nestle brands: Arrowhead, Poland Spring, Ice Mountain, Zyphyrhills, Deer Park or Ozarka. Their 16.0 oz bottle is ribbed to stiffen it for vending. Do not use any store brand or any other Nestle brand water as they are all too soft. 20 oz bottles are soft too unless you can find Dasani or Aquafina bottles that are hard when warm. Those bottles will be nitrogen charged but are tough to find. You might have to buy from a vending distributor if you can't find any of these at Sam's, Wal-Mart or at a Costco business center.
  2. It's 28" and the original ballast and starter were for a T12 bulb. Use a T8 and make sure to replace the FS2 starter.
  3. There is a limit on the gross flavors they sell? Absurd. They constantly try to sell a horrible flavor with a good flavor so I don't understand that there is any run on them.
  4. Check what the rotation of the fan motor states first as it has to match the blade on the fan.
  5. Welcome to 1985 when there was no can shortage but everyone and his brother were getting into vending and all grocery stores put limits of 3 or 5 cases on single purchases so they wouldn't run out of sale merchandise. This went on for years here in Arizona. Vendors would pay anyone with a pickup to run around getting 3 cases at a time, or they would take every family member with them to get as many from one store as they could. It was like a pandemic of new vendors.
  6. If it's on the internet it must be true.......
  7. Squeeze the white tabs together and unscrew the black locknut.
  8. Since it's a multi-price machine (SIID) then just set all prices to zero and it will free vend.
  9. Post some pics of it from different angles. Without being there I can't see it or figure it out.
  10. Gummed up motor brake on column 1. Wash it with windex and work the brake to clean up the pivot points. If that doesn't work then replace the motor.
  11. https://www.royalvendors.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/giiiplus.pdf Page 67 has a breakout of the switch button. If you blow it up on your computer screen you will see, from the back side, a front retainer piece and a rear retainer. It appears that the front retainer is canted so lock the switch in place and the rear retainer clamps against the back of the switch. You might need to separate the two retainers and then force the front retainer flat against the sign to remove the switch. You probably have to hold the retainer flat while you pull the switch out so have fun with them all.
  12. Again, what it your attraction to old posts that are surely not relevant now? Poor netiquette.
  13. Why are you responding to an almost 9 month old post?
  14. Yes. It has a sealed cap and make sure your screws bottom out the ends of the tap.
  15. Like anyone will ever trust Vendo with a glassfront drink machine again.
  16. If this was working before with this validator then you either have a bad elevator switch in the validator meaning it needs to be rebuilt, or you have a bad interface kit that sends the credit pulse to the logic board.
  17. S3D is just the Dr. Pepper version of the door.
  18. Put a line tap on it and try to add 134a or MP39 (401a) and see what happens. A brazed Shraeder valve isn't required, just a two screw saddle valve on a low side line is sufficient. Just make sure the line is straight where you place the valve. If it does run and draws freon in then you want the low side to get to 18-20 lbs with all fans working properly. At that time you should have a frost line on the cap tube across the front of the evaporator. The thermostat on USI machines needs to be set at 1.5, which is different from other typical manufacturers. If it won't take gas or settle at 18-20 lbs, or goes even higher as you watch the gauge, then you probably have bad valves in the compressor. The fact that it runs means the ohms readings across the pins are fine.
  19. That is stupid to do. Why not get a replacment sensor? To lazy to install it onto the evaporator housing?
  20. What is the error message and are you sure that the door switch is putting it into the service mode when the door opens? If the compressor doesn't turn off when the door is open or the display doesn't change from displaying the price or double zeros then your door switch isn't working.
  21. Just find a local repairman or one from a large vending company that you trust to leave your account alone. It can easily be recharged on location.
  22. Also look for burned out or dim bulbs in a nearby machine or in the ceiling that can cause interference with the logic board.
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