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  1. Page 14 of the parts manual tells you what is needed. The harness needed is 4203619-024 for Mars and Coinco validators. You'll also need a bracket that goes on the outside of the door to mount the validator.
  2. They can be installed on location. It's best to pull the unit out half way from the front to access the start relay and capacitor which the hard start kit replaces. You need to know though, that there is a ground wire attached to the compressor base which will prevent you from pulling the unit out. You have to get to the rear of the machine to remove the wire. It's a ground wire so it must be reinstalled after the unit is recounted.
  3. Uh, no. You can't upload new software to the eprom, it has to be replaced. Ping, whatever that is..... I think your eprom being that far back must be a red button SII or SIID board. They aren't upgradeable to the 381.11 eprom. In SIID boards you want a blue button board to begin with.
  4. On an older cooling unit that clicks on without starting you can try putting a hardstart kit on it but that will just be a stopgap measure before you have to put a new compressor on it. The risk of a hardstart kit is that sometimes that can cause a compressor to burn out by being helped to run when it should be replaced. If the compressor burns out you will have a much more expensive repair because the refuse from the burnout is pushed through all the freon lines and the evaporator. You say you added freon last year. What gas did you add to it? If it was R12 you have contaminated your freon because that unit runs on 134a. The two freons aren't used in the same compressors due to the types of oil in R12 vs. 134a compressors. If you added R12 to it then the compressor now needs to be replaced and the entire system must be flushed to get as much of the contaminated oil out of it before putting a new compressor on. You don't want to contaminate the new compressor too.
  5. If you actually have a black metal Maka bill validator then your machine is a single price machine. Maka made no MDB validators. If you have a Conlux, who owns the Maka name, then you could have MDB. Single price would have no credit display. In that case you can easily put another validator on the machine as long as you have the correct interface harness to the coin mech. What model number of coin mech do you have?
  6. Why not do bottles for effect and how do you know it's not already set up for can vending? Most are already. Regardless, try and someone might come along in a few weeks to answer your question there. That site deals with old machines.
  7. Such a fantastic question. Let us all read your mind. My answer is to just junk it and get a real vending machine.
  8. Why did you "take off the eprom a bit"? You might have damaged it if the machine was turned on. That damage could then affect the logic board.
  9. Can't be bothered to write and punctuate a complete sentence, eh? Here is the programming manual: First try page 46, then 45, then maybe page 16. You could have bad motors, a bad shelf harness or a bad shelf interface board on the right side of the cabinet. For quick testing you should swap the shelf with another and see if it works in the alternate position, also seeing if the working shelf still works in its alternate location. This will isolate the issue to the shelf or something beyond the shelf. Your real issue should go no further than the shelf board but it could go back to the snack interface board.
  10. Tell your location to pay an exterminator.
  11. Here is the setup guide for that model. 12 oz cans are on page 5. The part numbers are listed as well as diagrams of how it gets set up. Vendors Exchange should have all the parts you need.
  12. I think those bottles are too tall for all glass front machines and none of them have adjustable shelves to my knowlege.
  13. That valve is leaking and you need to replace it. I doubt that it will even work since it looks like someone used pliers on it before and ruined the shaft. You might have to replace the compressor to make the repair since that valve isn't put on by manufactures of the correct compressor for that machine.
  14. Sorry pal. That's a crappy Chinese import machine. You won't find any support or parts for it. A scrapyard would welcome it.
  15. Maybe bad power such as no ground, noisy ground, low voltage, etc. Could also be bad bulbs in or near the machine. Any bulbs that are dark at the end or are burned out can cause interference if they flicker or try to start.
  16. Yup, multivend is on. Pressing the coin return will pay the change out or it will pay out 3 minutes later or so.
  17. They are from USI but there is no manual online for it so Vendnet has to be called fod any help with it. I would pass.
  18. Adjust your drop sensor 1/4 turn to be more sensitive.
  19. That brewer sounds worn out. How many vends do you think are on it? You can send it to Vendors Exchange to be rebuilt.
  20. If your Aquafina bottles are firm when they are warm then they are injected with nitrogen. Those are the ones you want to continue buying. You might want to buy a huge stock of it because it will certainly not always be stocked that way.
  21. If it's outside or subject to vandalism then put a hockey puck lock on the side of it with a soda machine harp.
  22. Rock solid machine. Cans three deep and it can vend 16 oz water and soda if it's multiprice. If it's a Gatorade or Veryfine Juice door it will have smaller buttons but that's all that's different. If a Coke door then it will have 7 selections with cols 1 and 2 slaved together.
  23. That is weird but you should think about trying another MDB harness and then a logic board. There are 5 wires in the harness and I think one is DEX. The shorted harness may have taken out the DEX circuit in your board.
  24. If you can set more than one price and sell at each price then multiprice mode is already on. What model validator do you have?
  25. Then it's an eprom issue or your card reader is bad.
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