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  1. You don't want a machine that old. It will be way too problematic for you. You also don't want to start vending with any snack machines because of all the stale products you will be left with after buying the quantities of snacks needed to stock the machine with. The way to begin in vending is with can soda machines. This is because the locations are much easier to find (blue collar) and you have fewer selections to fill and with longer shelf life products. For someone your age and because of locating issues you might want to consider bulk vending. The machines are inexpensive, easy to move and fairly simple. For what you would spend on a soda machine you could get multiple bulk machines that might gross the same amount as a single soda machine. Read through the bulk vending forum here and see if that might be better for you. There is even a really good locator on these forums, Rodney69, for bulk machines. He's good, fair priced and quick.
  2. It may need just software or possibly an eprom and then software. You would need to have Coinco look at it to determine it as I don't remember the eprom number for new currency.
  3. There will be no selections for them to push since it won't be there so just like with any mistaken selection it will say to make another selection.
  4. Just fine. If it's rebuilt it will work for you.
  5. Have a really robust liability policy for vending machine products with a Complete Products rider and a huge umbrella. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen and a machine waiting to be outlawed.
  6. Put no water in the body of the coin mech but you can remove the coin acceptor and the coin payout tube cassette and wash them in water and let them dry. By removing those you then can wipe down the remaining body of the coin mech. Or just get good three tube coin mechs from Coinco or MEI.
  7. And the antennas should be outside the machine for the best signal. Again, what is the result of an RSSI test?
  8. You have to start with RSSI and then downloading the latest firmware update. Then try the other card reader in this machine. If still no-go then it needs an updated eprom, unless someone on here chimes in with a definitive need for an eprom. Those boards are old and a later eprom might not be available or might not help. Do a search here for LCM eprom and see what you find.
  9. Do an RSSI test. If you aren't around a signal strength of 10 then that's your problem. In that case you will need your antenna to be externally mounted or you might need a high gain external antenna. There is still a possibility that you won't have a strong enough signal though as there are weaknesses in all cell services, you know.
  10. You should order the two that are still available and then send back the one that is not for your machine for credit.
  11. The colored tubes, red, white and yellow, are for specific products but they may nor apply to this drink. You won't know until you find the rod and spring itself won't work.
  12. $1000-1500. I'm not sure if all the parts are available now and there were some power supply updates that they needed and those might not be done yet, so that could require a deduction. Try Evergreen Vending in Washington. He used to be huge in coffee. I think he became a major partner in Payrange but I'm sure the company still exists.
  13. Yes but you won't want to spend the $1000-1500 to do it. Just go find a refrigerated one. They made more of them than they did ambient models.
  14. Check the coin path in the acceptor to be sure no dirt is built up or lint is in the path. Other than that it needs to be repaired and retuned.
  15. Doh! The 4 - 11/32 screws will release the validator from your door. The other nuts hold the bezel to the front of the validator. You do not remove those 3 nuts at all.
  16. Follow this guide for your product: Pry the front motor cam away from the fixed rear cam to adjust it to another hole In the front cam.
  17. Get it repaired or better yet, replace it with a 3 tube mech.
  18. My only advice for a Gaines owner is to take their imported machine that has no factory support and scrap it. You should have done that 11 years ago and saved yourself the storage fees.
  19. You probably have a shorted wire in your shelf harness somewhere. Good luck finding it. Pairing is always even and odd. You might be trying to pair even to even or odd to odd?
  20. That doesn't make any sense. I've not seen any USI machine that didnt use the 4 nuts. 7 "fasteners" is crazy so you must be looking at something wrong. What are the fasteners?
  21. D&S Vending or Vendors Exchange should have them. Have your machine serial number handy to give them. There are two gaskets available and a third one (oldest one that should not apply to your machine) is obsolete.
  22. Yeah, now I realize that he added in to the wrong thread about the clips since the "rivet" comment refers to the rotors not the oscillator bars. The rotor can retainers just need to be bent back and forth until they break off and then if any sharp edges remain those need to be pounded down flat.
  23. If you had looked around the forum posts you would have seen his screen name: bhumphrey829. He has the weekly update posts about his sales that keep that thread toward the top of the list here.
  24. If the metal ones are even slightly deformed with the edges not meeting each other where they join then you should remove them as they will jam cans or cut cans. One and done for them.
  25. The instructions are on page 3.01 of the manual. You are probably missing a step like not saving your pairing.
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