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  1. Just get something welded up at a shop and put it up against the lip.
  2. Todd, I'm sorry you paid money for that machine. It's the Workplace Vendor from Vendo which has absolutley zero parts available for them. Your problem might be that the credit relay is bad but you cannot find that relay any longer from any source. The plastic serpentine motors are also no longer available so you should get your money back on it. One difference with the credit relay is that it has a button on the side of it that will set a credit when it's pressed. If that still won't allow a vend then you could have an open connection in the door selection panel, a loose connector in the wiring harness to the door or maybe an open circuit in one of the motors but in all honesty, scrap the machine or get your money back. But with it taking money and giving change, I think the issue is the credit relay. Ask us here before you buy any machine and we can guide you away from mistakes like this one.
  3. Follow the setup guide I posted and make sure you have a can shim and not a bottle shim. The can shim has a 1/2" lip on it's bottom edge vs. a 1/4" lip on a bottle shim. They are not interchangeable. And you must use the rod and spring in the middle hole of the rotor. There were older E models that actually had narrow can rotors that didn't need the rod and spring but they were few and far between so you should have wide bottle rotors in all 8 narrow columns.
  4. SII and SIIDs can't say SII or no one will know what board is in it. I have seen many serial numbers that show SIID. I did just remember though that non-early E models have 9 columns so you're right about the -9 meaning it's an SIID. The early 501Es with SII boards were 8 columns and had extensions on the front edge of the tank to accomodate bottles. I have also seen lots of Coke SII machines in the E models.
  5. OK, so you have a round front Pepsi door with an SII logic board. What is odd is that the logic board should be SIID so this must be a real early 501E. Does the logic board have two red buttons on it or does it have a single mode button on the lower edge of the board? Anyway, is this can problem in a wide column or a narrow column? Here is the Dixie Narco 12oz can setup: https://rc.cranems.com/Uploads/96-470-04.pdf
  6. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/147_programming.pdf Look at page 34 for individual selection price steps. You must press another function or close the monetary door to save the price. This vague programming is why I have NEVER liked National machines. National's programming has always been vague and ambiguous not to mention not intuitive. The only people who like National stuff is people who run a substantial number of National machines which they then learn.
  7. Then you didn't save the price correctly. Do it again.
  8. This isn't the mind-reading ESP forum, but people often think it is.
  9. One or both of your top two buttons are stuck. Look behind the selection buttons and see if you have wired switches on each button. If you don't then you have a selection switch membrane running down behind all of the buttons. You might have a bad membrane assembly or the rubber between the buttons and membrane is missing or melted to the buttons maybe. Also, if it's a membrane then the assembly might be installed incorrectly, unless you know it worked fine when it came off location. If the buttons have switches on them then someone might have kicked in the top buttons and jammed the buttons or the white plastic switch "springs" are worn out and not pushing the buttons out when released.
  10. No need to clean any connections. Just leave it connected the way it is.
  11. They all look correct in respest the switch arms. The number 1 (far right) motor might have a loose connector on the inner switch because it's not flush with the front connector. On motor switches you have to also be sure that the side terminal is captured by each connector or you will have an open circuit. If everything is fine you should be able to lift any short switch arm out of the notch and the motor should run to the next notch. It can be a quick run and if you don't release the switch arm fast enough to allow it to fall in the next notch the motor will run to the following notch. If none of the motors run manually then you still have an open circuit elsewhere.
  12. OMG! So much for being a "soda machine tech". Are all of your motor switch arms in the EXACT same HOME position on every motor? That is with one arm in a notch in the motor cam and one arm on the outside edge of the cam. If one of those motors has both switch arms in a notch together then you have an open vend circuit. If one of those motors has both switch arms on the outside of the cam then you have a jammed motor/rotor and an open vend circuit. I can tell you as well that you need to replace your coin mech due to the issues you had before the can jam you created. Your tech wasn't a very good troubleshooter or he didn't listen to your timeline of issues, if you expained them to him as you did here. You have to start at the bottom of the chain (motor switches) and work you way out with the coin mech being the last step, even though it's the easiest thing to try.
  13. You either have a stuck motor switch on column 1 or you have a bad brake on that motor. It would probably be best to replace the motor which will get you a new switch and motor with brake. This could be causing the buzzing in your coin mech which might also be in the credit relay.
  14. Call Vendtronics in Phoenix for a replacement. While it might cost more than eBay you will avoid getting one that is sold as "rebuilt" but isn't really. EBay is always a crapshoot of misleading postings and you cannot possibly get one rebuilt for $38.
  15. Replace it with a Mars VN2500 and never look back. No VFMS are worth repairing now. No new parts are available for them.
  16. 110v is the prefered voltage so you don't confuse what 24v models to use. The models I mentioned are both 110v. If you insist on a 24v mech then use a Coinco 9302LF or a Mars 6010XV but you have to be careful that the 24v mech you get has only 15 pins in its socket. The danger is that you might get a 12 pin 24v mech from someone that doesn't care what they send you and then you will damage the mech or the logic board. That's why I recommend a 110v mech for simplicity.
  17. Nayax should be able to tell you what version you need. It might need a higher version again.
  18. Are you certain you got the correct keypad for it? You also don't say you replaced the service keypad harness. I'm not sure why you replaced the display and display harness. It might also be a bad snack interface board. Did you put your old eprom onto the logic board? You may have an incompatible eprom
  19. Just get a Coinco 9300L or Mars TRC 6000 and you'll be fine. The 9340 has an extra harness that was made to use a proprietary validator harness for a Coinco BA30B which you won't need.
  20. Way too expensive for it's condition. Look locally for an AP LCM with a can module. They are easier to work on if in good condition. But regardless, they are also old with some parts not available.
  21. You still have the package setting as Cans and it needs to be changed to Bottle for that selection in the programming. Right now the chain only pulls the vend dog one time because it thinks you have the selection loaded with cans. The chain needs to do a double pull for each vend so you need to program it for bottles and then it will do that.
  22. What series of numbers and letters is on your eprom label now and what are the graphcs on your front sign? By the way, your machine is gross and filthy. No one would want to buy coffee from it when it looks like that.
  23. https://www.vend-resource.com/sites/default/files/ap-c-series-manual.pdf
  24. Probably because he wants a Coke sign and you can't buy them anywhere, which he doesn't understand. Coke and Pepsi signs are proprietary rights of Coke and Pepsi and no one has the rights to reproduce the signs, even though flavor strips can be reproduced for some reason. I guess Coke and Pepsi are generous after all!
  25. Again, to the clueless, 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Get a real machine and be done with imported junk.
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