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  1. How much are you paying them and for how many hours per day? Low pay gets low performers.
  2. You probably have brownouts on the power line as most homes have weak power in the garage. That or you are getting some kind of interference if this is a logic board machine.
  3. Why are you incapable of such a simple task? Do you not know how to use tools? Do you refuse to spend money on tools? Can you not understand instructions?
  4. Seaga is garbage and their cost for circuit boards is one of the reasons they are garbage. They refuse to repair any parts and they do not allow anyone else to do so. They also refuse to provide wiring diagrams for ANY machine they have ever sold. This is why distributors of their products, when they first tried to get distributors, dropped their lines. Even the Seaga distributors couldn't get wiring diagrams from them. Don't bother putting any further money into that machine and get rid of your Seagas as soon as you can. You need to operate real vending machines, not garbage consisting of all imported parts.
  5. Sounds like a bad coin mech or bad logic board. You need to have someone come and look at it since it's your only machine and you have no parts.
  6. You can use a 24V Coinco 9302L 12 pin, 9302LF 15 pin or Mars 6010 12 pin and 6010XV 15 pin in that machine.
  7. Either no coin mech installed or it's dead so it defaults to dollars if you have a validator in it. You might also have a coin checksum error or it's set to incorrect coinage.
  8. My second sentence was incorrect. It should have read ..."showing None or any actual errors that are in memory." The .00 or a price will show on the display in the vend mode when the door is closed if the machine isn't sold out.
  9. Your door switch is wired backwards because the sold out message should only show when the door is closed and the machine is in the vend mode. Opening the door should put the machine in the service mode showing .00 or the vend price is all selections are the same price. You may have a loose harness between the logic board and the display but your door switch is still working backwards. The sold out message means you don't have enough cans in any one column to signal the logic board that is has something to sell. Put at least 3 layers of cans in each column. Your priming of the columns can easily be performed by buying cans from every column until a can drops from each. You can do it even easier by removing the motor cover and triggering each motor switch to vend until the cans drop.
  10. Tobacco vending is outlawed in just about every state and there are no more hot food machines around any longer. You might be asking about refrigerated food that gets heated up but those machines are loss leaders. If you do frozen food you can make a little money by putting ice cream in and being frozen, you won't have many stales but you will have to eat what doesn't sell well so you can try other items. Why are you considering these two types of vending? Do you like to be the underdog that will lose?
  11. It stopped before the cam notch so it wasn't coasting.
  12. Your rotor is in upside down and if you changed the switch was it new? Your rotor looks like the motor ran without stopping and timed out. That or you didn't put a new switch on but a used one, or the rotor is bent. Can you post a link to a video of it running?
  13. It is possible that a dead battery could cause the loss of STS but I'm not certain of that. You probably will find that most settings will remain. The prices are the most volatile since they are the one item most likely to be changed by the user.
  14. With no experience with them, an immediate breaker trip is probably a bad relay board but it could be some 110v short as well. Also, since it's an import, if it's the first time you've ever plugged it in, is it maybe set for 240v operation? You could also disconnect the tank heater and see if it still trips but the heater probably isn't supposed to come on that soon anyway, leading to the relay board being the culprit.
  15. You should try three deep first and see if it still has the issue. Also make sure the column clips are set for small package vending and that the depths are programmed properly for each columns.
  16. You have to ask a question to get any wisdom.
  17. That is a National machine and all you have to do it flex the bottom tab of the yellow retainer toward you which then allows you to lift the spiral and retainer off the motor shaft.
  18. There is no door switch on an LCM unless the aftermarket board kit included one.
  19. Loose connections can cause all kinds of issues. Just find someone who can resolder it for you and it should work fine again. Heck, you can do it yourself.
  20. Repairing them yourself is how you guarantee another repair is needed shortly after. Find a reliable rebuilder or a Coinco repair depot to get them fixed correctly and completely.
  21. Do you have a vend sensor on the delivery bin? If so then the board may be set to stop the motor upon the sensor triggering.
  22. The display pinouts on the logic board probably need to be resoldered. It's very common for them to come loose.
  23. Live Life, this should be a new post so that more people see it. Tacking it onto an unrelated post doesn't help anything for you.
  24. He already has it connected as MDB since the front connector is empty.
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