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  1. Bad compressor in the Cavalier and low freon or a bad fan in the Vendo.
  2. Have your bill acceptor checked out first or just try another bill acceptor that you know is working correctly. It may be the culprit.
  3. Vendo Vues are problematic mainly because the picker cups and hands in them are easy to vandalize and break to get free products. There is no one who recommends those machines. Pepsi used to put a lot of them out until they had too many issues with them, especially with third party vendors that had no clue how the machines even worked. Pepsi had so many repairs on the picker cups that they took them all out of service. That's why so many are on the used market and get passed from newbie to newbie when they should just be scrapped.
  4. Call a repair depot like Vendtronics in Phoenix. They can get you fixed up. Without more definitive information there is no help but with specific machine and coin mech/validator details answers will come forth.
  5. Email me a pic at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom and I'll help you with it.
  6. People always whining about parts prices........
  7. Just use the can shim with a rod/spring in the center holes of the rotor. Set the cam to 2 products deep.
  8. Multi-drop bus. It's just the communication protocol used between the logic board and its peripherals. It's like USB on computers where everything is daisy-chained together.
  9. NYCandy must be 65 years old. He misses the mark constantly.
  10. I meant that if you press a selection does the machine display pricing. If it does then it's a bad coin mech or logic board as I stated; probably a bad coin mech.
  11. That machine has to run MDB coin mechs for you to use a card reader which it doesn't. You will have to put an aftermarket logic board in it to get MDB such as one from InOne Technology.
  12. Do you have verified prices set in the machine? Press selections and see if any prices are returned. If there are prices shown then it's a bad coin mech or logic board. If you only have zeros then no prices are set so the coin mech is disabled. That, in turn, disables the bill validator.
  13. If your old flavor strips are just broken in half or at least in large pieces with a little bit of them sticking out of the side then you can slide a good flavor strip in front of the old one and pull them out together. Sometime you will also be able to slide a new strip in front of the old one if you use patience. On the gage bar clips, some get pried off and the white and tall grey ones get banged off with the shaft of a screwdriver. Hold the bar away from you and use the screwdriver shaft to strike against the clip away from you to slide them off forcefully. They will break free and fly across the room when they come off.
  14. Your MC5000 is junk. They are tempermental and poorly designed in that the acceptor has connections to the coin mech through a card-edge connecter on its bottom edge. As happens when people don't realize this, they will remove the acceptor from the mech when power is on and breaking that card-edge connection will damage the electronics. As to the other issues you have with various mechs, you are apparently not using rebuilt coin mechs. Just throwing random used mechs into it will give you all the problems that the old used mechs already have. Another possibility is that your coin return lever in the machine is constantly pressing down on the coin return lever of the coin mech. Just slight pressure on the coin mech lever can cause coin rejections. If you remove the coin mech and look at the 3 mounting screws behind it (make sure all 3 are there) you might notice that there are two sets of screw holes. This is because Mars mechs sit at a different height than Coinco mechs. If all of your replacement mechs are Coinco then you probably need to put the screws in the lower holes to give more clearance between the two coin return levers.
  15. The coins are missing the coin mech because the coin chute and the coin mech are misaligned or there is too much of a gap between them. If you don't have a loose mech or coin chute then just wrap some paper around the bottom of the chute so that coins are directed into the coin mech. The error you see is caused by too many coins being rejected as invalid by the coin mech and then being rejected back to the customer. That could be caused by lint in the coin acceptor or a problem of some kind in it. If this becomes a real problem you will see many coins being rejected by the coin mech back to the coin return. If it becomes that noticeable then you need to get the coin mech repaired.
  16. What the F are you talking about now? You have some of the most oddball answers on here. A heater would only be for an outdoor machine and a cooler????? Jeez.
  17. It's programmed wrong. If that doesn't fix it then it has to be repaired as the discriminator has a problem.
  18. The 720 uses a temp sensor that is mounted to the top of the evaporator. You need to put that on it, not a normal cold control.
  19. Your door switch may be wired wrong, it's the wrong switch for your machine or the switch harness might be plugged in wrong or disconnected from the logic board.
  20. Incorrect dwall. If this isn't a repeat problem or if the system has never been tapped then it is probably just microscopic leaking out of freon over many years. Tapping and recharging is always the first thing to try barring any other obvious clues such as an oil leak on a freon line. In 90% of instances of low freon a recharge will fix it for a long time to come. Only if it leaks down in less than 3 months or so will a leak be easy to find. In a case like that then the unit should be leak tested. If the freon charge lasts 6 months or more then the leak is tiny and UV dye will be needed to try to find it. If the freon lasts over a year then a second recharge is probably in order because now you're trying to find an even smaller leak. I always used the JB LT-456 piercing valves and never had one leak. The two screws are easier to use than the three screws on the Supco line tap.
  21. Dumb to lay machines down for moving. Pay the man and get it moved upright.
  22. Low freon. You may have an air leak too plus you may have the cold control set wrong or installed wrong if you didn't install it exactly how it was intalled before with the correct Vendo cold control. Check the delivery door, that the outer door is snug and if there is a drain hose attached. Your thermostat must be set to 3 1/2 on its dial from zero.
  23. Vendtronics here in Phoenix is an authorized MEI repair depot and they do a good job refurbing the VN2500s. Give them a call. You won't need anything other than the 110V power pigtail that comes with the validator to hook it up.
  24. Your bills are not jamming, they are being parked as they are held in escrow. Here is the manual for the machine: http://www.thevendingcenter.com/113_Snackshop_manual.pdf Page 7 tells you what you need to do to correct this. Number 1 is to let the machine count the coins into your coin tubes. You need to use the machine to pay out all of the coins in your coin tubes until your tube counts are zero. This is explained under #3 Coin Mech Inventory. After emptying the tubes then you use this same mode to fill the coin tubes by dropping individual coins into the top of the coin mech. The machine will display the inventory totals of each coin as you do this. This is usually a one time thing to do as the machine doesn't normally need this done. The next thing to do is to turn off Bill Escrow. This is done in #6 Control - Service Mode and after Pressing #5 on the keypad. Bill Escrow turned on will park the first bill and then require change to be inserted for an item priced over $1. Turning Bill Escrow off will allow the first bill to be stacked in the bill box so that a second bill can be inserted. PS: The next thing to do to improve your machine is to stop using the VFM and upgrade to a MEI VN2500.
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