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  1. Just an update for anyone interested. I reached out to Brand Vending and apparently they package the figures in various ways and what i received are considered "value capsules" and do not come with game codes even though they are sold as the premium ones by CandyMachines.com. and I can't find any mention of "value" capsules on the Brand website. To me, sounds like they are dumping the factory rejects on the market and most people don't bother to complain. Guess I will stay away from both companies in the future. Vending a product where the display cards advertise game codes and there ar
  2. I recently became aware of Sqwishland when someone gave me a free bag of 1" that they had lying around. They quickly sold out and I began looking for more. Brand vending seems to be sold out most of the time and I ended up ordering some 2" desert from CandyMachines.com. When i got them they were in 2" acorn capsules with no game codes and nothing identifying them as Sqwishland other then the display cards which were for the 1" size. I'm not real familiar with the product but everything I see shows them coming in round capsules with game codes. In addition the product quality didnt seem t
  3. manual says 15 is the code for the start switch. could be stuck or hooked up wrong.
  4. Just thought I would point out that the law in florida is about to change if the new bill passes and operators will not be able to have games with a prize valued over 52.50. If they enforce it you may see quite a few used keymasters start hitting the market.
  5. Rhode Island informed me two weeks ago they would have free shipping at the show on hard goods (no plush). Minimum order of 250 if memory serves.
  6. If its a candy crane it may not have an option for programming to only 1 play but blocking the sensor should have the same effect. Just check the sound effects because you don't want it telling people they won if they didn't.
  7. sorry I didn't see this sooner since it sounds like you already sent the board off. check your joystick switches. if they are old switches the button part of the switch may be sticking and staying activated thus giving the crane the wrong signal of where to go.
  8. they've been so popular that I am running both stickers and tattoos in the same machines. They seem to do equal.
  9. Frozen is hot!!!! This is my first experience with sticker machines. I purchased 5 used ones for $500. Each machine has 4 slots. My first two week pull for three placed machines was $153. I started with Frozen stickers, Princess tattoos, Marvel stickers, and a unlicensed tattoo series for boys. I immediately went home and ordered a case of frozen tattoos and have since pulled the princess tattoos to use at a later date and have both Frozen stickers and tattoos in each machine along with the marvel stickers and boys tattoos. Since then I've done 2 more pulls for approx. 2 weeks with slig
  10. Keymaster is the way to go. Just wanted to add that BMIgaming shows a mini keymaster coming soon. I would not recommend buying from bmigaming but it is a good site to see what new games are available and get an idea of what they cost. I'm hoping the mini will come out priced at 2500-3000 making it work for smaller locations.
  11. So even though I've been in this business for quite a few years I have never had the opportunity to deal with a magnetic crane. I now am responsible for one and think it would do better as a regular claw crane. Can anyone tell me if changing it is as easy as just removing the magnet and coil and replacing it with a claw and coil? The crane in question is a Rock n Roll which I think is from Coast to Coast.
  12. Thanks for the input guys. These are my first flat vending experience. How many items does a column hold? Will it hold the whole box of 300 in a column? Trying to figure how much to order for the 5 machines.
  13. Does anyone have a current bulk vending license for marvel properties? I know A&A had it awhile back but cant seem to find any current product. I just purchased 5 sticker machines with 4 slots each and am looking for hot sellers. I figure Despicable Me and Frozen are no brainers. What else will do well?
  14. I believe that Rowe's are upgraded at the cpu with a chip replacement but don't quote me. I currently have one rowe that has the capital vending upgrade to a mars bill acceptor. It has worked fine so far but for whatever reason the meter doesn't count the quarters. Don't know if that's a side effect or it just isn't programmed correctly.
  15. Anyone running a Monkey Bizz-Ness with the prize box thing attached? I have to set one up for a client tomorrow and was just curious to know how others have done it with what kind of results.
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