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  1. Shipping options for Shootin Hoops

    Thank you!
  2. Shipping options for Shootin Hoops

    Does anybody know any reasonably priced options for having 10 Shootin' Hoops machines shipped to me? Thanks in advance.
  3. 2 more locations in one day

    No, just a triple, it will be a bar and grill so more of an adult location.
  4. 2 more locations in one day

    Well, yexterday I went to a meeting at the Masonic Lodge in the next town over. When I pulled up, I noticed that across the street a new restaurant will be opening soon. The owner was there and I asked if they would like a machine and she said yes. After the meeting, I walked to the next block to a popular Mexican restaurant and asked if they would like a Shootin Hoops Machine. The owner was reluctant, because I offered her 20 percent, because she claims that Service Vending is paying her 50 percent. I explained that she wouldn't have to remove their rack, I just wanted to put mine in as well, and she approved it!
  5. Sams Club products

    I have 2 Sam's Clubs near me. They are both 50 miles in the opposite direction. One doesn't carry Reese's Pieces and one doesn't carry Skittles.
  6. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    I do not have to pay for any permits.
  7. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    JL distributing, what city is that?
  8. Quality Coin Pusher

    I asked about that and they said that was probably illegal too. The main problem with that is that it doesn't make as much money.
  9. Quality Coin Pusher

    JM1607, I advise you not to put one in a place in Texas that sells alcohol, especially for on-premise consumption. TABC absolutely forbids them. I learned that first hand a few years ago. They are a little easier on 8-liners because of the sweepstakes issue.
  10. Quality Coin Pusher

    Where are you located JM1607?
  11. 2 New Shootin Hoops Locations

    Today was a good day. I got 2 new Shootin Hoops machines placed. Both are in ghetto convenience stores. Should be good.
  12. Liability?

    As an LLC, you can file taxes for it on your personal return.
  13. Liability?

    I don't have insurance, but my business is set up as an LLC, which means I will not lose my personal property to a lawsuit.
  14. Shootin Hoops in Convenience Store

    Has anyone tried a Shootin Hoops machine in a convenience store? There is a truck stop opening up here and I plan to ask about putting one there. I know some places don't ant to hurt their gum sales, so I could do bouncy balls too at 50 cents. Has anyone had good luck with that?
  15. Shootin Hoops

    I found 11 Shootin Hoops machines for sale for 50 dollars each. I know this is a good price, but I am a little worried about how easy they ill be to place compared to a 1800 Vending machine, Also, do they make much more money than a regular single head machine?