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  1. TexasFreemason

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    I am in West Texas too.
  2. TexasFreemason

    Convert Quarters to Cash

    I take mine to the bank unrolled, they run them through a counter and deposit the money in my account.
  3. TexasFreemason

    Should I buy these spirals?

    They are all placed now. they have nearly paid for themselves.
  4. TexasFreemason

    Prize Gumball

    I am thinking about either putting a few black gumballs in some of my machines or a round capsule with a gift certificate for a free soft drink to try to improve sales. Has anyone tried this? This is completely legal in Texas as long as the prize is non-cash and worth less than 10 times the cost to play the machine.
  5. TexasFreemason

    Good day locating

    My wife and I pick up pizza there often. I just asked the manager. Service Vending has a rack and a crane in there. It is a franchise location, so maybe it will last.
  6. TexasFreemason

    Are these brands any good? Gumball Machines

    Good to see more Texans in here, I live between San Angelo and Abilene.
  7. TexasFreemason

    PMM and MM containers

    At least mice won't be able to get into the candy as easily.
  8. TexasFreemason


    I am thinking about getting rid of runts and using Rascals instead. Has anybody had success with this?
  9. TexasFreemason

    Should I buy these spirals?

    I ended up getting a 5x8 Uhaul trailer. 14 fit in there and 4 in the back of my truck
  10. TexasFreemason

    Good day locating

    Went out locating and found ,locations for 3 of my new spirals. 2 of them are in small but busy Mexican food places, and one is in my local Pizza Hut. Plus last wee i got a popular steakhouse and an Asian grocery store/cafe. 5 down, 13 to go.
  11. TexasFreemason

    Need help for investment

    In Texas, forming an LLC is 300 dollars. To run amusements, you will have to have a license from the Comptroller that costs 200 a year plus 60 per machine. Also, you should be very careful with pushers. What part of Texas are you in?
  12. TexasFreemason

    Should I buy these spirals?

    NYC is a little far from me lol. 1780 miles from my house.
  13. TexasFreemason

    Should I buy these spirals?

    Well, it looks like I am getting the machines. Long trip, but I have been looking for 8 months and haven't found any decent deals until now. Renting a 5x8 Uhaul trailer.
  14. TexasFreemason

    Should I buy these spirals?

    I found a lot of 18 spirals about 450 miles away for 1000 dollars. Assuming they are in good shape, should I make the trip? Also, would there be any way to fit all of these in my pickup (both in bed and back seat/passenger seat)?
  15. TexasFreemason

    Sams Club discontinued Mike and Ike?

    They have discontinued Mike and Ike at my local clubs too. Wont be too much of an issue for me since they are a poor seller. One of the clubs got rid of gumballs, but the other one still has them.