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  1. I am thinking of trying Plain M&Ms. Do y’all have decent results with them? I figure I can sell them at a better margin than peanut ones.
  2. I may be going to start using 1080 gum. Is there anything I need to do to the wheels to only vend 1 at a time? I have 1-800 machines, shootin hoops, and spirals. Thank you in advance.
  3. Also, does anyone notice a drop in sales if you use 1080 instead of 850 gum?
  4. I keep all product in my house, which I keep about 70 degrees.
  5. I will be buying a year’s supply at a time. Hopefully it will last.
  6. I am thinking of trying Ford gum if Dubble Bubble runs out at my local Sam’s Club. How well does it sell as opposed to DB. Are there any issues storing it?
  7. How much do they cost from Ford, and how much is shipping? What are the minimum quantities?
  8. I talked to Sams customer service today, and they said it will be available for shipping again.
  9. How much does it cost to order 850 gum balls from Oakleaf? Also, how long does shipping take?
  10. Well I just had to share that not only is the machine still there, the manager let me put one of my campaign signs there!
  11. Reese’s Pieces are out of stock at Sams both in store and online. Anyone have another place to get them?
  12. They do come with stands. Otherwise I wouldn’t be interested at all.
  13. They are 25 dollars each. I’m sorry I thought I had included that info. Here is a picture.http://app.5miles.us/EvITnvH
  14. I found some single head Gumball Gourmet machines. Are they decent machines? At this price looks like a good deal.
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