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  1. They do come with stands. Otherwise I wouldn’t be interested at all.
  2. They are 25 dollars each. I’m sorry I thought I had included that info. Here is a picture.http://app.5miles.us/EvITnvH
  3. I found some single head Gumball Gourmet machines. Are they decent machines? At this price looks like a good deal.
  4. I take mine to the bank unrolled, they run them through a counter and deposit the money in my account.
  5. They are all placed now. they have nearly paid for themselves.
  6. I am thinking about either putting a few black gumballs in some of my machines or a round capsule with a gift certificate for a free soft drink to try to improve sales. Has anyone tried this? This is completely legal in Texas as long as the prize is non-cash and worth less than 10 times the cost to play the machine.
  7. My wife and I pick up pizza there often. I just asked the manager. Service Vending has a rack and a crane in there. It is a franchise location, so maybe it will last.
  8. Good to see more Texans in here, I live between San Angelo and Abilene.
  9. At least mice won't be able to get into the candy as easily.
  10. I am thinking about getting rid of runts and using Rascals instead. Has anybody had success with this?
  11. I ended up getting a 5x8 Uhaul trailer. 14 fit in there and 4 in the back of my truck
  12. Went out locating and found ,locations for 3 of my new spirals. 2 of them are in small but busy Mexican food places, and one is in my local Pizza Hut. Plus last wee i got a popular steakhouse and an Asian grocery store/cafe. 5 down, 13 to go.
  13. In Texas, forming an LLC is 300 dollars. To run amusements, you will have to have a license from the Comptroller that costs 200 a year plus 60 per machine. Also, you should be very careful with pushers. What part of Texas are you in?
  14. NYC is a little far from me lol. 1780 miles from my house.
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