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  1. I am looking for new ideas on how to get locations. I have tried call lists such as sales genie, ect. I have used locators but have not had much luck with them. I have also tried cold calling over phone as well as visiting in person. ANY IDEAS??
  2. Yes. The 16.9 oz should vend without a problem. Let me read over all this and I will respond back. But I would hold off on the fillers for now.
  3. What item are you trying to vend from selection 10? A good way to test the drop sensor is to open the door, have someone test vend that selection while you are watching the auger turn. As soon as the first drink falls, hit the sled with your hand and if the drop sensor is good the auger will stop preventing the 2nd drink from falling. If not, make sure the drop sensor is attached to the back of the sled. I have seen them fall off during shipment. Are you vending all bottles or bot/cans?
  4. The 20 oz ozarka water at Sams will vend out of a can machine just as a 16.9 bottle will. Although 20 oz drink bottles will not, this particular bottle water will.
  5. I have been in the vending business for over 16 years. I have been a Fawn/USI distributor for 2 years as well as a tech. I am very competitive when selling machines as well as parts. I also offer unlimited support and service over the phone or emails for free of charge. If you have any questions about your USI, fawn, selectivend equipment please feel free to ask and I will try my best to help get your problem resolved. If you ever need new or remanufactured equipment, I would appreciate you allowing me to give you a quote. I am located in the Dallas, Texas area but can have machines shipped direct to you anywhere in the U.S.
  6. I have been vending 16.9 bottles out of BC12's for years. What problem are you having? The bottles work great. And I have had very little problems with these machines. The problem may be in your configuration of the selections(bottles vs cans). Sometimes if it is a softer bottle for example water and in a back selection or even selection which is at the top of the sled when it drops.........it may not hit the sled hard enough for the drop sensor to pick it up. This can usually be fixed by simply changing that particular item with another.
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