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  1. Vendo Mike, I think a machine that is a glass front that has the versatility to run food and drinks has a place in vending. I view a food machine as expensive options for large accounts I probably would use an AMS that was flexible between food and drink options.
  2. It's an antique vendo most of us on here operate modern vending machines. Maybe some of the older guys have knowledge of this. The coin changers are ancient in this machine and parts are not easy to find at its age. There are people who restore these machines.
  3. Ask one of the employees what days coke delivers my club gets two a week. More stock on delivery days.
  4. This machine is not credit card capable. The best thing to do is sell it and upgrade to a newer machine.
  5. Try adding Hurricane Ida to the mix people bought all the snacks for the hurricane and after the storm. It's crazy!!!
  6. Sounds like this location should be lucky to have a vending machine. Big location get commission sonetimes, small ones are lucky to have a machine.
  7. They got my account set-up and my card reader active yesterday. We shall see how it goes with Nayax.
  8. Overall experience with Nayax is positive they ship fast and answer the phone which is better than usa tech cantaloupe. But setting an account is going on 10 business days still not active 😒. Anybody else got any feedback good or bad?
  9. They send us a rebate check every quarter off Vistar products we buy. Nothing bad to say.
  10. You looking for repair or trying to sell them? We use Vendors Repair Service in Orlando, Florida for repairs.
  11. Southeast Treats is right order the Cobra 7 from lsi depot.
  12. Vendo mike, thanks for trying to solve some of our issues.
  13. We run the latest version 12.1 v35 eproms this issue shuts down the entire machine. Vendo machines are my personal favorite because of their quality and dependable. Your companies machine is to sensitive in comparison with royal, dixie narco, usi, and ams.
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