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  1. Cobra 7 locks are pretty good with your own key. Maybe not for a location with high risk locations. I just left my old locks in box did nothing with them.
  2. I got gvc1's that don't send cash sales, it's hit and miss. Dex is where the trouble comes in.
  3. USI used the f80 control board for most of those machines in snack machine and I assume they have a version for the drink machines. The best the f80 can do is run a credit card reader, it probably won't give cash sales, and dex is not going to work. Maybe USI made an upgrade package for the drink machine like they did for the snack machines F80 to the Gvc1 fixes these issues .
  4. The scrap yard would be the only place that can help that Chinese combo machine.
  5. Buy a vendo 721 best machines made currently.
  6. We have operated a lot of USI machines over the years the Lance built USI were subpar because Lance wanted them cheap. Not even worth the inone upgrade in my opinion, but inone probably has an upgrade go directly to them. USI machine even mdb have problems with credit cards outside of gvc2s especially early mdb.
  7. I am a usa technologies customer why are they better devices and does the touch screen really make a difference to the customer. Customer service has to be better Nayax answers the phone unlike usa tech, considering adding Nayax readers next year.
  8. Sensor replaced problem solved thanks for the info on cs1 no else with vendo could tell me what cs1 meant.
  9. Coke will not sell you 16.9 oz bottles to put in their machines. They want 12 oz cans and 20 oz bottles.
  10. This machine had a ba32sa coinco standard or the newer option a mag32sa coinco ,other than that maka boat ⚓ was original. The machine was not mdb so mars newer options are out. Mag32sa coinco is the easiest newest validator we use on 3014s we are retiring them over the next few years they are too old and not worth the upgrade.
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