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  1. Construction workers can destroy anything, but they spend money. Use a Dixie Narco they are about as tough as it gets with a cage it may survive the construction workers.
  2. I wouldn't take it if it were free.
  3. All areas are different but here they want to much for the number of employees. They wouldn't be offered a cold food machine and they may get card readers no rewards program.
  4. Nothing but bad things happen on an extension cord don't use them on a drink machine.
  5. They are shutting down their main plant not good. Kinda shocked every coke vending machine out their is royal pretty much.
  6. Laissez les bon temps rouler!! Let the good times roll!!! Lol
  7. I got replaced at a location by one of these once I laughed at the machine got our equipment out. The bosses wife thought they needed healthy "stuff". Well their employees weren't happy to see me go.😁
  8. I prefer inone boards myself they work very well for me.
  9. AMS is a good company they make excellent refrigeratorated machines. I have way more experience with USI and AP. AMS refers to the machines Sensit 1,2 and 3 this tells you how old they are. AMS sensit 1 no way to old. AMS sensit 2 ok, but I am not buying anymore getting old. AMS sensit 3 the newest version I like bought the machine new which is rare for me I prefer to refurbish in house.
  10. Unfortunately this kind of stupidity is prevalent among people in the office and even worse when it's the office manager. Healthy snacks don't turn coils that means we don't make money this fact is lost on most office employees. While all the money in the machine comes from the blue collar workers who don't want to eat healthy snacks period. Ultimately if we can't make money we leave, but we try to add "healthy snacks" to make them happy even though they never seem to sell very well. Rant over!!
  11. I agree with AngryChris the USI 3039 is junk status. I have one left in my fleet old and problematic.
  12. I agree with Anacapa Vending. Do a motor test for the whole machine. Looks like a Mars bill validator from the picture which is good and it has dual spirals (two coils) less hang ups $200 is cheap.
  13. Looks like a USI 3014 should be a tag on the back and at the bottom of the machine to confirm. USI made a lot of different models so checking tag would be best.
  14. It sounds like you have USI 3039 with maka bill acceptor. Maka bill acceptor is obsolete you need an upgrade mei 2500 series with which requires changing the harness to the bill acceptor.
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