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  1. Costco is complete waste of time here Sam's is the go to for vending besides what comes from Vistar.
  2. The GVC1 works with a card reader doesn't report card sales. Need a special tool to updated it since the Eprom doesn't come out. USI makes me mad about this.
  3. Mei 4000 is outdated no parts available. Get a Mei 7512 with a dollar coin slot.
  4. Model number of the USI machines would help answer your question.
  5. We use USA Technologies a g10 is about $300 and the service fee is $7.95 a month with 5.95% transaction fee per swipe. As for your drink machine depending on if they're mdb, dixie narco e series should work with a card reader with some chip updateds to the control board.
  6. Completely normal white sticker on our machine explains this. 1.50 hold tell its processed in a day or two.
  7. The problem is 20oz bottles will soon move to $1.75 some vendors $2.00.
  8. From my experience you are better off with 16.9 oz bottles vs. 20 oz bottles. We do 20 oz bottles they are 30 to 40 cents higher than 16.9 oz bottles. With only a small amount of bottles from the bottlers your price will be high you should explain to your customer the price for 20 oz bottle will be probably 50 cents higher at least.
  9. I have seen this issue in both control boards and the 12.4 is new. I think a 3 tube avoids the issue completely.
  10. It cost my a lot of money for something so stupid. I think it's the 7512 and vendo granted one machine has a 12.1 board and the new one a 12.4. The vendo should let the 7512 do its job.
  11. Chris, I have 721 that's 6 months old with a g10 and 7512. I was their on a Friday morning left all was ok the card didn't report in for the weekend when got their I had a tube sensor error on the vendo and the entire machine was off including the card reader. I put a three tube charger in it was fine and I came back later in the week checking the 7512 that was in their it had one tube jammed cleared it put it back in their fine ever since. Think I saw the problem in one of my older vendo v21 as well.
  12. Due to its age its not worth any upgrades. It needs an updated control board to make it MDB ,which is about 300 dollars normally if they made it for this machine, to be credit card capable and new updated bill acceptor.
  13. I think candy has to be 1.25 with cost of it. That said we are working on it.
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