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  1. Chinese junk machines run for your life.
  2. I use a chip puller tool to left the chip up and put a new one in the vendo it is very easy to change. Your machines is a 12.4 board with rv16 its probably out of date. Call a vendo distributor to ask for them to send you latest eprom version for a 12.4 chip and chip puller. A Vendo 721 has a white tag at the bottom of the machine with model, serial number, and date of manufacturing. I don't put out g10s without checking the eprom of the unit first saves trouble on location.
  3. I like the Vendo 721 they are still being made by vendo. You need to update the eprom with the latest version.
  4. They do cost more than a DN501e but they are far superior in my opinion. We still have 501e's cheaper and effective.
  5. I think you would be better off with a vendo 621/721. They are in my opinion the best machines we operate.
  6. Coca Cola #1 by far. Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Diet Coke, and several other ones you will have to play with depending on where you are, but these are the top four on average.
  7. All hell is breaking loose we were doing good. Nursing homes on lock down access restrictions. No news from anywhere else I except sales to fall.
  8. BA32SA was good when it came out it's old and not very reliable. What's left of our USI fleet of 3014s gets a Mag32SA because thats what its wired for. Angry Chris is right Mei would be better. We plan on retiring all 3014s over the next few years that are left.
  9. It looks like a USI 3014 with a maka bill validator that needs to be replaced. You will need new harness for your replacement and brackets the bill validator that was in most of them where Coinco BA32SA but I would go with a Coinco Mag32SA. I never put an MEI in one but maybe someone else on here has. As for changing the prices vendnet should have it on there website. Open the door press the red button on the control board follow the white chart with black letters above the bill validator with door open to change prices.
  10. Buy Vendo 721/621 I am quite pleased with them.
  11. Depends on if you are a member of any group with buying power. But for those of us who are not $300.
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