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  1. Apartment complexes

    Not doing apartments anymore not worth the trouble.
  2. One heck of a jam...

    A screw driver does the job when they are hard to remove.
  3. I think you saying coincos are junk is very inaccurate. If you have been doing this for any length of time their are bad coinco and bad mei models. MEI is best on market right now but crane will probable srew that up.
  4. Usa tech??

    The edges run on 2g network thats what I was told today.
  5. Buy Seaga HYC950 to secure location

    Better be a great location to even think of touching a Seaga.
  6. Is this as absurd as I think?

    I walk into a newer customer about two weeks ago. The manager confronts me in the breakroom that machine is terrible and they want a new one funny thing this machine left its previous location because it sold out of everything the usi 3 wide was to small. So I know the machine is fine the account makes 50 to 60 a week snack they sell cokes 25cents for their employees. He tells me pickup the machine or give them a new one he say well what are you going to do I say we will have it picked up in the next two weeks. My point is don't be afraid to cut dead weight accounts small accounts that make ok money but are pain to deal with are not worth having.
  7. High priced machines period.
  8. Where to buy parts?

    Find a distributor for usi that is closer to you. Shipping is what it is sometimes you pay more because you need the part yesterday. Managing your parts inventory saves money. If you stay in vending long enough shipping costs will be the least of your worries.
  9. MEI Series 4000 Coin Changer

    Not one of MEI's better models.
  10. Question for vendors with 10+ years

    Last year was 10 years for the company hard to believe. I think general machine repairs vary some years better than others. I am doing some upgrades this year new machine, board upgrades the machines that aren't mdb but should be is my focus. Getting my best locations mdb with credit card readers and adding new locations the with same is the goal.
  11. Hotel

    Not with their terms.
  12. How to remove this screw?

    The screw fully in view take all four them off out comes the bill acceptor. The one that is 1/3 visible is part of taking the bill acceptor apart after it is off the machine. Find a good service company and have it repaired.
  13. How to remove this screw?

    Looks like the bill acceptor screws a socket set will get it off. Take the mask off the bill acceptor gives you a little more room use a deep socket with an extention.
  14. Ams countach sensit 3

    I cant upload the pic of my new ams. I have been on the phone with ams they were very helpful with a sensit two I am redoing. Maybe I can send pic private message. No evoke or blackdiamonds yet I like the mercatos I have.
  15. How much is this machine worth