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  1. I don't like USI drink machines but I would call inone just to check.
  2. USI's struggle to report cash sales and dex is unlikely to work without a new control board. Inone board is the best route for that model.
  3. Pallet jack is the most useful piece of moving equipment we have it will move 3wide up to a 5wide. Take a 4×4s block up a drink machine on each side roll under and you are good to go. Small drink machines are difficult to move because they aren't very stable so you need another person helping you for stability.
  4. We buy parts from The Vending Center good service and fair price.
  5. I went to 1.25 awhile ago sales dropped but we make more money per candy bar. Sales eventually level off I convert all machines with two candy trays to one. Candy should probably be 1.50 but a $1 is to cheap.
  6. The first machine I saw this on was a trade black vendo 721 that was under a year old the last was made in 2005. The 721 was running MEI 2700, MEI 7512, and USA tech g10. The distributor are great people and the vendo representative sent my problem up the food chain he has always been very helpful. Vendo v21 is a great machine overall but this is a weird problem.
  7. Vendo puts my entire machine out of order over this bs that is what I don't like. Royal and Dixie Narco keep on running with this issue same can be said for AMS, USI, and AP because they all let the 7512 mei deal with the issue. I am aware of how to reset a vendo and mei 7512.
  8. I talked to my distributor, vendo, and vendo representative no one knew what I was talking about. It's a real problem cuz it shut down a perfectly profitable machine to nothing.
  9. 9302-GX has been my replacement for 7512s. This is the one of the stupidest problems in all of my machines.
  10. Guys what makes me mad is my mei 7512 had the tube jam which the 7512 takes care of. The vendo 821 diagnosis the changer jam and puts up an error up but unlike ever other machine it shuts down the entire machine. Seen this in several machines it makes me mad every time. Only solution I got do not put mei 7512 in vendo.
  11. Chinese junk machines run for your life.
  12. I use a chip puller tool to left the chip up and put a new one in the vendo it is very easy to change. Your machines is a 12.4 board with rv16 its probably out of date. Call a vendo distributor to ask for them to send you latest eprom version for a 12.4 chip and chip puller. A Vendo 721 has a white tag at the bottom of the machine with model, serial number, and date of manufacturing. I don't put out g10s without checking the eprom of the unit first saves trouble on location.
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