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  1. I agree with AngryChris the USI 3039 is junk status. I have one left in my fleet old and problematic.
  2. I agree with Anacapa Vending. Do a motor test for the whole machine. Looks like a Mars bill validator from the picture which is good and it has dual spirals (two coils) less hang ups $200 is cheap.
  3. Looks like a USI 3014 should be a tag on the back and at the bottom of the machine to confirm. USI made a lot of different models so checking tag would be best.
  4. It sounds like you have USI 3039 with maka bill acceptor. Maka bill acceptor is obsolete you need an upgrade mei 2500 series with which requires changing the harness to the bill acceptor.
  5. $100 to $125 is the price here I consider it reasonable.
  6. The crane business model buy and destroy. Lack of basic parts is the thing that angers me the most, USI and AMS aren't pulling this crap on us.
  7. I waited almost three months to take over a location from the previous vendor, their was no space to move them to the side. As for the law its pretty unclear, I have always let location get ride of the old vendor.
  8. You need the drink and the snack machine otherwise it is normally a waste of time. Combos even American built ones don't make enough money to justify having. Do it the hard way hit the pavement of businesses the good location have a vendor find ones that are unhappy take there location or new business.
  9. Most vendors on here consider them a scam biz op company. I wouldn't recommend buying machines from them. Healthy 4 you machines are way overpriced so buy them from the original owner save some money if you must buy them.
  10. Most of the ones I have seen have coinco ba32sa or boat anchor maka. Never saw a Mars on one before.
  11. Polyvend has been out of business for 20 years. Got rid of mine don't want any more to much trouble to upgrade good machines back in the day.
  12. Thanks, LSU colors play well in baton rouge. 1and1 runs everything else on the site a light refresh may be in order next year. Google advertising was positive use of a relatively small amount of money got me one good location in a few months
  13. I think you have clean well put together website. The best thing I did this year was google business advertising that takes care of the soe stuff it generates a lot of clicks a few of which are good lead. www.tcvending.com
  14. Yes it works has trouble with dex. I have an eport on a ap123.
  15. I agree with orsd. We get a 28ft penske truck with a lift gate when we need a lot of machines moved. Be careful on the lift gate from penske it's not as long I would like but it gets the job done. That rate is crazy it's like $125 at the highest rate to have machines moved here at $300 rental is pretty much paid for.
  16. Its usi 301x something replace with a Mars 2500 kit or you could go coinco but I wouldn't.
  17. Those machines look good not sure how you please this location.
  18. If you wish to try out Chinese machines let us know in 6 months to a year what happens. Read some of the old post from other vendors.
  19. Chinese machines are junk because of poor workmanship, no tech support, and no parts.
  20. That sucks!! Looks like a tire shop had a DN 276e broken into at a tire shop twice the good thing was it was bottler owned.
  21. Craigslist list if they work if not they get scrapped.
  22. You need a new motor and a candy coil that's it.
  23. I leave them empty gum lifesavers sell terrible.
  24. I think it's worth nothing no assets are being gained since they are bottler owned. The numbers don't sound that great.
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