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  1. tc vending

    Chinese Manufactered Vending Machines

    If you wish to try out Chinese machines let us know in 6 months to a year what happens. Read some of the old post from other vendors.
  2. tc vending

    Chinese Manufactered Vending Machines

    Chinese machines are junk because of poor workmanship, no tech support, and no parts.
  3. tc vending

    My first vandalism

    That sucks!! Looks like a tire shop had a DN 276e broken into at a tire shop twice the good thing was it was bottler owned.
  4. tc vending

    disposing of machines

    Craigslist list if they work if not they get scrapped.
  5. tc vending

    Usi/Wittern gum coils

    You need a new motor and a candy coil that's it.
  6. tc vending

    Gum Dispensers

    I leave them empty gum lifesavers sell terrible.
  7. tc vending

    Value of a small route

    I think it's worth nothing no assets are being gained since they are bottler owned. The numbers don't sound that great.
  8. tc vending

    Mykbrew vending legit?

    Looks like a scam, walks like a scam, and talks like a scam its a scam.
  9. tc vending

    Lost my 1st machine to damage yesterday

    I hate it when that happens. This happens to me about one time a year a new power cord normally fixes it.
  10. tc vending

    AMS-39 VCF

    Most of my fleet is USI, but last year bought a brand new AMS no trouble with it at all good machine well built.
  11. tc vending

    Healthy vs junk projections

    Run away from all bizop healthy vending scams.
  12. tc vending

    Potential Location

    I have a potential location 330 employees state workers in one building. They changed vendors twice in 6 months the first is one of the largest in the state they say the service was bad. They replaced them with a long time local operator his machines are old and service is average. They have 2 snack and 2 drink they want a food machine which the dont have. Anybody got any thoughts on this?
  13. tc vending

    Machine ID

    Sounds like a good deal.
  14. tc vending

    $40k to start

    A soda only route is almost impossible. The bottlers have the best locations for soda. Full line vendors have the rest of the locations and with no snack machines you got no shot at there business. The only thing left are small locations that do marginal sales.
  15. tc vending

    Vistar Distribution

    We use vistar their ok. Some stuff comes from them some from Sams club. Vistar is generally higher but not always it has more selections to pick from.
  16. tc vending

    More good news from Crane! *Sarcasm Font*

    Been waiting on vending center to get the the seal for the standard single pane glass. They have the high security ones.
  17. tc vending

    More good news from Crane! *Sarcasm Font*

    Ap 933 rubber gasket/seal for factory glass.
  18. tc vending

    More good news from Crane! *Sarcasm Font*

    I have been waiting for the distubutor to get a part for two weeks. I hate crane.
  19. tc vending

    Are my prices to high

    I don't think your prices are to high. Government workers are a pain in the butt complain about everything. Vending the customer thinks we should be cheap and the C store can charge as much as they want. Your company charge what you need to make good profit.
  20. tc vending

    Healthy You / Healthy Vending

    Healthy vending machines are a guaranteed loser. Healthy products don't sell well and healthy machines companies are a good place to overpay for equipment.
  21. tc vending

    plain nacho chips

    Agreed Salsitas are the way to go.
  22. tc vending


    Don't sell gum at all anymore customers stopped buying several years ago we stopped selling gum.
  23. tc vending

    Coke machine underwater

    We had a few units take on water in the great flood. Up to the door locks leave it alone thats too high.
  24. tc vending


    Your right about slow accounts they are a cancer on your overall operations.