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  1. tried and true... My business philosophy dealing with Corporate stores, was simply this. Get your first location, do you job WELL, use that location in time to help with your next locale. As others have stated if you cant get the rack in front of store, a triple seems to work well in break room. Suggest you be in good standing with your Charity! My Charity helped me save a large grocery chain. Good luck to ya! B. Good
  2. I see you are operating the 1800 machines, and was curious to get your feed back on the Tpico (1800 machine) trivend?

    B. Good


  3. If you are in need of parts for all "1800 machines, let me know. I need to know exactly what parts you need, how many and if color specific, specify color...My shipping zip is 37219 if want shipping rates.
  4. Might be a little late but do you still need parts or machines for 1800 triviends you can call me direct if you wish 615 828 0829
  5. Avery has free program to print your.own.labels
  6. are you ready for more 1 800 machines..I have used on here for sale, and I have new ones in the box for sale, but havent put on vend discuss yet.
  7. need to load that place up with more machines....you tearing it up...LOL
  8. wire coated cable is your friend use a lag into the wall and large eye-hook into lag. You will have to purchase to appropriate size cable loops (they allow you to run cable through one side and back through other hole to form your loop for lock or slip other loop through and secure with lock..The cable loops will need to crimped or smashed with a hammer to keep looped cable secure.
  9. are you looking for 1800 lock and key? If so what color key and what code
  10. to the writer.... May I borrow this?
  11. I have what I think is a better machine new for 140.00. I operate a route with these as well...Your customers will appreciate the changing of canisters, and the ease of operation.
  12. twopawsup


  13. Someone had mentioned a locator by the name of eddie bauer. Wanting to know how things are going with this locator to see if we can help the GOOD locators...The rest need to be broadcasted and sent to "locator damnation"!!! Just another thought if you are GREAT but if you are not...please consider joining NBVA....it will help you and all of us. B Good
  14. seems to me all locators start out good and by the end or when you have to ask them for replacements things go to hell in a hand basket....is anyone paying in advance....if so why? call me before using certain locators in the St augustine Fl area brian 615 828 0829
  15. A issue with vendstar is they won't vend bubblegum
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