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  1. leftyvendor

    LLC Info

    Grave diggin a great topic. Love this site.
  2. leftyvendor

    Starting out with soda

    I didn't
  3. leftyvendor

    Cans vs. bottles

    Great breakdown
  4. leftyvendor

    Starting out with soda

    Thanks for the advice. Although I am just starting out, I have been attempting to do my due diligence. I have been asking a lot a questions to locating services. They have been giving me advice as starting with 6 combo machines or setting up 10 locations with Coke/Pepsi (free) machines.
  5. leftyvendor

    Starting out with soda

    Coke/Pepsi or buy my own? Any thoughts?
  6. Hello, I am new to the business. I am pursuing full line vending because where I live. There are thousands of warehouses around here. I see parking lots full of cars all over during business hours. I currently work at a warehouse where we have over 250 employees. We have two break rooms and 4 machines in each. Each with snack, cold food, big soda (bevmax 4) and coffee. I see the a lot of purchases during breaks and lunch every day. Seeing this is what motivates me to get in the business. I am glad I found this site. There is plenty of info and lots of support. After lots of research, finding locations seems to be the first skill I need to learn. I am very excited about my future ventures. And yes, I tried to secure the location at my current job, but it is against company policy. However, I have known the vending decision maker for many years and when I leave my job to run my vending business, I will get the location. Any tips or info on locating skills, locators or full line business research would be much appreciated. Thanks Lefty
  7. Hello, newbie looking to start with soda/snack machines. Anybody have any good locators for soda/snack machines located in Southern California? Has anybody used All Pro Vending Locators? Vending Locator Network?