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  1. With the 4G units the two normal antennas usually get a strong signal. If you switch to the high gain only one is required, just be sure to plug it into the #1 antenna port on the telemeter.
  2. Most people here are going to tell you to go with the two-tier pricing. I don't do that mostly for the reason you mentioned - discouraging people from using cards. I have spoken to too many customers who complained about other vendor's markup to think customers don't notice or care. In reality, you can raise all of your pricing in stages to help cover the fees and customers will accept the higher prices much better than two tier. Yep, that fee hurts because you see it as an added expense, and it is. But as your cashless sales increase you will also save time in the count room, and the cas
  3. Avoid any of the imported combos, such as Seaga. Poor quality with no parts or tech support, often using non standard components as well. AMS or Crane combos are OK, but be aware as was already posted capacity is poor, especially drink capacity. That is unavoidable when you shove two machines into one cabinet. Spending too much time restocking machines hurts your profit margins deeply. As for apartments in general, some can be good locations and some are terrible. Mostly depends on the types of tenants they cater to. College age or family oriented can be good; but locations that cat
  4. That sounds really good. Don't try to be the discount vendor, set reasonable prices that will be profitable for you. (Those food trucks will charge sky high and will hate you if you undercut them too much). Congrats, that should be a nice account! As for the craigslist ad, I don't know anything about that reseller, maybe someone west coast will have some feedback for you.
  5. I Think they mean they are trying to get equipment loaned from the bottler, not buying used equipment.... but that is good advise for anyone buying. And for loaned equipment, it's always good to keep your own records of what machines you receive and especially what machines you return. I have seen bottler records get messed up and they come to you trying to get you to reimburse for a missing machine that you turned in, but if you have good records they will be OK.
  6. I don't know if they sell them individually, but you can order them instead of the card swipe with the kits... here's a sales contact with USAT who should be able to help: Stacey P. Vargo / Inside Sales Representative svargo@usatech.com 😧 484-324-1873
  7. I'm OK with Coke Florida pricing, but Pepsi seems to be trying to bankrupt me.....
  8. There are two pieces you need to connect the MEI bezels to the USAT telemeter, an adaptor and a 5 volt power supply. Not expensive and both available from USAT online: https://store.usatech.com/collections/eport-parts-and-products/products/step-down-power-supply-cable-for-eport-g8-and-g9 https://store.usatech.com/collections/eport-parts-and-products/products/serial-connector-cable-for-the-mei-3-in-1-4-in-1-bezel-to-connect-to-step-down-power-supply-for-g8-and-g9-telemeter Remember, the MEI bezels will only fit on the MEI validators. Just replaces the normal bezel, no wiring co
  9. Just checked one in my warehouse, it has a SN decal on the rear of the cabinet (upper corner) and another inside the cabinet on the upper left side wall. Did not see anything on the door other than the exterior metal plate.
  10. That's an odd lock for a vending machine unless it's one of the old snacktime units.... that looks like a stock photo, what kind of machine do you have? Most drink and snack machines have a lock cylinder that is simple to replace for rekeying...
  11. About 3%, happens every January like clockwork. Pepsi and 7 Up also.
  12. I know that I can see coin tube value in ParLevel using USAT when the coin mech is capable of transmitting that info (CF 7000's for example). So the data is there. I have not used the Nayax back end in years so I don't know where to look in that program, you might try reaching out to them for the info if no one here has an answer....
  13. I believe you are going to need an adaptor to connect the bezel reader to the modem.
  14. The 4x4's work in your warehouse for storing and moving machines when you have a pallet jack; on location you don't use them. I am going to disagree with orsd, I use heavy duty furniture sliders under all of my machines on location. Home depot carries them and they are rated for 1,000 lbs. They protect the client's floor, make it easier to move the machine for on site repairs, and the thick foam helps to stabilize the machine on it's levelers.
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