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  1. You've got the math figured out, hopefully your locations won't all flee to other vendors. I like raising prices one category at a time and at least 6 months apart. Less likely to spur action on provider changes. You are big enough that there may not be enough competition to take a huge share of accounts, but how many can you afford to lose before the math turns around? That is the competitive side of the issue, and it does act to hold prices down in basic economic theory. Good luck.
  2. Yes, Nayax is pretty good with warranty service, I just chose to migrate all my machines over to USAT anyway over time, and my units are now out of warranty. I tried several different companies over the past few years and still have a mix of different readers out in the field. I started with Nayax and appreciate the way they are willing to work with you, but I just became discouraged with their hardware. I hope you have a better experience...
  3. I have had a couple hit where they attacked the validator, I don't have a cure for that either. I had to drop the location. If it's the product door, you might consider a plexiglass sheet over the normal glass. Attach to the door frame and overlap where you can. It can't extend over the service door because of the door offset. If someone wants in bad enough and the machine is in a location where they have time to attack it, they will get in. If the location is not secure, the machine won't be secure. I don't know if an AMS Outsider would be a better choice for a location like that, not sure how much more secure they really are.
  4. They are pretty reliable, minor problems like any machine. Get some spare parts like delivery port and elevator motors if you are going to add a lot of them, the motors don't go out often but if they do the whole machine is down.
  5. The contactless works fine with USAT but not at all with Nayax.
  6. The MEI readers are pricey, especially if you buy them by themselves from crane. You would have to check with USAT sales to see what the kit price is now, I think it was about $100 more than the standard setup. Or you could buy them on validators complete. As far as the door panel you need to call crane parts...
  7. I don't have much to add to the advise to call tech support. Sounds like something got fried for sure, and since you have already replaced the usual suspects (and then some) the only things left I can think of are power supply, door switch, and cables. Not sure how any of those could be causing the issue. Tech support can walk you thru checking the error codes to start. Maybe this will help:
  8. I have had that problem with most of my nayax units, it started with the older version but extended into the Amit's.... the card processing still seems to work but the DEX data stops reporting. It starts as an intermittant problem but eventually stops dexing altogether. After dealing with tech support a few times and being told I need to replace the telemeter, I now just go right to replacement - with a USAT unit.
  9. You have 2 good options: 1) Use the MEI 4 in 1 validator bezel on an MEI validator. You can buy the complete kit as an option from USAT instead of their regular card swipe. 2) Crane sells an upper front section with the second knockout for a card reader. Notice the plastic front on the service door is in sections, you only need to replace the top section. You could maybe try to drill and mount above or below the machine display panel with some kind of shim, but I have never done that, just a thought that occurred to me... the interior of the service door is metal so you would have to scope it out first to see if it's doable.
  10. I get this complaint about once a week and have to explain the process, since no one ever reads the signs.... never have had one be an actual overcharge.
  11. Bingo! It's just Chris, he is actually pretty helpful most times.... found this link that may help:
  12. And that is an old Coke machine, they always set the first 2 selections together for coca-cola, both vending from the same (usually 3) columns, so the machine never runs out of coke. You can set all 8 selections to different columns and double up on the better sellers....
  13. You can also swap changers to a unit with a dollar coin tube, I use those in locations where I get a lot of 5's. You have more cash tied up in the change bank but will help keep from running out of quarters and customers will tend to use the dollar coins in future purchases. Be sure your bank will have a supply available, some banks just don't want to mess with stocking dollar coins so they can be hard to get in quantity...
  14. If you are in a sales tax state the seller can show you his sales tax returns without invading his personal tax info....
  15. The lights are not tied into the vend process unless you have a machine with sold out indicator lights, which I don't recall seeing on an E model. Does the display scroll sold out at any point? If you have a bad door switch the sold outs may not be resetting when you close the door, which would result in no vends. You can disconnect the door switch and manually open/close the circuit to see if any changes occur.
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