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  1. Be sure the VMC version will support cashless and DEX. Older machines such as AMS Sensit 1 or 2 can be too expensive to upgrade. USI machines using boards prior to GVC 1 or 2 usually won't DEX without an aftermarket board, and sometimes have issues with cashless. Of course, test all the motors and pay attention to the sizes of the spirals. I have had issues with too many smaller width spirals on older machines (made when large size chips were not common). Spirals can usually be swapped for larger sizes but of course that comes with a cost.
  2. True enough, Mike. but as long as the machine is MDB he can also upgrade the coin mech to a larger capacity unit that also holds dollar coins. Just 10 dollar coins equals a roll of quarters, so they really amp up the capacity (and a lot of people will spend them back into the machine). By the way, who is still selling ANYTHING for fiddy cents?
  3. Welcome to the forum! What kind of vending are you going to be doing? Bulk, games, or drinks and snacks? The forum section for beverage and snack vending is usually the busiest and the best place to ask most questions For your route, be organized and keep a professional attitude. Best of luck!
  4. ParLevel users - is anyone else seeing unexplained changes in your machine inventories within the program? I can't figure out what's happening, and can't even capture enough info for tech support to find a problem, but I have seen machine inventories get far out of line with no good explanation for why they did. Don't think it is a driver issue because it seems to happen between services. Or am I just crazier than usual??
  5. That should be basic to any system. My question is do either of these have the ability to accept and use the data from the other? I have been using ParLevel VMS for several years in part because they were able to take in the data from multiple cashless providers and use it in one system....
  6. Offline machines - the problem is you can't know exactly what is sold without remote data. Some VMS programs like ParLevel manage offline machines with a predictive algorithm based on prior service data, but it will never be exact. You can work with that or transition all of your machines to online. Hand cart - you really don't have one? I like magliner carts, they will outlast both of us but you pay for that quality. On the cheap end places like harbor freight or home depot sell carts that will last a little while under heavy use, but will need replacement sooner than later. Get so
  7. No, just trying to get ahead of the wholesale price increases, and stay on par with the c-store pricing in my area.
  8. Another comment related to "yeet syndrome" - be sure that the space below the card swipe is open so the card can be swiped. You may need to offset the card swipe a little if it is over and close to the validator mask, so the card does not get blocked halfway thru the swipe....
  9. The movie theater size is much larger than the normal single serving candy that most vendors sell. I am at 1.25 and going to 1.50 on single serve (usually around 1.5 oz).
  10. Welcome! What kind of vending are you looking into? Beverage and food, bulk, games?
  11. I don't think that vending card processors are set up to "add on" sales tax as a checkout option. All of them offer "two-tier" pricing so that you can charge for card acceptance, but that is at a flat rate per item. Plus, you would still not be able to add sales tax on cash purchases. The ability to add sales tax at checkout is one of the supposed selling points of micromarket kisoks; but the math is handled in the kisok software, not the card processing. And you still run into the issue of no penny change, which micromarkets don't offer but avoid the issue by focusing on or even forcing
  12. My bad, thanks for correcting me! Just for the record, I was basing this on the post below, and my limited experience with seeing 12 pin units plugged into 15 pin sockets - believing 24 volt units would be interchangeable... Vendo Mike Add your text here BASIC 58 247 posts Popular Post Posted February 4 The TRC6010 you installed is likely burned out because you unknowingly supplied it with 110 VDC. If it didn't po
  13. You also need to have enough product in the column to depress the sold out paddle before it will allow a cash vend. You should be able to do test vends thru the board once the display is normal. I am guessing that is a coin changer error code but not sure, if so adding coins should clear it. And the 12 pin 24 volt should work with the 15 pin connector.
  14. Yes, very possible if they jammed both validators.
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