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  1. Since I use a lot of bottler machines, they have pricing programs that go along with that, including quotas. Since you don't have bottler machines yet, your pricing may be different. Volume is key, coke in my area has 4 levels of discount based on volume for what they call "full line operators", vendors that use their drink machines but also offer other products in other machines. You start out at the bottom and work your way into better pricing. Delivery is a big time saver so that offsets some of the extra cost. All of my suppliers are willing to deliver by "key drop"; that is, they have a door code to access part of my warehouse and will leave the product inside. I leave a check for them to pick up at the same time, so I don't need to be there when they deliver.
  2. Good answers above. These machines are averaging $50 a week if the numbers are correct. Out of your $600 in sales, product cost will be between 50-60%, the card readers will run anywhere between $8 to $15 a month each plus swipe fees, and also deduct sales tax if not already figured in. So your gross profit will be about $ 150 a month before figuring your other overhead. Even assuming no other overhead (repairs, business licenses, insurance, bank charges, vehicle expense to service the machines, etc) you will need 4 1/2 years to break even at that price. Small accounts with small machines are just too hard to make a profit with if you overpay. I start valuing at 50% of annual sales for a route, so that would be $ 3,600. Imported machines and combo machines are a negative but the card readers are a positive. $50 a week is a bottom level account, not worth any premium. So I might offer $ 3,000, which may not even pay off his debt on the machines if he still has any (likely), but I would NOT go any higher. Maybe start with Allen's 2.5 and let him counter you a little bit. Be humble about making the offer, and don't be surprised if he is insulted, but don't let that guilt you into overpaying. Leave the offer on the table and wait for the callback if you want it.
  3. The other problem is the current state of the market might make a full price sale difficult at this time. Subbing out may make sense until a sale can be arranged, or arrange with the contract operator a buy out provision. You might take a larger cut over a set period of time that would eventually allow ownership to transfer to the contract operator. Perhaps with a balloon payment at the end of term... you could agree on a price and how much of the monthly collections would go towards that amount with a payoff in X years. You just need to protect your collateral with a well drafted agreement.
  4. You didn't indicate what your signal strength reading was before and after, but in my experience the high gain antenna solves any signal problem that can be solved. If it's still not working I would agree with AZ that the problem is elsewhere; you may need to change the telemeter...
  5. You have 2 choices for the card reader, you can buy a replacement upper panel with the second knockout from crane, or you can use a 4 in 1 bezel on an mei validator. I don't think the panel is too expensive, basically just molded plastic, but I prefer the 4 in 1 bezel myself.
  6. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    List of recommended spare parts for Crane BevMax units


  7. Here is the solution I received from Crane's field technician for Florida: I guess your machines need software update. Older software product has to deliver to port before taking money. Newer software, once product is detected in cup it takes the money regardless if delivered to port. See attached spares parts list for your convenience. 101269 SOFTWARE (RED BOARD EPROM) (Specify Version) 101267 SOFTWARE (BLUE BOARD EPROM), (Specify Version)
  8. I use USAT cashless and manage my routes with ParLevel. You can go sole source with ParLevel and get Nayax cashless thru them, and that won't be a mistake either, but I find the USAT cashless hardware to be the most reliable for me. That is always subject to change as companies upgrade, or rest on their laurels. Free advise for what it it worth....
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Tech documents for the Talos bill validators and the 4 in 1 cashless bezel.


  10. Crane sent me some tech support docs (I will post into downloads). The only change to the 4 in 1 bezel is a slightly different mounting plate; since the 4 in 1 bezel does not connect into the validator but directly to the telemeter any card issues are separate from the validator, as before. And programming can also be done with a scan card which is supposed to come with the new unit. If you picked these up used you may have to get some blank scan cards from crane.
  11. Ditto, I am always on the laptop when I am on here. No ad issues for me.
  12. I use both, and there does not seem to be a difference as far as the customer is concerned. The 4 in 1 bezel makes a nice light show, but will cost more. I use them on BevMax units because the second knockout is too high (does not meet ADA requirements). It's also good on other machines without the second knockout so that you don't have to drill.
  13. Sell it and buy a decent machine. The first answer you got was the only answer you really needed. Don't waste time or money at all on this machine.
  14. Much too old. There were fairly simple upgrades made for this generation of machines to add bill validators when those became common; but card readers require a much more modern system using a control board with compatible firmware and MDB protocol. No one makes a package upgrade for these old machines and DIY would basically require building a new machine from scratch inside the old shell if could even be done... If you want a card reader then obviously it's not going in your man cave. Look around and invest in a used DN 501E or Royal 650 with MDB and up to date firmware. You will be much better off in time, cost, and reliability.
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