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  1. I don't put anything in the machine for less than .75. I have been at that level for years on small snack items (1 oz or less size) and will probably hold that for a while longer since costs on those are still low, but I am phasing out some of those for large snack size (LSS) at $1, which will probably go to 1.15 - 1.25 sometime next year. As I put more card readers out and move average prices higher, there seems to be fewer people buying the bargain basement sizes in favor of getting a decent portion for their money... you purchased a customer base that will have to be trained to accept normal prices over time, but it can be done..
  2. I agree, the short and narrow pallet jack is a great piece of equipment to have for about 90% of vending moves. I would have another person with you for installs, and take the time to walk the install route and measure any tight spaces.
  3. Any machine can have issues any time, that's why we all learn to fix machines. Coin jams and broken validators cost us sales as well, just not all of our machines at once! It hurt, but as of tonight all of my units seems to be reporting again, so we will see what Monday brings to us....
  4. I'm stumped. maybe a bad changer but just a guess. Maybe someone else will have an idea...
  5. orsd is pretty on target. I know some operators are still at 1.00 for candy and .60 for small chips, I have no idea how they stay in business. Check prices at local c-stores for a comparison point, and remember the shelf price at those stores will not include sales tax, which your price will need to include. I try to be near the average c-store price, maybe a few cents lower. Expect some push back from customers with any price increase, a few will complain directly and sales will be slightly off for a few weeks, but if your prices are reasonable in comparison to other sources you will be fine. Better to sell 5 items at a profit than 10 at a loss.... operators stay cheap especially when selling the route because they fear losing locations. If you provide good service and reasonable prices, anyone you lose will not be an account you want anyway. Also think about your changers when pricing, if you drinks are .75 or 1.00 for example, you change banks will usually be OK. If you go to .85 then change from 1.00 will take a nickle and dime each time, and you will find your changers running out of small coins (been there done that). Go to .90 if you don't want to do 1.00. Quarter increments work best, .15 over the quarter is OK; 10 or 20 over the quarter should be avoided.
  6. FYI for anyone who has not seen the email yet.... We are currently experiencing a network outage with ePort devices. This morning we started to experience network issues with our ePort devices reporting into the system. What you need to know: This outage is primarily affecting ePort G8, G9, or G10 devices. While Seed devices are currently not being impacted, you will experience alerts within your Seed application for ePort devices showing “offline” or not DEXing. Seed should automatically kick in forecasting for your daily operations. Interactive devices, Quick Connect and Kiosks are starting to get impacted due to heavy traffic trying to report into our network, which is slowing down transaction processing. We are working to diagnose and repair this issue, there is no need to send technicians out at this time. Devices experiencing this issue will come back online once the issue has been resolved. Please follow our status page for the latest updates and new information regarding this network issue at usatech.com/status. FOLLOW STATUS UPDATES Thank you for your patience. USA Technologies Team
  7. Depends on the control board, if it is a newer GVC it can do cards and DEX with the proper firmware. I have had some success with cashless on F80 boards but no DEX or MDB data. Older boards no way.
  8. It's that way everywhere. Prices for sugar and cocoa are going up on the manufacturers. I'm paying 79 for some of my candy now.
  9. Did you change the cam settings and the shims? If you change the package size you need to install the correct shims for the new package, and set the cam to turn the correct amount to dispense one item at a time. There is usually a setup guide on the inner door or do an internet search for the vendor manual. You may need to order shims if you don't have any extras.
  10. Posted about this before - you can order a replacement upper plastic panel from crane for the bevmax that will allow the second cutout; or you can use the 4 in 1 bezel. Was on the USAT store website the other day and saw some sore of adapter kit for the bevmax but I have no idea how that would work out. I usually order the 4 in 1 as an option with new telemeters when buying from USAT; I'm sure they are available from other sources as well...
  11. Just going to take a guess, if the price is controlled by the coin mech then the machine is single price (same price for all selections)? With the older US single price machines, there is a row of dip switches behind the upper part of the changer. There should be latches at the top to allow the deck to pull forward and expose the switches. In the US the first switch (left to right) is 5 cents, then each switch doubles the prior, so: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80..... you select the combination that adds up to the desired price. Newer machines set prices thru the control board and swapping the changer does not effect set prices. Hope this helps.
  12. https://rc.cranems.com/ https://www.royalvendors.com/customer-service/technical-info/manuals/
  13. There is an upgrade kit for the harness assembly if you need to go that route. Clean all the sensors again and check that the cup arm is level. I use QD (quick drying) contact cleaner on switches and connectors with pretty good success. Power off first!
  14. https://www.wsj.com/articles/coronavirus-is-causing-a-can-shortage-11598356980?st=dqyu1e9myp8xywq
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