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  1. Southeast Treats

    Best managing software?

    That's the great thing about owning a business - you get to do things your own way! Vendtrak sure looks less expensive, but is it more oriented to bulk operators? There is also Vendsoft, which looks more oriented to the snack/drink side of the business...
  2. Southeast Treats

    Best managing software?

    I am under an older contract so my prices are a little better, and it depends on if the machine is online or offline. If all your machines are online then 6 is probably the current monthly rate, if some are offline (no data) then they are a little cheaper. When it's all up and running you will have savings in efficiency that eclipse the cost. You get what you pay for. A caveat with any system is that you are going to have a LOT of data entry in the beginning (location data, machine data, planograms) to get up and running. Parlevel helps with a lot of that if you can provide them with lists...
  3. Southeast Treats

    Best managing software?

    I use parlevel for my VMS and really like it, lots of features and options. They can import data from USAT or most other cashless services. I track location sales in parlevel as well, but do the bulk of my accounting in Quickbooks online.
  4. snack/soda ratio: I don't know if there is a magic number, every location is different... the issue would be how much product would you throw out as stale? Cans/bottles: The distributors are pushing bottles, but especially in a store where you are trying to capture incremental sales I think the less expensive cans would capture more impulse sales, as well as having longer shelf life and higher capacity in most machines (about double the bottle capacity) meaning less restocking. Commissions: There is often an unclear explanation of how commissions will be computed, and unrealistic expectations of sales numbers. The Dixie and Royal machines both have unresettable sales meters built in that can be tracked and compared to the vendors' commission reporting. That needs to be understood in advance and tracked by both parties. Clearly setting out the commission in writing is critical. Vague promises of large percentages without knowing the basis and what expenses are involved are no good.
  5. Southeast Treats

    Micro Market

    Was that 2K a month? If you are not already into micro markets this may not be the place to start. Most kiosks come with a high monthly service fee that has to be factored into your prices. I would also be wary of investing too much without a good long term contract. Only 2 years and they are changing again?
  6. Southeast Treats

    Pickle Juice???

    Got a request for pickle juice... seems to be getting popular (rehydration, electrolyte replacement) but sources are limited and expensive. Found some at walmart online but over $2/bottle. Anyone else getting requests or carrying anything in this category?
  7. OK, if you are doing this yourself, focus on can drinks. Snacks will be too much to manage and you will have lots of stales with only one location. Cans have a good shelf life - usually 8 to 10 months - except diet drinks which are only about 3 months tops. Buy a good used Dixie Narco 501E with MDB changer and validator. Plan to spend about 1,000 to 1,500. The MDB equipment is the current standard and will be for a long time to come. You can tell if it has 6 pin molex (plastic) connectors and is low voltage (24 to 34 volts), that is MDB. If you buy from a refurbisher, ask them to set it up for cans for you. The only big setup issue is having the proper shims for cans or bottles. That machine will give you usually 9 selections; and is multi price if you decide to do some energy drinks like Monster, for example. The MDB components are easily swapped and replacements are plentiful. If you don't have a local repair service you can swap and send the bad unit out for repair without losing sales time. Pay good attention to the cooling system and keep the fins on the front clean to reduce problems with the compressor. The cooling deck can also be swapped if you do have problems and those are readily available as well. Usually, compressors last a long time but in a laundry you will have to pay attention at least monthly to keeping it clean to prevent overheating. Your other option is to keep your capital and time for your main business and find a local vendor who will put in drinks and snacks for you and pay you a reasonable commission. Remember, he is taking all the capital expense. repairs, and labor off your back, so it needs to be a good deal for both of you.
  8. Southeast Treats

    Vend Purchase Group?

    I notice a post linking them to USG, which is a legit co-op but one with a high entry point. Wondering if that is correct? I may have to rethink joining them....
  9. Southeast Treats

    CONLUX bill accepter

    I have had it happen with customers about 3 times over the years, and have tested it myself. I put labels on the front "takes 1's and 5's" or something to that effect.... working on upgrading everything to MEI's sooner or later...
  10. Southeast Treats

    CONLUX bill accepter

    I had that same issue occur a few years ago and called the company about it. I was told it was a programming error when they did the upgrade to the new 5's, but they had no plans to issue a fix for the programming as the validators were no longer being made. So any conlux upgraded to take new fives will read a 10 as a 5. We don't see it much since few people will put a 10 in a vending machine....
  11. Southeast Treats

    Mounting cc reader

    http://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-8590-d63105730-dn-hvv-big-button-p-series-credit-card-reader-mounting-bracket-black.aspx http://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-8331-d63105740004-dn-hvv-credit-card-reader-kit.aspx
  12. Southeast Treats

    Bill acceptor repair

    Hope things get better for ya....
  13. Southeast Treats

    Newest equipment

    Pepsi offered me some as well, this was supposed to be part of the hello goodness campaign initially. It is a Seaga, and I don't know what the individual capacities are for each column. I like the idea of a stack vendor that has a lot more selections, but don't want to play with a Seaga.
  14. Southeast Treats

    Where to buy healthy snacks and meals

    Amazon for business may be a good start
  15. Southeast Treats

    Potential Location

    While this might be a nice small account, you obviously are already thinking that they are hard to please, and quick to change vendors. Can you afford to invest in newer equipment, cold food vending (a loss leader most likely), frequent service regardless of sales, and keep your prices low to keep the account, and maybe then still lose them? Also, is that a state building? If so, where are blind vending people in all of this? I would want at least a 3 year (well written) contract before even thinking about that....