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  1. I see CBD everywhere these days but I think it's still a gray area of law in many states, in spite of claims to the contrary.
  2. ParLevel VMS has a subsidy report that you can use, but if you are not already using a VMS it would be a lot of work to set up for one account. Depending on your agreement and how often you want to bill, you just need to keep records of how much product in and any stales pulled out; or if your machines will track actual sales you could pull and use that info.
  3. It depends on the types of tenants they are catering to. I have a complex that rents to college students and does pretty well with glass front machines inside the clubhouses, about 80 -90 % cashless sales there. Complexes with older residents are not likely to do as well. Rent assisted complexes may do well but security might be an issue. Being near the amenities is important as that is where the impulse buying will take place.
  4. You need to check the machine settings. Depending on the machine, you should turn on "force vend" that will require the customer to make a selection before getting change; or select "bill escrow on" to hold their bill and return it instead of returning change. The validator does not have any settings to control those actions.
  5. Same here, 1.15 at some locations but mostly going to 1.25. C-Stores are already at 1.29 to 1.49 plus tax.
  6. I rented a storage unit for several years and had no problems getting deliveries there by "key drop"; the unit had a combination lock and the drivers were given the combo. You need to pick a storage facility that has easy truck access, no main gate is best. At mine the trucks could pull straight thru and did not have to back in or out. If I needed to leave a check I would put it on a clipboard in an obvious place inside the unit. When I got snack deliveries I would pick them up and move them home to avoid attracting rodents, but drinks stayed right in the unit until needed. Also gave me room to store a machine or two as needed. Worked out pretty well and not too expensive (no utilities in the unit).
  7. Sadly, those machines are not very well liked for good reason, unreliable with no tech support and parts almost impossible to find. I could only suggest that you reboot the machine, as I have some similar machines that tend to lose programming from time to time and the reboot usually helps. You might repost your question on the food and beverage forum, someone there may have other suggestions.
  8. A very detailed press release, except it does not say why the vending machine caught fire... let's see, smoke damage, water damage from the sprinkler, loss of productivity in the entire facility, that should be a pretty big check someone will have to write: https://www.naperville.il.us/2019-news-articles/naperville-fire-department-responds-to-structure-fire-on-fort-hill-drive/
  9. with items having multiple rows, I will empty the first row and place warm product in the rear, moving cold product over to empty the second row, repeat to the last row and front that with the cold product from the first row. cuts down on a little handling and spreads the new product over the back of the selection for better rotation. it's a little work but I grew up stocking the old style chest coolers in our country store so I have to say glass fronts are easier than that anyway!!
  10. I have that issue often and usually a reboot will solve it, sometimes have to reboot twice. I would not suspect that many bad telemeters in a batch, so maybe network errors if the reboot does not work
  11. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2019/06/20/mta-begins-vending-machine-test-in-subway-stations
  12. I think Lipton still sells an instant tea mix you can buy at the grocery store in large containers, that should work if you can get the settings right....
  13. as to branded, I had a Seattle's Best machine that did 100+ cups a week at an average $2 per cup, but it was in an airport location. I felt the branding made the machine stand out, and the quality did not hurt either (had staffers with access to ocs coming down to buy from the machine). But, that location was somewhat different than yours. Full size but not branded, good bean to cup machine, under $2 a cup, and don't forget the card reader. Be prepared, if you have not done coffee before, there is a LOT of maintenance and cleaning that goes into keeping the machine working and the product quality high. Mine was a Crane machine, and the waste bucket filled up every week (automatic cleaning cycle at least daily) so 7 days between visits is the maximum or the machine shuts itself off.
  14. I have no issues with upgrading the 120 v maka usually, but the 24 volt units are another story... ordered some "24 Volt" maka to mars conversion harnesses, they came in with the 120 volt maka connectors, when I checked with the seller I was told the 24 v connectors are not made anymore and "just force it together". So far that has not worked for me... at this point I am thinking I need to just replace the machines so that I can add cashless anyway. FYI for anyone who cares, GS Vending Repair in Orlando will still work on the Maka's, although parts can be scarce...
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