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  1. Southeast Treats

    Selling a vending account.

    Normally you will not involve the location, as they might misunderstand and bring in another vendor or try to get otherwise involved. Once you have done the deal you can introduce the new operator to them as you see fit, just in the normal course of business.
  2. Southeast Treats

    Help me value the business

    By my math, his current machine average is $ 86 per week. The schools throw that math off somewhat because they are seasonal. You didn't say how many locations those machines are spread between, or how big a territory he covers; but I agree that a 4 man staff is too big. Also, does he own all his drink machines, or are they bottler loaners? And does he have any card readers or telemetry? How is he currently managing the business, on paper or with an online VMS? Does he operate any machines other than snacks or drinks (cold food, coffee, ice cream)? There could be a lot of room for improvement that would boost your bottom line, but the current value is based on today, not some possible tomorrow....
  3. Southeast Treats

    home built vending

    Very nice.... I might have an interest in the kayak rental machine when you get it going!
  4. Southeast Treats

    Vistar Distribution

    It's hard to beat Sams pricing on what they carry, but I use a lot of Vistar products to get a bigger variety. Here they have a 25 unit minimum for delivery. I can't seem to find a good third option in this part of Florida, either their delivery dosen't quite reach me or their pricing is way too high....
  5. Sometimes just going in and back out of service mode resets the issue, but do a motor count at least while you are in the service menu. Seaga's seem to have a bad habit of losing track of motors....
  6. Southeast Treats

    Vending Machine Moving

    A small come-along can serve the same purpose, maybe not quite as handy but will get the job done....
  7. Southeast Treats

    New Location Gross Sales Expectation?

    Yep to the above, stick to cans for the shelf life and maybe use a larger machine if you have one so you can extend the service intervals. If you have to buy a machine, look for a good deal of course, but remember the machine isn't going to be married to the location, you can always relocate it somewhere better later on if this location is really bad...
  8. Southeast Treats

    Vending Machine Moving

    I like the Stevens dolly, very similar to the dutro, and also the short and narrow pallet jack (available from ULine). The dollys can run 800-900 new, the pallet jack about 300. Here's the issue: pallet jacks are not meant for inclines. You can do it, CAREFULLY, but you should have 2 experienced people on the move. Plus for the pallet jack; I keep all my stored machine that don't have legs on 4x4's cut to 36 inches. I can move machines around the warehouse all day long by myself, very handy for storing machines deep and then getting them out to prep. Also use the 4X4's to move machines back to floor level as needed (tilt and remove one side at a time). The piano dollies (split dollies) are great when you have to scissor a machine thru a door, but also tend to be expensive. None of it should require heavy work if you are doing it right (except stairs - stairs are a golpher without a power dolly). Take your time and plan out the work in advance. I also put heavy duty floor gliders under most of my installs now, protects the clients floor and makes sliding the machines much easier when required. I have scissored machines thru level doorways using just gliders (yes that is a bit of heavy work). For transport I use a trailer with a long drop tailgate.. wish I could afford a hydraulic trailer, but am going to look around to see if I can rent one in my area as needed!
  9. Southeast Treats

    More good news from Crane! *Sarcasm Font*

    wonderful, just wonderful......
  10. Southeast Treats

    Suggestions For Hostel

    That's a new one for me, but some ideas: Clif bars or Nature Valley products, ramen, etc. non-food items like earbuds or various toiletries (check out MAV for sundries http://merchavend.com/ batteries, probably AA or AAA sizes for small devices
  11. Southeast Treats

    How Much Should I Pay For a Large Vending Route?

    If that location is the moneymaker of the route, then leaving the contract in someone else's control would be a deal breaker for me. The contract should have a transfer clause in it that allows it to move with the ownership of the company, or have been done in a corporate name that you would acquire in the transaction. On a deal of this size, I would probably seek out a good business attorney to do all the paperwork and a closing on the deal, and would seek good legal advise about the issue with this location.
  12. Southeast Treats

    Displaying USAT fee info ??

    Offering cashless is an extra expense, but as you found out, customers feel entitled to have it at no extra charge. I opted from the beginning to absorb the cost, but I do make sure my prices are high enough on all purchases to cover the cost. (So yes, all the customers pay for cashless - just like any other store where you can use a card for payment - but the customers like it better!) I am the oddball here on this, as most everyone else charges the extra dime. My feeling is that I add the card readers to increase my business, so why turn around and charge people for using them and discouraging their business...
  13. Southeast Treats

    Pay Range

    It's ok but not as good as using a card reader with contactless capabilities. It is cheaper, although I think they are raising their prices for new customers by adding a monthly fee, which they did not have before. Has to be in a location with a regular set of customers who will adopt the app on their phones. If you are trying to use it for sales data it is not very good, since it is dependent on a customer using the app with the machine in order to hitchhike the data on their signal.
  14. Southeast Treats

    Best repair service for coin mechs??

    Asking who's the best is a bit like asking who makes the best pizza - it's a matter of opinion in a lot of ways. Obviously, the guys you are using are not in the running for your best of list. What area are you in? I am lucky enough to have 2 good shops nearby in the Orlando area. One is Vendor's Repair Service http://www.vendorsrepair.com/ (also in Atlanta) and the other is a one man shop, GS Vending Repair https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/bfs/d/gs-vending-and-repair/6527070945.html. Depending on your area someone near you may know a shop closer to home...
  15. Southeast Treats

    Barber shop snack machine

    So, maybe 4 potential customers. Not too many customers there long enough to want a snack... offer them an honor box if you want but I would pass on the machine...