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  1. Southeast Treats

    Credit card readers on hvv

    Parlevel will not work with the 4 in 1. USAT works well and sells new bezels as an option. Nayax will work with the card swipe portion but not the "tap" proximity reader....
  2. Southeast Treats

    AMS Sensit 3 leaking water

    Having a similar problem with a drink machine. Thought it might have been off level but that checked OK. Condensation was building up and not running to the drain. I changed the machine level to try and get the water flowing to the drain, so far the leaking has stopped but the flow is still not quite right, so I need to make some more adjustments and see what happens.
  3. Southeast Treats

    Bev/Snack Location Worth Trying?

    It really depends on the drivers and what other options they have while they are there. I have a trucking terminal with only a handful of regular employees, but it easily does 150-200 per week with the drivers who end up killing time there. In my favor is that it's rural and there aren't many other options nearby.
  4. Southeast Treats

    Will the Whining ever end in this business?

    Sadly, I have a couple Seaga's, you don't want them if you can avoid them. Yes, retuning may fix the quarter problem. If the "missing" vends are drinks, I have found they sometimes get stuck in the corners instead of being near the delivery door. I made cardboard ramps in one machine to force products to the middle where customers can find them. Sometimes customers problems seem self inflicted only because we have not seen them before and don't know what to fix.
  5. Southeast Treats

    Amazon expanding, creating their own delivery service

    They have over 3000 applicants to be subcontractors and have ordered the sprinter vans to be delivered over the next year... all on lease to the subs, not to be owned by Amazon. They are already doing an Uber-style delivery service in larger cities, and the drivers are complaining it's not as lucrative as advertised....
  6. Southeast Treats

    Credit card readers on hvv

    You could use an MEI 4 in 1 bezel...
  7. That should be a good area - best of luck!
  8. Invest in some time to read thru prior posts here on the forum; there is a ton of good info here. As for the short answer on combo machines - capacity is too small, have to be serviced too often if they are in a good location. Also, many are imported and have poor or no parts or tech support. Where are you in Florida?
  9. Southeast Treats

    How to handle site that wants to subsidize

    I have not had a subsidy account, but some things to think about: - Don't forget sales tax in your calculations - be sure that you and the company understand how long your current prices are good/ guaranteed, and when you might raise prices (i.e., price list you provide has an expiration date clearly stated; or prices may be reset at a certain time or interval). If you use a VMS like ParLevel, it has the ability to track and invoice subsidies. I have not had to use it so not sure how it is set up. If you are not already using an online management program that is a big jump in itself. There are already some good suggestions on how to set up a manual system...
  10. Southeast Treats

    USAT Billing Error

    I received mine as promised...
  11. Southeast Treats

    Enterprise Gone Wrong...

    From "The Vending Times": Authorities Seize Crack Pipe Vending Machine Disguised As Pen Vender On Long Island by Emily Jed Posted On: 9/13/2018 BROOKHAVEN, NY -- A makeshift vending machine selling crack pipes popped up outside of a shopping center in this Long Island town authorities say. The vending machine, labeled “pens,” located outside the Coram Commons shopping center, secured into the grass with concrete. The pipes appeared to be made out of broken-down pens, with a small piece of gauze, according to authorities. They sold for $2 each, in quarters. The Town of Brookhaven, which includes Coram, received complaints about the machine on Sept 9. Investigators said they were immediately removing the vending machine and turning the case over to the Suffolk County Police Department.
  12. Southeast Treats

    501E confusing selections

    Good thought about the STS; we have already swapped in a refurb board so that should correct any issue there. The machine has switches, not the newer membrane, an the driver did a good check for jammed buttons. Now will just wait and see if it reoccurs.... thanks!
  13. Southeast Treats

    Testing Coin Mech's and Bill Validators

    A Bench tester can be a bit pricey.... https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-949-ds8005-sem-ct3-vending-tester.aspx
  14. Southeast Treats

    501E confusing selections

    Had my driver go to check out a complaint of a machine misvending. The customer said that her selection vended the wrong product 4 times in a row - persistent customer! These were selections 7 and 8 on a 9 select machine. The driver confirmed the problem with several vends and he thought that switching the labels would solve the issue. I had him test vend the entire machine and all other selections worked ok - as did the two problem selections this time. No recent work on the machine but some prior complaints that we could not replicate at the time indicate it has been ongoing. The only thing we can see as a possible issue is the control board. Any other ideas??
  15. Southeast Treats

    disposing of machines

    That is the cleanest looking scrapyard I have ever seen.....