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  1. And here is the Federal site, including loans to support payroll.... https://www.sba.gov/page/coronavirus-covid-19-small-business-guidance-loan-resources
  2. Here is a link to the Florida state disaster loan program for small business: https://floridadisasterloan.org/eligibility-and-loan-process/ Right now, it's not possible to say how much you might lose or need, but if a loan is the only way to stay afloat through this, it's a place to start. Best of luck to everyone....
  3. DEX should not impact on credit sales, they are different programs. How are you checking the charge card data? Nayax has 2 protocols last I knew, pre-authorization and post-authorization. Pre verifies the card before allowing a selection and places a small hold on the account until the final purchase amount clears; post allows the selection and then clears the actual purchase amount. That may not be relevant to the issue but could help to know if you are seeing the correct info in your banking app. In some cases post can cause the opposite of your problem, a charge can be placed but the machine times out before the vend occurs. If you are vending without a charge I might suspect a bad vend sensor on the machine that is causing the reader to cancel the charge as if there was a no vend situation. That would probably require a change in settings by Nayax support. My other suspicion would be your telemeter is not connecting to the host properly, so the charge is lost after the vend occurs.
  4. Looks now like I will be down about 60-65% for this week. Yes, I expect a lot of stales on the back end. Should be able to struggle thru April, but then..... As far as should we be working, I think we already do our jobs with minimum contact and it's important to support our accounts that are still operating if they want our service. Nothing wrong with wearing masks and gloves while servicing, if you can find them right now. And clean, clean, clean.... warehouse and trucks too!
  5. For a long time I kept a cleaning bag on the back of my hand truck, but when the straps broke I just threw it in the van and only grab it when I know I need to clean. I think it's time to replace it and get one for my other driver as well. It's a lot easier when everything is right at hand and ready to use. The problem with him will be getting him to slow down long enough to clean anything!
  6. For the machine to accept, there has to be at least one column stocked above the level of the sold out paddles (or hold down a paddle, if you have 3 hands...). It should accept coins for exact change at that point but it would need to read sufficient change in the changer (about 20 nickles minimum) to accept dollars.
  7. If you go on USALive you can generate a request for the RMA and I usually get a reply within one business day. USAlive.usatech.com/
  8. I buy the PB and oatmeal raisin by the case from vistar and the both move well, but not at every location.
  9. Two of my biggest accounts were still open as of last week but things change daily. We are going to make our regular routes this week and see what we find, cutting back warehouse inventory as much as I dare and trying to hold onto cash. I feel like we went from rational reaction to over the top pretty fast, and I think we will see things start to reverse in a week or two...
  10. In what part of the country are you located? You might check with Vendor's Repair Service in Orlando or Atlanta, they might be able to ship you a replacement deck but the usually want a core in exchange. https://vendorsrepair.com/contact.html
  11. I have seen some genesis machines which have a cashless on/off selection in their service menu, but not the older units.
  12. Once you catch up on side work there is not much to do. The small bit of good news for the school accounts is they will probably extend the school year in most places to make up some of the lost days.... but that does not help now.
  13. So far, the blue collar manufacturing is still going OK. None of my locations have taken any drastic action as of yet, but I expect to see some drop off on the white collar side in the coming weeks. Anyone added travel size hand sanitizer to your machines? I priced some out at Vistar, cost was about 1.67 per 1oz bottle.... probably by the time we get it stocked the demand will be over...
  14. Are they new USAT readers? If so, just reboot and allow them to load again, they frequently fail to come online on the first try...
  15. The F80 is MDB but will not support cashless or dex. The newer GVC boards from USI can do both but older versions require an upgrade. The F80 is not compatible with the gvc.
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