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  1. Since regular users don't look at the price labels every time, I will post a small label such as " 12 oz cans now .90" or "select candy items now 1.25" if I am changing the entire category, so that I don't get complaints about the machine not working for someone not putting in enough money. I try to take those notes down after a couple weeks. Unless there is a contractual reason to tell someone I don't worry about it, telling them is inviting them to argue. If you go for years without raising prices you will get a lot more push back vs making adjustments once or twice a year as needed. You can't make money if you keep absorbing every price increase you get, and I have never had a note from M&M Mars asking me if a price increase was OK with me. How operators that still have .60 chips and 1.00 pastries are staying in business is beyond me.
  2. I have seen it once at a hotel location, the reader was separate but the (intoxicated) customer managed to force his credit card all the way into the validator. I found it when I went to clear the jam, it was bent into a curve to match the bill path.... returned it to the hotel who knew the customer as a regular, but he had never complained to anyone about the issue! Which is better for the customer? I doubt the customer cares as long as they can figure out how to use it. Yes, there are some challenged customers who can't seem to learn without help (I see them at gas pumps also) but most can look at it and get with the program. I use both depending on the machine, the 4 in 1 is much easier to install on the BevMax, and for any machine that needs to stay ADA compliant sometimes the reader mount can be too high. Otherwise the extra cost of the MEI bezel is not necessary.
  3. yea, no. 80 vends per service, service once per week? 80 x 4 = 320 vends per month if it sells out. To have revenue of $4,000 a month each cup has to sell for $12.50. OR at $4/ cup that is 1,000 vends (30+ vends per day average) to reach $4,000 as advertised, 1,000 / 80 = 12.5, or 13 services per month. 120 pounds of fresh oranges per service, your food cost is??? plus cups, plus labor cost. Will need a location with a water connection for the self cleaning to work (no water tank in the machine that I could see). VS bottled or canned OJ in existing equipment. A 12 oz bottle of Minute Maid OJ costs me .98 and sells for 2.00, no muss no fuss. And no truckloads of oranges to keep fresh....
  4. It looks like they sent you an MDB validator that will work in most vending machines, but from your photos and the part number you gave in a former post your machine does not use a standard vending validator. Unless I am looking at the photos wrong the two validators are completely different. Does the original validator drop the bills loose into a tray? I am thinking you have an older model before they started using more standard US parts in their machines....
  5. I went back and checked, it looks like you pay for it but can deactivate the program. The below came from payrange on 7/22/19: The New User Program is something many operators activate when installing PayRange on their machines. The program offers a faster sign-up process with only a phone number required, and it offers the user a first purchase free to try. Operators typically experience "conversion" rates over 95%; conversion defined as those users who then fund and spend more. Depending upon your industry we have “Free Play”, “Free Vend”, and “Free Laundry” decals available to promote this feature to consumers. It helps to get them to download PayRange and use it for the first time on the machine. Here’s a brief video on how to activate this program: And if you need more decals, you can get them here: What’s important to remember about this program, is that once you add the decals to your machines, consumers will expect the program to be active. If you disable the New User Program, please be sure to immediately remove the decals from your machines. Not doing so is a surefire way to turn a positive user experience bad. And we see this as one of the common complaints app users have about PayRange, that they didn’t get the reward offered. Our best practice recommendation is to always have the New User Program active. It ensures you can convert consumers to mobile, who in turn will spend on average more than cash users.
  6. There are a number of plastic cleaners/ scratch remover compounds on the market, I use Novus (search on line for sources) but you could probably find something in the car care aisle just as good. The key is taking time to buff it enough, as in "wax on, wax off"....
  7. Found this on a google search, if it helps.... I thought it might be an ICT that I had on the shelf but mine is not this model or even close....
  8. doing some guessing on numbers here is what I get: weekly collect 4,600 cost of goods (60%) 2,760 (remember he is paying bottler prices for drinks) sales tax (est 6%) 276 WEEKLY commissions 560 (his number) leaving $ 1,004 a week to cover overhead and realize a profit for your time and investment. Even before you take out fuel, insurance, repairs, etc, you have nowhere near what he claims to take home. Granted my numbers are guesses. I like his gross but he has too many machines to juggle to get to that number and a lot of missing info here to make an informed decision....
  9. May be time to just pull the machine and move on.
  10. You need the two items shown in the USAT parts link. That is a power supply for the bezel and the adapter cable to make everything fit together (the power supply is common to other items, so that is why the adapter is needed). Maybe the capital vending cable has a built in power supply but I don't know because I don't use that setup. Have installed 7 or 8 MEI masks with the USAT parts no problems.
  11. Also here, but the BLE for contactless goes thru the swipe unit also as far as I know.... I need to pay more attention to problems with the USA swipe vs the MEI bezel swipe..... maybe I can see a pattern
  12. I see the same issue on and off, wondering if it could be the card swipe itself?
  13. Only ever found pyramids on old seaga stuff, gave a few away and didn't even try to convert them. As far as bezels, the last I knew nayax did have an adaptor for the MEI bezel but it would not work with contactless payments, which is becoming a big thing. USAT sells a validator with MEI bezel kit as an option, and they work with the contactless fine. It should include the power supply and adaptor, which are each separate pieces to the puzzle. The MEI bezel is an easy install as it replaces the regular bezel and does not wire to the validator, it goes directly to the power supply/ validator connection. I know there are coinco bezels out there but have never used one.
  14. re the WiFi, no, USA will not. Most card processors will not allow you to connect with WiFi as it does not meet security standards.
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