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  1. You may have shorted out some of the sold out switches if they were not dried out sufficiently before restoring power. Test the switches and replace as needed.
  2. Red Bull, like most cans, has a small joint seam in the top edge where the lid is attached after filling. If that is loaded into a royal facing the middle divider, I have often seen other cans catch just enough to not drop properly, but start to pivot, resulting in what I think you are calling a "lean". For small cans I would be sure I was using a rear column (so that you have a solid back plate, not open space at the front for cans to fall into), and facing the cans to the back of the machine....
  3. Something else to consider, I buy the individual packets of condiments and supply some at my food locations. A bit of extra cost, and yes people will take advantage, but it seems to help the food sales, as people can fix up the items they buy. Expense is not too great and I wouldn't do it free for commission accounts.
  4. I only have 3 food machines, and my pricing and margins is about what LA said. It's critical to control stales if you hope to break even. I have put one shelf of higher end drinks (red bull, iced coffees, etc) in 2 of my machines and that helps prop up sales totals and margins. Hormel completes are a good shelf stable, buy at retail for under $2 and sell for 3 or 3.25. Bumble Bee Tuna kits are OK; and ramen cups for $1 still gives a good margin if you have some larger spirals that can hold them. If you can find who distributes packaged sandwiches for your local C-Stores you might be able to source some items from them. I have storage freezers and can buy frozen from them and date the items as I put them out.
  5. Ditto! Thanks for your hard work. Website suggestion on a different note - the number of international users is growing, and that is good, but sometimes causes confusion when answering questions. Can there be an option to add your nationality (maybe a flag icon) to the user/poster info that displays on the left edge of posts? Thanks!!
  6. If you order a new machine, you can customize the shelves almost any way you want. But that is expensive; and I don't think you will find a used machine with anything like the configuration you describe. However, if you are serious about producing your own bagged items (in spite of the time, expense, and product liability) quart size bags would vend pretty well from a chip size selection...
  7. If you lay any drink machine down, the compressor will need time to recover afterward. Stand it up for at least 24 hours before plugging back in. Always better to transport upright if you can. It's a LOT heavier than you expect.
  8. Call tech support, even if it's out of warranty they should give you some credit for such a new unit. It will be faster and easier than buying and transferring a used unit.
  9. I had 2 crane readers, they were the most expensive of all. Higher monthly fees, swipe fees were the same as others except if I wanted to accept American Express that had to be set up under AMEX rates, which were MUCH higher. Finally replaced them with USAT.
  10. In the download section you will find this list: It is for USAT (now Cantaloupe) readers but it's a starting point, if the machine can support one it will likely support the other. Like Tismael said, MDB protocol is required for cashless. DEX is not required for the cashless to work but it's needed if you want to get good sales data online also.
  11. Gatorade has not been a problem here (yet) buying direct from Pepsi. Coke and 7 Up different story, lots of products not available, various reasons given. The supply chain and the labor market are taking their toll on pretty much everything right now. Imports are backlogged due to the problems with container shipping, and that probably includes some ingredients for colas and other flavors. I'm sure it's also impacting drink containers, especially cans, as domestic can production was maxed out months ago and bottlers had to order more from overseas. Plastic bottles will be suffering from all the petroleum issues going on; that impact may just be beginning for us. CDL drivers are in short supply between the labor market and high requirements (drug testing and clean driving record - seems to be a tough ask for a lot of people). The working age population is declining as us baby boomers age out and the following generations are smaller in number; but labor demand keeps climbing. We need immigrants for the workforce, not the welfare or crime force, but that has problems as well. Excuse the long rant, but in the end it is all related....
  12. Contracts are pretty much confidential, even here. There are some simple vending agreement forms in the download section. I'm not sure where your concern about changing commission comes in; yes you should have it in writing so both sides are clear about the terms.
  13. First get the account, then get machines to best serve the location. Lots of good used stack machines out there, stick to MDB and card capable. If a location can justify a glassfront, you might have trouble finding a good used unit without going to a refurbisher. New machines are really expensive especially for a startup vendor.
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