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  1. If the card reader is USAT, it will say cash only for a number of reasons. Most common is during a vend started with cash (you can't split payments during a transaction), or if the coin mech return lever is depressed or the flight deck gate is out of place. Check for coin jams. Check your signal strength to see if the reader can communicate with the provider system. If the card reader is not able to communicate with the machine it will also read cash only, so troubleshoot the machine. Then disconnect the card reader and reconnect the cash equipment and see if the machine works, which woul
  2. I am not sure, I think it depends on the channel; for example hotel micromarts ordering small quantities pay a much higher price. When I log in I can see my prices but when they send out discount offers they never give the final price, only the discount per unit. In my case I also have a 25 case minimum for ordering and pay a fuel charge that varies with the price of diesel. There is a cash and carry location in the Tampa area but that is much too far to be helpful to me.
  3. I order mine from Vistar. Pretty good selling item.
  4. Not much different than recent production coffee machines.
  5. The T and E are different in cabinet depth, the T can only hold cans two deep. You should be able to make the adjustments on the existing motors. If you need additional rods or shims you need to be sure to order for the T model cabinet, the E parts will be too long. If the rotors are already shimmed for cans, you should be able to adjust the motors and back stop to make the changes without any other parts.
  6. Good luck! Mine is a stone cold stock factory Colt, so no custom help here, but looking forward to seeing what you come up with...
  7. I tried it a long time ago, the actual serving is too small for the price. It's targeted at "healthy" vendors as it's supposed to be a better for you choice. Still see it in Sam's so I guess someone is buying it... I think popcorners is a better product but I can't seem to source it anymore.
  8. Received this Sunday afternoon (12/27/20), supposed to be corrected already.... Today, we experienced a system interruption for ePort devices. At approximately 9:05 AM ET we started experiencing network issues with ePort devices in the field. Working with our system partners, we believe we have found the root cause. Customers should start to see that device connectivity and transaction processing has returned to normal.
  9. No, it reads them in any orientation, also sorts and can be used to face and orient the bills. I had a Semacon and would run each machine's take for count, then run the entire batch for sorting, orientation and banding. Cut my counting time by more than half. Also have a Jetsort coin counter and between the two counting is a breeze.....
  10. Yes, and they really speed up the counting process, but they are expensive. I had a good used one until it developed issues and could not be repaired. Will be buying another one as soon as I can afford it (about $1,600 at the low end). https://kloppcoin.com/products/2-pocket-currency-counters/
  11. Welcome Bunny, good to hear from you! If you have not already noticed, the food and beverage forum is where most of your vending customers hang out. You will also find people from Nayax and Vendo active in that group! I just did an order for units to upgrade my remaining 2G units, should be here tomorrow so hopefully I will start installing next week, will see how it goes...
  12. Welcome to the forum! You should be reading through posts in the food and beverage forum, that focuses on the type of vending you are interested in. What part of Florida are you considering?
  13. This just popped up in my mailbox today and made me recall your question, it may be the type of machine you were thinking about: https://madmimi.com/p/27d4a11?pact=6061-161107427-12992770825-0c7dece8a57e8b2ac42484ce88af944ec685a772
  14. Have not dealt with customer service in a while but the sales dept seems to be on top of things (of course)
  15. I'm not familiar with this model, but looking at the manual it seems to be an old single price machine. If so, the price is likely set thru the coin mech, not the board. The upper part of the coin mech will unlatch and swing down (latches on top corners lift up) and reveal a row of small dip switches. The switches, reading left to right, turn on or off to add up to your price. The first switch is 5 cents, then .10, .20, .40, .80 (each switch is double the amount of the one prior). For example if you wanted to set the price at .75, you would turn ON the first 4 switches, adding up to .75.
  16. Welcome to the forum! Unless there is a difference in codes down under, the AE designates an amusement validator. They re similar but have differences in firmware, so they don't always function completely in a vending unit. Look for an MEI validator with a VN model number.
  17. I would stick with the drink machine and if you really must, add a 3 wide or 4 wide snack if your friend has enough room. Space can be a problem but combo machines have so many issues. If you must, look at American made fairly new combos like this AMS unit: http://www.amsvendors.com/multitasker/ . This might be hard to find as a used unit, but it has a pretty good drink capacity (most imported combos are light on drinks) and it's a reputable company with good parts availability and tech support. Again, with only one snack machine you are going to have a hard time preventing stales, so be
  18. Thank you for all the information. Where do you shop for deals on cans? 12 oz. cans or 16 oz cans? I definitely think I’m going to pitch him on a soda machine. If you know - Where’s a good resource to shop for cc capable used machines? With only a few machines, you can get your cans almost anywhere, you are only limited by how much time you want to invest in buying product. Retailers like walmart, walgreens, cvs, etc often sell below wholesale. The catch is you have to go shopping and observe their purchase limits. Sams club or costco are also good sources.
  19. 1) Stay away from imported machines like Seaga - far far away. 2) Combos don't make a lot of money in general. For a tattoo shop I would probably suggest a drink machine (Dixie Narco, Royal, or a newer Vendo) stocked with cans. Cans have a long shelf life (other than diet drinks) and you can get a good margin. 3) Snacks usually require that you have multiple machines so that you can maintain a good selection without excessive stales. Having to throw away product you have paid for cuts deep into the profits. 4) If you must pay a commission to a location, adjust your retail p
  20. You don't say where you are, but I am guessing outside the US since you are using liters. Something that size would probably need to be dispensed from a locker versus a normal vending machine. Those are not as common but can be found. If you are looking for a "bring your own bottle" type of machine, there are several companies in the US making water and water/ice combo machines, for example: http://www.watervending.com/
  21. I get all my LSS from Vistar, sams only seems to have variety packs.
  22. About the mis-vends, can you recreate the issue? And are these single or double columns? Cans or bottles? I have seen that problem with double can columns, possibly from a warped rotor. I have quick fixed those by removing one of the plastic shims on the problem side. There is probably a better fix I am not aware of.
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