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  1. Another update: Went to go put a "please contact me" letter on the front door of the business, and turns out the business is back up and running. New owners, new management, new business name/signs/everything. Same type of business though. Talked to the new owner, and he's letting me keep an honor box + triple in it....lol, the swings in this game are funny.
  2. Just 2 states. I do everything from mint honor boxes to coin operated washer/dryers to amusement to soda to candy. Only thing I don't do is snack.
  3. Update: The business has since surprise closed on me, and both my machines are trapped in location, lol. I'm trying to email/call the strip mall's phone number, no luck yet. I'm sure I'll get them back eventually (this has happened several times before)...but just funny how the swings in the vending world never stop. The only contact phone number I had with the business has been disconnected.
  4. One of my states requires a seller's permit #.
  5. Thanks a ton for the responses guys, I really appreciate it. So I ran my route today and had the intention of talking/pulling the box (it's a mint honor box), and I was surprised to see the correct amount of money in it. 0% theft. Found out there's a new manager, and she asked if I had any other candy (I told her I also run triple heads filled with candy) and she let me put one of those in today. Wild day. Expected to lose an account, but ended up upgrading the account. Never know how this business is going to go, lol.
  6. Ran my honor box route today and I have 1 account that has pretty high theft (so high I don't even make anything off of it). When pulling a box, do you guys just walk in/grab/leave? Do you talk to the person you usually interact with and explain why? Do you just play it by ear?
  7. Thanks man Been trying my best. And thanks for the advice, I've asked 2 legit vending guys, and both have said, "ignore all of them, no one has ever said anything." I'll just start ignoring them.
  8. So I've been working hard on growing my vending business, this year and have been locating to the best of my ability. I've landed 17 new accounts so far this year One thing I've noticed a lot of, is "no soliciting" stickers on business doors/strip mall walls, etc. So far I've been ignoring the little signs, but respecting the large signs/when there's multiple signs. How do you guys handle this? Ignore all signs? Respect all signs? Something in between?
  9. I have the opportunity to buy 8 wall mounted bathroom vending machines (the kind that dispense condoms, headache medicine, etc.). Are these worth it? They're brand new never been used, $75 a piece....opinions/advice appreciated :D
  10. Sega = high quality machine that will last a LONG time Chinese clone = hit or miss....could work out great, could break down non stop and be a big PITA
  11. So I'm out of 1800's for my higher volume accounts, and need to buy some new/more triples. Right now there's vendstars on location, but those will only hold up so long. What's the best place to buy new triples at? I love my used 1800's, but I'm out of them so need to find another machine comparable. Thanks in advance. p.s. Because these account do so well, I'm willing to spend the extra money for new. My slower accounts I fill with $15 vendstars I buy off craigslist.
  12. One of my keymaster's numbers are TANKING! I have a discount movie theater with a cotton candy, claw, and keymaster in it. During the summer the numbers skyrocket as that's the busy season. The cotton candy/claw have skyrocketed like expected, the keymaster has done trash numbers all summer. I asked the location owner if I could replace the keymaster with a balloon buster, he said no. Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?
  13. If it's a legit keymaster that means even if someone knocks the prize off the hook, it won't vend because the door didn't open. So that's not the issue. (whereas that is a problem with chinese knock offs sometimes) Most likely you didn't calibrate the machine after you moved it (even after just rolling it down a long/smooth hallway to a new spot in the same location I recalibrate) or you didn't zero out/clear the machine before AND after calibration. If it's a "keymaster direct" or other knock off, no idea, those things act up for reasons only God knows. (you could also have it set to "difficulty" setting instead of "x amount until win" setting.....I only say that because someone with 2 posts might be brand new/their first machine)
  14. So I run Keymasters/Balloon Busters and am always looking for new prize ideas. Currently my list is: 1.) Nintendo Switch (top item by a long ways but is starting to slow down) 2.) Ipad (been great for years and still going strong) 3.) Beats by Dre headphones (still doing ok, but has been slowing down) 4.) Apple watches (huge disappointment, but sort of moves) Would love to know what your guys' top items are. I run other things (nintendo 3ds, random video games, gift cards, fit bit, etc.) but nothing else is even close to the top 3. Any recommendations?
  15. My local Costco used to carry MI and HT but recently quit. Walmart carries them but they're WAY more expensive (3x as much). I've thought about Amazon, but the prices seem high, and the mailman leaving them in my mailbox (or by my front door) in this heat will turn them into 1 giant stuck together blob. Question: Where do you guys get your MI/HT from? Or are you running into my same problem and switching out to different candy?
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