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  1. One of my keymaster's numbers are TANKING! I have a discount movie theater with a cotton candy, claw, and keymaster in it. During the summer the numbers skyrocket as that's the busy season. The cotton candy/claw have skyrocketed like expected, the keymaster has done trash numbers all summer. I asked the location owner if I could replace the keymaster with a balloon buster, he said no. Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?
  2. RikaKazak

    Keymaster help! Paying out unexpectedly

    If it's a legit keymaster that means even if someone knocks the prize off the hook, it won't vend because the door didn't open. So that's not the issue. (whereas that is a problem with chinese knock offs sometimes) Most likely you didn't calibrate the machine after you moved it (even after just rolling it down a long/smooth hallway to a new spot in the same location I recalibrate) or you didn't zero out/clear the machine before AND after calibration. If it's a "keymaster direct" or other knock off, no idea, those things act up for reasons only God knows. (you could also have it set to "difficulty" setting instead of "x amount until win" setting.....I only say that because someone with 2 posts might be brand new/their first machine)
  3. RikaKazak

    Current Top Prizes???

    So I run Keymasters/Balloon Busters and am always looking for new prize ideas. Currently my list is: 1.) Nintendo Switch (top item by a long ways but is starting to slow down) 2.) Ipad (been great for years and still going strong) 3.) Beats by Dre headphones (still doing ok, but has been slowing down) 4.) Apple watches (huge disappointment, but sort of moves) Would love to know what your guys' top items are. I run other things (nintendo 3ds, random video games, gift cards, fit bit, etc.) but nothing else is even close to the top 3. Any recommendations?
  4. RikaKazak

    Mike and Ikes/Hot Tamales

    My local Costco used to carry MI and HT but recently quit. Walmart carries them but they're WAY more expensive (3x as much). I've thought about Amazon, but the prices seem high, and the mailman leaving them in my mailbox (or by my front door) in this heat will turn them into 1 giant stuck together blob. Question: Where do you guys get your MI/HT from? Or are you running into my same problem and switching out to different candy?
  5. RikaKazak


    I thought Cali didn't allow Keymasters. (I could be wrong, I don't do Cali)
  6. RikaKazak

    Mall account worth it?

    Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it! When trying to guesstimate how much a mall does numbers wise, do you guys have any tips? Or is it one of those "it depends" type of answers so no way of really guesstimating without being able to see it for yourself?
  7. RikaKazak

    Mall account worth it?

    So I was approached by 2 malls (the guy manages 3, 2 of which are in my area) and wants me to put in anything I want except no bulk candy. Problem is the locations are in Washington State, which SUCKS in regards to amusement vending. (no keymasters, NOTHING like that, only play till you win or skill based with crazy regulations). He also wants $250 for the first machine, $150 for additional machines, and then 40% after the first $650. (and of course all machines must be metered) That just seems RIDICULOUS to me, I'd have to do 10+ cotton candies a day just to make a few bucks. Are there any machines that would be profitable in a spot like this? Do malls really do those kind of numbers? (The city the malls are in have 400Kish people) The only plus is the malls aren't requiring "new" machines.
  8. The tax sticker was a different name/address then the location BUT the sticker was all old/out of date. So I guess it's certainly possible the location bought them used off of Craigslist or something. (I only looked at one sticker on one machine. When I was doing that the manager recognized me and approached)
  9. Update: National company still hasn't delivered their machines. Another new vending operator put in a foosball table, pool table, sit down driver, and some random arcade fighting game like street fighter but a knock off asian version. (I know all the big vending guys in the area, so this guy must be brand new to the business or new to the area or something) All the equipment is used/old/looks like trash. (Maybe he bought them used off Craigslist for cheap?) I stopped by and talked to the manager (not the owner). And he said they're still waiting on the national company and since they've waited this long they'll just "stick it out." Not really much to update but felt people might be curious to hear how it's going. The place looks like a ghost town. 4 games in 800 sq ft is not a good look. (He moved where the games are now, used to be in a much larger area)
  10. RikaKazak


    I use AA global for plush and am really satisfied with quality price etc. give them a call and ask for Jason (he's my sales rep). Tell him the Idaho guy referred you and I'm sure he'll take good care of you
  11. RikaKazak

    location purchasing their own machines

    I own apartment buildings and I used to have a company do the quarters for the laundry rooms (now I do it myself), and I can tell you why.....the amount the laundry rooms did simply didn't matter.
  12. Yes I have a trailer/ramp/all the fun stuff and could pick them up in Spokane no problem
  13. I live in Northern Idaho, we don't even grow potatoes (that's all southern Idaho). I'm right by Spokane WA, so usually shipping isn't too bad....surprised to hear the shipper say that. Let me think on it and I'll get back to you.
  14. How much for shipping to Idaho? (I'd take 100+) 83854 zip
  15. RikaKazak

    This Guy Needs to be Stopped! Report his youtube Channel

    Disliking a video will only increase the score the video is given by the search algorithm youtube (and obviously google) use. Same thing with watching it, and posting comments. In fact linking it here is probably the best bump you could of given it in the SEO world.