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  1. "Stackerless" bill acceptor is what it's called. God I'm an idiot. I kept googling bill acceptor without stacker and couldn't find one. Finally just went to a random major bill acceptor sales website and looked through "all" until I found one.
  2. I just bought a used crusin USA and it didn’t come with a dba. I plugged a Mars AE 2631 D5E into it and it worked perfectly. The only problem is the one I plugged in has a bill stacker and the cruisn USA needs a dba without a stacker (basically just shoots the dollar bills out the back and down a shoot and into a metal bill/quarter box). what is a dba without a stacker referred to as? Where do you guys buy yours? (Used off of eBay?) sorry this is the first time I’ve ever needed a dba without a bill stacker. thanks in advance.
  3. Got my first pinball and need a dolly to move it. I found a cheap 500lbs rated one on Amazon that had good reviews but it was only 24” long. Is that too short? Which one would you guys recommend?
  4. I don't run any right now, but was going to check them out at the NBVA this year. Any front runners I should check out in your opinion?
  5. A smaller keymaster that is RELIABLE, doesn't misvend, and has a bigger "exit" door. In regards to misvends, I'm talking about those golpher chinese knock offs that give prizes out when they're not suppose to. When I'm talking reliability I'm talking about how I've done 100K's in Keymaster plays with no service calls, and when I'm referring to a bigger exit door I'm talking about how iPads and Nintendo switches are the largest things I can fit in a keymaster. I would LOVE to be able to have a PS5 or the new xbox and have it fit when it's won. (fitting the larger prizes in the playing
  6. Last time I went was maybe 6ish years ago, and they shared space with the Amusement Expo last time too. It's pretty fun, day 1 is all presentations, day 2 is all wandering around meeting people/suppliers and looking at machines. Day 3 for me last year was people packing up and me playing in a giant free arcade lol. This year is SUPER cheap. It's pick your own price (paying for joining the NBVA if you go that route) and the hotels are hella cheap (I'm staying at circus circus which is $26ish per night + stupid resort fee). Vegas is also no masks, and tons of fun lol.
  7. Anyone else going? I'll be going (with my wife)...would love to meet up/grab drinks and chat vending. Feel free to pm me.
  8. I found 1 guy that is getting out of the business and is selling a BUNCH of games at a really fair price; problem is he's 17 hours away from me. I have a pickup + trailer, but realistically I can only fit 3 (4 if small) games on it at a time. I was thinking of flying to his location, renting a Uhaul, and driving them back (other option was to pallet and ship them to myself). Has anyone ever used a Uhaul like this before? Advice would be appreciated Would you guys Uhaul or pallet and ship? Thanks in advance
  9. If it was up to me, I'd do, Keymaster, balloon buster, barber cut, stacker, cotton candy machine, small plush crane, small/medium prize crane, and a large plush crane. But it's not up to me, so I'll do the best I can with what I'm allowed.....
  10. Thanks for the input guys, appreciate it! I’ll see if I can get my hands on a big buck hunter. I’m in Idaho so I’d assume it “might” do ok. The cotton candy machine is the vendever one, not intermattic. I’m more doing this to keep the account owner happy and keep the account exclusive then I am trying to make money on these filler machines. Theater owner said no to a candy crane, no to a toy rack, and no to a knobby ball crane.
  11. So a movie theater account I have wants a pinball and arcade game (already do cotton candy, keymaster, and a plush crane there)....question is, which machines? I have NO idea on the pinball (never even done pinball before)....the arcade game I was leaning towards a big buck hunter, golden tee, or maybe a MAME? Advice would be appreciated
  12. I forgot to mention those prices include a credit card reader and delivery on each machine.
  13. Thanks for all the advice guys, I'm learning a LOT! I found a refurbished AP LCM2 ($2,295 with free shipping to me), soda will be a mix of vendo 540 and dixie naro 600 and 542. They're refurbished and $1,995 per machine free shipping. Any input on those machines? The account only wants bottled soda no can. (last time I bought a machine I paid $150 for a dixie narco 501...so I'm worried those prices are sky high, but I did just buy from a random on craigslist)
  14. Here's a craigslist ad I saw...any advice? https://spokane.craigslist.org/bfd/d/spokane-snack-soda-combo-vending/7269791215.html
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