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  1. I forgot to mention those prices include a credit card reader and delivery on each machine.
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys, I'm learning a LOT! I found a refurbished AP LCM2 ($2,295 with free shipping to me), soda will be a mix of vendo 540 and dixie naro 600 and 542. They're refurbished and $1,995 per machine free shipping. Any input on those machines? The account only wants bottled soda no can. (last time I bought a machine I paid $150 for a dixie narco 501...so I'm worried those prices are sky high, but I did just buy from a random on craigslist)
  3. Here's a craigslist ad I saw...any advice? https://spokane.craigslist.org/bfd/d/spokane-snack-soda-combo-vending/7269791215.html
  4. So I was approved by the fairgrounds board, and now they're just waiting to mutually terminate the contract with Pepsi. They're upset that Pepsi isn't delivering product frequently enough (the fairgrounds is stocking the machines, they also no longer want to do that) and the machines are constantly staying empty for long periods of time. I won't be paying a commission. They have events with food trucks, and without. They want the snack machines for when they don't have food trucks, that way they'll still have some sort of food there (like during gun shows or precious metal shows etc.).
  5. One of the local fairgrounds approached me and is unsatisfied with their current soda vendor. They'd like me to take over, but I'll be honest, I only have a VERY tiny amount of full line experience (I only run snack/soda machines to keep accounts exclusive if I already do their amusement vending). However, this account seems to be pretty good. They want 5-7 soda machines, and a "couple" snack machines. Problem is I only have 1 soda machine right now (dixie narco 501e) so I will have to be buying soda/snack machines if I land this account. Question: Where would I buy new machines? Wh
  6. I'd personally pass. In my 2 states, 1 is completely open and sub 20% wear masks anyways, and the other is so paranoid they're nazis about masks but the stores usually just have a free mask stand with hand sanitizer. Beavers are awesome machines though....they're AMAZING machines and last forever
  7. Also please keep in mind that some vending youtube channels lie (they "add" money to the coin box or dba before shooting the collection part). I watch the guys you're referring to, I believe they're being 100% honest (they're my fav youtube vending people), but there's some other "big name" youtube guys that I'd bet my life savings are lying/faking collection vids, so please don't go, "x machine costs y amount and earns z amount" because I saw it on youtube.
  8. I own a bunch of 5' spirals machines, and they can be a NIGHTMARE in regards to stale gum if you're not careful. Very often it only makes sense to "barely put any gum in there" but at the same time the location often wants you "to fill it more so it looks nicer"...which can be an issue in regards to keeping the location happy while also still making money. (so maybe consider ford gum if you do end up buying a 7 footer) Overall, 7' isn't necessary in a pizza place. Just do a rack with 1 head as gum and even though it'll probably do lower volume (that 1 head vs. 1 giant machine I'm referri
  9. Ordered 2 cases.....if I find a cheaper option I'll update this thread, boy do I sure miss $49 free shipping from samsclub
  10. Thanks gumball guy, appreciate it.
  11. So samsclub.com has quit selling bonz candy, which is where I've been buying it for years. So....where do you guys get yours? I'm in northern Idaho so things like in person sams club, BJs, etc. aren't options. I need to find somewhere online.
  12. Idaho has been almost "full open" for months now (no touching at strip clubs, and no dancing in night clubs, other then that it's 100% back to normal).....sorry you're going through that man.
  13. Buy a smart industries machine if you do buy one. But even then, you have to be willing to do basic "trouble shooting."
  14. So I just used a random hand inflator (I've owned it for years, use it for bike tires or basketballs etc.). My understanding is that if you use a plush claw to do knobby balls, psi is important. But if you use a legit knobby claw (aka those claws that have rubber tips and different looking top part) psi and size doesn't much matter. (I could be totally wrong on that, feel free to correct me) But I just put the machine out a few weeks ago, all the balls are different sizes, types, psi, etc.....so we'll see lol Vended fine in my garage.
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