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  1. So I thought I'd update this thread as it's been a little while. Rodney is still rocking and rolling with getting me more locations (just requested 2 more this morning)...and he's a rock star. (Once my gum balls from Sam's Club arrive I'll be ordering another 6 locations) The locations he's getting me are awesome. The drop offs are SUPER EASY!!! (I've used other locators in the past and sometimes drop offs can be challenging, Rodney's are NEVER challenging, always super easy/a breeze). I've only been kicked out of 1 location, and Rodney QUICKLY replaced it (less then 48 hours). When I in person locate I get kicked out at a higher % then that the first month lol. Every aspect of locating Rodney has far surpassed my expectations. My only regret is in not hiring him sooner, lol.
  2. I've had keymasters and balloon busters sit side by side...and the keymaster always did better. No idea why (same prizes, same prices, etc.) but it just does better. I think the balloon buster looks a little "cheap" compared to the keymaster. I 2nd the keymasters never break down. I'm still yet to have a single issue with a keymaster.
  3. So I said I'd update this thread after a collection, and here I am. I collect on new locations 1 week after placement. Just to make sure everything is going ok, answer any questions, and keep in touch with the people. (I like the employees knowing who I am, helps with theft on honor boxes I feel, and prevents my machines from growing legs and moving as often). One of the locations (pizza place) was completely sold out (mint honor box), and 2 other locations would of been sold out in 3-4 days....w00t w00t! Overall GREAT collection for 1 week (of course the first month is always the best month, I'm not new to the game, but overall I'm super happy).
  4. I used Rodney again...he found 4 of 4 locations in less then 24 hours. I'm SUPER IMPRESSED with his speed of locating, quality of locations, and amazing communication. A+!!!
  5. 1 place is a pizza place (they're always A+, especially this particular one)....2 others were restaurants that are ALWAYS PACKED! I'm assuming they'll both be rock stars. The other 4 were ok places. They won't be rock stars, but they're nothing horrible. Expecting a locator to only get rock stars is unrealistic imo. Overall I'm super happy. While I haven't done any collections from them, (I'll make sure to update this with results) I'm super happy overall.
  6. So I just tried out Rodney at VendingLocator4U. He got me 7 new locations in less then 24 hours. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! 10/10, I will ABSOLUTELY use him again!!!
  7. Another update: Went to go put a "please contact me" letter on the front door of the business, and turns out the business is back up and running. New owners, new management, new business name/signs/everything. Same type of business though. Talked to the new owner, and he's letting me keep an honor box + triple in, the swings in this game are funny.
  8. Just 2 states. I do everything from mint honor boxes to coin operated washer/dryers to amusement to soda to candy. Only thing I don't do is snack.
  9. Update: The business has since surprise closed on me, and both my machines are trapped in location, lol. I'm trying to email/call the strip mall's phone number, no luck yet. I'm sure I'll get them back eventually (this has happened several times before)...but just funny how the swings in the vending world never stop. The only contact phone number I had with the business has been disconnected.
  10. One of my states requires a seller's permit #.
  11. Thanks a ton for the responses guys, I really appreciate it. So I ran my route today and had the intention of talking/pulling the box (it's a mint honor box), and I was surprised to see the correct amount of money in it. 0% theft. Found out there's a new manager, and she asked if I had any other candy (I told her I also run triple heads filled with candy) and she let me put one of those in today. Wild day. Expected to lose an account, but ended up upgrading the account. Never know how this business is going to go, lol.
  12. Ran my honor box route today and I have 1 account that has pretty high theft (so high I don't even make anything off of it). When pulling a box, do you guys just walk in/grab/leave? Do you talk to the person you usually interact with and explain why? Do you just play it by ear?
  13. Thanks man Been trying my best. And thanks for the advice, I've asked 2 legit vending guys, and both have said, "ignore all of them, no one has ever said anything." I'll just start ignoring them.
  14. So I've been working hard on growing my vending business, this year and have been locating to the best of my ability. I've landed 17 new accounts so far this year One thing I've noticed a lot of, is "no soliciting" stickers on business doors/strip mall walls, etc. So far I've been ignoring the little signs, but respecting the large signs/when there's multiple signs. How do you guys handle this? Ignore all signs? Respect all signs? Something in between?
  15. I have the opportunity to buy 8 wall mounted bathroom vending machines (the kind that dispense condoms, headache medicine, etc.). Are these worth it? They're brand new never been used, $75 a piece....opinions/advice appreciated :D
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