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  1. I've thrown out a bunch of candy/gumballs/mints etc.....sucks
  2. I used to buy runts off of Quill and could get a 30lb case for $35ish if I timed it right with coupons. Now it’s looking more like $82ish per case if I ordered 4 cases is the best I can do. Anyone else know of a good place to buy runts nowadays or is $82ish the best that can be had?
  3. I have a couple of places that do that. I had to switch the candy from things like PMM/M&I to runts/bonz so the candy wouldn’t go bad. I just sort of roll with it. At least it can’t be missed.
  4. I’m getting DESTROYED right now too man :( I serviced some accounts last week and had a horrible time. One account met me at the door to have me remove my machine. A movie theater that I have made me unplug my machines and turn them backwards. (Keymaster, pirates chest, and a cotton candy machine all sitting unplugged in the middle of summer, those are like my top 3 machines during peak earning time) 3 other places now have “no vending machines due to covid” policies so I lost those accounts. (They did say I could return when things get back to normal at least) I lost all of my jiffy lube accounts (4 in total). i have so many machines at home right now it’s insane. I’m running out of places to put them all (storage unit is almost full, garage has machines, basement has machines) and I can’t really go out locating right now :( I’m thankful I have the most important things of course (family and I are healthy) but I spent 8 years building my route and I’ve lost almost half of it in 2 months. I’ve gone from 108 locations to 62. This just sucks :(
  5. I've ran my route once in the past 5 weeks (usually I do twice a week). This thing is hurting everyone!!!
  6. To make matters worse for me financially, since I've posted all of Idaho's non essential places have shut down. The good news is, my family is healthy, we're together, so I have the truly important stuff. But from a financial standpoint, if we continue to be shut down for months longer, I'm going to be HURT!
  7. I'm in Washington state and Idaho. All of my washington state restaurants are closed, and my best Idaho locations are closed/limited hours/super slow. Basically what I'm trying to say is my vending business is taking a HUGE HIT!!! What's worse is my other business (rental properties) is in washington state too....that's going to take a BIG HIT too Once this is all over I'm going to have to gogoogogoggogo on locating to try and recover. This is not going to be pretty for my pocket book.
  8. When you say "(ran 4 days)" are you saying it took you 4 days to service 109 boxes?
  9. I emailed and asked, and they said it was me and not them (however the route features still don't work for me)....I'm switching over to vendsoft right now, it's more expensive but the route feature is super necessary.
  10. I spoke too soon. I can't get the route option to work. I tried to create a new honor box route but it won't optimize the directions or any of that. Where the map is suppose to be it's just a broken icon. Ughhh...that's my most wanted feature.
  11. Now it says 404 error when I try to go to the web page. Guess I need to try out vend soft now lol.
  12. I can't even go to the website, it just keeps timing out.
  13. Vend Trak isn't working for me, is it still not working for you?
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