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  1. I've been vending for 8 years, and have SUCKED for 6 of those years (in regards to locating). I was nervous, scared, rarely did it, etc. etc. I've finally gotten over the fear, and in fact look forward to free time so I can go locate more. Here's the thing, I've been almost exclusively pushing the charity angle (which is legit, because I run stickers that cost money each month, and I accurately represent that the charity only gets a portion, etc....so it's 100% above board). The issue is, I want to get into more and more commission (or hopefully non commission) toys. I love racks, own a few, and want to get them placed. I have my charity locating pitch memorized front to back, and it's been refined to the point that I'm pretty comfortable in person locating. However, how do I modify my pitch for non charity racks? ANY tips/advice/suggestions would be helpful. Should my opening line be?: Hi, My name is Jared and I"m with OCC Vending, is the person responsible for allowing vending machines available? (and then go from there, or should it be a different opening line?)
  2. I've been considering it....but not 100% sure. It's a long way from Idaho
  3. I just used rodney again for 6 locations last week, and he was once again A+!!! Everyone I know who has used him has been super happy, and has had great experiences. You're literally the first person who has claimed to have had a bad experience with him. Makes me think it might be you and not him.
  4. Vendinglocator4U does an AWESOME job...I've used Rodney a bunch, and will continue to do so. A+++++!!!!!!
  5. I was able to find an answer, and thought I'd share incase anyone in the future has the same issue. I ordered through partsISP...the decals are cheap (70 cents each) but the shipping and handling was KILLER....$14! So I wouldn't necessarily do it in the future for 3 stickers, but if you need to redo a BUNCH of machines (like 50+ or something) then maybe it'd make sense.
  6. I bought a 3 way sticker machine used off of craigslist that was set for .75. I run my stickers at .50, so I changed the 4 way greenwald coin chutes to .50. (I had extra spacers from a broken down coin operated dryer) Question: Where do I get the 50 cent sticker decals that go on the front of the coin slide? I know I can make my own (if I don't find them) but I think the red/white decals look NICE! (I've found every other variant of the decal online, 75 cents, $1.00, $2.50, etc. etc. but I can't find the 50 cent one....I need 3 of them in total)
  7. I had a keymaster button get destroyed (the blue one that you press/hold to make the key go up)....someone probably lost and was mad and smashed it. I had an extra keymaster sitting in storage, so I took the whole front control panel and just switched them. Super easy to do. However I want to get my storage keymaster back up and running so I can get it placed this spring. Question: Where do you guys buy parts? It's a legit Sega Keymaster I bought through Moss Distributing...not one of those knock offs. Do I just call moss? Call Sega? Thanks for the advice, I've had these for 5+ years and it's the first time I've had to repair a thing, lol
  8. I'm looking at buying an existing route. Machines are included in sale (oaks for toys, and triple plays for candy). There's 42 locations. 16 of them are Pelican accounts (candy with 35% commission, YUCK!) 2 are 30% commission rack locations. And the rest are charity candy accounts (24 of those). The route grossed $15,553.75 last year. Machines are in reasonable condition. I've never ran oaks or triple plays before though so input there too is appreciated. How much do you guys think the route is worth?
  9. Back when I was a kid I remember these stand up cardboard honor box mint dispensers and can't find where to buy them. Basically the operator would put mints in these little slots, and when the person took the mint, the back drop said .25. They could then slide a quarter into where the mint used to be located. I currently have 32 acrylic mint honor boxes from Sheridan systems out on location, and instead of pulling my "high theft" locations, I wanted to try out one of these types of displays to see if it'd cut down on theft enough to make keeping the high theft accounts worth while. If you know where to buy them, or even know what they're called (or who made them) I'd be SUPER grateful!!!
  10. I can think of 3. Runtz, Bonz, and Ford gumballs. Can you guys think of anymore? I plan to put some non expiring candy in some slower locations and would love some recommendations. Thanks in advance
  11. I placed 40 single head gum ball machines (eagles with rhino stands) and the numbers have been super disappointing. I did my first collection, and while I did have a few rock star locations (corner market did $50+, oil change place $50+) the rest of the locations SUCKED! (lots of auto repair places that did sub $5). I'm running double bubble, which in my experience lasts 12ish months before going hard, should I keep the locations and switch to ford gum since it never goes hard? Should I switch those accounts to candy accounts that never go bad (like runts/bonz)? Should I just pull the accounts and find others? Should I just wait as the winter is usually the worst time of year? Is $3 normal for an auto repair gum ball account and I just need to spread my service dates WAY longer? Thanks guys, just looking for some input/advice....any/all is appreciated and welcome!!!
  12. So I've got around 100ish locations now, and I'm looking into some sort of software for my route to help me optimize driving, and dealing with scheduling etc. I was curious what method you guys would recommend? I have honor boxes that need to be serviced every 2 weeks. I have honor boxes that I service every 6 weeks. I have candy that I do every 2 months, and I have toys that I do every 2 months. I also have cotton candy machines that need cleaning every 2-3 weeks, and amusement machines that need service every 2-4 weeks. I have been using google maps + a dry erase board for the schedule, but I think it's time to go to the next level. Any advice for this type of route would be appreciated. I don't do full line unless I HAVE to!! (I'll do it at an amusement center etc. if it keeps out other vendors, but I'm not interested in doing it otherwise and my 3 amusement centers have shut down, so I have all full line in storage right now)...not hating, just prefer bulk/amusement/honor box. What software/route management would you guys recommend?
  13. I have triples with candy in restaurants. Never been an issue. I have had fast food places not want cotton candy machines because of it "stealing sales"....but that's a little different imo.
  14. I've been contacting everyone who has contact info on their machines to see if they're interested in selling their routes. One person is very interested, but asked me some questions via email. Before I respond, I was hoping to get clarification on one of her questions (I'm asking here instead of asking her, so I don't sound stupid/naive, even though that's exactly what I am, lol) She asked, "do you have any Pelican accounts"....I have no idea what that means. Any clarification would be appreciated
  15. So I thought I'd update this thread as it's been a little while. Rodney is still rocking and rolling with getting me more locations (just requested 2 more this morning)...and he's a rock star. (Once my gum balls from Sam's Club arrive I'll be ordering another 6 locations) The locations he's getting me are awesome. The drop offs are SUPER EASY!!! (I've used other locators in the past and sometimes drop offs can be challenging, Rodney's are NEVER challenging, always super easy/a breeze). I've only been kicked out of 1 location, and Rodney QUICKLY replaced it (less then 48 hours). When I in person locate I get kicked out at a higher % then that the first month lol. Every aspect of locating Rodney has far surpassed my expectations. My only regret is in not hiring him sooner, lol.
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