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  1. I ditched dubble bubble this year and am 100% ford now too. Sam's club is unreliable, horrible customer service, and now they're even carrying staleish gumballs right out of the box (I'm guessing they're not rotating product as effectively nowadays as they used to be in their warehouses). Ford is more expensive, but they last forever, and they're a lot easier to get.
  2. I can no longer edited my post, but I thought for a second and set up a MUCH easier way. Set P1 to 4. P2 to 1. P4 to 4 and P5 to 1. (assuming you want $1 per play like me) Then set the DBA to 4 pulses per dollar. LONG PULSE. And you're good to go. MUCH simpler, and so far I've put about $200 through it, and with long pulses it has been accurate 100% of the time. Thanks again orsd
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH ORSD!!!!!! ZOMG ZOMG you're a life saver!!!! So both DBA's were set to short pulse. I switched them to long pulse, and the machine is working perfectly now If anyone else runs into this problem and finds this thread via google, here's what I have it set to so it works 100%. These are legit Balloon Busters that I bought used from Ebay (guessing 6-8ish years old). Pulses per dollar (coupon code 4) set to 1. Interface selection (coupon code 5) set to gaming always enable. Pulse long (coupon code 3). The dba is a AE2611 U3E. Go to pppp in settings, and change p1 and p2 to both read 1 OR change pP4 and p5 to both read 1. It depends if your dba or coin acceptor is set to P1 and P2 or P4 and P5. I have 2 balloon busters, and they're set one each way. Thanks again orsd, if we ever meet, beers on me Oh, and make sure to turn off/on the machine after changing your p settings each time. It's annoying to wait for the machine to boot up, but has to be done in order for the new settings to be applied.
  4. I don't know what short vs. long pulses mean. Is that 4 pulse vs. 1 pulse? (dip switch # 7 on the bill acceptor) Or is it something totally different? Sorry I don't really know much about setting machines up. Every time I've bought used ones or new from a distributor and they've been set up already.
  5. I have 2 legit LAI balloon busters, and they're both having the same problem. If you put a $20 bill into the dollar bill acceptor, it only gives you 17 credits instead of 20 credits like it's suppose to (and sometimes $5 gives 5 credits, sometimes only 4 credits). I have tried different bill acceptors, still the same issue. And it happens on BOTH of my balloon busters. I've tried both the 4 pulse setting and the 1 pulse setting. (both dollar bill acceptors I've tried are the MEI 2611's) But either way it still messes up with the amount of credits given. If you're familiar with balloon busters, I've adjusted P1 and P2, along with P4 and P5, but not matter what I select, I still seem to have the problem. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. I heard having consistent knobby ball psi is important for smooth and trouble free vending. So I was curious, what inflator do you guys use?
  7. So one of the largest vending guys passed away last year in my area. His widow is selling everything, and tomorrow I'm picking up an NFL Blitz and Area 51 game to use as fillers in a new account. She said, "I don't know how much they're worth, just pay me whatever is fair." I also do not know how much they're worth, or what is fair, so I was hoping for some input. They're both 20ish years old, have been on location their whole lives, but are fully functional. Is $400 a piece fair (so $800 total) or is that too much? too little?
  8. So the guy at smart recommended I go with a 41" pirates chest instead of 31" because ball cranes run out of balls quickly with the smaller size (so I went 41"). Also he's going to be putting the special "knobby ball claw" on it for me (extra $50, but worth it to have the correct claw I bet?). I also ordered another 31" plush pirates chest, so I'll get to compare the claws side by side in my garage. I was NOT going to do winner every $2, I was going to do the other way at 50 cents. That what you guys would choose? (I'll be running licensed knobby balls, like football teams and smiley faces etc.)
  9. So I just landed a new movie theater that's about to open up, and I want to put a ball crane in it. I currently run plush cranes (all pirate's chest), is the difference just the claw size? Any other thing I need to know? Do you guys run your ball cranes as play until you win? Or do you not run it that way (it'll be in a state where it can be either)
  10. RikaKazak

    Vend Trak

    I had so many issues I quit using them a few months ago.
  11. Sam's Club is out too. No idea about BJs. Supplier issue???
  12. So I called sam's club, they know nothing (random guy in India). I ordered a case from candymachines.com, but there were 2 problems. 1.) Their definition of a case is not a true case. They gave me about 2/3rds of a case, and instead of being 850's, they were 1080's. (and it was $40 for them, so super expensive) 2.) I've been doing gumballs for 7-8ish years and know dubble bubble pretty well. Their gumballs weren't fresh. I'd guess 6ish months old. Overall SUPER disappointed in candy machines as a substitution.
  13. I tried google but couldn't find the answer. How many cases in a pallet?
  14. A local grocery store chain put up signs asking for change, and I brought a bunch in. The manager asked how I got so much change, and I explained I own a vending company. He was so grateful for me bringing in the change, that he set up a meeting with the guy who's in charge of who does their vending. The store is 17 locations, and they're pretty big (3rd largest store in the area other then walmart/costco). I know NOTHING about grocery store chain vending. How do they do it? (I heard most bid out their contracts? is that accurate?) Basically any advice/input would be GREATLY appreciated. I understand it's a long shot, but I have the money, I'm assuming they'd be A+ locations, so I might as well shoot my shot. edited to add: I used to work for this chain 18 years ago and still have really good relationships with some of the managers/checkers etc. Maybe I should pitch that angle too?
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