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  1. Also please keep in mind that some vending youtube channels lie (they "add" money to the coin box or dba before shooting the collection part). I watch the guys you're referring to, I believe they're being 100% honest (they're my fav youtube vending people), but there's some other "big name" youtube guys that I'd bet my life savings are lying/faking collection vids, so please don't go, "x machine costs y amount and earns z amount" because I saw it on youtube.
  2. I own a bunch of 5' spirals machines, and they can be a NIGHTMARE in regards to stale gum if you're not careful. Very often it only makes sense to "barely put any gum in there" but at the same time the location often wants you "to fill it more so it looks nicer"...which can be an issue in regards to keeping the location happy while also still making money. (so maybe consider ford gum if you do end up buying a 7 footer) Overall, 7' isn't necessary in a pizza place. Just do a rack with 1 head as gum and even though it'll probably do lower volume (that 1 head vs. 1 giant machine I'm referri
  3. Ordered 2 cases.....if I find a cheaper option I'll update this thread, boy do I sure miss $49 free shipping from samsclub
  4. Thanks gumball guy, appreciate it.
  5. So samsclub.com has quit selling bonz candy, which is where I've been buying it for years. So....where do you guys get yours? I'm in northern Idaho so things like in person sams club, BJs, etc. aren't options. I need to find somewhere online.
  6. Idaho has been almost "full open" for months now (no touching at strip clubs, and no dancing in night clubs, other then that it's 100% back to normal).....sorry you're going through that man.
  7. Buy a smart industries machine if you do buy one. But even then, you have to be willing to do basic "trouble shooting."
  8. So I just used a random hand inflator (I've owned it for years, use it for bike tires or basketballs etc.). My understanding is that if you use a plush claw to do knobby balls, psi is important. But if you use a legit knobby claw (aka those claws that have rubber tips and different looking top part) psi and size doesn't much matter. (I could be totally wrong on that, feel free to correct me) But I just put the machine out a few weeks ago, all the balls are different sizes, types, psi, etc.....so we'll see lol Vended fine in my garage.
  9. The cheapest I can find nerd 850 where I live (including shipping, I'm in Idaho) is 6 cents per gumball. Are you able to find them cheaper? Ford costs me 6 cents. Double Bubble through samsclub.com was 3 cents. Are you guys getting gumballs way cheaper then me? I'd love to know how. (I have 30-40 gumball locations right now, so buying by the pallet isn't an option yet). edited to add: I ask because 2 nerd 850's at 6 cent per (12 cents total) = no way I'd run candy that expensive, so I'm assuming you guys get it cheaper then me somehow.
  10. Gumball guy and NYCcandyman have more experience then me, so I'd recommend listening to them and not me. If you do end up running 2 for .25 I'd love to hear how it worked out, what the increase in sales is like etc.
  11. 2 for .25 850 dubble bubble isn't bad at 3 cents x2 = 6 cents per vend. But I personally would never do it. 1 850 gumball for 25 cents 99.9% of people are good with. (I've been seeing 1 850 for .50 on some machines around me...in high traffic fancy machine amusement type places.... so if anything people are going in the other direction) And 1 1080 @ 25 cents is common around me too.
  12. I ditched dubble bubble this year and am 100% ford now too. Sam's club is unreliable, horrible customer service, and now they're even carrying staleish gumballs right out of the box (I'm guessing they're not rotating product as effectively nowadays as they used to be in their warehouses). Ford is more expensive, but they last forever, and they're a lot easier to get.
  13. I can no longer edited my post, but I thought for a second and set up a MUCH easier way. Set P1 to 4. P2 to 1. P4 to 4 and P5 to 1. (assuming you want $1 per play like me) Then set the DBA to 4 pulses per dollar. LONG PULSE. And you're good to go. MUCH simpler, and so far I've put about $200 through it, and with long pulses it has been accurate 100% of the time. Thanks again orsd
  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH ORSD!!!!!! ZOMG ZOMG you're a life saver!!!! So both DBA's were set to short pulse. I switched them to long pulse, and the machine is working perfectly now If anyone else runs into this problem and finds this thread via google, here's what I have it set to so it works 100%. These are legit Balloon Busters that I bought used from Ebay (guessing 6-8ish years old). Pulses per dollar (coupon code 4) set to 1. Interface selection (coupon code 5) set to gaming always enable. Pulse long (coupon code 3). The dba is a AE2611 U3E. Go to pppp in settings,
  15. I don't know what short vs. long pulses mean. Is that 4 pulse vs. 1 pulse? (dip switch # 7 on the bill acceptor) Or is it something totally different? Sorry I don't really know much about setting machines up. Every time I've bought used ones or new from a distributor and they've been set up already.
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