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  1. heritagevending

    chewey spree candy

    We keep them in stock. $69 per case plus shipping and includes free full size or triple vend sized displays. 574-935-4800
  2. heritagevending

    Need Locks/Keys for LYPC, candymachine.com type Machines

    We carry them. Feel free to give me a call or text. 574-935-4800
  3. heritagevending

    Where to buy casters for a rack?

    If you cant find them elsewhere, we have a few used sets for $25 each. 574-935-4800
  4. heritagevending

    Capsule/wheel vending question...

    The acorn capsule is a little larger than 1” but you just need to remove the riser from under the wheel on an Oak machine and you are good to go. Northwestern machines are a different story.
  5. heritagevending

    Anyone Interested

    nice work!
  6. heritagevending

    NW Lock trim ring

    I have a bunch of them for $3.00 each.
  7. heritagevending

    Is this a good deal? (About to go from 1 machine to 4)

    We buy/sell used equipment and can get you the same setups in Northwestern for the same price. Feel free to call or text 574-935-4800
  8. heritagevending

    Squishie question

    Yeah, they are trying to sell exclusive territories now too.
  9. heritagevending

    My NW80 Seized up! HELP!!!

    take out all the screws, washers, brush housing, and hold down bracket and pull the wheel out. Use silicone spray or a wd-40 type spray if you have to. If nothing is bent or damaged, you will be good to go. If not, you may need to replace the wheel. If you need one, we keep them in stock.
  10. You are playing with fire if you don't have liability insurance..... I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.
  11. heritagevending

    What Brand are these older 2 “ machines ?

    Nice contribution, Titan. I knew he converted them but didn't know they were called Classic 60's, I had always just heard of them referred to as "Classics". I presume they were called 60 because the originally held 60 capsules? I also was under the impression that the regular model 60 was named so because it was released in 1960. I've never been told that but assumed it because of the older NW 33's, 40's etc. Kind of confusing that they would name both of their machines 60's but for different reasons. We still operate a hundred or so of them and have some for sale too if anybody needs any. Very solid machines for "B" type locations and you can make money running sticky, 2" mix, Mustaches, and other inexpensive items. You can also have 1" type items put in 2" capsules and sell them for 50cents that way.
  12. heritagevending

    gum ball machine locks

    If you still need some, we stock all of those at lower prices than the manufacturers. Call or text 574-935-4800 -Steve
  13. heritagevending

    Route for Sale

    I agree with Joe. Also, an established route and longtime locations are worth more than new locations. Much left than $50 though, and he is better off letting it sit 6 months and collecting it one more time himself and letting it rot. Don't be too cheap and miss out on opportunities.
  14. heritagevending

    does anyone have a machine in Popeye's

    We had some Popeye's for about 10 years but corpo eventually caught on and had them removed. I would keep trying, though. It is a cat and mouse game.
  15. heritagevending

    Astro machine locks/keys

    Derek, we carry all of that plus the other stuff you messaged me about. Give me a call or text Monday and we will get you taken care of. Steve 574-935-4800