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  1. Vendo 721 has ice on.....

    Some of the responses I see are hilarious. Leaks have to be repaired if it has to be recharged once a year. Just for humor, I ran across this video on YouTube and just couldn't stop the laughter. So many things wrong here. At least 10 or more.
  2. Jofemar Glassfront

    It has been a while since we had any Jofemar discussions. The last time someone posted a youtube video about getting the cooling deck out of one. Did anyone bookmark that video and if so could you repost it. I need to show someone else how.
  3. Bevmax 4 bummer

    All the glass companies here in Wichita use one supplier. Somone slipped one day and now I go directly to them. Half the price and I am sure they could do what you want cheaper. http://www.wickhamglass.com/ Give these guys a call. I wouldn't be afraid. Let us know.
  4. New Healthy Vending business

    There was a youtube video on how to get this cooling deck out. Did anyone bookmark it and if so post the link.
  5. No lock covers. Waste of money. Use a Medeco or duo plug lock and then an American or Medeco side puck lock they will keep walking. Outside vendors are always targets and no matter what you do they will try.
  6. AP Snackshop II Problem

    If you haven't tried a different coin mech yet I would.
  7. Seaga Machines

    Seaga cooling decks come out easy. More than I can say for AP and National. When you buy a Seaga just buy two. One for parts and one to use. You will be ok
  8. One heck of a jam...

    The rods are covered with a metal bracket on the front of the stack. The rod goes in the center of each motor all the way from front to back. Make sure both columns are unloaded or you will have a mess.
  9. It will only tell you the version the electronics is not the vendors themselves. Board updates don't make a Bev Max a Bev 4. It is still a 2 or 3. Don't be fooled. From the pic, the second one is a Bev 4 not sure about the first one. Need to have the door open.
  10. One heck of a jam...

    Angry Cris is correct. You need to unload both columns and then pull the rod out can will then fall out with no mess.
  11. Is this a good machine?

    Grab it AP 113 great vendor and upgradeable to MDB
  12. Cheap locks are easy to drill. Thieves like easy locks to drill or pop. Medeco and duo locks are extremely hard to drill and almost impossible to pull. Professionals will pass them up. Crackheads will destroy your vendor.
  13. Are all cold controls the same?

    They always want an arm and a leg. Suzo Happ has the cheapest Dixie cold controls that I have found. Personally, I would try a Dixie cold control and place the probe like I mentioned above. Just don't turn it up much to start with. Maybe 2 and then go up after you see how it reacts. I only say this because I work on many different pieces of equipment. Time is money and equipment don't make you money when down. I can't wait on snail mail or companies who don't respond fast enough. It cost lots of money to stock OEM parts that you may not ever use. When I respond to a service call I have the parts on hand in most cases to repair it. Fan motors same way. When I order fan motors I make sure the ones I get have mounting brackets that allow them to be mounted different ways. Some only allow them to be mounted from the rear.
  14. Shim identification

    Yes, you can on E models. You will need can shims and rods on some flavors.
  15. Are all cold controls the same?

    Basically yes technically no. Older Dixie Narco vendor (pre E modles) used what was a temp control that was used in a tube that reacted to actual temp. Then they moved on to what is called air over temp control. The pre E models had a coiled capillary tube at the end of the temp control. A samll amout R-12 was in the tube to sense the temp in order to turn the compressor on/off. Now they use ones without the coil and it is filled with 134. When replacing temp controls no matter what it is on if it is a manual control I use these. Even on older machines. I take the end of probe and route it to the front of evaporator the bend it so it sits about an inch away from the center of the evaporator and not touching it. Set the control at 4 1/2. I have done this with all makes.