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  1. I recently placed an order for cry baby tears and couple other hard candies with candy machines.com. The price on the cry babies was huge difference from AA. Same count. Other candies were bit cheaper also. My first time ordering as was using TJKing (dt best shipping costs). You may want to check their price on bonz, never used those so not sure on price comparison. Order came quickly and in good condition.
  2. VendUSA: what gum brand and count did the guy use?
  3. Thanks for all the info. Believe Im going to give it a try.
  4. What gumball size goes with 2 gumballs for a quarter? Was informed some Oak Vistas I am considering getting have this setup. Sure this needs to be changed to one GB per vend to be profitable, but interested in knowing what size these would be and also what the wheel setup is compared to the standard 1/vend. Have not seen thus far. Tks
  5. Thanks guys. I was thinking $75
  6. What would considered a fair price for Oak Vista doubles these days? Considering some.
  7. Have checked almost all locations at this point in last couple weeks. Have been able to access most of the equipment. A couple restaurants have closed access off to my equipment and a kids gym placed my equipment and theirs in the closet. Everyone has been receptive to servicing--most are mom and pop commission restaurants which I believe has helped. Laundromats and auto places are not overly worried about the virus (in my vending perception). Normally would have serviced three times by now, overall a rough guess would be sales are down 50% from pre-C. Just glad to see places still open
  8. I have serviced a couple laundromats this week and last. Did machine wipe downs prior to even opening. Some were empty and some were only half which was less than expected. The gum/hard candy products sold better than the toys which was a bit surprising. Restaurants can open for 50% capacity tomorrow. Not sure if vendors count in that number or not. May attempt to check some next week that were due to be checked when things locked down. Possibly be better to wait another week to allow people to settle into the newest rules routine. Hard to know what others perceptions are of bulk vend
  9. Lots of chipping with product so did not try again. Is this an issue you have?
  10. I only need to order 12 boxes of gumballs at a time. Shipping was highest ever with my last order. Sams Dubble Bubble from past use has not been satisfactory, (maybe they have improved in quality?). Are there any ways to help with the cost of shipping while buying gumballs other than Sams? I have been told having a commercial address is, but that is not an option. Upon inquiring, have not gotten an answer if I having sent to a drop off location for Fedex or UPS would be considered commercial or not. All feedback appreciated. Tks
  11. Thanks guys. I have ordered gumballs via mail from places besides Sams and yes the boxes come looking like they have been through a war zone at times and other times not. That is what was worrying me about trying an order on candy. I guess it is a gamble regardless of the weather then
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