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  1. Hey Steve I don't know a thing about that type of vending, but would love to learn. You should give us a teaching moment on the subject. I would like to learn to see if I could get a customer in that area of vending. Thanks Jerry
  2. If people are stupid enough to watch a spiral turn with nothing in it.... That's a good day.
  3. It does sound like a challenge, but if you could master that market and keep your eyes on expiration dates look might be fun.
  4. Friend having 2000 machines out is awesome. That would be the only job he could do.
  5. Google vendstar parts. There is a company that specializes in vendstar parts. As far as locks it would be 157 or 158. Or you could break the top locks with a screwdriver.just insert it in the keyhole and turn it. It should break. Old vendstar locks are crap. It would be best to replace them with new improved ones. Hope that helps.
  6. I like it. Just not used to being absent of chips. I think it's a good idea for the ones that are interested, but have no room.
  7. Just a quick question if you were to change over on some locations, where would you put the cash box? How about your charity affiliation sticker? Where would you put your company information? Telephone number, company name, etc?
  8. Thanks Flint flash. I kind of figured about nothing to do about that problem. It's just embarrassing when snacks are fine, and there's a greasy spot. Lol. Thanks anyways.
  9. Hello Mr Flint flash. I have a question for you sir (or Brian). With 8 bags of chips in my Cameron boxes. Oil from the chips leaks out somehow, causing a stain on the bottom of the box. Do you know how to prevent this? I take the divider in the box and just flatten it out for an extra support, instead of forming it into columns. So I was just curious to know if you guys have this problem or not? Thanks Jerry.
  10. Yeah mine used to break down. Money on parts.....etc...etc..... Got rid of mine too.
  11. Hey Brian......u still have your soda machine s?
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