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  1. jerrybrooksvendall

    Overprotective managers

    Yes I had that happen to me once where the manager was taking up the slack, and in the end out of frustration and embarrassment, he told me to pull the box.
  2. jerrybrooksvendall

    Route Update (for those who care)

    Love hearing you ramble. Be careful on the second box. Mine was buying like mad too. They got confused after awhile and started stealing from the second box, thinking I wouldn't catch on. I had to stop that right away! So be careful.
  3. jerrybrooksvendall

    Route Update (for those who care)

    Are you still updating us?
  4. jerrybrooksvendall

    How many no answers do you get vs yes

    Amen to that!
  5. jerrybrooksvendall

    Overprotective managers

    Hi... Want to give you a tip. Having managers make up for their workers shortfall is wonderful, but in the end you lose. Make sure the manager realizes that he alone is not responsible for the box. In the end if this goes on you'll lose the account.
  6. jerrybrooksvendall

    Candy Honor Box (I am new) - Updates

    Yeah mine works for me, but he always takes his snack bonus when my back is turned!
  7. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

    Door to door is the only way to see snack trays.
  8. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

    Maybe it's due to the holiday we just had. People tend to go broke during the holiday.
  9. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

    Make sure you understand the money that he pulled was from 97 boxes only. Not 321! He does that 4 days out of the week!
  10. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

    Yes at one of my locations I have to stack 2 boxes on top of each other because there is no room.
  11. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

    Take your time. If you have a day where you feel" lucky" than you might score a few new accounts! You might be nervous, but if you push pay that, you will overcome nervousness. The pros can tell you more! Good luck and God Bless!
  12. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

  13. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

    God in the mix! All my words didn't come out!
  14. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

    Lol you said attach yourself to the one that you aspire yourself to be! That's ironic! You attach yourself to flint, I attach myself to you! Awesome to you for putting in the mix, by the way!
  15. jerrybrooksvendall

    Snack box update

    Mr. Humphrey is the man! He's a pioneer in the field!