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  1. Yes AZVendor. Exactly. I have the door open and doing some programming and the lights go out and turn back on and the machine resets. What do you think?
  2. ROYAL 650 What are the characteristics of a bad control board. Machine shut off by itself, turned back on and display was reading out of service. Had 2 blink error on bill validator. Everything I tried didn't help. Finally pressed the program button on the control board and started pressing product selection buttons and the machine turned off, turned back on and everything worked perfectly. All depth settings and prices had to be reset. My question is, is this a bad control board? VENDO 721 Column won't vend. Tried to jog and test vend with no joy. Had this problem before and the spring and pin got out of whack some how. Didn't have any tools with me, so will look at it when I go back. Is it common for this to happen on the VENDO 721's? Thanks Mike
  3. My partner went back to the location last night and the machine is vending. I'm thinking either the machine was unplugged when he got there that morning or maybe he didn't have the door shut properly and the temp rose in the machine. I don't carry any perishables in the machine. Thanks guys.
  4. Having problems with my AMS 39 w/chiller. I haven't been to the location yet, but my partner has. I have a Royal 650 there, as well. Both machines not working. We've had a lot of rain and lightening recently. He unplugged the Royal 650 and plugged it back in. It works now. He did that a couple times with the AMS 39 w/chiller with no joy. Display reads "out of service" What are some things I should be looking at once I get to the location?
  5. I need to replace a vend motor in my royal 650. It's on one of the columns in the front. I think I can handle it. It's my first time replacing a motor. Any best practices or advise?
  6. Is there a solution to be able to sell 5 hour energy drinks out of an ap 111 or ap 112?
  7. I'm having an issue with one of my Royal 650's. The issue is with one of the front columns. Product is loaded. Tried to vend and triggers "sold out" when selection button is pressed. Removed product. Tried to "test vend" in program mode and the display light in the front of the machine goes out temporarily and the rotor doesn't turn. Is this a bad motor? If so, is this something I can purchase and replace myself? This is the only selection that is behaving this way.
  8. I purchased the aquafina from vistar, so i'm assuming they are for vending. Thanks for the tip on the funnel slides. No product in display is leaking. The vend is not a year old yet, so the temp sensor should be under warranty. Another vendor in my trade area turned me on to the meeting the truck driver at his hotel to avoid minimum fees. I think its a good thing for all vendors to play nice in the sandbox. For me, I have a full time job and other businesses, so I'm just using the vending business as a hobby and I can always decide to grow it or sell it in the future. Using all full size snack and drink machines.
  9. I recently found a vending products distributer that is allowing me to meet the truck driver at his hotel on Sunday afternoons to collect my order and pay without a fee for not meeting minimum. For a small fish like me, I think that's a big win because this will allow me to buy the exact products my customers want without having to buy the variety packs at the wholesale club and half the product expires before I can sell it. I will still continue to buy from the wholesale clubs, but having this arrangement with this distributer will help me drive the business forward. Please share with me your top 5 or more sellers in your drink and snack machines. My locations are all white collar businesses and 1 private school grades k-12. I've been having an issue with my 20 oz bottle Aquafina in my royal 650. The bottles jam (stick together) in the column. Is there a fix for this? I had an issue while servicing my vend 721. It looked like a soda exploded when it fell into the bin. There was soda splatter on the live display and the promotional back drop door and a small puddle on the bottom of the machine inside. There was not splatter in the product columns. At one time I had a problem with the diet coke freezing, so I set the temperature to hhh. A few days ago I set the temperature to hhhh when I saw the soda splatter. No one has informed me of the exploding soda and that's very odd because this location informs me of everything. Should I assume the soda exploded when it dropped into the bin or could someone have accidentally pulled the tab on the can when they were taking it out of the bin? Has anyone else experienced this issue? Just want to thank everyone who is a part of this forum. You have been a great help to me. I now have a 3 location business with only 4k in debt and gross revenue each month of $1700. Looking to add another location before June.
  10. cvending. Tried the monster @ 2.00. Didn't sell any. What is the oz size on the Arizona Iced Tea bottle? Is it glass? If so, I've never vended glass bottles. Have you ever had an issue with them? Thanks, Mike
  11. Any suggestion concerning product mix in my Vendo 721 would be appreciated. Placed in lunchroom of white collar mortgage call center. 150 employee's. These products are selling: Coke 12 oz can .75 Diet Coke 12 oz can .75 Ginger Ale 12 oz can .75 Sprite 12 oz can .75 Dr. Pepper 12 oz can .75 Mountain Dew 12 oz can .75 H2o 16 oz bottle .75 These products are not selling: Orange Juice 15.2 oz bottle 1.40 Apple Juice 15.2 oz bottle 1.40 Gatorage Tropical Punch 20 oz bottle 1.25 Thanks, Mike
  12. I just recently got an account with a mortgage call center for one of the major financial institutions in my area. I placed a vendo 721 and ap 122 at this location. There are currently 60 people working there, but they will eventually grow to 150 employee's. I was servicing my machines yesterday and one of the employee's ask me if I could offer coffee because they have nothing. I told her I would look into it and share some ideas with her manager. It's never been my intention to get into the coffee business, but I don't want to miss out on this revenue, as well. What are my options?
  13. I'm selling it for $2.00 in a location I pay no commission. If I was paying a commission, I would raise it to 2.25. Did have it priced at 2.50 at one time, but wasn't selling many.
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