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  1. Build a Report Summary Report (the tabs across the top) -Choose date range ---Transaction type-select all Columns: Total by: Item Data Values: # of items Device: Which ever device you want Run Report Viola.
  2. I figured it out. Finally! Once I did, it actually seemed so stupid easy. Angry Chris, want me to do a walk through?
  3. I have spent hours trying to generate a report like this to no avail. What/where/how do you generate this exact report? I have all my columns mapped, so that's done. Thanks!
  4. Ok. The validator I switched it with was brand new. If the sensor wasn't working, I am guessing it would not stack the bill every time. Some times it is registering the amount on the display, then it just goes away, sometimes it works, but it stacks it every time.
  5. Sorry. I forgot to mention that I switched to a new validator and got the same results.
  6. I have a Rowe 5900 that has been working fine, then suddenly is taking bills and not registering them. It has a MEI 2501 and TRC6000. I was easily able to replicate it, sometimes it just takes the money, sometimes it registers it on the display for a second then it goes away, and every once in a while it works fine and vends a product. Is this a bad board, or is there something else going on here? Thanks.
  7. Thanks. The switch settings are set to take 5's and it has the double harness that plugs into the upper pins. The board is the version 5.10.
  8. I have a Royal 552-8. I am trying to set it up to take $5 Bills. I got the MEI harness and installed a vn2511, that is $5 new ready. It has a coinco 9302L mech. It works fine with $1 bills and coins, but not with $5. I have filled the coin tubes until the three tubes went to the overfill. I have tried another bill validator also. Has anyone been able to get these to take $5? Thanks for any help.
  9. Ok. I just wanted to make sure that if I switched the board that it was not going to just fry it again. Thanks.
  10. I bought a DN 276 E today. Everything worked great, but the vend motors will not turn with either putting money in (just gives it back) or the motor test. I was able to get a pretty good deal because it was not working. Now that I have had a chance to look it over, it looks like a fuse is blown and some sort of capacitor (one of the blue things) is melted on the board. Should I be just looking at replacing the board, or did something else cause this? Thanks for any help.
  11. You can open a "Will Call" account with Vistar, then the minimums do not apply (that is just if they are delivering), you will just need to go pick them up.
  12. Tax ID# is you are paying commissions. Hours that you can access your machine. Those sometimes differ from the locations hours of operation.
  13. Thanks. This is good advice. I am worried that they want to know prices most of all. I am worried that I am going to get into something that is a lot of time and too little profit, so I do not want to lo-ball and get stuck with it. My only competition in this town are some corporate vending companies, so I kind of know who I am up against, and I have been able to get another of their locations because they had such poor service. My biggest concern right now is the cold or frozen food. I am new to that and I could use some help with what to quote on frozen or refrigerated items, I can see my cost from Vistar, but if I start marking it up too much then I might look greedy. I was hoping to find what these types of items are typically marked up. They do want to give their employees free coffee, so I am putting together an OCS proposal. I am new to that also, but I think I can figure it out. Thanks again for your help.
  14. I am putting together a proposal for an account with a local food processor. They have 600 employees, they are asking for full line vending in their main break room, then they also want OCS in two smaller break rooms. I currently have some coffee vending machines, but have not done the OCS before. My question is when I put together the OCS proposal, what kind of markup should I be putting on the prices that I get from vistar? Also, what would I normally be spending on equipment for this service? Thanks for any help and advice.
  15. Ok. I have been doing this for a few years, but I got a call today from a food processor in town that has over 600 employees. They want a proposal because they are looking to change vendors. The have a main break room that has pop, snacks, and cold food, and two other smaller break rooms that offer coffee service. My question is that we currently offer only cans, should I be proposing bottles?, and how much do folks usually charge for those? I have not done cold food before, it sounds like a pain, but what should the markup be from the prices that I would get the items for at vistar? Right now I just need to give them prices so they can consider them. They are also wanting OCS, but I will post that in the other forum. Thanks for any help and any advice.
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