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  1. brmorr

    Coin mechanism to only accept quarters

    Take a picture of the coin mech that accepts the coin. Hard to help if we don't know what the actual mech looks like.
  2. Sold a couple things recently. Here is what I will have with pricing: 60" Pinnacle Crane- $700 46" Toy Soldiers Crane- $800 2x Movie Stop Prize Redemption- $550 each 2x Barber Cuts- $900 each Flaming Finger prize redemption(one with side compartments)- $600 31" Prize Cube crane- $1400 31" Toy Taxi crane- $700 46" PrizeTime Deluxe(green color, bought new last year)- $2500 31" Spin Zone prize redemption(made by Smart and bought new last year)- $2500 Keymaster prize Redemption- $3400 Think that's about it for now. Keeping some smaller stuff I hope to place out in other locations....
  3. Lost some locations and need to sell some of this stuff: 3x Barber Cut prize merchandisers Winners Cube prize redemption 31" Prize Cube crane 46" Toy Soldiers Crane MovieStop prize redemption 31" Toy taxi crane Let me know if you are interested. All located in the Chicago Suburbs...
  4. brmorr

    Keymaster help! Paying out unexpectedly

    Did you run it through the calibration? Sounds like its a calibration issue and its slightly off?
  5. brmorr

    Air hockey tables

    I bet that air hockey table has close to 200K clicks on it. I would look for another table like a used Dynamo black light one like a Firestorm or Flash. Maybe even a Ice Fast Track one. I have a line on one for $900 in excellent condition, but I don't think you are close to me(Chicagoland).
  6. brmorr

    Current Top Prizes???

    Basically Ipads, galaxy tablets are always a good bet. I also run Beats(the smaller wireless power beats ones) and they do just as well. If you want a little bit cheaper prizes, I also put in bluetooth speakers and people seem to go for those just as much.
  7. brmorr

    Air hockey tables

    Air hockey tables make a ton of money in the right location. All depends on the model though, which one did you find?
  8. brmorr

    alibaba arcade machines

    How much is shipping for that thing though? Don't understand why everyone needs these built for them. Its basically a cabinet, power supply, jamma wiring harness and controls and you have a multicade. If you can fix a crane, etc.. you can wire up a multicade.
  9. Probably going to charge you $300-400 to do this with DBV. Hate to say this as well, but what are you going to do when that crane breaks or has issues? You are not going to make much money having someone else repair your stuff. You really need to dig and learn this stuff for yourself or your crane is not going to last long on location. Specially since it's a 20 year old one..
  10. Just picked up the Giant Stacker today. Will give someone a great deal if they come pick it up ASAP. Shipping will probably kill this deal so probably best if you can pickup(its GIANT!!). Let me know if interested. Its in the Downers Grove, IL area.
  11. I can get pictures. Which one are you interested in? It's a Lai Giant Stacker-big piece Monkey bizness is size of a 31" crane roughly. It's the larger one that holds more
  12. Pulling these two pieces off route shortly. Both work 100%. Monkey Bizness is basically new and the larger size. Does not have side box. Let me know if interested, located in the Chicagoland suburbs.
  13. brmorr

    Looking for Coin Mech for Toy Soldier 46

    On this picture, you would cut the black and white wire from this connector. The black is ground wire and the white is the credit wire. You can now wire those to a roll down coin mech like a Imonex and put the black wire on the GND of the coin switch and the white on the N/O of the coin switch. I converted all my crappy chinese electronic mechs over to Imonex and have had no issues with jams, etc.. since.
  14. brmorr

    Looking for Coin Mech for Toy Soldier 46

    I personally went with the Imonex mechs in all of my cranes and I never get any coin jams. This is the one you would want if you are taking quarters: http://www.ebay.com/itm/IMONEX-R9UXM-25-CENT-ROLL-DOWN-COIN-MECHANISM-LESS-COIN-JAMS-ISSUES-/360979015884?hash=item540c06a8cc:g:E0EAAOSwDk5TtXjj You will have to cut the wiring from the connector and wire straight to this. You will only use 2 of the 3 wires, if you post a pic of the wiring, I can tell you which ones, if not I can post a pic when I make it out to a location that has this. Those Chinese mechs that come with the toy soldier are crap as well as those cheap ones on Ebay.