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  1. All good points with the past 2 posts on this subject. Does this guy wanting these machines know that you are 15 or did he just come across your website? I don't know many restaurant owners who would want to get into a contract with someone underage. Here are some other things to consider. Do you know how to fix video games? Things will break including monitors, etc. that will need to be serviced. If he is wanting 12-14 machines, you are also going to have to supply games probably like cranes, prize merchandisers, etc.. If you can't work on them yourself, are you going to be paying someone to fix them? Since you don't have a license, who will drive you to the location when stuff breaks down(which it will)? Normal contracts for games like this will include a split which is usually 50/50, 60/40, 65/35 type thing. I don't know any place that is going to sign a deal where they don't get any money until a minimum is hit. Sounds like you got a good head on your shoulders, but stick with your bulk vending for now until you have the capital to go ahead with a full game room of stuff.
  2. Unless you have one of the newest versions of Golden Tee it will make nothing on location. Sell it to someone who would want this for their house.
  3. Have you tried cleaning the basket/machine? Looks like some of those holes on that basket are clogged or gunked up with that yellow substance.
  4. Shipping 17 games is going to be quite expensive depending on what they are. You can get Enterprise truck rental or Penske truck rental cheaper then Uhaul and probably drive yourself there to pickup. If you are doing roundtrip, make sure to get a liftgate as well. Getting anything good? Don't know where you are located, but I might be interested in some stuff depending on what you are getting.
  5. Buck Hunter might do ok, but you will need the newest one. You will then have to deal with broken guns from them being dropped, etc. Your best bet would be the following: Sitdown driving games, air hockey, prize redemption, candy cranes, duck cranes, etc.. People will not have the time to play a game of Golden Tee and Mame is no where being legal to put out on location and make money. let me know if you need any other info, I used to have 8 theatre locations.
  6. Switch to the black Imonex mechs and you will have hardly no jams. I have not had any issues with jams.
  7. $400 each would be a excellent deal. Nfl Blitz has been selling in the $600-1000 range and Area 51 if its in a dedicated cabinet with the sideart, its a $600-800 game as well.
  8. Depending on make/model, this sounds like an issue with the home switch on the gantry. You should see a switch that the claw gantry hits on the rail when it gets to the home position. Start there and see if any broken wires, etc.. If not, replace the switch as they can fail. Let us know and take pics of stuff if you don't know what I am talking about.
  9. Here you go: https://twistedquarter.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_46&products_id=184&zenid=bp3kinbr55g4vbhss1lm0i5j65 https://twistedquarter.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_47&products_id=737&zenid=bp3kinbr55g4vbhss1lm0i5j65
  10. What does the button look like? If its a normal microswitch button, the switches are easily found at multiple places. Let us know!
  11. If you want to lay a claw machine down, you need to do the following: Take the entire gantry out(with claw, etc.). OR Zip tie the claw(after you drop it down a little bit and shut off power) to the rail. Ziptie the gantry to the rail it runs on. This prevents the entire gantry falling out in transport and breaking glass or the gantry itself.
  12. Yeah, it was his to sell. Are the discs hard to drill through? If I start small and then got bigger in drill bit, could this lock eventually pop? Or am I better to just drill the tab and replace the entire thing?
  13. The disc inside the lock? Or are you talking the outer disc you see?
  14. Thanks, I will try this. No way to drill straight through the center of the ABLOY lock and have it pop? Maybe start small and get bigger in drill bits until it goes?
  15. Picked up a machine that the owner lost the keys to. Appears it is a ABLOY half moon key lock in the t handle. I have drilled all types of locks before, but have never drilled a half moon one(which usually mean higher security). What are my options with this lock? Drill it or do I have to drill the tab on the actual t handle to get this thing to pop? Let me know what every one has done in the past!! Thanks!!
  16. Thanks for everyone's info so far. I have come across a few AP LCM1 and LCM2's. Anyone use those? Pros/Cons?
  17. Thanks, I tried that first before posting and no posts really stood out at me answering this question. What are your choice of machines or what has been good machines for you? I don't want to get anything too old and have issues with parts, etc...
  18. Ok, new to the snack vending side of things, but have done amusement vending, etc. for 20+ years. Which snack machines is everyone running? I only need 1 at this time, but want to see what everyone's opinion on it is. Let me know which brands and models you are using. Plus any pros/cons, etc. Let me know!! Thanks!
  19. What kind of mechs are you using?
  20. I think you did all the cutting you needed to do when you wired up the black and white to the new Imonex mech. Basically when a coin passes through it grounds the coin signal sensing a coin has passed. It will take the right sized token or coin which is set depending on the mech you got regardless if its off or on.
  21. Here is the meaning of those three. C= common or ground(black wire goes here NO- normally open(your white wire goes here) NC- normally closed(not used for what you are doing). I wouldn’t worry about getting a harness, cut the white(coin signal) and black(ground) a little back from the connector in case you need to go back to the cheap Chinese mechs before you sell it. This way it will give you some wire to splice it back in. The other wires from that connector can stay in the connector. Just tape it up or something in the harness. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  22. If you need any help getting those wired, let me know. Black and white wire from the crappy electronic mech is all you need for the rolldown. 1 is ground and 1 is coin signal. Look on the side of the electronic mech and it lists it there as well where the connector plugs in to the mech.
  23. The two wires you will need are the black(ground) and white(coin signal). You can cut those wires from the harness plugging into the electronic mech and put connectors on them for the new coin switch. You can get the new Imonex R9 mechs from a bunch of places. They are usually $40-50. Also check Ebay for the quarter ones since they are usually cheaper on there for the quarter sized ones.
  24. Those are crappy chinese mechs. Get Imonex R9 roll down mechs in there and you will never have any issues. Wiring is easy as only 2 wires are needed from the harness that plugs into the mech you have. I change all my mechs to Imonex R9's and have very few if not any coin jams, etc..
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