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  1. TVF's Locator Mediation and Escrow Service

    Yes, I only have 3 locations. I paid for five and supposedly should get six, I will go back and check my email to see if they confirmed that or not. I have not heard from them in a while.
  2. Contacting TVF to release LRU funds from escrow

    I am in Illinois. I purchased 5 on Oct. 31, (So I will get 6)... and they still owe me 3. I understand they are going through a tough situation, but if they are getting locations for some people, I think they should at least be in contact with their other customers. I was planning on buying more, but if it is going to take this long... I don't know if I want to buy more. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens.
  3. Contacting TVF to release LRU funds from escrow

    I wish I could send that email to release payment...I haven't heard from LRU in about ten days. I am hoping to hear from them soon. They still owe me 3 more locations. Grazing Hippo... how long did it take you to get all your locations? and how many locations was it?
  4. There hasn't been much info on this in my searches: Are there any machines that are waterproof or weatherproof? Or has anyone done any modifications to machines so that they can stay outside? If I can find a cost effective machine or modification, I want to see if it is possible to get into a local amusement park. And since we are on the subject of outside machines... I understand chocolate candy would be bad... but do gumballs and hard candies do okay with sun/heat? Or is this just a bad idea all together?
  5. TVF's Locator Mediation and Escrow Service

    We are glad to hear that you are doing well... and we wish your employees and their families and friends the best as well. I just placed a machine today that LRU got me the location for... seems promising. So far I have 3 of the 6 I will be getting from them. I plan on ordering more if they can get the other locations soon. I want to place as many before the holidays as possible. I am doing a pretty good job locating myself, but the extra help will get my machines out faster!!
  6. My co-worker (this guys wife) doesn't think there are any... but I am going to talk to him and find out. I was just looking for some numbers in case he happens to ask... so I figured I'd ask and see who on here has experience in these kinds of places.
  7. I have been doing charity vending so far... but a coworker's husband is a higher up in a grocery store chain of about 5 stores. I am going to talk to him about getting in their locations. What kind of commission should I be looking at offering to get some racks in these grocery stores?
  8. Can I vend 23mm gumballs in machine that can do 1"?

    Hillbilly.... You have a mix of all three sizes in one head? Or one size at one location, and another size at another location?
  9. Can I vend 23mm gumballs in machine that can do 1"?

    You could do the 1430, or even 1900 I guess... but I'm thinking those are getting too small for a 25 cent vend.
  10. Can I vend 23mm gumballs in machine that can do 1"?

    I can get 23 mm gumballs(1080 count) for about the same price as 1" (850 count). And if the difference is only 1/10 of an inch, I don't see it causing any issue in the machine or any drop in sales due to size. So if I pay $3.00 more for purchase, I get 230 more gumballs, which comes out to $57.50 more gross.
  11. Can I vend 23mm gumballs in machine that can do 1"?

    I guess I will have to see if I can find a candy shop that sells that size in small quantities and give it a try. Anyone else out there doing this? (23 mm instead of 1")
  12. Can I vend 23mm gumballs in machine that can do 1"?

    This is not a candy wheel... the other head has the candy wheel. This is a wheel that can be adjusted... I never needed to because I have be using 1", but if I can get more gumballs for about the same money, I might as well do it if there isn't much of a size difference
  13. Looking to buy 1080 count (23mm) instead of 850 count (1"). I have Vendmaster machines and the wheel is adjustable. Will this be an issue at all? I don't want to vend 2 like I've heard some people do. If I close the wheel up just a little bit... will it work fine?
  14. TVF's Locator Mediation and Escrow Service

    Sherlock, in a way I agree with you. LRU sent me an email saying to contact them about setting up time and day for placement and not to waste time and gas going to one that backs out at the last minute.It would be better if it were a definite yes for any business they send me. But for the ones that did agree.. LRU made the initial contact and got them to say yes... so to me that is finding a location for me... not a lead. I'm still torn on if I should still keep using them. I've been doing good locating myself... but I have a lot of machines I want to place before the holidays, And I am only one person with limited amount of time to locate since I have a full time job.
  15. Newbie Questions

    I think face to face works well. I was just out tonight and got a few. Seems like if you keep it short and sweet and are personable, then you can do okay. Make sure you have some info from your charity to give to them.. and I have a lanyard and name tag that affilliates me with mine. Makes you look more credible. But be prepared for lots of turn downs... it's just part of it. But the yes's are great when you get them! I'm not a vet or have much time under my belt... but I've done pretty well so far with face to face.