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  1. I emailed you and you never responded>
  2. Candy machine dividers?

    I'm going to get plexiglass from Home Depot. I'm not home right now but will try it as soon as I get back. I'm going to experiment with it all the way down with candy and partial with gum to see how it works. To those of you that have U-Turns I have figured out how to keep the gumballs from getting crushed.
  3. Candy machine dividers?

    I'm going to try it with my U-turn and will let you know how it works out.
  4. Cleaning/Fixing UTurn Machines

    You can also paint the body with the yellow Rustoleum. You just have to sand it with some 220 sandpaper and wipe it with a tack cloth. It looks brand new afterwards and if you use a microfiber cloth and some pledge it will shine.
  5. Quarterly Taxes in Texas?

    You do not have to pay taxes on it but you do have to report your income every 4 months if you are tax exempt. They will send you a notice in the mail.
  6. Plain M&Ms

    Sam's has it online for 19 something including shipping. Absolutely no profit in that so I have to find something else to replace it.
  7. Tab gum?

    Polar mint did horrible. I have had the best luck with just plain chicklets.
  8. Plain M&Ms

    Yes, Rodney I can't find the 56 oz bag at any of the Sam's in my area. I'm not sure what's going on.
  9. Need a product idea for location

    If you try the polar mint gum I would just buy a small quantity first to see how it goes. If you want to try polar mint let me know as I have a whole case that needs to go. I could sell you a couple of lbs for a great price.
  10. Key Broken Off In Lock

    Drill the lock out with a 1/8 inch bit and if that does not work come back with a 3/16. It takes a little while to do it but it's a lot better than have to replace the globe and lid.
  11. U-Turn Coin Mech's

    Please post a picture of the back of this mech and with the cover off.
  12. Question about 1800 vending machine.

    Thanks for all the wonderful information. I think friction is the problem even though the wheels have been clean. I am going to try the silicone spray and possibly the washer.
  13. Question about 1800 vending machine.

    When I put the canister in I always make sure to turn the handle to line the gears up. I think the problem is with the mech. I am going to try a different mech the next time I service it to see if that makes a difference. When you turn the coin mech it is very hard to turn. It has a riser in it and I am using the larger gumball from Sam's so I really am puzzled. I have checked the teeth on the wheel and they all look good.
  14. I have several 1800 vending machines and I was wondering if you have to have the gumballs in the middle. I have lots of locations that love gum but when I put it on either end it does not seem to work. At first I thought it was the wheel but now I am wondering if it only goes in the middle. If you know anything about this please advice me.
  15. Employee Break Room locations

    Old Navy was great for me until the district manager came through and said it had to go. I think it would have done great because after only a month it had enough to pay for the location and the gumballs. JC penny's is average but Kroger break room has done fantastic. I'm hoping to add more but it's to hot right now.