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  1. Alright guys, i’ve got this machine working for the most part. But now I have tried to add in Powerade at a different price. I have it set for $2 all other selections are set for $.75. The machine will not except more than one dollar at a time. Even though I am able to set multI prices is there a chance that the multi price function is turned off and that is what’s causing this? I just assumed if I could set different prices in the multi-price function was active. I understand that I can go into the machine and find this out when I am with it again, but I’m just trying to get a headstart on other options if this is not the problem. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks AZ, Can you tell me if memory loss on prices would also cause memory loss on column programming?
  3. Okay, thank you! Much different than what I was looking for. Is this a battery I can get at a battery store or is it a special purchase item from the manufacturer?
  4. Seems like a lot of my problems may have been coming from the fuse coming loose and disconnecting power. But I still don’t see a battery on the control board. Anybody got a picture or can direct me to the battery on the control board or where it may actually be? Also, if the machine loses power and loses the memory of the pricing, will it also lose the memory of the custom column settings?
  5. Just bought a used royal vendor 660-8 GIII, I seem to have a few error codes that are inconsistent. I have the refrigeration and hot code but seems to be no problem cooling. Thought maybe this was just from it being unplugged and/or open for so long while I was working on it. I was having trouble with it randomly powering down which I found that the fuse in the door was rattling loose because the cover on it is missing (Secured it with a couple pieces of tape) not sure of this loose fuse is causing a random out of service read out. Just found the fuse problem tonight left it working and running we’ll see if that changes tomorrow. When it would power down all the prices would reset which would point towards a bad battery. I cannot find the battery on the control board. Two other error codes that I can’t seem to find anything about including it in the manual is “nOnE” and “init”. Any and all help appreciated.
  6. Hey AZ, I think I'm gonna need that logic board. I've got everything working except when it loses power all prices are lost. Upon my research through here that would indicate a bad battery on the board which cannot be replaced, is this correct?
  7. Where is the battery located? AZ do you have a logic board available? How much?
  8. I have a Dixie Narco DN501E-MC I had it on location that appears to have lost its memory all the price settings went to $99.95. I went to reprogram it and when I push the blue program button on the circuit board nothing happens. Any ideas or solutions???
  9. I have a Dixie narco 501 I am having problems with my dollar bill acceptor. I have a coinco BA30B connected to a 9302 – GX coinco changer. I just received a "refurbished" bill acceptor. I can get the red service light to stay solid on for about 10 seconds then it resets (it actuates like the bill box has just been closed) and goes off. If I try to put a dollar bill in while the light is on and solid the code flashes #4. I have looked at the switch settings on the control board (No access hole) and can see that switch number three and switch number eight are in the on position and the rest are in the off position. Any ideas or solutions at this point? Thank you.
  10. I am having a similar issue with my Dixie narco 501. I have read through a lot of this form and have come up with all the different options of troubleshooting. At this point I may be a little confused. The compressor is already very warm to the touch after less than an hour of running. Both of my fans are running I have it set on 4 on the thermostat. The compressor kicks on and off with the function of the thermostat. My door is offset, it sags hard to the bottom right corner, but once I get it closed it seems to be airtight in the cabinet. I don't quite understand how to adjust that door to make it not sag. I have had it running for less than an hour now and there is frost which is quickly turning into clear ice which on another test it eventually turned into solid white ice. Am I correct in assuming that I will be needing to either have it recharged or replaced at this point?
  11. I have had, and am currently having the same experience with Randy. I'm not sure what the deal is.
  12. Casseri, you will truly and always be missed and remembered, without your efforts I am most certain I would have never made it as far I have. I not always vocally active but I just never feel I have enough knowledge to add to all the extremely smart veterans such as yourself. Thanks for all you have done and God bless you and best of luck in your future endeavors. Stop by and say hello every now and then.
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