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  1. Meet her in person, and get references and a company name. If it checks out, go for it.
  2. Any management company utilizing craigslist and doing phone deals is a huge red flag. Did you ever meet her? Man, people like to be shady sometimes..
  3. Thank you for the advice. I also suffer from Addison's Disease and that has partly taken away my ability to be aggressive and resilient. With Addison's, basically I have 0 energy all day long, and don't sleep well on top of that. I was scared that if I got too big, I couldn't handle the stress, and would lose the entire business because I couldn't keep it. There are multiple factors in this decision to get out, and that was one of them. I probably would stick with it, but I can feel my health telling me to not push it. It sucks, especially since I am only 26. I guess that is how life works sometimes. I don't know where I am going from here, but all the advice I have been given is beyond amazing, and I appreciate everybody here who has helped me out -Patrick
  4. I have 4 locations. I am selling my biggest one first. I want to sell them individually, as I can make more that way, I'm finding out. I truly dislike vending, I don't believe in hardly any of the products I sell, as they are perhaps THE most unhealthy "food" on the market, I hate B2B sales, I don't like vandalism, and in Illinois we are getting new soda taxes. I am also in a farm town 60 miles from Chicago, and there are just no accounts worth doing near me, without having to drive 30-50 miles one way. I hate loading machines, and just don't like vending. I don't get happy when I think about it, I get annoyed or upset. Lol. If you don't enjoy something there isn't much point in doing it. I still see the industry slowly dying though in all honesty. I may not have facts to back these statements up, but it's my perception. When i was a kid in the 90's, that seemed like the time to be in. Like eBay in 2003, or how fast food killed family restaurants. Sure there will always be vending, but more and more CVS, Walgreens, etc will pop up.
  5. Yeah. I actually enjoy vending, but it seems like the good times are coming to an end. Convenience stores have such better prices, value, and selection, and they are essentially everywhere. I wish healthy vending could work. There are no suppliers anywhere near me in Illinois, or legit clients that would eat healthy close by. I just get a bad feeling about this whole business for myself. I don't know where the industry is heading, but I don't see lots of growth opportunities.
  6. The lower the room rate the more vandalism probably. But the lower the room rate the higher the sales? Low income hotels attract perfect vending customers.
  7. Lol to the screaming coaches. That is only necessary when there are millions of dollars on the line, not for little kids. Besides, yelling doesn't accomplish much, and wastes valuable energy that could be used to coach! Undefeated in baseball is tough, as there are so many variables. It's a super complicated sports. I can't imagine coaching baseball. Hockey is very quick, and is all about line changes, and matchups. It's only 5-5 anyway. American football has to be the toughest of all though.
  8. Making a living off coaching is as tough as all endeavors. I will probably have to volunteer my time for awhile until I can prove that I can make a winning team. The rink is also 35 miles from home, but I will make it work.
  9. I just don't think it's a growth market at all. I looked over my phone records for the last year and I had made over 500 calls, and had over 30 meetings. Couldn't find any accounts that wanted to switch, government regulations are getting bad in Illinois, I don't like loading machines, selling poison, etc. Plus vandalism at some of my accounts was so bad, that it became a losing enterprise. I don't see vending as a way to make a living for myself. Hockey is my passion, and I would like to start coaching. I got into vending by mistake, and there is no way I can load chips and soda the rest of my life.
  10. If you live in Illinois, or around Chicago, PM me. I have very nice account for sale. 0 Commission. Great machines. I am done with vending. Done! It's been 2 years, and I guess I failed at it. Email me here. -Patrick
  11. We could all chip in for a few boxes of Big Texas Pastries But seriously, I am down for a Randy Bday gift.
  12. My turn. Randy has been clutch so many times. I literally knew nothing about vending or parts. He has been so helpful in explaining everything to me. I am still unsure about this whole industry as it truly is never ending. It's a daily struggle and Randy answers all my questions in timely, professional, and friendly manner. Go Randy!
  13. Did your contract have a clause that discussed anything about how long of a notice you need to be booted? I try to put in there at least 10 days, because then it gives you a cushion to not only find your mover, but maybe life hack it, and get that mover to put it in a new location, if you can find one in 10 days
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