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  1. I just looked at our vending & micro market sales for the last month and we are over 50% for cashless sales. We were about 30% cashless sales when we started 5 years ago. I don't know that we would ever switch to 100% cashless machines because I believe in giving people more options to pay, not less.
  2. Bev, Just want to confirm your numbers in the original post... Is it 11,000 onsite everyday or 1,100? Also, is the annual sales $304K or is that the total for 5 years ($60k/year)? Our wheels are turning....
  3. I wish Pueblo wasn’t so far from Denver!
  4. Sorry, I edited my post. It's an AP Studio 2 and the serial number starts with: SL2XXXXXX
  5. Does anyone know if InOne or Vendors Exchange make a universal control board for an AP STUDIO 2 (SL series)? I'm looking for one that will report cash sales. Thanks! Kevin
  6. Bev, I think that is a perfect scenario that you are describing and unfortunately not the "whole story". The nanomarkets only take plastic. We tried this with another vendor and found that we lost out on a lot of sales because we did not take cash. We have since switched vendors to a system equipped to take cash so we were able to recapture those customers. Also, there are credit card fees and monthly kiosk fees that can eat away at your margins. I probably wouldn't use a glass front vending machine on free vend. I'd purchase a cooler and use that glass front at a vending account. I think it would make the market look more professional. Also, good shelving is expensive. Not to mention... theft. It absolutely drives me crazy when people steal from the market! Micro markets are a lot more involved than vending but it's what companies are asking for. Fortunately, there will always be a place for vending machines! As for your original question... Would I do it for 90 people? Maybe. Kevin
  7. Anyone have any experience with the new Crane Merchant Media machines? I'm thinking about bidding a sizable contract and if I get it, I'll be purchasing some new equipment. Most of my equipment is AMS with some BevMax, AP, and DN machines in the mix. I'm considering either the snack or combo machines based on what they requested in the RFP. The AMS machines have been good but I'm interested in the Crane machines for a few reasons: 1. They have financing 2. They are ADA compliant (mandatory for the acct.) I don't believe AMS are after you mount the CC reader in the knockout? 3. Capacity 4. They look good Some things I'm not sure on and would like some feedback are: 1. Do all the bells & whistles cause more maintenance issues? Are they reliable overall? 2. Cost? 3. It looks like the machines have integrated validators and CC readers. Do you have to use their validators & cc readers? Any other feedback is really appreciated! Thanks!
  8. We currently have 1 MicroMarket and looking to add/convert more. I initially tried to get around the fees of all the big companies and tried to use an Ipad based Kiosk with a bar code scanner and credit card reader. The monthly fee was lower but the credit card fees were higher. Also, it was not right for the location and sales suffered. A week ago, we installed a kiosk from Deoro. So far, so good. Deoro has been great to work with and very responsive to requests. I researched Three Square, 365, Deoro, and another company..... I think fees are so high because there is little competition and no one is coming in and undercutting the market. However, fees have come down from a few years ago when I first started looking at kiosks.
  9. Specifically looking for the difference between the ST & SL Models. Thanks! Kevin
  10. If it's the socket in the back it can be a pain to get to because the compressor is in the way. May be easier to pull the bottom shelf for better access. I'd also recommend putting a 2x4 behind the machine in case they are rocking it and slamming it against the wall. I had this happen at a high school and they destroyed the socket. The 2x4 fixed the problem.
  11. If it's $2000/month, I'd strongly consider doing a micro market.
  12. If you're talking $2k gross for a year, I wouldn't put one in there! Unless they have other locations or are planning a significant expansion..... Be sure to ask them to allow you to stay until the MM is installed. I could see another vendor saying they'll put in a mm and then switch to vending once they figure the account out.
  13. I've changed my tune a little on AirVend since they were acquired by 365. The biggest gripe I have is that they went from a 3 year warranty to a 1 year warranty. Because of that, I'll probably use VendScreen w/ Parlevel more going forward. The exceptions will probably be if I need to use wifi (Vendscreen doesn't have that) or if I am adding a machine to an account that already has AirVend. VS and USA Tech both have 3 year warranties on new devices.
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