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  1. I always upgrade current accounts to racks, and upgrade to larger racks from there. Trying to locate a new location for a 9 head rack is a tall order and with your resources (mid size car), your best bet is to grow your smaller machine accounts to racks as you find home run accounts.
  2. I'm interested, please DM me.
  3. In today’s business environment in vending. You’re looking at 6-8 months gross sales for the route value depending on sales, extra parts, records and quality of route etc. at one time you could get 12-18 months sales but that was a long time ago unfortunately.
  4. Some come from Sams cracked and I’ve had to return numerous cans since they changed from the bags.
  5. Good price on the U Turns. Use them until you find out if the business is for you. Good luck!
  6. What kind of parts? I’d be interested in newer stuff.
  7. Good machine. Clone of the Oak Vista 300. The mechs May need some grease or WD40 from sitting so long.
  8. Agreed don’t wait on a competitor like NEN to supply you. Go with Eagle before prices change again or your situation changes.
  9. I have the same pricing for machines, as of Nov 27, 2017. Be aware they may have changed. I know the prices on coin mechs have as of my last order which was last week. Ive done a small order of wheels to make sure they’re legit. They were, so I did another order of more wheels and 50 cent mechs to see how that goes. Last time I ordered a pallet of heads there were 80-85 or so but it may vary so that’s definitely a question for Sharon. Email is better until you actually place the order.
  10. I look at both heads and locations. Good for tracking purposes so you know how many are in each location and averages per head or location, etc.
  11. It varies bank to bank. And they will change policy over time. I’ve had to change banks a few times because of this. For vending I prefer to have the branch count and deposit. For larger companies or heavy volumes you may be forced to go the bag route. You can be charged as much as $5 per bag at the bank. That’s hell if you have a lot of nickel and cent/penny bags! Know your average volume and peak volume before you go to talk to a bank. Make sure it is a manager if at all possible, VP or whatever fancy title they give them. Someone who knows their stuff and gets the right info so you can make an informed decision. Having a backup bank is a good idea, even it isn’t as ideal a situation as you want. Keep a small account active in case the first bank goes FUBAR on you.
  12. Commission and payment to charities are normal business expenses. Absolutely deductible. Payments to charities are essentially commission also because its being paid to use their name, logo, and likeness, not like a donation to your church for example, which is a straight charitable donation.
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