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  1. I'm looking for a used cooling deck for a Wittern model 3545/3553. The part number is 1218868. Would anybody here have one gathering dust? Thanks
  2. wegroup

    Teachers lounges?

    180 teachers? Heck yes, they must have a grip of students; you should be trying to get machines in there to service the students also. Good Luck
  3. wegroup

    Media 187

    Thank you for your input, it’s what makes this forum my go to place.
  4. wegroup

    Media 187

    Greetings - I currently have a location that does between $500-$600 per week, year round. It is serviced by two AP 932's (four wide) side by side. I am thinking about purchasing a Crane Media 187 (six wide) to replace those machines with. I need the 932's elsewhere, and believe that the Media will handle their place nicely. If any of you fine folks are currently using the Media 187, I'd really appreciate some feedback on its' performance. Currently, all my equipment is AP, I don't know much about AMS or USI quality, but am open to suggestions. As always, thanks.
  5. wegroup

    Teachers lounges?

    We’re trying to do the same in our district, get rid of admin, since all they do is breed negatively too.
  6. wegroup

    Teachers lounges?

    In my previous post I forgot to mention the breaks we get; Thanksgiving week, 2 weeks for Christmas, Easter week, and then summer break (10 weeks) where nobody is really around. Now, before anybody goes hating on us teachers for these breaks, just know that these are breaks that we don’t get paid for. We are compensated only for the days that we teach.
  7. wegroup

    Teachers lounges?

    FYI - besides vending, I am a junior high teacher. Don’t do it. Schools have so many fund raising events, free breakfast and lunch programs, potlucks and such, that you are wasting your asset. Teachers and staff are used to free stuff.
  8. wegroup

    Wittern 3500 start relay

    I keep a couple on hand, they are only about $11-$12 on Amazon Prime. Changing the starting components to a 3-in-1 solves the problem about 80% of the time for me.
  9. wegroup

    what does this mean

    I recently experienced a similar situation, I powered down the machine, and then unplugged the coin mech, powered the machine back-up, and the error cleared. Bad coin mech was cheaper than a replacement board.
  10. wegroup

    Dixie Narco 8 select 501 SII-D

    After replacing the board, I still had the wait on the display. After reading AZVendor's post about how the machine was doing a self-check during the wait, I realized that maybe something else was amiss. After unplugging the coin mech, the display changed from wait to the proper message. I replaced the coin mech, and the problem was solved. This is an example on my part to jumping to conclusions without properly addressing the issue in the correct order. Hopefully, others can learn from my mistake without making the same mistake.
  11. wegroup

    Dixie Narco 8 select 501 SII-D

    Thanks for your input - I thought it would be the board, just wanted to make sure before I ordered one, as I don't have an extra.
  12. wegroup

    Dixie Narco 8 select 501 SII-D

    Sorry for the slow follow-up. Powered down unit, disconnected battery, let set for a couple of minutes, reconnected battery, restored power, same problem. Should I believe that the board needs to be replaced? Thanks
  13. wegroup

    Dixie Narco 8 select 501 SII-D

    Okay, thanks. I'll give it a try.
  14. I've never had a problem with this machine until now. The display reads "wait." Power is getting to the coin mech (coinco quantum), and dbv (coinco BA-50), however, neither is accepting. After pressing red mode button, I cannot enter menu, still displays "wait." Locked up. Powered down vendor, waited a couple of minutes, powered back on, and display still reads "wait." Machine is cold, just not taking money. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. What's got me up lately at night is a request by an account that wants fresh sandwiches and such, it's a good account, an all eggs in one basket type of account. I'm 3 years into a 5 year contract, we've got a great relationship, never a problem, not 1 complaint or issue since I've been there. I've been doing my due diligence and find that the request is a losing proposition. It's not a micro-market situation (blue collar, temp workers, truck drivers). I don't have any other options other than having to put in one of those food/frozen machines. Any feedback would be appreciated.