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  1. What's got me up lately at night is a request by an account that wants fresh sandwiches and such, it's a good account, an all eggs in one basket type of account. I'm 3 years into a 5 year contract, we've got a great relationship, never a problem, not 1 complaint or issue since I've been there. I've been doing my due diligence and find that the request is a losing proposition. It's not a micro-market situation (blue collar, temp workers, truck drivers). I don't have any other options other than having to put in one of those food/frozen machines. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Credit Card reader questions

    I get it, I have card readers on machines myself. The origins of this thread began as a question from a guy who had bought his first machine, an AP123, wondering if a card reader was the way to go. I agree with all that you guys have said, I just didn't want a new operator thinking that every machine needs a reader, without doing the math and considering the potential of the machines location. A 123 is a good size machine, hopefully it's going to a location that will kick butt, and with a card reader that pays for itself.
  3. Credit Card reader questions

    I would agree with you, however, what about the cost of the product sold? An increase of $10 would probably run around $5 for the product. The $9.40 turns into $4.40, and in 4 weeks, you gain $17.60. My other problem is just because you have credit card sales does not equal increased sales due to credit card acceptance. Some people are going to use credit as an alternative form of payment, rather than cash, so how do you really know if you have increased sales, or just offered a new form of payment? I still think that if a machine cannot do pretty close to 200 credit card transactions per month, the operator will have to be prepared to help subsidize the credit card service, which sounds to much like a democrat program to me. To bad they didn't come up with Obama card readers.
  4. Credit Card reader questions

    I did some math on this issue. Eport is structured at $7.95 per month for their service, and 5.95% per transaction. Using the two-tiered price structure at 10¢ per credit card transaction, it would take 198 credit card purchases, per month, to cover the costs of accepting credit cards. For those interested in the math, it went like this, BTW, the only assumption that I made was that the average card purchase was $1.00. 198 cards sales x 10¢ = $19.80, minus the transaction fee, ($198 x 0.0595 = $11.78) minus the monthly fee ( $7.95), which looks like, $19.80 - $11.78 - $7.95 = 7¢ profit to help pay for that $250 device. So in my thinking, a machine would have to do 50 credit card transactions on average per week to pay for itself.
  5. Opinion on soda machine

    Yes sir, holds a lot of product, takes dollars, gets cold, and you are correct about the pricing. Sounds like a good machine for the job. Go forth, make that dough.
  6. Opinion on soda machine

    I have found that model of machine to be reliable, and parts are everywhere for it. The price is nothing special. This machine can be equipped with a bill validator, but no card reader. It's a workhorse and can make some good dough in the right place. I don't like single priced machines because I sell monsters and such. The real problem with these machines is that the technology of the 80's and 90's just doesn't cut it these days. But again, these machines are still out there making some good dough.
  7. Vendnet = Biggest Ripoff in World?

    Please excuse my directness. As an older man, I often forget about the younger, more gentle youth of today. There is no excuse for rudeness, nor causing conflict on this great informational forum. However, it is discouraging to look at posts such as, "how do I remove this screw?" "what part is this?" "where do I buy a water slide?" without being somewhat direct. So please, accept my apology, and as you said earlier, "you (meaning me) have no idea what you are talking about," and good luck with your endeavors.
  8. Vendnet = Biggest Ripoff in World?

    To anybody who thinks vending is an easy, get rich quick highway to success. And then realizes that it's an effort of long hours and hard work, who then complains about minor, and irritating lessons learned along the way. Why?
  9. Vendnet = Biggest Ripoff in World?

    I believe that those who don't know, think vending is a easy, get rich quick, highway. We've all been where you are at right now, it's called "the school of hard knocks." You're learning, so learn. Don't make the same mistakes over and over, and please don't publish every little injustice that comes your way. It's hard, and long work, and not for those who are crybabies. Just saying.
  10. There's nothing more that I dislike than changing out a delivery door. The machine's parts manual would be your best friend for things like this, if you don't have the manual, do a Google search, you'll find it.
  11. Eprom

    On a side note, guys like lacanteen make this form well worth a donation to this forum. I have gotten a vast amount of information, and entertainment that is priceless. I think i'll make a donation today. Thanks.
  12. Eprom

    I need to change some eproms to upgrade to card readers. What is that going to entail? Reprogramming the entire machine? Losing lifetime data? No matter what, I'm going to have to do it, I was just curious? Thanks
  13. Vehicle for the Arizona Heat

  14. Revision Door vs All InOne Door

    The website is @ inonetechnology.com. You deal directly with them, they run about $1000. I emailed them and got a quick response. I just don't have enough information to make a good choice, though a lot of vendors seem to like inone's boards, and such.
  15. Kind of wondering if anybody has experience with both doors, and can give feedback about how they would roll if they could do it over. I've got some machines I'd like to upgrade, or if not worth it, totally eliminate. Thanks.