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  1. allen watson

    Vendo 511 error 5

    Vendo Errors Error 1 Jammed column Error 3 Door open for 1 hour Error 4 Stuck Switch Error 5 Coin Changer Error CC too many com errors TUBE tube sensor tJ tube jamb CRCH Check sum error Error 6 Coin changer ESC excessive escrow attempts JA Coin jam LO Low coin acceptance rate Error 7 Card reader error Error 8 Space to sales assignment error Error 9 Dollar bill validator
  2. allen watson

    MEI Recycler

    I bought 2 rebuilt units from D&S Vending for $250 each. They are sold out of these but may get more http://www.dsvendinginc.com/
  3. allen watson

    MEI Recycler

    I just bought 2 and they are awesome. I was using the dollar coin for change but it was a pain in the butt keeping them stocked. Someone always thought that they were rare and collectible and would buy a pack of gum with a $10 bill just to get the coins. I can say that sales have gone way up and it’s so easy reloading them.
  4. allen watson

    Credit not cancelling

    Would a stuck solinoid have an effect on the credit not cancelling or would it just take out the second column?
  5. allen watson

    Credit not cancelling

    So that’s what that is? The plunger was stuck down. The crazy thing is, I had a spare with me. Lol
  6. allen watson

    Credit not cancelling

    Yeah that’s what I figured but at least the number should’ve been right. It ended up being a little solenoid with micro switch on the side of it that is right next to the vend relay
  7. allen watson

    Credit not cancelling

    I fixed it! Nobody including me got it right. For a nickel I’ll tell you. 😂 also, the cheater cord will not work on Dixie-narco single price as diagramed. Seems like it’s upside down and backwards. #7 is an empty slot.
  8. Thanks Randy.
  9. Is this correct or is the diagram correct? I put one together as per diagram and it doesn’t work. Wondering if the NC and NO need to be switched.
  10. Can I use a selection switch from a multi-price machine?
  11. allen watson

    Cc readers

    The lease option is thru a third-party and actually kinda crappy. I bought mine on the payment plan. They just took a little out of each month .
  12. allen watson

    Credit not cancelling

    What is a cheater cord? 🤔
  13. allen watson

    Credit not cancelling

    You know, come to think about it, that is a rebuilt coin mech from Coinco. They have been horrible with their repairs. I’ve had to send several back for warranty work.
  14. allen watson

    Credit not cancelling

    Great idea! Thanks.
  15. allen watson

    Credit not cancelling

    It seems so random is what gets me. I have plenty of brand new switches and a new relay. I just hate throwing parts at a machine. But I’m going to on this. Lol