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  1. allen watson

    Bev Max 4 Port Error

    I just bought a whole new port assembly for mine.
  2. allen watson


    How much volume do you have to do to qualify?
  3. allen watson

    Bill Validator Problem

    It was at a new location and the management looked concerned. I couldn’t narrow down the exact problem so I swapped it out with one in storage. It has worked great for the last 3 years. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  4. allen watson

    Bill Validator Problem

    Check your prices. Those are notorious for loosing the prices. Then make sure your coin tubes are full. I had one doing something similar and had to replace the board. Actually I replace the entire pull-out.
  5. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 - x homing error

    Could be the micro switch on top of the elavator or at the base of the picker cup. Check out the manual and follow the trouble shooting guide on x/y homing error. Don’t forget to pull the door switch out when testing the homing switches. https://des.az.gov/sites/default/files/media/bevmax_4_5800_operators_manual.pdf
  6. allen watson

    AP studio with card reader

    Yes I have. You need to disable your card reader right away. Then order a new EPROM.
  7. allen watson


    I have several Vendo drink machines that will not report the cash sales nd there is no fix for it.
  8. allen watson

    Vendo Univendor II

    When setting two deep you need the tall black clip. When setting 3 deep cans you need two white shorter clips. If you test vend the product while looking up underneath you’ll see the reason for the gauge bar locations and the plastic clips.
  9. allen watson

    Vendo Univendor II

    That’s for the two deep 16oz monsters and 16.9 oz bottles. I haven’t had any issues with the gauge bar on 3 deep cans other than having the wrong plastic clips.
  10. allen watson

    Vendo Univendor II

    The Univendor has some quirks. You may have to advance the column by holding the motor switch open and pressing the door switch. Also, I have 2 Univendors that are out of alignment regarding the bottom gauge bar. The normal position of the 3 is the center for cans. However, if the back can isn’t dropping correctly you may have to put the bar at an angle with the rear of the bar being on the largest setting and the front being on the middle setting. There are also specific plastic clips that need to be in placed on the gauge bar. You can download the manual here: https://www.amequipmentsales.com/manuals/pdf/Vendo/VENDO UNIVENDOR II 480-511 TRADE PARTS MANUAL.pdf
  11. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 - top shelf

    It clips onto the picker cup and extends the top. As your bottle leans in it kinda kicks the bottom in as well. I don’t have it on mine but I watched it over and over on a machine in Sams Club.
  12. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 - top shelf

    Maybe https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-8587-cr0023167-dn-bevmax-4-picker-cup-sleeve-adaptor-keeps-new-pepsi-bottles-from-falling.aspx
  13. Yes. I bought it from AZVendor ☝️ He walked me thru a few other steps like checking the electrical supply at the wall first
  14. Chard is absolutely correct about your parts supplier.
  15. I would start at the wall and check your ground and your polarity. I just use a simple ground polarity tester from the home maintenance store. If that checks out swap the coin mech. Those are your two easiest attempts to remedy the situation. The last issue I had like that on mine, I downloaded the manual and found the troubleshooting flowchart to be somewhat helpful although not entirely. In most cases it seems to point to the board.