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  1. What model snack shop? I had his happen on a newer AP that I put a cc reader on. I replaced the eProm with the newest version and the issue was resolved.
  2. allen watson

    Mars Bill Recycler

    That’s a bummer.
  3. allen watson

    Mars Bill Recycler

    My mars bill recycled started counting one dollar bills as two dollars in a DN-5591. Coin and card reader work normal. I pulled it and put in my spare BV. Any idea why this would happen?
  4. Not sure if the Bev 4 is the same but you need to go to factory diagnostics and check your home switches. You can find the manual on line and follow the trouble shooting flow chart for that issue. There’s a chance that it’s the micro switch on the bottom of the cup assembly sticking. I had similar problems and ended up replacing the entire cup assembly.
  5. allen watson

    Hello! And maybe help?

    Make sure the nickels arefull and the prices set
  6. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 picker cup issues

    Upon further testing I found that the cupsensor board isn’t responding. This may explain why the cup wouldn’t complete its vend cycle. After turning the sensor off I can get about a 50% successful vend rate. It’s now completing the vend cycle randomly. On the vends that don’t complete, the cup motor doesn’t complete its cycle with the slight reversal that is integral for setting up the next vend. When I test vend the selections, selections 6-9 on all shelves work fine. Selections 1-5 on all shelves randomly complete their vend cycle. I’ve ordered a new cup board and will report back
  7. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 picker cup issues

    Thanks Matthew
  8. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 picker cup issues

    Master reset did not fix the issue 😩 The only difference is my original hook swipe misses the port. Changed it from 93000 to 93300. The flow chart says replace a)cup assembly b)control board I’ve done that which worked for 3 weeks then pow. I wonder if one is defective?
  9. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 picker cup issues

    That’s a good idea. I haven’t done a master reset yet. Thanks
  10. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 picker cup issues

    The way the picker arm works is after a cycle the motor has a slight reverse. This sets it up for the next cycle. Every other time it reverses just a little and works on the next cycle. Then it doesn’t reverse a little and jams. The motor then does about a quarter turn reverse and puts it in the correct position for the next cycle. When I cycle it without the cover on, it works 99% of the time. And when I have the cup assembly off the mount and in my hand sideways but still harnessed it works every time. I cant see any thing wrong with the harness. So I’m thinking bad cupboard.
  11. I’ve been struggling with my one and only Bevmax 4. The picker cup started acting up a couple months ago. It started with the arm staying out and breaking a soda open. Thoroughly cleaned the machine and every single drop of syrup. Then the cup wouldn’t go to the target but go directly to the delivery port. I replaced the whole cup assembly with a new one. That worked great for about a month. Then the cup started having the same issues. It would go to the target then to the delivery port (like the cup motor was bad). So I replaced the cup motor, the main board, the x and the y motors, the y harness and the y motor board. Why mess around 😂 Now in test mode with the top left door switch out, the plunger cycles fully once then only partially the second time I test it. So every test of the picker arm it works once them only comes out about 1/2 inch on the second test. Over and over, every other test it works. When I try to vend a drink, the first vend goes directly to the delivery port without going to the selection, then the next vend goes to the selection but the plunger/picker arm sticks out and jams against the shelf. Ive taken the cup assembly apart at least 20 times. I just put in a new cup motor to no avail. My next move is to replace the cup board and both switches. Help!
  12. Thanks lacanteen. I didn’t know I could buy directly from DN
  13. End of the year write offs
  14. Great question. I used Firestone to get started and somehow it all worked out. Does anyone know where i would go to buy a brand new Bevmax 6 media?
  15. allen watson

    Best Vendors Management, anyone deal with them?

    I work with them. Some locations have great prices while others have stupid low prices. It seems like the locations that they service have really high prices and the ones they sub out are the low priced ones. May not be true but it’s the feeling I get.