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  1. allen watson

    Value of a small route

    What’s the weekly gross of all seven machines?
  2. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 issues

    All vending machines have their own problems. I like my Bevmax’s.
  3. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 issues

    So I get a call first thing this morning that it not working. 😣 I get there and the plunger is stuck out and has the cup jammed on a shelf. I removed the cup assembly and pulled the plunger assembly apart and found it pretty clogged with syrup. Wiped it all out, reassembled and tested. Was working good when I left 2 hours later.
  4. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 issues

    There’s some spillage from a monster that popped open. I have cleaned and cleaned it but the goo keeps appearing. Is the cup assembly easy to remove and clean? I’m fairly handy with this stuff but have never taken off a picker cup. My dad is a TV repairman and has an awesome set of tools! 😂
  5. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 issues

    Thanks lacanteen! I have a desperate plan to make my own extension 🙀 while waiting on the new part.
  6. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 issues

  7. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 issues

    Not sure if I should start a new thread or what but it’s a Bev max 4 issue. My Bevmax 4 is a mess. The plunger on the cup is not pushing the gate lever far enough So it leaves the product halfway through the gate. Then the cup continues the vend cycle and gives a credit plus putting the selection sold out. Occasionally the product falls to the bottom and blocks the next vend cycle giving it a vend error.
  8. allen watson

    Bevmax keypad error

    I would shut it down and power it back up again then check your errors. I’m no expert but that’s what I do with mine.
  9. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 issues

    Did you figure it out?
  10. allen watson

    Elementary School break rooms

    Mine are horrible but I get to put machines on campus with Gatorade and water that do fantastic. If it wasn’t for the campus machines I would pull the staff machines.
  11. allen watson

    Vendo 511 Misvends

    Check your gauge bar, It’s up underneath where the cans are ready to drop into the shoot. For 12 ounce cans should be in the center slot. Also take the plastic clips off the bar that were used for the bottles.
  12. Got it! Thanks Randy
  13. This thread is a mess. The schematic is completely wrong and the normally closed / normally open is wrong. This needs to be deleted it is horrible. I have tried to make this cheater cord using this thread and it’s all messed up. The colors corresponding to the numbers are wrong. Number one is not purple it’s Brown. Blue is not even connected to the jones plug. It’s upside down and backwards and it has nothing to do with which plug I’m looking at. The numbers and wire colors are wrong either way. Rant over.
  14. allen watson

    Vendo 511 error 5

    Vendo Errors Error 1 Jammed column Error 3 Door open for 1 hour Error 4 Stuck Switch Error 5 Coin Changer Error CC too many com errors TUBE tube sensor tJ tube jamb CRCH Check sum error Error 6 Coin changer ESC excessive escrow attempts JA Coin jam LO Low coin acceptance rate Error 7 Card reader error Error 8 Space to sales assignment error Error 9 Dollar bill validator