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  1. I'm So sorry for your loss. Thanks for the information regarding how your policy works. I always assumed that it would cover stuff like this.
  2. That’s your call. If it were me, I would check with my agent first. Maybe they will have recommendations
  3. It depends on your policy. Mine jade a provision for loss of equipment and business interruption. Call your insurance provider and explain the situation
  4. The coils are attached to the motors by a plastic connector with two prongs that snap into the motor. You can reach behind the motor and pinch the prongs together to release the retainer. From there you can snap it back in at different positions. Be careful not to break them. They are like $10 each.
  5. I have sent them to ICT in the past. But if that’s your only one you can do an advanced replacement thru Capital Vending. Call them https://www.capitalvending.com/Bill-Validators-Bill-Acceptors-New-and-Refurbished/Replace-an-obsolete-validator-update-higher-denominations/Replace-ICT/
  6. What model is the bill validator?
  7. You have to remove the motor cover and locate the 1st motor. On the front of the motor is a circular disc with notches in it. You’ll notice a small metal arm attached to a micro switch. The small arm should be in one of the notches. push the metal arm out of the notch and while holding it, use your other hand to press the door switch.
  8. Sorry. The inner door button is a small metal button that gets depressed when the door is closed. Usually to the left of the coin mech near the center of the door. It faces inward and is depressed by the outer door and the solid metal inner door when the door is closed. It kinda blends in.
  9. Try rotating each motor. I hold open the motor switch and press the inner door button to rotate them.
  10. Go into the menu and select “test motor” to reset that selection
  11. The two reasons I’ve had experience with are 1: Low Freon 2: Leaky door seal
  12. I went thru the same thing. Replaced everything as well. Nothing worked. As a last ditch effort I bought another new pickercup assembly and now it works 🤷‍♂️
  13. I had that issue. I replaced the pickercup assembly with a new one. A month later it started doing it again. I replaced everything that was replaceable. Nothing helped. Out of desperation I replaced the pickercup with another new one and that fixed it. Seems the 1st new pickercup was defective. Been working great for the last 6 months
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