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  1. allen watson

    DN 2145 display issues

    Thanks Chris. How have you been?
  2. allen watson

    DN 2145 display issues

    Thanks for the insight. I noticed the ribbon cable has been folded together with a zip tie around it to shorten it. But the way it is it gets pulled on every time the door is opened. I’m just gonna cut that zip tie and left that cable extend out and try that.
  3. allen watson

    DN 2145 display issues

    I’ve got a DN 2145 that has a intermittent scrambled display. When having problems “@@@@@@“ scrolls across the screen. I noticed when I open the door an wiggle the display harness it clears up but when I close the door it sometimes scrambles again. I suspect the harness or display is bad. A new style display with a new harness is around $300. I just want to be sure before spending that kind of money. Thanks for the help.
  4. allen watson

    Live display machines

    I have both and see no difference between a stacker with a live display and one without.
  5. allen watson

    DN 5800-4 Problem

    I realize that this is a very old post but still relavent. Did the New board fix the problems and how difficult is it to setup the new board?
  6. allen watson


    I’ll check to see if I have the product sensor turned on.
  7. allen watson


    Thanks! I just replaced the picker cup with a brand new assembly a month prior to this. The weird thing is, the picker cup was going from home directly to the delivery port, not stopping at the selection.
  8. allen watson


    Sorry to jump this thread but I have Bevmax 4 problem. My picker cup goes directly to the delivery chute, bypassing the product. It is just one shelf. No errors. Shut the power off and on, still not working. Then I randomly vended one drink off off each of the other shelves and now it’s working correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. allen watson

    Will the Whining ever end in this business?

    I have 6 of them. They have been very problematic. $1500 is way too much. I sold one of mine in good working order with a location for $600
  10. allen watson

    Will the Whining ever end in this business?

    If that has the blue plastic coin acceptor, you can re-tune it. Sorry for the large font I copied and pasted from my notes on my phone. GO-380 coin acceptor tuning procedure: Tuning procedures – blue acceptor (The lighted number on the side of the acceptor indicates the coin: 01-nickel 02-dime 03-quarter 04-dollar) For tuning quarters: 1. With power on, slide the switch that is directly under the white connector down to set. 2. Press the small black button that is next to the display three times so the display is 03. 3. Insert 20 different quarters. Each should come out the front and generate a tone/beep. 4. Slide the switch up to start. Test by inserting quarters – a +90% acceptance rate is expected.
  11. allen watson

    Genesis GO-127 "ERROR"

    Unfortunately I think it’s the logic of the machine. Mine have been doing that randomly since new. There is no fix that I found in 10 years.
  12. allen watson

    Genesis GO-127 "ERROR"

    Go into “motor test” and rotate that selection using the controls board. If it won’t turn you may need a new motor. If it does it will be reset.
  13. allen watson


    I had to put a newer eProm in mine.
  14. allen watson

    USAT Billing Error

    I finally got through to them today and they said my credit for being double charged for the monthly fee would be on next weeks payout.
  15. allen watson

    Bevmax 4 issues

    Do you still have the short cup? A friend is looking for one for a BM-2