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  1. No, at least with Parlevel. Parlevel has a good forecasting algorithm for which you set the parameters. The higher number of services used to calculate the forecast the better so it can take 5-10 services to see the benefits but it works for our offline machines. Our truck carries very little overstock merchandise. I don't know if the other VMS have offline forecasting but it was a must have for us starting out with Parlevel. So many operators have a mix of on and offline machines that they seen the benefit of building it. It isn't perfect by any means but it works. If the machines have cash counters, the money will be more accurate as well.
  2. When we used a rolling warehouse , we had a P30 and still have a 16' box van bought from Budget and a Chevy Express 2500 for service and markets. Next truck will likely be a Ford Transit under 10,000. Read carefully, it is federal law (not always enforced) that if you operate a commercial vehicle 10,000+ GVRW, the driver must have a DOT Health Card (pass a DOT physical). DOT numbers are only required if you cross state lines. DOT can and do shut a driver down without a valid health card and the tickets aren't cheap. I'd go with a Transit or Nissan NV if you can. Best way to accomplish that is by prekitting. Not to mention saving time and fuel vs. the step van or box truck, especially as you grow. For those of you that think prekitting isn't beneficial for a single man operation, you can service approximately 25% more machines by prekitting and carry less inventory on your trucks.
  3. Then that is why it isn't vending. Press 'Service' button twice to get to test mode. Press 'A' until you see 'Factory Diagnostics' Press '*' and then '1' (Position Test). Press 0 to cycle the plunger. If it does not cycle replace the picker cup.
  4. Not necessarily. Do you hear the cup actuator pushing the button to open the gates? If not, you'll need to do a cup test. Cup failure is among the most common issues we see with the 5800.
  5. Thanks ST. I think I'm going to set up Customers and Items for each type of income I want to track (Vending, Markets, OCS) and a Cash account to deposit to then deposit to Checking from there.
  6. It seems to me that every sales transaction needs to be tied to an 'ITEM' and 'CUSTOMER'. With the instructions I linked, there should be a customer labeled 'Daily sales', A sales account, an income account and an expense account and then an Item labeled 'daily sales'. And deposits have to come from one account to another, i.e. income account to checking account. Is this how you guys have it set up?
  7. Yes, Parlevel tracks all sales and collections. Thus my question. I really don't need to track it by customer in QB, just properly track what comes in cash, cashless and OCS receivables across vending, markets and OCS.
  8. "You simply record in QB each deposit made from collections" If only it were that simple. I think this example is the closest thing to vending. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/community/Income-and-expenses/Record-your-total-daily-sales/m-p/186350 Bills and expenses are easy; enter the bill and type of expense, pay the bill. Collections not so much. My question is more about the steps and accounts used, by Machine or location? Do you enter that data via Sales Receipts? Or do you import data from spreadsheets?
  9. For those of you that use quickbooks and a VMS, how do you record your collections/income/sales in QB? And the same question for OCS if you invoice thru your vms. I'm starting a new company file and want to do it right this time and avoid manual double entry.
  10. I bout a cheap pkg of red tags with string to put on boards, mechs & validators. Wrap the string around with the tag thru the loop. Works well.
  11. Got the same and glad to see it. BUNN is good equipment. I use mostly Newco currently particularly for single cup pod brewers.
  12. Don't know what that means. This isn't a night club. Look on the NAMA website for registration fees. Vendors include just about anything/anyone involved in Vending/Micro markets/Coffee; equipment, product, etc. It's ALL there
  13. I used to pretty much do the same as AZ. I have come to change that practice the last few years depending on my relationship with the location. I don't think it's the quite the same as the 'gas station'.
  14. How do you handle price increases with your locations?
  15. I don't care for the VE UCB in the 145. There is very little space between the shelf cabinet and the power supply. Not to mention the ucb menu system is awkward. Swap out the ucb for an InOne board.
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