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  1. Don't know what that means. This isn't a night club. Look on the NAMA website for registration fees. Vendors include just about anything/anyone involved in Vending/Micro markets/Coffee; equipment, product, etc. It's ALL there
  2. I used to pretty much do the same as AZ. I have come to change that practice the last few years depending on my relationship with the location. I don't think it's the quite the same as the 'gas station'.
  3. How do you handle price increases with your locations?
  4. I don't care for the VE UCB in the 145. There is very little space between the shelf cabinet and the power supply. Not to mention the ucb menu system is awkward. Swap out the ucb for an InOne board.
  5. Parlevel Max accepts cash but does NOT give change. In fact, there isn't a single kiosk provider in the micro market segment that gives change. Micro markets are not vending. Unless you want to spend $20K+ for a Walmart style self checkout, you don't want the headache. I tried Deoro before Parlevel and it gave change when it wasn't jammed up and it was a nightmare but hey, if you'er interested, I have two kiosks I'll sell CHEAP! Need coin mechs and new computers.
  6. I'm not saying don't ask here, just do both. I agree that this forum is great for getting help and feedback. I was thrilled to find it. I made a $10K mistake buying kiosks from a different provider before Parlevel had a kiosk. Oh and it was a kiosk that gave change. It was a disaster. Hope you make the right choice for you.
  7. The bevmax 4 deck will pull out the back. Remove the front cover in front of the deck. There is a handle on the deck, raise it as it will prevent you pulling the deck out as it catches on the bottom floor vent. There is a clamp of sorts on the left side of the deck that you must loosen. Remove the vent cover on the back and pull the deck out. There may also be a pin on the bottom of the deck so you have to raise the deck slightly when you pull.
  8. Chris is right. Not every Coke region is equal nor operates in the same way. It may be an independent distributor or bottler and not a CCE or CCR region as Coke started selling off territories to independents a few years ago. My area is serviced by Corinth Coca-Cola now and they operate considerably different than when it was CCR. Independents don't have the capital to offer what Coke corporate bottlers do. If you think the location is worth it, buy a machine and have them call Coke to pick up their machine. That way you aren't restricted to what you can sell or where you can buy.
  9. Vendors Exchange can help with restore to factory but not sure that's necessary. At least one of your tray boards is bad. Most likely it is the c shelf board but the e shelf board could be bad as well. I just dealt with the same issue, different motors. Replaced the shelf to fix.
  10. TKK, Most of these contracts are confidential. That's why I won't share costs. I will tell you that sometimes you can negotiate your fees, especially if you are buying a lot of hardware. That is where your relationship with your supplier matters and that is one of the many reasons I use Parlevel exclusively. I might pay a little more than I would elsewhere but that relationship is worth it. I don't find it useful in this business to only look at the $ but the value. What I get from Parlevel is more valuable than what I thought I would get from the other providers. Do your research. Don't just ask us these questions but ask the providers as well. Then you can list your pros and cons and make an informed decision.
  11. With micro market kiosks, you get what you pay for. I use Parlevel because their support and vms is the best. Don't worry about not giving change. In most places, it doesn't really matter as customers understand the Wallet concept. It doesn't affect sales. Don't set a market where the company isn't going to support you in some way with theft. With Parlevel and Nest cameras set up properly, theft is easy to catch and I don't have to spend hours reviewing video. I'd work in some threshold with the account such as them covering anything over 2.5% loss and if their policy is to terminate people for theft, then be upfront that they will fire somebody in the first 90 days or so because some people just have to see what they can get away with. Yes, there are kiosks that give change like Deoro but their system sucks! I used it for over a year. You can also get one through Break Room Provisions but $20K plus doesn't seem reasonable and the upfront costs are ridiculous. I mostly price the same as vending but get to charge sales tax and I put in items not found in traditional vending that I can charge more for.
  12. I use the Anderson. I have modified mine though by getting larger , more durable casters from Caster City and upgraded the retractable straps. They will do just about any machine move except up stairs
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