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  1. Yes, just went through an ordeal with USAT on their eport interactives. I had to threaten to send them all back before my issues were resolved AND within a couple of hours no less. I am thinking all of my new telemeters and readers will be Parlevel.
  2. Well, there are a lot of factors that go into the ability to sell but if I were buying another route or company, I'd want them to be as technologically up to date as possible; e.g. vms with telemetry and cashless on a large part of their equipment, for starters.
  3. Assisted living home?

    Maybe a drink machine only but probably not. I have a nursing home and an assisted living facility and both do well thought they are larger than 40 employees.
  4. 38$

    Tell that guy absolutely not! Even if it were a great account worth the 15%, an DN 501 outdoors in Arknsas uses less than $20/mo in electricity.
  5. Curiosity...

    How many machines do you have on location? Is vending your primary or part time income? If part time, do you intend to grow your business or content to stay small?
  6. Credit Card reader questions

    That raises an interesting board question.
  7. Credit Card reader questions

    I've upgraded machines just to add telemetry, not a card reader, and made them pay for themselves just based on efficiency gains. If I can stretch services from weekly to bi-weekly I cut my cost to service in half. With the use of a good VMS that helps me optimize machines cutting number of services in half is pretty easy. That alone pays for a UCB in a year.
  8. 38$

    Our new car dealerships are pretty good but their customers and sales people need easy access and I would definitely put card readers on. Sales people will frequently buy drinks for customers.
  9. Credit Card reader questions

    Angry Chris It adds convenience for your customer which creates customer satisfaction and loyalty, It also drives higher transactions and higher ticket items. With two-tier pricing, the fees are covered and the avg transaction amount goes up. Not to mention the efficiency gains of telemetry by reducing the labor and cash tied up in inventory, the reduced number of services & higher collects per service. There is a much bigger picture than just the increase in sales that a card reader provides. A one man operation can do at least 20% more machines with telemetry and prekitting than without it. Think about what that does for a growing small operator or even the operator that isn't interested in growing but just making a living; 20% more is significant.
  10. Royal RVV500 Vend Mechanism Error

    Have you calibrated the cup on all shelves and port x?
  11. Route driver performance

    My driver averages 18 machines a day without any hustle, prekitting his own drinks when he gets in at 6am. Snacks are prekitted by my part timer. He can do 20 or 22 if he needs to. I pay a base + 3% commission. It seems to be incentive enough to keep him actively trying to increase sales.
  12. cold food

    Buy a roto-molded cooler like Canyon or RTIC to transport food. Also Equipment Innovators has some large ice packs designed for their cooler boxes but work very well in the bottom of the canyon 125 and I think they also fit the 75. I transport all my food in them and they will stay frozen 12+ hours with the EI ice pack in the bottom. Have even had some of the bring backs still frozen the next morning.
  13. Credit Card reader questions

    Because card readers increase sales incrementally over time, a machine doing as little as $40/week can benefit from a card reader when two-tier pricing is used. Getting to 15% increase is pretty easy. Within a year that increase should be closer to 25%. And then there are the benefits of people switching to cards over cash in less maintenance and failure of coin mechs & validators ad less time/cost money handling. With card readers currently on only about 1/3 of our machines, cashless accounts for 20% of total revenue. Not to mention the benefits of telemetry. Current hardware leases with connection services are around $13/mo so, if you are using two-tier pricing, you only need at most an additional $52/mo in gross sales increase to pay for the reader. And that's a very conservative est. that includes cost to service not just gross margins. With that in mind, if a machine warrants a card reader, why would I put a payrange device on? With Payrange, the consumer has to download an app, create an account and then load it with funds on a regular basis. There is a technology barrier and Pay range doesn't see near the boost in sales normally experienced with a card reader. A reader, on the other hand, has no technology barriers and offers your customer multiple ways to pay, including contactless with Apple & Android Pay. Pay Range may cost less on the front end but ultimately costs more in lost revenue. Until Paresh can tell me which machines warrant Pay Range that wouldn't also warrant a traditional card reader, I'm out.
  14. Crane national model 147

    Your shelf contacts might not be making connection at the back of the machine. If it has been updated with a shelf kit (wiring harness to each shelf and small pcb board on the rails) then you may have a wire broken on the shelf that is giving you trouble.
  15. Credit Card reader questions

    7.95/mo? Is that rental, lease, or just service fees? Typically rate is based on avg. ticket, not volume. And I'm not buying that you're getting 2.3% on a standard vending machine.