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  1. Energie9

    Suggestions For Hostel

    Best sellers?
  2. Energie9

    Suggestions For Hostel

    For sure! We are actually looking at setting up a second "snack machine" with other non-snack related stuff and then a full size snack machine for the normal chip. chocolate type options.
  3. Energie9

    Suggestions For Hostel

    Those are awesome suggestions, thanks a lot!
  4. Anyone ever put machines in a hostel? Was wondering if anyone has and if so have any suggestions for items that might work in a snack machine. Obviously not talking chips and chocolate bars but anything unique that hostel customers might be looking for. Any help would be great! Thanks
  5. Energie9

    Vendesign Top Locks

    In search of a few locks for vendesign machines. Found some on ebay but seller wont ship to me in Canada. Any other spots to look?
  6. Energie9

    Canadian Help

    Looking for any advice from fellow Canadians as to where they buy their new machines and bulk candy from. Any help would be great!
  7. Energie9

    Few Quick Questions

    Great advice so far guys! Thanks a lot. After a few comments above I think i will move from considering doing peanuts as of yet. Especially with few machines I don't want to be stuck with a ton of it and nothing to move it in. Sounds like it would be better to consider later on when I have more machines to push it in and move it quicker.
  8. Energie9

    Few Quick Questions

    Hi Guys, I am a total newbie here as most can see since this is my first post but I had a few questions. I'm new to the biz but have been doing some research for some time now and have a few questions before getting fully set up and running. 1. I am in a small town and a few of my first machines I will be placing locally in restaurants and such. One restaurant in particular has a fairly older demographic. I am looking at placing a two head machine there to start with. Likely skittles and something else. I have been thinking possibly trying some type of nuts (peanuts, cashews... ect) am I on the right tracking maybe trying this to help bring in the older crowd along with the youngsters? If so what nut does everyone find the most popular? Some of the options I have.... -Plain peanuts -BBQ peanuts -Chocolate covered peanuts -Mixed nuts -Chocolate covered almonds 2. I am Canadian so my options for machines and supplies is much more limited then americans... Any suggestions on best places to pick stuff up from fellow Canucks? Any help would be appreciated!