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  1. Thank you, I will give them the w9 and see if I can renegotiate the commission, I bought the machines as part of a route they were already on location but there is a lot of other issues dealing with them that makes it a very difficult location to service, like having to have a security guard with me at all time to make sure I do not take f my mask and I have 4 machines there all across the campus and they are constantly rushing me and I told the lady I was not putting up with that anymore, they only have 20 students because of covid when they normally have 200, so just a big pain.
  2. Hi, I have never given a w9 to any location and a lady says I have to at a school that is under federal regulations but I think she is incorrect because the school is not paying me, I am making money off of sales and it in no way comes out of there money, the lady also wants me to split with them 20 percent but I do not see that being a reason to give them a w9, any suggestions appreciated, I do realize there is no Attorneys here but I am hoping to find out if anyone has run across this issue before and what was the outcome, also she wants me to provide her with a monthly sales sheet I guess so she can confirm that I am paying her 20 percent and not cheating her, is this also normal? Thank you
  3. Hi, is there extension cables for the nayax card readers? I installed it on the door of a american products 112 snack machine as I could not find the room to install it anywhere else on the machine without possibly damaging something, any other suggests of a better place I could have installed it or a better solution then to add extension cables if they exist? Thank you
  4. Hi, no I have not, I called tech support today and held a long time then decided to let them call me back and keep my place in line but they never did call back, I need to find out the technician code and see if I can get help getting the MOMA app working it has a bug in it. Thank You for your replies.
  5. Hi, I found sure vend in the manual it's called posivend for the crane machines and I do think that is exactly what it is according to the manual, I will have to find where I configure that option but it should not be to hard to find. Thank you both and I will keep you updated.
  6. Hello, just want to say thanks to everyone that replied and to say I went with nayax, I just got my first reader installed and working, it is awesome, I had to change the controller board and bill validator also but it is nice having it working and cashless.
  7. Hello, I have now done what you suggested several times and the issues still persists, to be more clear, after a first setup from scratch when I put in a dollar the machine vends three of the same item instead of one and shows a credit of 1.50 and continually lets me get free items always three at a time of the same item until the machine is empty, I was told by vendors exchange it was the controller board but I replaced it and the issue persists, what does the little board control directly under the controller board on the crane 172? Any thoughts on what the issue is, I am thinking it is a hardware issue at this point since I have not been able to clear it up. Thank you for all suggestions.
  8. AP Snack Shop 5500, coin mech after it is unplugged spits out all the coins in the mech, this happens often because the location moves the machine around often just a little for cleaning and it gets unplugged, today I turned it off and unplugged it to install a new key pad, I am guessing it is a sensor in the coin mech but I really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  9. Crane 172, I replaced the controller board and it still vends all items free after I insert the first coin or bill to purchase an Item, this happened after a power surge, I had several machines effected, including an 173 with almost the exact issue, tech support at venders exchange told me it was the controller board in both machines but I replaced one of them today and the same problem persists, anyone have any ideas please, I am a disabled veteran and funds are very limited, I really need to get these two machines working especially after buying both boards and waiting a month with the machines down for the boards to come in. Thank you all for any suggestions.
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