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  1. If the power is off to the machine oh and it is a wittern 3185, then all prices default to 15.00 and above, then I can not set prices above a 1.00 it will not let me and if i set prices below a dollar it gives the item away free, this happen two months ago when the power went out and after several hours I managed to get all the prices programed again, I believe I had to change the top sell price and disable promo vend, anyway I am going to try to fix this again, my question is does the machine have a battery like a computer does that is supposed to allow the system to retain the the settings while it is powered down to allow servicing? and where would that battery be is it on the control board? one other question and I do have a thread on this topic but this machine has a DMB coin mech so that means the bill acceptor is also right? I might need a dex cable and an effrom update? but that is about all to be able to install a card reader correct? As long as the machine stays powered on it works good but I am having an issue with it not giving back change properly and I just had the coin mech gone through by vendors exchange, but it still has issues. Thanks for all suggestions and information. I am really exhausted at this time so I hope this thread can be understood, my wife has stage 4 cancer and she has new brain tumors so I have not had rest in months so my writing skills are worse then usual.
  2. I have been in the bulking vending machine business since 1995 and I have the chance to buy many vendesign machines but after looking at them I realize they are pretty close to being the same as the older u-turn machines which I have owned a few, they are hard to service imo but I have had issues with them slipping where they vend wide open, now it looks like the vendesign machines will not have this issue can anyone confirm that the machines will vend what they are set to vend without slipping and allowing to much or to little to vend? since the company is out of business I know the only parts to be found are used, any thoughts if these are worth 50.00 a piece? I am not a big fan of selling candy but I do know there is a market for it. Thanks
  3. Hello, I recently bought a snack machine route and apparently there was a power surge in the town my machines are in and some of my machines will not vend on some slots at random times, but then they start giving all the product away, I have ordered MDB boards for them since I plan to install card readers anyway, these machines say they are 115 volt since money is tight at the moment because of all the repairs I have been doing I am thinking about buying power strips to use as surge protectors for now, will they be sufficient? is there a certain surge protector I should buy? I have no idea why the machines did not already have surge protectors on them, so far the ones that have been effected are crane 172 and 173 models but I have not checked all my machines yet so I am pretty concerned that the cost will be catastrophic if there are more machines damaged at this time. Thanks all suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Thanks to the both of you, very good information I will be ordering the readers and MDB boards by Friday.
  5. Hello everyone, its been a long time since I posted, I have been in the bulk vending business for 26 years but I recently bought a snack vending out that has old machines that need a lot of repairs, I am going to install card readers on a few of them and it looks like nayax is the best company to go with, I am looking for recommendations for the best company and the best reader, I am in the process of writing down all the brands and models of machines I have, there is about 6 different ones I think, I believe I have to install a new board on all of them to be able to install the readers, is there an easy way to determine if there is a port to be able to plug a reader into on the boards that are in my machines? Thanks in advance.
  6. It is a thai restaurant. It is opened early and does not close until 2:00 AM. I have 2 inch toys in four of the machines and 1.1 inch in the other five. All are from A&A. I run the PO 89 450 large globe on the 1.1 inch toys machines. It is my best location, I have a few that do very well but not like this location.
  7. My best is 513.25 for a month on a rack of nine. My worst is .25 for a set of two. The rack of nine averages 300.00 a month.
  8. Welcome to the forum wildmanne39 :) Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

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