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  1. Bryan, we're still using https://www.vendsoft.com/features-v4u?source=vendinglocator With the honor box on it now. Plus they're revamping the app soon for amusement. I think for boxes it was really good. The inventory would help you as well. I usually print out the directions as well. When you put your trip together, you can print a pull sheet, directions, and optimize them. After you take a look, if you still have questions, call me. It's been by far my best investment.
  2. I understand how large companies work, we have quite a few we work with. We also give very clear direction on how to drop it off. Thank you for clearing that up.
  3. That's fantastic she shared that with you! I personally won't share proprietary information. That's like asking where we get our list? I run a business. Not many businesses will tell you exactly how they make their money. If you found one, that's gold! I reread my response, I don't think it was rude to say we don't share that with anyone. Maybe not the response you wanted to hear, but definitely not rude. I hope you do make it to 500! That's a great goal! Make sure to keep us updated! I love hearing success stories.
  4. If you were the Mike asking for our pitch and other questions, my response wasn't ride, but told you we don't share that with anyone. I still have the emails. I'm glad you found someone.
  5. I'll have to take a look at that, I'm rarely rude. Abrupt, yes at times. Rude? Only if it's deserved typically.
  6. that's too much. Have a flyer or business card with the general rack or machine you use, just go in, ask for the manager, and ask them if you can put something like this in and you'll pay them x amount every service.
  7. Contact me. I'm sure I know a few in that area. Rodney@vendinglocator4u.com If you were a little further south I'd take a look, but there a few vendors up there
  8. We switched over to this. Considerably better imo. We use it for arcade, bulk, ect https://vendinglocator4u.com/tracking-your-vending-route/
  9. Moss should have parts, I think Sega also sells direct. Betson sells the parts also, but if it's just the button it's probably a pretty common one.
  10. That's interesting. They have their charity sticker on their website. Odd. I'll see what I can dig up
  11. I would contact Margaret at Sheridan. The boxes they're selling are hers, so they would gave worked something out on their end.
  12. Never heard of them, but there's more suppliers poping up all over. Also more attempting to be a locator. We've been getting a lot of calls
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