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  1. rodney69

    50 cent 1" mechs

    You'll need to trim or break the lip on the left side (from the front view) in about 1/2"
  2. rodney69

    What are you selling?

    That's funny, you're up close to me and I can't sell 2" jewelry! Lol
  3. You should be asking your accountant, not a forum
  4. rodney69

    Scooby Doo Gumballs

    They also sell 1080. I bought the DC comics
  5. rodney69

    Pricing change coming!

    We will be increasing fees soon! (As soon as I have time) We will be increasing 1-3 head locations to 47.99 4 selection locations DOWN to 59.99 And 8 selection will start the same. Gold warranty is no longer an option. It was basically the same cost as silver, only it makes ordering more confusing. We will also be taking some orders for combo machine locations soon as well. That's a different program as well, but still no money up front unless that's what you prefer.
  6. rodney69

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Are they getting them back in?
  7. rodney69

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Yes AMD, the only ones I believe that will carry them is the business centers. Im having to pay a little more and go through vistar. No matter if a Sam's had them or not I couldn't get them shipped through Sam's. Not skittles anyway. They may just be changing the bag? Idk, but someone will carry them.
  8. rodney69

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Costco has discontinued them.
  9. rodney69


    Ssm, aa, and I believe cardinal. NEN got tired of messing with it and just I heard don't take orders any more
  10. rodney69


    For Oak vista, get .50 mechs from eagle until jim is back up and running if he does. NEN is selling .50 mechs through suppliers now for NW machines, but that doesn't help the 1.00 cap on 2".
  11. rodney69


    Eagle has expanded their market like beaver does. Eagle has a contract with costco in Mexico. The reason most of the companies failed is because they only sold or advertised heavy in the US. Our country is so against change that we haven't been able to follow other countries and move to ther bigger coins. If we don't, then we have about 10 years at the latest and 2" product will be to expensive to sell and make anything.
  12. rodney69

    Combo machine location

    Thank you, I'll do that.
  13. rodney69

    Combo machine location

    We have a combo machine location available in Stockton, CA! Tire shop 10% commission and NCCS Is ready now. For any questions, feel free to call. 541-497-7899
  14. rodney69

    Locator For Claw Machines and Merchandisers

    Yourself. They're isn't anyone that can be effective over the phone, and in person would cost you a min 500ea plus travel and a min order.
  15. rodney69

    Kick Start

    That's how they get away with not providing locations. They've also changed how they do things lately. There's a lot cheaper ways to do 200 calls. That's 10.00ea? I'll start making phones for that pay! I can't stand being onthe phone! Lol It is a shame.