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  1. Blue moose vending is the only one, but, they're pretty busy and work a few areas
  2. rodney69

    Pricing change coming!

    Give me a call. We are. 541-497-7899
  3. rodney69

    S-Corp vs LLC?

    You have to look at local laws. Some states don't recognize single person LLC.
  4. rodney69

    Heads vs locations

    I count locations. I know how many stands and heads, but only location matters to me
  5. rodney69

    Ridiculous Competition

    There are only so many locations and to many vendors that think bulk vending will be their retirement plan. Try living in saturated areas where isn't any locations available! The reason that the obvious gets hit so hard is because soone of them make 200+ a month. When I find a location like that in my area, I fill every available square foot with equipment. If I don't, someone else will.
  6. rodney69

    Keymaster numbers tanking!!! :(

    Maybe rotate the product out.
  7. rodney69

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Skittles are discontinued through costco. Mike and ike will be soon. Just Born as of the first of the year raised their prices to distributors and minimums for shipping direct. Vistar and other places have already raised their prices to show it, but it'll soon be high everywhere. Mike and ike will be about 25-40% higher than it currently is.
  8. rodney69

    chewey spree candy

    Vistar NW can get them to you. They have ti special order them. Sho it's a 3 week wait though.
  9. rodney69

    50 cent 1" mechs

    You'll need to trim or break the lip on the left side (from the front view) in about 1/2"
  10. rodney69

    What are you selling?

    That's funny, you're up close to me and I can't sell 2" jewelry! Lol
  11. You should be asking your accountant, not a forum
  12. rodney69

    Scooby Doo Gumballs

    They also sell 1080. I bought the DC comics
  13. rodney69

    Pricing change coming!

    We will be increasing fees soon! (As soon as I have time) We will be increasing 1-3 head locations to 47.99 4 selection locations DOWN to 59.99 And 8 selection will start the same. Gold warranty is no longer an option. It was basically the same cost as silver, only it makes ordering more confusing. We will also be taking some orders for combo machine locations soon as well. That's a different program as well, but still no money up front unless that's what you prefer.