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  1. NORTHWESTERN 50 cent mechs

    We really only need the guts. Might be worth sending the parts to Taiwan to have made.
  2. Key question

    They still answer.
  3. NORTHWESTERN 50 cent mechs

    Anyone selling .50 NW super 60 coin mechs? http://wnyt.com/news/deran-akullian-jr-man-accused-of-using-cancer-charity-as-scam/4535058/
  4. Key question

    Have you called Eagle and asked them if they have the key?
  5. Michigan route

    give me a call later today, after 9am West coast time. It's 78 NW machines. 541-497-7899 I'll give you the persons contact info.
  6. Michigan route

    Anyone an hour North of Detroit looking for a smaller route? 38 stops.
  7. Anyone using quick pass?

    If they use a pulse from the coin acceptor it still might work. I would call and find out. Might save you a lot of money for a 5 min call
  8. Anyone using quick pass?

    If your chairs use a bill acceptor, you probably could just add a reader to them. Usa tech maybe.
  9. no machines in washington

    You'll probably have to buy stands new. Eagle is on the west coat and about 39+ shipping. Oak is also on the west coast. They might have some used or recon
  10. Need help on light resto project

    Just use an SOS pad or 000 steal wool with Windex on the rack. I'm not familiar with the wheels on that rack since I haven't used that one. Yes, just the coin carrier needs changed. I know Heritage vending had some.
  11. Area saturation

    Auto correct! Hire people to run it.
  12. Area saturation

    I must be missing something, 1st, why are 400 locations taking 11 days a month? Are they racks? If not and they're candy machines, they probably don't need serviced monthly. We service on 60 and 120 day cycles. So 400 locations equals about 6 days a month. We're not there yet, but about that in equipment in less locations and takes 3 days a month to service. As for saturation, when you've tried every location, and you have every o ff of them that makes the minimum that you're willing to live with. I know vendors that have .10 machines doing circle gum and service once a year. Also know some that don't keep anything under 20 a month for doubles. It's all in what you're willing to accept, more importantly, how far you're willing to drive, how's many you'll hire. Look at NEN, they put the equipment out, then hire precooked oin the area you service. Area is only as small as you want it to be on your mind. Saturation is limited to what you accept. It also changes daily. Someone closes, opens, or changes their mind about wanting a machine every day.
  13. locators

    That's not anyone associated with us if that's what you ment?
  14. Large routes

    People that have that many locations don't usually admit they have that many on an open forum.
  15. locators

    I believe this is for the locating section? On that note.... I would start paying a commission or you will lose the spot.