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  1. nrod7

    Need locator

    I appreciate all the feedback. I have been in soda and snack vending since 1998. I started with single and double head gumball machines ( 6 years ago). Only had a couple of dozen locations. No gold mines, but steady/safe locations. Love picking up the cash. I did try a locator (charity vending) and it just didn't work out. Funny the locations I presently have are all the ones i located myself. To say locating is my least favorite part of vending, would be an understatement. Can any one relate. However, i am talking about a high success rate and longevity in sales for my business. One last thing, When I was told that it was always best to offer (cringe!!!!) a 30% commission on a gumball location, I almost fell out of my chair. Especially, when not paying a commission on soda locations that use electricity. Why would I pay a commission on a gumball stand that takes up little space and uses no electricity. After I picked myself off the floor, and fought to be open-mined. I learned that paying a commission not only sweeten the pie (always talk to the owner/decision maker) to land the location. It ensures that you won't be booted out when the next vendor offers the commission. Also, the customer tends to watch over a piece of equipment that makes him money. Thanks for all the feedback, nrod7
  2. nrod7

    Need locator

    Thank you for the reply. nrod7
  3. nrod7

    Need locator

    I am looking for a reliable locator for single and double head gumball machines. I am in Pasadena TX. Can anyone help? Not sure if this is the correct page for this type of help ( maybe classifieds?) nrod7
  4. I sold this machine to a customer. Now the coin changer is not working properly. I just noticed that the model# is 880-2. Maybe that will clarify things. Thanks, nrod7
  5. Coinco validator takes dollar bills, Coinco changer (PR3 018) will dispense change on a dollar bill for a .75 cent Item. BUT *** will not accept coins (drop straight to conin return*** What could be the issue? If I need to replace the coin changer. I am in need of a Coinco/24 volt/ model PR3 018. Is there a conversion harness to convert over the changer to a coinco mdb changer? Help! nrod7
  6. nrod7

    DN 276 E

    I changed out the control board. At that point, the validator did not even try to accept the dollar bill. WHAT THE HE** !! What did I gain today? More knowledge, and extra control board and finding out that (two) recently rebuilt working validators are non-functioning. I decided to try a Coinco BA30B & BAM!! it worked. What a relief. Thanks for all the feed back. Respectfully, nrod7
  7. nrod7

    DN 276 E

    The harness I replaced was the Coinco bill validator to MDB power harness cable. The bill validator(s) did try to accept the bill. The led indicator on the validator was not flashing, but was on steadily. There is no card reader on this machine. I will completely fill the coin mech today. and check all connections. Thanks for the help. nrod7
  8. nrod7

    DN 276 E

    Thanks NYCandyman. Not going crazy yet. I did remember to fill the coin mech with change and product. Also changed the coin mech to validator harness. Respectfully, nrod7
  9. nrod7

    DN 276 E

    I am Working with a DN 276 E. Using Coinco mdb coin mech and Magpro 30. The unit will accept coins, but not dollar bills. I did Replace the Magpro 30 (bill validator) twice with bill validators out of working machines. I am certain that the bill validator is not the issue. I removed the control board cover. Both fuses are intact. However, under the fuses, I notice a small plug-in (light tan in color circuit/fuse?) that looked "burnt" Would a bad control board be the cause of the bill validator not accepting bills? What else should I check before. I replace the control board. If, I replace the control board, are there any special instructions to be aware of? Thanks, nrod7
  10. I pulled one of the columns/ selections that is set up to vend 20 oz. bottles of Gatorade. I was hoping that a Sam's warehouse brand of 20 oz. bottled waters would be the solution. I did notice that Sam's brand bottle is not made with the same quality plastic as the Gatorade bottle. The Sam's bottle kept jamming the rotor/cup. Any suggestions on a 16.9 oz bottled water that is compatible with this machine. The color of clip(s) and settings would also be appreciated. Respectfully, nrod7
  11. Will do. Thanks for the information. nrod7
  12. Not really important on why, but it sure seems strange. Strange that this machine has been on location for almost 3 years., and I have never had an issue locking or unlocking this machine. The last time I serviced the machine it was very difficult the lock the machine. 1. I did take the T-lock apart to stretch out the springs. 2. I pulled the "bracket nut"out of the bracket (mounted on the inside of the machine) to check if the threads might be bad on the stem or the nut. They both seemed O.K. 3. I made sure T-handle stem lined up to the bracket before closing the door, it seemed to catch at first, but ultimately the T-handle would not crank down in order to lock the machine. I had the leave the bracket loosened in order to lock the machine ( this unit has a T-handle lock cover). What could be the problem? Thanks, nrod7
  13. nrod7

    DN 276 E conversion

    Thanks for all the help. TVF is the Best!!! Respectfully, nrod7
  14. nrod7

    DN 276 E conversion

    I appreciate the help. Yes, I do have the harness hooked up. Thanks AngryChris. Your absolutely right Chard, I am trying to run a MDB coin mech with a 110v validator. I will check the pulse settings. Thanks AZ, If all fails I will use a Mars 24 volt validator. If any one can remember the exact setting I would really appreciate the info. Just glad the location is near my shop. Respectfully, nrod7
  15. Recurring problems with Dixie Narco 276 E in a dusty outside location ( dollar bill validator). Presently, working with a Coinco Mag 30 bill validator and a coinco mdb coin mech. I want to convert to Mars (110 volt) and keep the coinco mdb coin mech. The board is a SII D. I have bought the conversion harness from the board to the Mars validator. I removed the "Y" coin mech harness from the original setup. And then plugged the coin mech directly to the harness from the board. I am getting a "Coin mech disabled from validator" from the blinks off the Dollar bill validator. What do I need to check to resolve the problem? program issue? bad validator? Thanks, nrod7