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  1. Does it increase revenue? What type of prizes do you put in?
  2. So a couple weeks before my first collection from the location, the owner calls me. He says he has to make $30/day in quarters per day and there's a constant line for the machine. He wants another multicade. I told him I'd get him one. I'll bend over backwards for a $900/month location. I go collect for the month and there's $60 in the machine. I want to keep the machine there, but it would be stupid as hell to add another multicade there. Maybe I can convince him towards another machine that would actually make me more money? I don't know what to do here, other than not get him the second multicade that I already agreed to. It's a Kava bar.
  3. When I did charity bulk years ago, it seemed like hearing the word "charity" was just the final justification for letting someone else make money in their store. On the other hand, the one time I was pressed about how much went to charity, when I told the truth I was treated like a snake oil salesman. I was wondering, if I show up to service a charity location wearing my Bulova watch in my newish truck are people going to think I'm a con job? The reason I got out of bulk was because my pitch was a lie by omission. It's what I was told to do by some other guys in the business, and it felt dirty. It went something to the tune of "Would you like a gumball machine that helps support charity?" In reality, I was set up with a local charity that got 25% of the gross. Now I see that I can pay $18/year and get a sticker saying my machine helps with cancer. At $18/year, it's blatantly obvious that supporting cancer isn't a major part of why that machine is there. I'm just wondering if you guys ever run into problems with getting the machine in the location based on charity, and then having the owner realize that charity isn't the primary purpose of the machine. Or do you guys just tell them flat out what charity gets and if you lose the location based on that, so be it?
  4. So I have a guy who will sell me 5 multicades at 350/each. For around the same price, I can get a pusher. I'm leaning towards the multicades, but I'm not sure. What would you do?
  5. That's not bad ROI. Not great, but not bad. What locations do well for you? I was thinking this was a casual restaurant / small grocery store type of thing. Edit: And what % commission to you run on these?
  6. I was thinking of picking some of these up. Do these do well enough on location to warrant the $500 price? I can't find any used. I tried to search the forum and all I could find was some guy claiming they're awesome in the right location and another guy saying they did the same as shootin hoops. If I bought these, I'd like to gross 90/month. I have a killer sales guy so I know I could get them in prime locations.
  7. So a weird thing happened today. I was getting my hair cut and mentioned to my barber that I had some multicades that I hadn't found locations for yet. Long story short, he wanted one so much, he was the one convincing me that it was a good idea. He REALLY wants one. It's one of those barber shops that has the crowd of guys who are there to chat rather than get a hair cut. The barber is convinced that those guys are going to pump quarters into the machine like crazy. On one hand, I want to take this low lying fruit. I literally just had a location pitch me. On the other hand, I just can't fathom a multicade doing well in a barber shop.
  8. Thanks. I emailed him on his blazing quarters thing. Hopefully that does the trick.
  9. I wanted to go to the manufacturer but cannot find any contact information on his website. I ordered 3 machines over a year ago. Just got around to using them now. One of the monitors is bad. I'm not blaming the manufacturer because they've sat for over a year before being turned on. I just want to know what the part is because I need a new one. No product numbers or anything that can be seen on the monitor. There is some wood holding it in that may be blocking numbers. I would just rather contact the manufacturer before going at it with a screwdriver. Another thing that would be helpful is to give me the manufacturers contact info as I know he's a regular on this website.
  10. I was thinking about putting multitudes in bars. What I heard though is aside from the game smelling like smoke for the rest of its life, you NEED to give them 50%. Would I be wasting my time to go into bars pitching 25%? I really don't want my machine to smell like smoke and be a "bars only" machine for more than 25% commission. I'm assuming any bar that at least has a dart board knows that games are 50%.
  11. I was thinking about getting like 10 or 15 games and putting them in a climate controlled area in the flea market near me. It's only open on weekends, but the foot traffic is HEAVY. Would cost me about $400/month for the space, free electricity.
  12. I live near Tampa FL. I was wondering, at what point do you have so many locations that there are no more doors to knock on? I know this is a loaded question, but I'm guessing once you have around 200 locations, you've walked in every place you can. At a 10% success rate, that's 2000 businesses you've asked. I figure my radius of where I'm going to cover has about 1 million people.
  13. I meant multicade. Apparently my computer thinks that's not a word.
  14. The guy said he would put one in for $300. Brand new machine. I'm debating if it's worth it to pay that.
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