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  1. Starting out you're Wal-Mart prices will be great. As you grow or if you are big enough to be fulltime most of us don't have the time to chase sales at specific stores. Therefore a wholesale or cash and carry often has most of the products we need all under one roof.
  2. GIII sold out issue

    Pepsi does this on certain machines on my area as well. Was going nuts trying to replace parts only to find this out. Obviously swapping boards changed it
  3. Oak Manufacturing - out of business?

    Lol. How do you provide that level of customer service. Changing phone companies should be a seamless transition and other than a new number (which should have been ported anyhow) customers should not even have noticed. Good grief it is 2017.
  4. Try Paylab networks. I believe it is $1 a month per machine. It is very very basic and only reports sales. You can add your own column mapping. I used it about a year ago bit wanted much more for a VMS.
  5. Crane 947 coffee?

    In need of a reliable coffee machine for a plant that drinks about 100-150 cups a day. Currently have a USI coffee in there that has been nothing bit problems and the account is getting fed up. My local distributor says he has 1 brand new crane 947 left for about 7k (canadian). I believe this is the last dual cup machine before they went to that rubbish Voche which I am not a fan of. Anyhow any of you have any reviews on the 947 before I commit?
  6. IPad signature app for deliveries

    I'm in the same boat. I don't know what questions to ask and where to fully begin. All I've got done is adding all of my locations. However I deviated from my initial plan of setting up the OCS part first. I seem to keep wandering onto the vending portion. So need to refocus and stay with OCS and finish that first as that is the smallest albeit most important to finish for my new customer at the moment.
  7. IPad signature app for deliveries

    I will say the amount of information/data entry/learning curve for parlevel is a bit intimidating so far lol. Slowly getting there....i think
  8. Metal business cards

  9. Pepsi Vendo V721 HVV

    Turns out the black sliding piece Chris was talking about wasn't seeded correctly and had partially slipped out of its home.
  10. Pepsi Vendo V721 HVV

    Yes Chris that's exactly what I mean. Not sure why I said spacer. Lol.
  11. Pepsi Vendo V721 HVV

    Have a Pepsi vendo v721 almost brand new. I called Pepsi for an answer but haven't heard back yet so will post here. Pepsi cans are in column 1. Both buttons number 1 and 2 are assigned to column 1. The spacer underneath is pushed all the way forward. The depth is set to 4. Cans are obviously 4 deep in machine. First time I vend after closing door I get 2 cans. Next time 1 can. Next time 1 can. Next time no cans and get the selection unavailable on machine. What am I missing?
  12. IPad signature app for deliveries

    The app building is not gonna work. Far to complex for anyone to do on a regular budget. The quotes I was getting were well above the initial $750. Closer to 5k. Signed up with parlevel and in the process of them setting me up currently.
  13. IPad signature app for deliveries

    While waiting for parlevel to get back to me next week I assume, I decided t9 hire a freelance app designer to build my company a custom app of the few things I am in need off since I am in a bit of a time crunch to have something for a new client. For $750 in 10 days it was worth gambling to see what this gentleman who works for Google can build for me. Will keep this thread updated with my results for anyone who cares
  14. IPad signature app for deliveries

    Any idea of the costs southeast? That looks like it would work. Really though I just need some type of app I can enter in what I am dropping off and get a signature. Not sure I need all the bells and whistles of a VMS
  15. Hey guys, Looking to stay current with the competition and the big boys around here all use lpads when dropping off office coffee or supplies to their customers. The customer just signs on the iPad acknowledging delivery. Currently I just use a sales book and give customer one copy, keep one with me and invoice from there. Getting complaints at my bigger locations of "Suzy lost the sales slip we don't know what was dropped off" when it comes time to pay. Is there any of you out there (LAcanteen looking at you) that use a device an app that you could recommend. Is it free or a one time fee to purchase? Ongoing costs? Thanks in advance.