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  1. BlindVending

    Shoppertron Parts

    What spiral type machines do you use? I' curious
  2. Yes the long tall ones. That would be great.
  3. My coke rep is useless. I desperately need 3 minute maid Apple juice can and 3 orange juice can labels for a coke royal 660 machine. I am in Canada and willing to pay express shipping plus money for the labels plus some on top for anyone willing to send me them.
  4. My favorite machine. It's alwayssss the harness lol.
  5. BlindVending

    Best repair service for coin mechs??

    Moot point but don't let the repaired ones sit around for months. Always deploy those when you get them back and keep the known working one on the machine as your spare.
  6. BlindVending

    Which soda machine is better?

    Royal 650 Great beginner's machine. Simply menu, easy to read and operate. No sold out paddles, no shims. Can vend both cans and bottles.
  7. BlindVending

    Royal 660 Break in

    Thanks orsd. Unfortunately mine had that on it and it was damaged as well. It was left dangling
  8. BlindVending

    bottle water

  9. BlindVending

    Government locations

  10. BlindVending

    Royal 660 Break in

    So I had an unfortunate break in at a suspect location. Shattered the glass on my tank of a rowe snack machine which atleast the way it was designed they were not able to access cash box or coin mech. However I am very intrigued how they busted into my bottler coke machine. It is a royal 660. From what I can see it appears something was torched or burned near the LCD display. The display was pushed into the machine (It still works great). I open the machine after seeing no other damage on outside of machine. Inside I see they took the bill stacker off the validator and the cassette out of the guardian 6 tube mech. Now obviously they cannot fit these 2 items out of the 2 inch display hole. So obviously they were able to unlock the machine bypassing my lock/t handle. Can somebody PRIVATE MESSEGE me how they did this. I would rather these goofs not having access to even more info on a public form on how to do this but I am racking my brain trying to figure out how these clever douchebags stole my $500...
  11. BlindVending

    How far to travel for an account?

    My farthest location is a 1hr40 min drive which sucks. Sucks even more when there is a service call. However it is the backbone of our company and does over 250k annually which doesn't suck lol
  12. BlindVending

    Parlevel cost

    Parlevel only has an iOS app at this time. However if you have an android tablet you can just login to the main site and accomplish the same things through the browser/driver portal
  13. BlindVending

    Parlevel cost

    I was on the fence about it myself about 6 months ago. Was looking for an app that would help with my coffee delivery service. Ended up converting my entire operation over to parlevel. Customers can even order coffee and supplies directly from the website as they gave me a url and a "web store". So not only is coffee service extremey organized and easy (literally when they sign my iPad on delivery it emails an invoice auto generated to them) all of my vending machines are planographed and organized as well. Love parlevel.
  14. BlindVending

    Candy bar pricing

    1.75-$2.00 in Canada. Cost here is .70-.88