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  1. BlindVending

    Usi coffee machine

    That machine is the biggest pos in the standalone coffee world. Get a dual cup crane.
  2. BlindVending

    Snack Vending Machine its worth ? 200 $ CAD

    In Canada you wont keep or obtain a decent location with that machine. We dont have the vendors exchange that the usa operators have. We only really have brokerhouse distributing and lanes which wont have the available upgrades you need for this machine. My vote is no
  3. BlindVending

    Looking for new box truck

    Fair point my man! But I left out the 8k a week in coffee billables to lol
  4. BlindVending

    Looking for new box truck

    Parlevel systems for sure. Wouldn't be possible without it. I'm not that organized lol.
  5. BlindVending

    Looking for new box truck

    Each truck. Gross just over 2.01 in 2018. 2014 I grossed $16,000 It's been a crazy few years
  6. BlindVending

    Looking for new box truck

    X 3 trucks is insane! Lol
  7. BlindVending

    Looking for new box truck

    2018 promasters extended roof. $200 worth of 2x4s and plywood and built the shelves myself. Can run 15k a week out of them easily. I am in Canada so I prefer the front wheel drive the promasters offer over the sprinters (have 1 of those as well).
  8. Was thinking the same thing. I'm way to lazy for all that. Not enough time in the day
  9. BlindVending

    Crane National or AP?

    Crane 157+ and newer should be the oldest snack you should be buying nowadays. The 145s 147s all have had their time but father time has caught up to them. Imo of course
  10. BlindVending

    Best managing software?

    Lakecities vendtrak should be much cheaper than that. Ask for a 100 a year price and he will do it. To answer you're question OP - Do parlevel and dont look back. It's a bit (ok alot) of data entry at the beginning and can be intimidating but a few months down the road you will be wishing you had done it several years earlier. Its you're own personal business manager.
  11. BlindVending

    Bev max 4 home picker switch

    Thanks sir. Will try that. Glassfronts scare me and it's why I try to avoid at all costs. Pepsi dropped this and another few machines off last week. Looks like the build date says April 2018. All counters were at 0 (maybe 5 if i remember correctly). Could be wrong though. Either way annoyed this has happened so fast
  12. Have a brand new bev max less than 100 vends on it. Go to location after I received a call machine down to see the picker stuck by the delivery bin. Error says picker home switch. I assume that's the switch underneath the cup. Its not wet or sticky. Won't let me clear error as it keeps coming back. Also the metal piece on side of cup that kicks the selection out seems stuck out as well. Is this a bad connection somewhere or a faulty switch?
  13. BlindVending

    Royal Thermostat (Universal)

    I have many in stock shoot me a pm