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  1. BlindVending

    Bev max 4 home picker switch

    Thanks sir. Will try that. Glassfronts scare me and it's why I try to avoid at all costs. Pepsi dropped this and another few machines off last week. Looks like the build date says April 2018. All counters were at 0 (maybe 5 if i remember correctly). Could be wrong though. Either way annoyed this has happened so fast
  2. Have a brand new bev max less than 100 vends on it. Go to location after I received a call machine down to see the picker stuck by the delivery bin. Error says picker home switch. I assume that's the switch underneath the cup. Its not wet or sticky. Won't let me clear error as it keeps coming back. Also the metal piece on side of cup that kicks the selection out seems stuck out as well. Is this a bad connection somewhere or a faulty switch?
  3. BlindVending

    Royal Thermostat (Universal)

    I have many in stock shoot me a pm
  4. BlindVending

    Vistar Distribution

    2 pallets of just honeybuns? 😲
  5. BlindVending

    Thoughts on USAT acquiring Cantelope?

    While I've had a share of issues that took abit longer than I would leave my customers - I will say they have gotten much better and organized in general
  6. BlindVending

    Royal 500-40 pos

    Thanks AZ - that is what I figured so bit the bullet and ordered them.
  7. BlindVending

    Royal 500-40 pos

    It seems to only be coke I have issues with. Pepsi repair is literally a 24 hour turn around to get a tech on site during the week. Also I have over 40 machines and my rep has my minimum order at $250 a month lol (though I do one $1500 a month order of the harder to get items)
  8. BlindVending

    Royal 500-40 pos

    Agree. With great customer service (pepsi) however it is necessary when you chase 100k+ accounts all day
  9. BlindVending

    Royal 500-40 pos

    This pita is killing me lately. Just installed USA tech readers on a bank of machines. All good on all machines but this one. Seems to just decline the customers cards. Is this an eprpm issue? I called royal (coin acceptors in canada) and was told I cannot buy an eprom by itself and that I would need to buy a new logic board and a new other board (2 board machine) so they run the same software. If this is an eprom issue that seems awfully expensive. This is a coke machine but trust me I've called atleast 6 times to my rep who now is non existent so any help from them is out of the question. Still waiting on 4 new machines going on 6 months...
  10. BlindVending

    Shoppertron Parts

    What spiral type machines do you use? I' curious
  11. Yes the long tall ones. That would be great.
  12. My coke rep is useless. I desperately need 3 minute maid Apple juice can and 3 orange juice can labels for a coke royal 660 machine. I am in Canada and willing to pay express shipping plus money for the labels plus some on top for anyone willing to send me them.
  13. My favorite machine. It's alwayssss the harness lol.
  14. BlindVending

    Best repair service for coin mechs??

    Moot point but don't let the repaired ones sit around for months. Always deploy those when you get them back and keep the known working one on the machine as your spare.