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  1. I have an MEI compatibility chart that some may find useful, I'll email it to the webmaster so he can add it to the file page
  2. You need any 115V mech with this plug on it
  3. Just curious Justin, What did you find the exact opposite of what AZ posted? It's not imported? There are tons of parts and technical support for that machine?
  4. See if you can talk the location into frozen food, with only 1 food location a fresh machine will kill you eventually
  5. VE only has a replacement door at this time
  6. what do you have your dip switches set to on the Val? it's either going to be switch 3 and 8 on or switch 8 on only Depends on how fast the coin mech reads the pulse
  7. I've seen these used on Massage chairs and Kiosks in the malls, some are developing equipment with Rasberry Pi boards and use these conversion kits
  8. THe LEDS from VE haven't used the green starter for a few years...
  9. Vendors is open and the Eprom is in stock VE8725 you can order online or call
  10. “This is an important lawsuit because the advertising dupes unsuspecting consumers, who are frequently children, into thinking that they are eating veggies..” God I can't stand most lawyers
  11. When we get on the other side of this, spraying down the keypads, coin returns, val bezels and such may be a good idea, for business and public health going forward
  12. FAW4200708-117 Power FAW4200712 Interface FAW4025755 Bezel FAW4003038-001 Lower Bracket FAW4003100 Upper Bracket Thats what you need for a Mars 110V install If you need a 24V install, just use "24" on the end of the power cable number instead of "110V" Hope this helps
  13. The Dallas chip is the clock and battery They get corrupted very easily, I never change them without a ground strap and a grounded mat I've ruined more than I care to remember by not taking precautions.
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