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  1. SCOTT1963

    What kind of key is this?

    This is the kind of thing that needs discussed in a PM, not a good plan to have a searchable message board with instructions on how to break into our equipment
  2. Nightmare Scenario, 100's of PO's out to Crane with 100's of parts on each one Do the math I hate my life
  3. SCOTT1963

    greenwick boards

    I only have the box instructions
  4. SCOTT1963

    greenwick boards

    board or MDB conversion box?
  5. SCOTT1963

    office coffee

    You could buy 85 machines @ 3K-7K each and find your own cheap deal on coffee (which you will not find on vending coffee) Or you could take the 250K worth of free machines, that you will not have to maintain, and let them stock you. This seems like a pretty simple concept to me, you are already getting a bargain
  6. SCOTT1963

    Bill Reader returns bills

    if you only need to take $1 bills you can get a refurbed 2501 for about $100
  7. SCOTT1963

    Azkoyen M87U motor positioning

    It's going to be tough getting help with Equipment built in Spain Might be best to contact who you bought it from
  8. SCOTT1963

    What is it

    Unless it is practically free and fully functional, I wouldn't either Simple reason being there are too many machines available for dirt cheap with parts readily available. Why add an oddball unless equipment is difficult to come by in your area?
  9. SCOTT1963

    Mars TRC-6800H sensors

    If you are going to fix this yourself, be careful with the board the sensors are soldered into. It has a rubber coating on it that needs removed before desoldering the sensor when you are done soldering in the new sensor you can paint over the connections with rubber cement or the non conductive material of your choice
  10. Please tell me you're machine idea is for an Ice Machine. Nothing makes my day (1-2 days a week) like another guy trying to engineer an ice machine and credit card processing because everyone charges too much.
  11. SCOTT1963

    VE Connect Door

    You can't just buy the door, it's the whole machine and it depends on what you want to do with it, slave, stand alone, micro market Honestly it's not one of those things I can post a price for You can hit up one of our equipment people
  12. SCOTT1963

    VE Connect Door

    Yes, had one on each end
  13. Those are state secrets La, Me and my fellow Buckeyes don't appreciate you spreading them around
  14. SCOTT1963

    VE Connect Door

    last one but there is plenty out there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtyPQMRYyrc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBKTRa7wxY4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZk4YtIfeOg
  15. SCOTT1963

    VE Connect Door

    Then the huge order for custom pot machines in Colorado, selling snacks for the belly and brain out of the same machines. They never did send us samples to make sure it vended properly