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  1. SCOTT1963

    Secure crane national to wall?

    Steel L-Brackets
  2. SCOTT1963

    5.0 Vendo Univendor 1

    The MDB HArness is VEN1070945 and still available
  3. SCOTT1963

    What kind of machine?

    A mechanical thermostat is the only way to keep them running...any generic thermostat with a dial will do
  4. SCOTT1963

    Validator upgrade

    there are 2 harness you need for an mei upgrade for 24V VE1709 and VE1707 for 110V VE1709 and VE1713
  5. SCOTT1963

    National 474 Combo

    Sometimes they can be repaired but that board hasn't been available for years
  6. First, orsd is right, this isn't passive/aggressive Being questioned and asking for clarification is not aggressive But here is exactly what you wrote above: "He had purchased a $600 dollar MDB sniffer tool and a weird fake vending machine VMC thing too that was over a thousand or two (he's not a vending guy). He told me he purchased it half a year ago and it hasn't worked once, even after contacting the manufacturer and them trying to help make it work," So asking for you to tell me what cost either $1000 or $2000 is not passive/aggressive, it is a reasonable request Asking why you would throw away your fathers money AFTER complaining about the high cost and low quality of vending controls, eproms, VM Systems is a legitimate response, not passive/aggressive. If my very mild questioning of the novel you wrote above makes you squeamish and defensive, you are in for a very rude and rough awakening out here in the real world. So, with all that said, give me a couple answers
  7. SCOTT1963

    National 474 Combo

    That machine can be made into a snack if you can't fix the module
  8. I'm not going to argue with your dreams, dream on brutha I would only suggest that it is possible you are not completely embedded or well versed in what is out there, what engineers are working on right now and what has been tried but not economically feasible due to low interest. In the 4th paragraph above talking about your Dad being ripped off, name names. I want to know where your Dad, with 35 years in the business, was buying eproms for $50 each. I also am curious which MDB conversion kit was being purchased for $400 that did not replace the boards and display, just a box. $400 is a lot of money, why would you throw it away before even trying it out? You were just saying your Dad was getting ripped off with $50 eproms and you threw away $400 of his money? What system did your friend purchase for $2000 that did not work even once? Just so none of us get ripped off, fill us in.
  9. What you are doing is mostly available, your gripe is price for service and hard goods. Good Luck, eventually you will also be one of the "overpriced" technologies you are complaining about now.
  10. SCOTT1963

    Machine info

    The doors are available for the 4 and 5 wide. The doors are just AP112 and AP113 parts (they did something that makes sense) We stock the cabinet harness but, not sure for how long.
  11. SCOTT1963

    Machine info

    The 930 is a good machine, plenty of parts The UltraFlex 6500 good machine but no parts for the reefer deck, it uses an ST controller so plenty of those and other parts
  12. SCOTT1963

    Refurbed drink vendor

    If you are going to need 10-100 at a time you'll need to stick with these 3 and a couple others That kind of volume isn't easy to produce for a smaller operator
  13. SCOTT1963

    Coinco card swipe and bill acceptor

    IT'S $35 for the step down power supply alone
  14. SCOTT1963

    Reliability of Revision Doors?

    The lights are normal. The drop sensor is set to #4 1 full spin, if the product does not drop it gives up to 5 bumps to push the product. When you open the door it will rehome any motors out of home
  15. SCOTT1963

    Reliability of Revision Doors?

    You can hit those contacts with a green pad and some cleaner