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  1. SCOTT1963

    Reliability of Revision Doors?

    I work for VEII so IF you have any questions about the doors feel free to contact me, I'm sure others will chime in about their experiences in the field
  2. SCOTT1963

    AP 6600, MDB conversion

    A new set of boards Either Vendors Exchange or InOne kits
  3. SCOTT1963


    For a while in Ohio you could not get insurance on a machine on casters, don't know if that's changed or not
  4. SCOTT1963

    Sii taking credit cards

    There are other products out there much less expensive that do the same thing A Greenwich with DEX and MDB is around $195, use that savings to buy your coin mech and val Without DEX the same kit is around $150
  5. SCOTT1963

    Crane 497 combo

    be prepared to convert it to a snack machine when the compressor, evap or condensor go
  6. SCOTT1963

    Help with replacing a 4 digit 7 segment LCD display

    YOu can fix the display but not post a picture? You can fix a display but not sure what the epoxy is for? Buy one, you cannot fix the display
  7. SCOTT1963

    Help with skew sensor

    Please replace the coincos as they break down Unless you have a stockpile of parts and can repair them yourself just get rid of them as they break down
  8. SCOTT1963

    Help with skew sensor

    Pull the lower wedge, clean all the sensor covers or sensors, if exposed, on the wedge with a q-tip dipped in alcohol or mild cleanser Do the same to the matching upper sensors inside wipe down bill path on upper and lower wedge clean the guide belts and center belt or guide wheel with warm damp rag make sure anti-cheat lever moves freely with no burrs on it If that doesn't fix it, take the $50 or so it would take to repair it and put it towards a Rebuilt Mars
  9. Why not just call a Roach Coach out? Most of their pricing is no higher than vending machines plus they bring food Problem solved
  10. SCOTT1963

    Payrange work on an AP 113?

    Payrange is MDB, Stock 113's are not Doesn't work without an aftermarket board kit
  11. The MEI Bezel will not have enough clearance to swipe, mount the swiper above the display on the plexi. I like to put another piece of Lexan behind the plexi to make a sturdier mounting surface It works fine, have done several
  12. SCOTT1963

    USI 3129 Light Bulb Issue

    LED is not difficult, they are available as instant starts now that don't need ballast or starters Plug and Play
  13. SCOTT1963

    'Choice Plus' selections

    Choice Plus is a Canteen program https://www.canteen.com/vending/better-for-you/ it isn't a specific list of foods, just ones that fit into their guidelines above
  14. SCOTT1963


    Haven't been able to find one since 2015 Years ago there were some customers that tried SimpliCool units in some machines with hit and miss results, maybe check them out
  15. SCOTT1963

    Anyone familiar with LEKTRO-VEND?

    Bail on that one VE has almost nothing, maybe some motors