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  1. Maybe not professional but it made me laugh like hell
  2. Targeting asians customers ?

    You didn't cause the poor service, I wouldn't worry too much about that.
  3. Az do you have access to new Dixie relays?

  4. AP Snack Shop wont give credit

    Is it a Mars Val? If so turn on switches 1,2,4,8
  5. Dixie Narco 501e Compressor Deck

    Buy New they are very affordable
  6. Crane has terrible customer service

    Restock fee's happen sometimes but thats bad form right there. Losing a customer is never worth it, especially when that customer tells other people about the treatment they receive.
  7. Is this a good machine?

    buy it now
  8. If it's a good account why not get rid of this machine and get a decent outdoor chilled unit? A 4900 isn't something I would spend any money on, move it to an indoor account
  9. If it works it is very handy, especially if it was free
  10. Polyvend 6640 digital readout

    GPLPY21153 is the part number for the display but I don't know where to get one.
  11. What Monster drinks move the quickest?

    Some refurbing, some machines out there close to home, lemonade stand, girl scout cookie empire, hand model ; ) One revenue stream in life is not the path to success anymore IMHO
  12. Coupons

    they are around $40 a pack of 100 for the MEI Programming instructions are on the back of the billbox on Mars Vals
  13. 38$

    Does Mr. Patel also have coin operated microwaves in the room? One light instead of 2 in every flourescent fixture? ; )