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  1. Let it retire, give it a gold chain, thank it for it's 25 years of service and put in a VN
  2. DIXCR102865 - they are about $3 for the nut by itself
  3. The 16 1/2 inch ones are the only ones available, you get 2 and cut down to size on a 501 and 600
  4. I don't think you can buy "talent" because no "machine" will make those
  5. The Des Moines Cartel Makes sense
  6. the device fee is the same whether you have a reader or not the extra charges are for credit processing but the monthly connection (data) fee will be the same
  7. Moving is the word on Royal but they also layed off 350 people so.... Royal had a pitiful little booth too, just sad This was the year of the kiosks and hybrid kiosk/vending machine, a lot to look at and choose from Several new cashless players were there, The award for "Why the "F" did they build that" goes to SQUEEZ'D TO GO!!! Take a look at it and you will understand https://squeezdtogo.com/ The messiest, noisiest, dirtiest, high maintanence machine since the hot oil french fry machine
  8. new or used AMS or USI Combo's built in the last 5 years or so
  9. In a certain retail store with a red bullseye for a logo, the old vendor would not update the machines and $60-$75 a week was the reward Now newer machines with card readers $225-$400 a week, Bev3 and 113 Snack Refurbed People under 30 don't carry cash.
  10. Royal is moving, everyone is tight lipped about where and why This leads to a lot of speculation, maybe get some answers while in Vegas from them. Could it be Chinese Imports? Mexican Factory? Licensing the name to another Manufacturer?
  11. 25K if you are close to mini marts, fast food and a roach coach comes by 32K if no roach coach, decent drive for mini mart and fast food 44K if out in the boonies
  12. damp cloth, if it's really bad a little spritz of all purpose cleaner on a rag and wipe Really all you need to clean them
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