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  1. Corvus we don't make doors for Royal or UCB Kits for them Since the bulk of our Kits and doors leave with the very mechs you say don't play well, I 'm curious what the symptoms are? Love to pass along any issues you may be having
  2. I rent a 10X20 space with electric for $140 a month, it's a storage unit but the management is OK with what I do there Maybe look around for a temp solution to your storage issues Management also allows deliveries
  3. Which Mechs Corvus? THere was an issue 6 or so years ago but that was long cleared up
  4. I don't know what my schedule is for Wednesday night yet but I'll let you know when I do, drinks are good ; )
  5. food grade lithium on the flap hinges is OK Dielectric grease on the tray connectors in the old 145 through 148 machines helps them keep continuity
  6. There was jackpotting problems with early software on the recyclers, the new 2700 and new Recycler updates solved all the past issues All units can be updated and it's recommended
  7. cut your losses 2 thumbs up the machine has been mucked around enough, and any tech you bring in is going to be money you could have used to buy a newer one
  8. The MDB HArness is VEN1070945 and still available
  9. A mechanical thermostat is the only way to keep them running...any generic thermostat with a dial will do
  10. there are 2 harness you need for an mei upgrade for 24V VE1709 and VE1707 for 110V VE1709 and VE1713
  11. Sometimes they can be repaired but that board hasn't been available for years
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